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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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Breathtaking CI by iPINK

Chapter Five

The next morning, I woke up and smiled. Al was snoring next to me as he had spent the night. His jeans were haphazardly thrown in a corner with the rest of his clothes. Only his trousers and an undershirt remained, clinging to his Quidditch player’s body. I snuggled close to him and as if on cue, his arm slipped around my waist and he pulled me to him. “Al, we need to get up,” I said, my voice muffled by his chest.

“I’m not ready to get up. I like where I am,” he said, sleepily. He pulled me closer and his arms tightened around me.

“Al, we have to get ready to take Tam to school and we have to meet up with the girls at the Three Broomsticks,” I said, as I pushed myself out of his embrace.

“Alright, Alright. I’m up,” he muttered, pushing himself up on his hands. Sitting up, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and then muttered something about being a kid again. “Why don’t you handle the Bridesmaids today Alli. I have to go see my dad about a couple of things,” he said, as he walked to the shower.

“Sure, then you take Tam to school and I’ll go over to Night and Cam’s,” I said, making him frown. But he nodded and kissed me before walking off to the shower. I smiled to myself and went to go wake Tamsin up. I walked into her room and frowned softly at the new posters on her walls. Her room had been transformed into a gothic lair. I suppose that’s better than her becoming a snob like dad. Her messy blonde hair was poking out from underneath her Weird Sisters comforter. “Tam, wake up, it’s time to get ready for school,” I said, shaking her a little.

Her green eyes opened groggily and then widened as she looked into my eyes. “What happened? Is Grandpa dead?” she asked, snapping up.

“No, why would you think that?” I asked, looking down at her.

“You’re up before me. You’re never up before me. Neither is dad,” she said, looking up at me in shock.

“It’s not that shocking, Peanut. Now go and get ready for school. I’ll make you some eggs and toast,” I said, making her get up out of bed. I went into the kitchen and prepared her breakfast and then Al’s breakfast and my cup of morning tea. A few minutes later, a freshly showered Al walked into the small dining area and kissed my forehead.

He sat down and began to eat his breakfast when, Tamsin walked in, in her school Uniform. Her nails were still that shiny black and her eyes were shadowed in midnight as well as her wrists, adorned with spiked cuffs, and those damn mini combat boots. Her hair, much like Al’s, was an unmanageable mess. But still pale and pretty, like she was. “Well, I’m going to go get ready and I’ll see you after school Peanut,” I said, kissing her head and then Al’s lips.

After getting ready, I apparated to Bellwood Hollow. It was a gated all-magical community where Cam and Night lived with their daughter and young son Alexander, who was named for Cam’s sister Alexandria. Alexander, like his older sister was a Metamorphmagus. Like Aludra, he wished to be a tragic poet/male ballerina dancer. Except that Alexander made it adamantly clear that he would not be joining his sister at a Muggle school. Cam doesn’t seem fazed with this. I stood in front of the door and looked at the Gargoyle head knocker. I rolled my eyes at this and knocked on the door.

A moment later, I was face to face with Cam and his two Gothic children. Cute. Alexander’s hair was flopping straight down to his shoulders and was a very violent shade of crimson. “Hey Alli! Congrats on the engagement! Night’ll be down in a sec for your “Wedding stuff” he said, hugging me tightly.

“Yeah, thanks Cam. Hi Alex, hello Alu” I said, looking down at my Goddaughter and her little brother.

“Hi Auntie Alli!” they both said, hugging me tightly. I really did love them.

“Alright kids. Be good to Daddy, Auntie Alli and I must be going,” Night said, walking down the candle decorated staircase in her black attire. Her blue curls were pinned into a classic 18th century Victorian style. She kissed her kids and Cam goodbye and we were off. “I can’t believe it Alli. You’re finally getting married. I’m so happy for you,” Night said, hugging me with one arm.

“Thanks Night, and I want you to be the Maid of Honor,” I said, making her smile.

“Of course I will be, like you were at my Wedding to Cam,” she said, as we entered Hogsmeade. I was brought back to the old days at Hogwarts. I did miss it. So much. We sat down and waited for the rest of the ladies to arrive. After fifteen minutes, the first of four arrived. October Rosewood in all her Gothic glory arrived early as always.

Her once midnight hair was bone white with a midnight fringe. It was as if her hair had been dipped in ink. She was wearing her lime green Healer’s robes with her hands covered in black lace armlets. Her eyes and lips painted their usual matte black, her face pale as the moon. “I see that I am early. But also, I only have an hour before I return to work,” October said, sitting next to Night.

“Thanks for coming, even though I’m sure you don’t know what I’ve asked you here for. Will you please wait until the others get here?” I asked, smiling at her.

“Of course,” she said, ordering a Butterbeer.

I smiled as Shannon walked in with little Celia in her arms. She was still in her Quidditch robes. “Hey Alli, sorry I had to bring Celia today. She went to practice with me and James has Jane with him. Oh hey Night, hello October,” Shannon said, sitting next to October and placing Celia on her lap. October was the Healer that took care of Shannon and her teammates when they were injured.

“No problem. When Rose and Laurel get here, I can finally tell all of you why I invited you here,” I said, as I watched Celia snuggle against Shannon.

“Hey, sorry I’m late. I had to floo because Scorp won’t let me apparate,” Rose said, as Night stood up to help her into a chair. The bell on the door rang and I looked up to see my cousin Laurel, she had a stony expression on her face. Like always.

“Alright, I am here. Let’s make this quick please, I must get back to work,” Laurel said, sitting next to Rose. Laurel was tall unlike me and her pale skin was somewhat pallid from not enough sunlight. Her long black hair was now the color of fresh blood and her makeup made her look like one of the undead. Note to self: Do NOT let Tamsin hang out at Laurel’s house anymore.

“Sorry, I’m disrupting your breaks everyone but I just had to get you all together to say this. Al proposed and we’re getting married in October (The month..DUH). I want all of you to be Bridesmaids,” the shift in the attitudes of the ladies was surprising. Even Laurel smiled genuinely. After the congratulations and yeses, we all got down to business. I’ve just realized that three of my bridesmaids are Gothic beauties. Wow.

After going our separate ways, Laurel and I were walking together. It turns out that her so-called “work” is just her band’s practice. She was in this Goth rock band. I’m not exactly sure what the name of the band is but, whatever. “So Laurel, how’s Magnus?” I asked, inquiring about her boyfriend. Magnus was also in Laurel’s band. He was the Lead Guitarist whereas she was the Lead Singer. They’ve been together since Merlin knows how long.

“He’s fine, I left Artemis with him. She loves watching us practice and since she’s only just turned five, she’s always with us,” Laurel said, referring to her own daughter. She was exceedingly talented for a five yearold. She was learning how to play the guitar and her singing was very ethereal.

“Oh, that’s good. Well, I’ll see you soon L and I am glad that you decided to be one of my Bridesmaids,” I said, making her stop.

“You’re my cousin Alli. Even though we don’t really see eye to eye or even spend time together, I am honored that you would ask me to be a part of your wedding,” Laurel said, smiling genuinely. She pulled me into a hug and then we parted ways. I wondered if she’s still really close with her brother Phillipe when I remembered that he was the Bassist for Laurel’s band.

Now that the Bridesmaids were taken care of, Al and I had to decide where to have the Wedding. Knowing my Dad, he’d want to have it at Malfoy Manor, just like all of the Malfoy’s before me. Well, this was going to be different because, Scorpius married Rose there but I refused to marry Al in the same place as my brother. I was just entering Eeylops Owl Emporium when I felt a strong shoulder slam into me, thereby causing me to crash into the doorway.

I felt a stabbing back pain when a familiar voice spoke out in surprise. “Alli?” It was Callum.

“Callum? Merlin’s saggy bollocks, you’re a wizard,” I said, in a pained voice.

“Small world, sorry about bumping into you,” he said, pulling me up with ease. I seriously hope Tam doesn’t inherit my clumsiness.

“No problem. Well, see you Cal,” I said, as I walked down the cobbled street with him.

“Hey wait, so what are you up to?” he asked, catching up easily.

“Is your family wizards?” I asked, getting slightly annoyed. He always has to ask questions.

“No, just me, my father, and Gregor. Mum passed after Greg was born,” he said, looking slightly saddened. Me and my big gob. I placed my hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. I barely know the bloke and he’s already making me feel sorry for him. “Thanks and, don’t worry about me Alli. You take care of yourself,” he said, touching my shoulder softly.

I looked up and before I could stop myself I said, “Do you want to come to my wedding?”

He looked at me in shock and smiled his great big smile. “Sure, I’ll come. Thanks Alli,” he said, hugging me tightly. I smiled back before we once again said our goodbyes and went our ways.

Damnit. I can’t believe I invited a complete stranger to my wedding. I must be going mental. Then again, I did let said stranger who was drunk at the time, spend the night on my bed. So really, I am mad. “Alli, there you are! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all day. You got a call from Tamsin’s teacher,” said a voice. One I did not like.

“How did you know?” I said, turning to face Erien. This is not my lucky day.

“Blaine’s dating her teacher and she called him because she couldn’t reach you. So he flooed me at home. Then I flooed Al who said you were out with the girls. But when I couldn’t get a hold of Night, I decided to check out Diagon Alley and here you are,” he said, touching my shoulder.

I looked up at him and frowned. Why was he being so nice? I punched him in the throat just yesterday. “Is Tamsin okay?” I asked, more concerned for my daughter.

“I don’t think it’s anything too serious but, Al told me to take you to the school. So, let’s go. My new car is around the corner,” Erien said, as we walked together. Now Erien Flint, has a car? What is the wizarding world coming to?

“Yeah, okay,” I said, trying not to wince at the sharp pain in the middle of my back. When we finally left Diagon Alley, Erien led to me a very flashy Dark green Porsche Carrera GT. He really needed to stop spending his Daddy’s money. Or maybe he was just spending his highly paid Quidditch player’s money. I really do think he’s too vain for himself.

I got into his car and crossed my arms as we sped off through Muggle London. The silence in the car was too awkward. Awkward because of all we’ve been through. We drove past the streets and onto the dirt paths. Soon, the Muggle school gates were in our view. I bit my lip nervously as I contemplated what sort of shenanigans my daughter got herself into. She was just like Al, always getting into some sort of crap. As soon as he parked, a few middle aged Muggles scowled at his flashy expensive prat-mobile.

The both of us got out and I frowned again. Of course. It’s just like Al to send his most assholey mate to escort me someplace. Some of the thirty something mothers were gazing at Erien in disbelief. I knew what they were thinking. How can this Uber Sex God be associated with this sad excuse of a mother? Easy, he’s my boyfriend’s bestfriend. Their eyes filled with lust and desire as he walked past in all his Sex Godliness. I smirked as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, making them gawk and glare in loathsome jealousy.

I would have punched him in the bollocks if I wasn’t enjoying this moment of triumph. Ha, Alli:1. Snobby Bitch Mums:0. I’ll have to thank him later, much to my disdain. After we were safely away from the glaring Muggle mums, Erien took his arm off of my shoulders. We walked in silence past certain faculty members when we reached Rebekah Collins’s class. Tamsin was sitting at what I can only assume was her desk and the little boy sitting next to her was nursing a bloody nose. It was the little arsehole from the other day.

His parents were looking outraged at this and I gulped. Great, my daughter has obviously inherited my temper and left hook. She was holding her stuffed Hippogriff protectively to her chest and the little boy was sniffing softly, his eyes red from crying. “So, what happened?” I asked, making the outraged parents and Rebekah, look over at me.

She looked up in surprise at seeing Erien with me and grimaced slightly. “Well, Miss Malfoy, it seems that Alli and young Mr. Ryder here had a little disagreement.

“A ‘little disagreement?’ Your barbaric little brat hit my Liam’s perfect nose! We should press charges for this!” Mrs. Bitch Muggle screeched. Her husband merely placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered comforting words.

“I am sorry for my wife Miss Malfoy, she’s been quite stressed lately. We will not press charges seeing as your daughter is just six yearsold like our son. However, I do hope that this does not happen again,” he said, looking at his son. Mr. Ryder seemed like a nice bloke. Mrs. Ryder seemed to have a broom shoved far up her bum, much like the little brown haired, blue-green eyed little boy.

“So, what did happen then?” I asked, looking down at my Goth-Child.

“He was trying to tell me that Gryffy was ugly and that Hippogriffs aren’t real, and when I told him that they were he tried to take Gryffy away from me! So that’s when I did what Uncle James always tells me and I duffed him right in the nose!” Tamsin explained, laying out the crocodile tears for everyone. She’s never staying with James and Shannon again.

Here it goes; she’s just going to pretend to cry until everyone bows to her will. “Liam, say sorry to Tamsin for trying to take her toy away,” Mr. Ryder said, looking at his son.

“Sorry Tamsin…” he said, grudgingly.

“Now Tam, apologize to Liam, for punching him,” I said, making her roll her eyes. Only I saw this. Then she turned to Liam and held her hand out.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” she said, hesitantly.

“It’s okay,” he said, shaking her hand. And with that, the Ryder’s went on their way to do whatever it is, Muggles do.

“Tamsin go and wait with Uncle Eri outside, okay? I have to talk to Miss Collins for a minute,” I said, making her green eyes, light up.

Erien took her hand and they left the room. “Sorry about that, I hope she’s not too much trouble,” I said, to the pretty blonde in front of me.

“Oh she’s not trouble at all. She and Aludra keep to themselves mostly. Although, she has taken quite a shine toward Gregory Lennox. I’m pretty sure, Liam just has a little crush on her, and thank you for inviting me to your wedding, Alli,” she said, making me smile.

“Well, you are one of my best bloke-friend’s girlfriend. Besides, we’re happy that someone has finally captured our Blaine’s heart,” I said, as we walked out of the room. She merely blushed and laughed as we went our separate ways.

Erien was carrying Tamsin on his back when I reached the car. If I didn’t know him as the male equivalent of a slag, this would have been a very sweet sight. “Alright Tam, say bye to Uncle Eri, we’re going home to talk to your Daddy,” I said, making her frown.

“But I want to play with Uncle Eri!,” she whined, as he put her down.

“Tamsin Elizabeth Malfoy! Get over here, now!” I said, loudly. She stomped over to me and waved bye to Erien who then, drove off without another word. I really do hate him. Prick.

“I don’t know why you have to call me by my full name, Mum. Besides, I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said, in a miffed tone.

“You tried to convince a Muggle that Hippogriffs are real and then you punched him in the nose! Tamsin you can’t go on saying things like that to Muggles, and when you have a disagreement, talk to your teacher! If something like this happens again, you won’t be going to the Falcons Quidditch game next week!” I scolded. Great…Now I’m starting to sound like Mum.

“Fine! You blow as a mum anyway!” she screamed, running into the street.

“TAMSIN!” I screamed hysterically, as a car came speeding toward her, she stopped and screamed shrilly. I ran to get over there as fast as I could but I was too late. I screamed louder when the whole place came up in smoke. “TAMSIN! TAMSIN WHERE ARE YOU!” I screamed, running over to the smoked area. I gasped in shock, tears were running down my face and it felt like my heart was almost ripped in half.

“I’m okay Mummy,” she said, as the smoke cleared. She was standing on top of the car. The driver looking shocked and pale as a sheet. I tried to control my breath as I grabbed my baby and hugged her tight to me. She was okay, and she had just shown her first sign of magic. My baby was alright.

“Oh Tamsin! Don’t you ever do that again! If something happened to you, I’d die! Oh my baby!” I cried as I kissed her face all over.

“Yech! Mummy don’t be so dramatic,” she complained. Although she hugged me back. When my heart rate finally slowed, I pulled my wand out and cast a memory charm on the Muggle driver.

“I’m just so happy that you didn’t get hurt, Peanut. I love you so much, more than anything in the whole world,” I said, hugging her closer. I guess today taught me something: Must buy a harness and leash for Tamsin. I am never letting her cross a street alone, ever again.

“I love you too, Mum.”

Now that that’s settled. Tomorrow, Al and I would be looking for the perfect place to have this wedding…Great.

A/N: Well that really did not go how I wanted it. Nonetheless we did get the Bridesmaids out of the way. Hope you liked them.

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