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The Mission by Spaz
Chapter 1 : Prologue: My Life So Far
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You could say my life really started when I was three years old, that's when I watched my parents get killed by aurors. I don't remember much of that day, of course because I was only three. I just remember flashes of green light, and then my parents didn't move anymore, I was actually under the impression that they were sleeping, to be honest.

Then, they came, by 'they' I mean the Emanalist, they took me away from my home and they raised me to be an assassine or even a spy, if you will. I was immediately put into training and I was being tested for extraordinary magical power, and they found it.

They said I was special, that I wasn't like other wizards, I was more powerful, and dangerous, which is weird hearing that at the age of four. I easily became the best trainee, there were others too, all Death Eater's kids and special, in different ways.

Training was not what I would call fun at the time, I mean, I was four years old learning how to kill people and change my appearance. I'm a Metamorphmagus, which means I can change anything about my appearance when I want to, it's one of the many ways I'm special.

When I was ten years old I got my first mission, it was an assassination, and I was successful. When the Emanalists realized how good I was, they continued to give me missions, each one harder than the one before, always ending in someone else's death.

I quickly began loving what I did, the feeling of power and killing someone was an amazing feeling.

Then came the mission I got when I was fourteen, the first mission without assissination, I was to attend the School of Hogwarts and make sure Harry Potter's name was put in the Goblet of Fire, therfore resulting in the Dark Lord's return. I had to be in the same house as Harry Potter, become his friend, so I would never be suspected.

Just to make sure I wouldn't get caught there was another spy there posing as one of the professors, he would take the blame for everything, at the time he didn't know, but that was the only reason he was there.

During this mission was when I met Draco Malfoy. I'd seen him before since his parents were Death Eaters, but I never talked to him or anything. Anyways, there was immediate attraction between us, although we were from different houses. He knew exactly who I was and what I did, however, he didn't know what my mission was, and I wasn't going to tell him either.

Soon Draco told me how he felt, although I already knew. He said he wanted to be with me, I said no. Sure I was slightly attracted to him, but I didn't feel anything for him, part of training was learning not to feel any kind of emotion. I had adapted to that very well. Draco was very persistent, though, until, finally I gave in. But only if he swore that our relationship would be nothing but physical, he agreed and our relationship began.

It actually was nice, at first it was a secret because Draco was Harry Potter's enemy and I couldn't risk him not trusting me. But at the Yule Ball, everyone found out and Harry was surprisingly okay with it.

As the school year went on, I started to have feelings for Draco, I wasn't thinking clearly and I got in too deep. We even started making plans about the future as though I would still be around, as though we'd still be together.

Then came the night when my mission succeeded, Harry had come back from the portkey crying that Lord Voldemort was back and I was happy until I realized I had to leave, my mission was over.

Draco begged me to stay, he told me he loved me and needed to be with me, but I left anyways. I left him standing in the Entrance Hall alone.

That was two years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. Now here I am getting ready to face him again…

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