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Just for the Night by FoundriaPenguin
Chapter 1 : Written in the Planets
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 disclaimer: JKR is the one who created HP, not me! ;)


The leaves crackled under soft-stepping hooves as the sunset cast a long shadow over the Forbidden Forest. Rustling trees alerted the forest to the presence of one young centaur wandering off on his own. His brown coat gleamed in the dim light as he prepared to find a proper spot for observing the planets that evening.

A branch cracked nearby, and the centaur immediately moved for his bow and arrows, arms taut and at the ready. He would take no chances tonight when all he was seeking was peace and the planets all to himself.

Nothing out of the ordinary appeared, so the centaur put his weapons away for the time being. He took a leisurely pace, stopping every once in a while to admire the gnarled trees, the wilting flowers. The forest was not exactly picturesque, but it was the closest he was going to get to classic scenery.

The centaur thought he spotted a fairy or two when he saw flashes of glimmering light off to his left. Curious, he picked up his pace to investigate further, like all animals who are attracted to light in the darkness. However, it was not a fairy that met his inquisitive gaze when he reached the gleaming spot in the forest - it was a funny gold object with wings.

The golden wings beat extremely fast, making a whirring noise as they buzzed around the centaur’s head. Startled, the centaur reached for his bow in order to swat it away when it stopped erratically moving right in front of his face, yet continued to buzz if even more loudly. It seemed to be taunting him, wanting to lead him away into the darkest depths of the forest where he had never been before.

The centaur had been sure that the gold object didn’t contain Dark magic, but now he was starting to have his doubts. He cautiously stepped back, but the gold object with buzzing wings followed him. He tried to gallop away, seriously alarmed now, but the gold object persisted. The centaur was desperate to get away, and he regretted approaching the glimmering object in the forest in the first place. Was this a trick on him, crafted by those mischievous fairies? The planets would not abide this, he was sure!

Once again, the gold object flew in front of his eyes, and if the centaur squinted enough he could read the words, “I open at the close” on the gold object.

I open at the close...I open at the close. I open at the close? The centaur skittishly flicked his tail at the recognition of this object. It was rumored that Harry Potter himself had held this gold object with these words written on it. He had...he had somewhat awakened the dead. Of course, Ronan and Bane, other prominent centaurs, had dismissed this notion as foolish and impossible. But there was always the possibility that it could work...

The centaur pictured his father with that endearing, smiling face looking down upon him from the heavens. He had died in the Great Battle against The Dark Lord. Was it possible...could this gold object possibly bring him back?

His will faltered, and he almost snatched the gold object from the air, desire pooling in his stomach, threatening to shoot up into the air around him. Desire, like vomit, only came out into the open when absolutely necessary, he told himself. But...

He didn’t even see it happen, but all of a sudden he held the gold object in his hand. The little wings beat against him, trying to fight his grasp, and the centaur could hardly believe what he had done. Well, he might as well try to make it work.

His legs folded beneath him awkwardly as he sat down on the cool forest floor, and he cocked his head to the side as he tried to figure out how to make the thing properly function.

The centaur turned it over in his hand, tried to pry it open with his hands alone, took one of his arrows and tried to stab it open, and many other methods, but to no avail. The golden object would not open! He even tried to throw it against a tree, to smash it or SOMETHING, but the golden object simply unfurled its wings and sailed away from impeding doom.

He was starting to lose hope.

It siphoned out of him like sand in an hourglass, and finally, the centaur flung the golden object out of his hands as far away as he could. He didn’t ever want to see the golden object again, that lost hope, that desperation, that desire to have his father back...

And yet, he had a feeling that it wouldn’t work. He had glanced at the planets before making that sudden move, and they had told him that the golden object would not be the answer to what he sought for. A tiny part of him, underneath all of that despondency, knew that releasing the golden object was the right thing to do. After all, that’s really what it was - a simple, golden object. Nothing more, nothing less.

The centaur stood up straight and tall, and he calmly moved through the forest, the leaves crackling and the trees rustling at his presence once more. All he had wanted in the first place was peace and the planets, all to himself, wasn’t it?


A/N: I hope you all enjoyed that! I actually wrote this little piece a while ago but never got around to putting it up. I have heaps of thanks to give right now -

Leslie, for having that word race with me in the first place. Annie, for always being so encouraging me and being a fabulous sensei. Gina & Gubby, for being all lovely and pretentious. Melissa, for having so much faith in me. Rachel, Mary, Erica, Helen, Ash, Celeste, and anyone else I might've missed, for just being awesome in general.

I love you all. And the review box looks lonely, so I'll just leave it at that. ^__^


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