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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Spectacular CI by iPINK

Chapter Six

“Absolutely not! I won’t allow it! Allisha, why can’t you have your wedding here? Scorpius got married here. In fact, every Malfoy ever born got married here,” Dad argued, over tea, that Thursday.

Mum was teaching Mason to play the piano while Dad and I sat with Al in the living room. It was Al’s lunch break and he was spending it here with us. “Dad, it’s our wedding and we don’t want to have it here. Just deal with it,” I said, before Al had a chance to protest.

“I agree with Alli, Mr. Malfoy. We want our wedding to be special. To be like we want it,” Al said, looking at Dad a bit nervously. He was still a bit iffy around him.

“But it’s a Malfoy tradition!” Dad announced, proudly.

“But Dad, I’m marrying a Potter. I’m taking the name of ‘Potter’ so just sit down and shut your gob,” I said, sternly. He looked a bit scandalized, Al however looked like Christmas had come early. Crap. I didn’t mean to say I would be taking his name. Damn, damn, double damn.

“What’s all this noise? Draco?” Mum asked, walking into the sitting room. Mason was clearly able to handle the piano on his own. I could hear Debussy’s Claire De Lune, playing from the music room. Merlin, the boy could play better than I could at that age.

“Allisha is refusing to have her wedding here! Can you believe this nonsense?” Dad said, throwing his hands up overdramatically. My father, The Drama Queen.

“Oh, Draco…Alli can have her wedding wherever she wants. It’s not your choice. It’s Albus and Alli’s,” Mum said, before Dad had a chance to complain.

“Well Mum, Dad. Al and I have to get going. We promised to stop by Al’s Dad’s and then we have to go pick Tam up from school. So, I’ll floo you later Mum. Bye Dad. Give Mason a kiss for me,” I said, as we left Malfoy Manor.

“Well, that was fun,” Al said, making me frown at him.

“No, not really. Dad was being a complete git,” I said, as we apparated in front of his parents’ home.

“He just wants you to have a beautiful wedding Alli. Your Dad means well he’s just-”

“An overbearing snob?” Mr. Potter said, opening the door for us.

“Yep. Hi Mr. Potter we’re here to visit. Since Al promised Mrs. Potter we’d stop by on our way to look at Wedding Venues,” I said, making Al roll his eyes. He didn’t like this wedding stuff as much as I did.

“Come in. Watch your step, Jane and Celia are running around here somewhere and Allisha, call me Harry,” he said, smiling warmly.

Just as we entered the large and warm living room, two dark haired little girls ran in, screaming and laughing loudly. I smiled as we sat on the soft russet colored sofa with Al’s dad. His Mum walked in and sighed happily, holding a red haired infant. He was almost two years old. I recognized him as Lily’s son Linus. She’d become pregnant by her boyfriend at the time Lysander Scamander.

They were still the very best of friends despite the fact that they’d broken up before the birth of their son. They were better as friends and shared custody without any problems or Law Wizards. That definitely shows who the more mature Potter sibling is. “Look who’s here Linus! It’s Auntie Alli and Uncle Albie!” she said, making Al frown. He hated that nickname.

“Uncle Albie!” he squealed excitedly. He had Lysander’s pale grey eyes and pale skin. Except that there was a light smattering of Weasley freckles across the bridge of his small nose.

“Mum! Will you please not call me that,” he whined, like a little kid.

“Oh hush you. You’ll scare your nephew,” she said, sitting across from us, next to her husband.

“So, you’ll be looking for a place to have the wedding? Why not just have it here?” Mr. Potter said, looking hopeful.

“Eh, Dad. We already went through this with Alli’s Dad. We don’t want to have the wedding anywhere James or Scorp have had theirs,” Al said, making his Dad frown.

“Then at least have it at the Burrow. That’s where everyone else in your family has gotten married,” he said, making Mrs. Potter roll her eyes.

“Dad, I don’t want our wedding to be at the Burrow. Besides, that’s where Lucy is marrying Lorcan Scamander. So, yeah I don’t think so,” he said, like he was sixteen again.

“Albus Severus Potter, Do NOT take that tone with your father,” Mrs. Potter said, in a dangerous voice.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said, in a soft voice. I just love the power this woman had over the men in her family. Linus looked up at his grandmother and then back at us. He was just so cute. I wanted to just squeeze him but, I contained myself. Malfoy’s don’t do that sort of thing. At least, not to anyone else’s kid.

“Now, Harry remember that it’s not our wedding. Albus and Allisha can have their wedding wherever they want. As long as it’s someplace tasteful, elegant, and romantic,” Mrs. Potter said, making Al and me grimace at eachother. This is going to be harder than I thought.

I looked at Al who then looked at his watch. “Eh Mum, Dad, I hate to cut this short but my lunch break is just about up and Alli needs to meet up with Night to search for a place,” Al said, as we stood up.

“Oh, well don’t forget to Floo us dear. We want to know where you’ll be having the wedding,” she said, hugging and kissing us both.

“Yes Mum,” Al said, as we left his childhood home. “Well, that was special. I’ll see you later Alli. I know I said I’d try to get the rest of the day off but, my boss just won’t have it. I’m already taking two weeks off for our Honeymoon so, I need to work harder now, to make up for it,” Al said, before I could yell at him. So, he was leaving me to do all of this alone. Fine. Prat.

“Right. I’ll see you at Dinner tonight. Kiley’s taking Tamsin to the Muggle pictures (cinema) tonight,” I said, making him smile. Kiley sure does love being Godfather.

“See you at dinner, Love,” he said, kissing me before he apparated. I’m just going to end up doing this wedding stuff all by myself. That does not sound fun. Fuck. Men really are no help at all. So I went home, I was in front of my door when three blokes stumbled into the hallway laughing loudly. Oh great. They must be Callum’s roommates.

I fidgeted with the keys in the hopes that said loud drunk blokes would not notice me and come over to act like a bunch of brutes. “Hey! Hey there, what’s a little lass like you doing out here by yourself? Shouldn’t you be in school, beautiful?” one of them asked. The taller of the three, with dark hair and dark eyes. He gave me this lustful look and I frowned.

“Fancy having a drink with us, sweetheart?” asked the second one. He was handsome with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. The third bloke was thin and tall like a bean pole. His hair was dark brown with light brown eyes which sparkled through silver wire rimmed glasses.

“She can’t have a drink with us Brian. She must be underage” Specs said. Blondie and Piss Drunk were just laughing there dumb arses off.

“Doesn’t mean she can’t party with us. How ‘bout it love? Fancy a drink with the three of us?” Piss Drunk asks, walking up to me. Oh frick. Maybe if I stand still, they’ll go away. That’s it, I’ll just not say a word.

“Hello? Are you just gonna stand there gaping or are you gonna have a drink with us?” Blondie asked, as Brian Piss Drunk and Specs walked even closer. I was just about to scream when a familiar voice spoke up.

“She’s twenty one and engaged, not to mention she has a kid,” Callum said, walking up behind me. Thank Merlin, someone I know.

“Holy poo on toast, you’re bloody shitting me. She’s twenty one and has a kid?” Brian Piss Drunk said. Like it’s hard to believe.

“Yes Brian, this is the bonnie lass I told you about,” Callum said, making realization dawn on their faces.

“You spent the night in this girl’s bed? Holy arse Cal,” Blondie said, nudging him.

“Shut it Graham” Callum said to Blondie. “Alli, this is Brian Leighton, Graham Harcourt, and Stuart Maddox,” he said, pointing to Specs. Mental Note: Brian Piss Drunk, Blondie Graham, and Stu Specs. “Lads, this is Allisha Malfoy. My newest friend,” Callum said, putting an arm around me.

“Nice to meet you, Beautiful,” Blondie Graham said, taking my hand in his.

“Eh, yeah. Nice to meet you blokes. Sorry to cut this short but, I have things to do. Callum, can I talk to you for a moment? In my flat,” I said, making the others snicker. Prats.

“Sure Alli,” Callum said, following me into my flat. The others soon were out of earshot.

“Callum, please keep your friends away from this door. I don’t want their bad habits to influence my daughter. Also, I need help. Al and I don’t know where to have our wedding. Our families want us to have at their homes but, we don’t want that. We want to have it someplace special. Someplace that means something to us. Help!” I cried, as he sat on the couch next to me.

“It’s alright Alli, calm down. I’m sure I can help you think of something. Why not have it where you two first met or fell in love? Unless it was at some pub or something,” he said, rethinking his idea. But then it hit me. Of course!

“Callum you’re a genius!” I exclaimed. “We could have it at Hogwarts!!” I said, standing up.

“That’s where most of my memories are of Al! The school where he became bestmates with my brother and the place where we spent our time together! Until we’d had that horrible breakup and then became friends but, then he started avoiding me, and then we got into an argument but then we made up again! Thank you Cal! I don’t know what I’d do without you,” I said, hugging him tightly.

“Eh, wow. Okay Alli. No problem. Now you have to make the arrangements,” he said, making me frown. Frick. Well, that’ll be a bit more difficult. I’ll have to get permission from Professor Longbottom. Which shouldn’t be difficult because he’s mates with Mum. So, I smiled again.

“Well, I have to see to it that the blokes didn’t tear the place down. I’ll see you later Alli,” Callum said, as he walked to the door.

“Bye Cal, and thanks again,” I said, as the annoying Scottish stud, earned a place with my friends.

“Allisha Malfoy, who was that bloke that just passed me in the hallway?” Jaden asked, walking in with Samson.

“Hey J, hey Sam. Long time no see. So what brings you two to my flat?” I asked, as they settled on the couch.

“We’re going to have a baby!” Jaden said, excitedly.

What the fuck did I just hear?

A/N: Not to happy with this chapter but, I just had to get it out there. More Alli shenanigans to come in the next chapter.

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