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Penultimate Year by GREX101
Chapter 13 : The Grand Apology
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The next morning, Marion was at the quidditch pitch before anyone else. She was flying laps around it, enjoying the feel of the cold wind in her hair and the satisfying sound as it whipped behind her in an ocean of different shades of brown.

She had no idea that on the ground, standing on the side of the pitch, her every move was being scrutinised by her scruffy haired quidditch captain. James mounted his broom and took flight, following her. Once she was aware of his presence, she dived down and swerved, changing direction. James still followed. He fought against the wind and Marion's speed for a place beside her, and began to call to her.  

"Didn't know you got up this early, love. Usually you’re in bed until someone pulls you out." He tried to joke. Marion made a hairpin swerve away from him and flew even faster in the direction they'd just come from. James soon caught up again despite her best efforts.  

"Look, Preston I'm sorry. I should have believed you. I've known you since we were in nappies and I'm stupid for doubting you."

Again, Marion changed direction, this time by dropping 3 feet and corkscrewing under James. It took him a while to regain his place at her side, but he managed it in about ten minutes. But every time he tried to get closer to her, she moved further away.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I’m selfish, and stupid and ridiculous and suspicious and-” Marion cut him off as he shouted over the noise of the wind.

“I think ‘shithead’ really says it for me.” She smirked, stopping and flying closer to him. James sighed and rolled his eyes before looking back at her. He knew she wanted to hear him say it himself.

“Alright: I’m a shithead. Happy now?” he grumbled. She beamed at him.

“Yes.” Marion giggled and the two smirked at each other. They turned to leave together but when James heard Marion’s voice again, he halted and turned to her again. 

“Just in case you were wondering, we’re always friends, you and me." She smiled James rolled his eyes and the two of them descended and dismounted just as the other team members appeared. Sirius was sporting a fresh looking black eye and a cut lip. Marion grasped her opportunity for a little pay back and took it with relish.

"What's with your face, Black?" She smirked, "I'd hate to see what the other guy looks like, eh?"

The rest of the team laughed as Sirius rolled his eyes, apparently unamused. James patted him on the shoulder reassuringly and they all mounted and prepared for practice.

That evening, Marion snuck out to the owlery after bedtime. She enjoyed sitting outside the balcony with the owls when they were awake and it was quiet. The nights were getting colder now and all she had was her thin silk night robe. She rubbed her upper arms, too cold to move, when a warm, soft blanket was descended upon her shoulders. She wrapped it around herself and looked around to find where it had come from. There, stood in the doorway, was Sirius Black. Wand still in his hand from when he had directed the blanket to her. Marion looked away from him as he slipped his wand back into his robes. She could hear him approaching, his feet crunching on the hay as he got closer. He sat on a hay bale next to her, owls flocking from it as he did so. Looking out to the stars through his blackened eye, he spoke.

"I followed you out, I wanted to get you alone to apologise." He said solemnly, catching Marion's attention.

"I'm listening." Marion muttered quietly in reply, barely audible. Sirius looked at her, but she didn't look back, although she was very aware of his eyes on her. Sirius sucked in a deep breath of the cold night air.

"I really sorry I didn't believe you. I shouldn't of jumped to conclusions and- and," there was a pause, "and I'm a total dickhead. I promise, from now on, I'll believe anything you tell me." He finished. Marion looked at him, shocked.

"Really?" She asked. Her face softened.

"Yeah." Sirius confirmed confidently. Marion smirked at his serious expression.

"Come here, idiot." She chortled, cocking her head and indicating for him to come and sit next to her. He obliged her with a smile.

"I think we're going soft, you and me." Sirius beamed, "No prank wars or fights this time."

"Apparently not." Marion agreed, looking back out into the night again. She closed her eyes and let the wind blow her hair over her shoulders, exposing her neck.

"There's that nice smell again." Sirius thought.

Sirius knocked her jokingly with a smile as he sat, she grinned at the mess someone had made of his poor face. That arose the question she had forgotten to ask.

"So, Black, what happened to your face?" She asked, almost too brightly. It even amazed the two of them that this wasn't surprising. What kind of life were they living?

"Do you really want to know?" He asked cautiously. She nodded enthusiastically.

"Erm, yeah!"

"Well then I suppose I could tell you, but don't you hit me, and don't interrupt." He warned. She gave him a funny look.

"Promise?" Sirius pressed.

"Alright, I promise." She sighed.

"Well, alright then."

OoOoOo Flashback OoOoOo

Sirius lay awake in bed. He hadn't wanted to go to breakfast, or even get up. Now he knew why he had never wanted to think about his wrong doings and feel guilty: it sucked. And it wasn't just something that would go away with an apology. It wasn't all his fault, and he couldn't make it all right. Or could he? He lazily raised his left hand and looked at his watch: breakfast wasn't over yet. He dragged himself out of bed and threw on his robes. Pushing his hair out of his face as he brushed his teeth, thinking through his plan without event thinking through the consequences. As he left his room he thought about what he would say to Marion once this was done, but once he had left the Common Room, all thought and reason escaped his mind.

Sirius strode confidently down the halls of Hogwarts, eyes searching for one person and one person only: David. When he reached the corridor leading to the Ravenclaw Common Room, he saw his prize striding right towards him. David Berkeley, his guard completely down and not suspecting a thing. Luckily, he and Sirius were alone in the corridor so Sirius didn't have to worry about witnesses (not like he cared about who would see him anyway). He continued walking towards David, waiting for just the right moment. Then, when he and David were perfectly parallel, he jutted out his arm and with a thud, David was pinned against the wall, Sirius's strong arm holding him in place. His face showed all of his fear, every last ounce of it etched into his skin. Sirius's eyes were as cold and dark as his name as he snarled at the quaking boy completely at his mercy. Mercy that will surely not be given. It never was with Sirius.

"What the hell do you want?!" David spluttered as Sirius put more pressure on his throat.

"Why the hell do you think you can fuck with a girl just because you don't like your own miserable life?" Sirius growled, his animal instinct kicking in. David looked startled.

"I- I'm sorry-" David cried, Sirius choked him harder.

"Sorry?!" He barked, "You don't know the meaning of the word- not yet anyway."

David squirmed again, this time with more force. He drove his arms up and severed Sirius's hold on him, punching him straight in the eye, then taking another swing, causing a blow to his lip. Panting, he towered over a doubled over Sirius.

"I may be gay, but I'm still tough. You can have that tart if you want her, but you're probably still to scared to ask-" David ended there when Sirius's fist collided with his jaw, causing a loud crack. A second blow hit his abdomen, the next his chest, then one more to the face. Then Sirius grabbed a clump of David's hair and dragged him up to face him. He snarled at him right in his face.

"You even think of coming near either of us again, and you'll be sorry."

"Still 'Sirius Black to the rescue', eh?" David smirked through the blood seeping from his lip, "she told me about her other ex. If it were any more obvious you like her, you'd be able to see it from space."

Sirius had had enough by then. He cast David to the floor and walked away without looking back, repeating the same thought in his mind over and over again.

"I do not fancy Marion Preston. I do not fancy Marion Preston. I do not fancy Marion Preston."

OoOoOo. OoOoOo

"Oh my God, I'm sooo sorry." Marion stressed. Of course Sirius hadn't told her everything. Not the most part of the conversation he and David had shared, but she hadn't asked for that part.

"That's ok. Looks like I'm your official ex-boyfriend basher now." Sirius chuckled.

"You're hired." Marion returned with a giggle. Then, she startled Sirius. She turned to face him, and cupped his cheek, caressing his strong jaw with her tiny hand. He wanted to move back, away from her but his body didn't want to let him. Then he froze, eyes wide as her lips came to rest on his bruised eye. Just for a moment, her soft, pert lips rested on the swelling puce lump above his eye socket. When she drew back and faced him again, his eyes were still wide and his mouth was slightly open. She bit her lip, nervous about his reaction.

"Why'd you do that?" He asked softly. Marion sighed, her breath leaving a mist drag from her mouth into the open air.

"Muggles believe it helps the healing." She whispered.

"Really?" Sirius cooed smugly with a smirk. Marion soon returned it.

"I thought you said you'd believe anything I tell you from now on?" She joked. Sirius chuckled loudly.

"You know, I have a cut lip too." He said, without thinking at all what he had said. His eyes widened in shock as he went over that stupid sentence again and again. Marion looked at him blankly, then she gave a smirk, as if she saw it as a challenge. Then, both of their faces fell. Both of them unsure what to do next. They completely instinctively shuffled together, both wanting nothing more than to scream and run and never talk to each other again. They looked up at each other, heads millimetres apart. Sirius would've given anything to be able to claim that he wasn't acting on his own free will. That his body was doing this on his own, but that would've been a lie. Marion leaned into him, slipping her neck into the crevice his made. She gave him enough room to stop her, but he met her halfway.

Their lips met. Just a taste. Only a moment. Her feathery soft lips lightly brushed against his with a quiet muffled sound. Both of them stayed frozen, eyes closed in the same position, poised lips just a moment away from each other, until Marion shyly bit her bottom lip and looked away.

"Better?" She asked, looking at the floor but her body still facing him. Then Sirius's body did in fact act of its own accord. His hand turned Marion's chin back to face him and he pushed his lips to hers again, this time more hungrily. He even surprised himself when she responded him. Her lips moving against his expertly. The experience was bliss to the highest level. Marion found her hands searching for his hair, and she moaned as they found their target. They slipped effortlessly through his dark ripples she let out a moan of enticement as her delicate fingers combed through his hair.

"This is wrong, this is so wrong." Neither of them listened to their consciences.

Neither one of them could've guessed how good this would feel. They knew it was wrong, but they couldn't stop themselves.


Sirius's strong hands found Marion's waist, instantly warming her. He felt her shudder under his touch and that satisfied him. Sirius parted his lips for her, and she happily engaged entry, tongues now fighting for dominance. It wasn't until she muttered his name, that they both woke up.

They pulled away from each other and fixed themselves with haste. Marion wrapped the blanket around her and hid her face. Shutting her eyes she wondered how on Earth she could've been so stupid. Sirius buried his head in his hands. What was he thinking? How big of an idiot did this make him? Then they both shot up.

"We should probably-"

"Yeah we should-"


"Let's go."

They both stuttered before leaving the owlery. Both keeping their distance from the other. Marion pulling the blanket tighter around herself and Sirius shoving his hands in his pockets, the bitter wind nipping at both of them.

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Penultimate Year: The Grand Apology


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