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Raven Black and the Temple of the Night by Christine_Nighting
Chapter 3 : Why Did It Have To Be You?
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I’m in the forest again. The mirror leaves are dripping with blood. “Raven,” he says. No no no, Merlin no, not him. His white shirt is scarlet. His blue eyes are boring into me, slowly drifting into the realm of lifelessness. Please, not him.


He’s in my dreams again. Damn him. I can’t bring myself to say his name or to remember. I loved him with all my heart, and Auxilry changed that. The wicked witch changed that with her lies and now it’s too late. He’s gone into my past; nothing but a memory. Just a memory.

I grimly open my eyes, instantly regretting it because of the sun outside. My room is bright, and I can see all the dust. My black dress is thrown over a wooden chair. I pull myself out of bed and look at clock. Its half past 2 PM. I never sleep in this late.

I dimly remember yesterday. Death. I had retired to bed early to cry. Yeah, the General of the Fire-Eaters, crying her eyes out in her room. Sounds so tough.

I pull on my rugged dress and head down from the Tower. The Fire-Eaters are running about like wild dogs (I like that analogy – very fitting). It appears something has happened.

I see Nydia leaning against an ivory arch. “Nydia! What’s going on?”

Nydia turns towards me. Today she is wearing a white dress. Her curly black hair falls down in ringlets. “Vanessa is hot on the trail of someone. We don’t know who he is yet, but he’s giving her a run for her money. Vanessa, of course, is having quite the time. She rarely ever gets runners.”

I can’t help but grin. Vanessa sure liked it when they actually tried to get away. She likes a good game of cat and mouse.

“But why are all of the Fire-Eaters worked up?” I ask her.

“They’re executing the prisoners. Apparently the scent down there became too bad.” Nydia sighs. She, too, has seen so much death it's beginning to take a toll on her.

I feel myself become faint. I don’t get it, I’ve survived watching people die since I was fifteen and now that I’m twenty-fove years old, I’m getting soft.

I head back up to my room and spent some time looking in my mirror and playing with my hair. Mirrors, I hate mirrors, yet here I stand anyways.

I can’t help but notice the differences between me and my twin sister, Celestine. She has black hair too, except it’s streaked with white from stress.

At Hogwarts, people would always ask us who we were.

“Who are you? I know you two are Blacks, but you’re not related to any of the living Blacks.”

“We’re related to them, just distantly.”

My great-grandfather was a Black. He was Phineas Black, the Second. The story of my heritage is quite odd and mixed up.

 When our great grandfather Phineas got married, he had a son named Primus. Primus, however, was never able to go to Hogwarts. He was non-magical, a Squib.

Primus was adventurous and would go into the Forbidden Forest. One day while in the Forbidden Forest, he heard a woman near a pond calling to him. She was a water nymph, a species of creature long since believed to be dead. Although she was never able to drown him, he did fall in love with her. Everyday from that day Primus would take gifts to the nymph or sing songs to her, in an attempt to win her affection. Finally, one day, she gave in, and left the pond. They were married, and Primus and his new nymph-wife, Kelphienie, had two children: Millef, our father, and Auxilry, my aunt. Millef married a Muggle named Daisy LeMoure, and my sister and I were born, two half-witch half-nymphs.

My parents would later die and leave me and my sister orphaned, subject to the whims of our cruel aunt, Auxilry.


I stare in the mirror again. A pair of hazel, blue-green eyes looks back, over top of three harsh pink scars down my cheek. I blink slowly, and my reflection changes. A girl is standing in the mirror, wearing a red-and-gold striped scarf around her neck. It is splattered with blood, the same blood that is dripping down her cheeks from the gashes. Her eyes are filled with terror, and her mouth is opening as she shouts her silent pleas for help.

“No! Go away, leave me alone!” I scream and my reflection is back. I can hear my heart pounding. This is why I hate mirrors.

I grab a blanket from my bed and throw it over the mirror.

A knock immediately comes from the door. “Raven, is something wrong?” Vanessa opens the door. Her brown hair is sticking in every direction, her new dress is dirty and torn, and she has a small amount of blood on her chin.

“What the hell happened to you?” I demand, staring at her.

“He was a runner! Best chase ever. You should try it out sometime!” Vanessa has the biggest smile on her face, revealing a full set of white teeth. Her eyes have a wild look in them.

“You caught him?” I ask her. She smiles even bigger, if that’s possible.

“Oh yes, we did. And we have something very special planned for him.” Her eyes glitter cruelly. The poor lad, whoever he was. They would torture him with the Crucio curse until he was drooling on the ground. They might even beat him, too.

“Who is he?” I ask her. She smiles darkly. I almost regret the question.

“Someone from long ago. Don’t worry about it, Raven.” Vanessa turns to leave.

“Vannie, tell me!” I demand. She glares at me with piercing eyes before leaving.

I sigh and fall onto my back on my bed. I stare at the ceiling. Suddenly a pair of blue eyes flash into my mind. Go away, I tell the face connected with the eyes. The last thing I wanted to think about was him.

My mind flashes back to a memory from Hogwarts.

I was wearing a red-and-gold scarf standing in the green grass, my black hair blowing around my face from the cold wind. I’m twirling in circles with my arms stretched out, and I’m laughing uncontrollably. I stop spinning and I freeze for a second before my face breaks out into a huge smile.

There I am, running madly until I’ve jumped into the arms of a boy with those same blue eyes.

Ugh. Go away; I don’t want to think about you, I don’t want to remember how much I miss you.

I get up off my bed and pull the door open before running down the stairs of the Tower. I enter the green courtyard and notice the Fire-Eaters standing around, talking. Apparently nothing else was happening today except for Vanessa’s little chase.

I wander around, feeling slightly like I was dying inside. I don’t know why, something is wrong, and I can feel it.

Suddenly a male voice screams from inside one of the other towers. A cry of pain and agony; my heart skips slightly. The voice sounds familiar…but it can’t be. I shake off the feeling and keep walking around. The screams continue and I try to hide how it’s making me feel, but it’s really hard when I’m flinching at every yelp. I reckon the cries are coming from Vanessa’s new catch. I shiver and head back to my room. I don’t want to hear it anymore.

I open the door and slam it. I drop onto my bed and lie down. If anyone needs me, they can come find me.

Someone beats on my door. I almost take back that thought, wishing they wouldn’t come find me.

Vanessa peaks her head in. “Raven, go down one floor. It’s your turn; you get to kill him now that I’ve tortured him.”

Wow, that was fast. Normally she spends a while torturing them before killing them. However, I don’t like the glint in her eyes. A terrible feeling washes over me. Who is he?

I follow her down one story in the North Tower to the room where we kill the prisoners. She leaves me at the door and smiles cruelly.

“Hurry up and be quick at killing him. I’ll be checking on you.” She winks and leaves. Checking on me? What for? I kill them quickly. Something isn’t right.

I open the door and walk in slowly, closing it behind me. A man is chained to the wall. He has a burlap sack over his head. I slowly take in the condition that he’s in.

His shirt is dirty and ripped in places where he’s been beaten. I can see bruises all over his chest, with bleeding cuts. His arms are in no better shape.

He stays completely silent, so silent I can hear my breathing. I walk slowly over to him and stand there for a second before reaching my arm out and grasping a corner of the burlap bag in my fist.

I pull it off and stand dazed for a second before taking a step back. I trip and fall backwards onto the floor.

My head is spinning and I can’t breathe as a pair of perfect blue eyes watch me. I see images flashing through my mind. The dream, the memories... Those familiar blue eyes. Merlin, save me.

“Oh, why’d it have to be you?” I manage to gasp out. I can hardly see and before I realize it my eyes have watered up.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers.

Damn him, damn Ted Lupin. When I was the weakest, he shows up on my doorstep, and Vanessa orders me to kill him. How could she do this? Anger and pain burn in my throat and before I know it I have my head in my hands crying.

“Raven?” Ted’s voice sounds sad and I look up to see him. His hair is brown and his blue eyes are soft as he watches me.

“Why did it have to be you, why you?” I start bawling again. Merlin, I’m making this crying-thing a habit.

He doesn’t respond and I stand up and begin pacing, attempting to calm down and return to normal. It’ll be okay, won’t it? I don’t really believe it will be. But I don’t want him to watch me cry. It’s not like me; I’m tougher than this.

I face him and grab my hair in my fists. My heart is pounding.

“Raven, I thought you hated me?” Ted’s voice reaches my ears. I close my eyes.

“Please, Ted, I don’t want to talk about it. Vanessa has told me to kill you, and she plans to check on me to make sure it’s done.” I suddenly notice the wounds on his body again. How dare she do that to my Teddy?

No, no, he’s not mine, not anymore, I tell myself. Time to pull myself together.

“Well, Raven? If you have something to do, you should do it now.” Ted’s voice is emotionless, and he stares at me blankly. He doesn’t want to die. I don’t want to kill him.

“I can’t. I just can’t.” I release my hair from my hands and slide my hands down my face. Panic wells up in my chest.

“You have to.” Ted’s voice remains emotionless.

No, no I can’t. What could I do? Is there anything I could do? Someone beats on the door. It must be Vanessa reminding me to do my job. I listen intently for her footsteps until they go down the stairs in the Temple.

I could try to sneak him out…what’s the worse that could happen? If I died, I’d be with him, and I’d take that than to dying alone any day.

I walk over to him and pull out my wand and point it at him. He closes his eyes. He thinks he’s going to die.

Alohamora!” I shout and the locks tethering Ted to the wall fall open. He falls to the ground ungracefully.

“What are you doing?” He demands, his eyes wide.

“Follow me, damn it. Where is your wand?” I hiss at him. He points to a table in the corner of the room. I roll my eyes. Of course, I was so upset I hadn’t noticed. He walks over and takes his possessions.

Ted turns to me. “What now?” He smiles at me. My heart skips and my breath catches in my throat. His messy brown hair is falling into his face just right to make him look adorable.

I smile back at him. “Now we run.”


A/N: Thanks for reading! Before I get reviews on it, the thing with the mirror will be carried on and explained later on. Its not really an issue or anything big right now. 

Also, Raven's age has been changed. Instead of being 13 when she was attacked, she was now 15. Her official age has also been changed. Instead of being 24, she is now 25 (her age was a bit off to begin with, so everything fits better). 

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