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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 36 : Word Fix Most Things
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When Fred heard about Rachel had done in the ministry he felt a mixture of pride and anger about the situation but in the interest of not getting into a situation that was almost sure to cost their relationship and, as well as their friendship, he did his best to keep his mouth shut. Their time together was too precious to be used to have an argument with her. He didn’t want to think about the possibility of losing her over anything. 

“Come on Fred,” shouted his twin impatiently from the lounge. George, his brother, knew how he felt about what Rachel had done and they agreed without any verbal communication it was best to do what Fred planned. Although George had thought it would be good for his brother to vent his feeling to him Fred seemed against the idea as someone might overhear them. It was very likely that he would be talking rather loudly about the subject.

As he walked through the door of his bedroom to the living room there was a knock at the flat’s entrance. They both paused together with the same expression on their face. Being nearest the entrance George went first followed, determinedly, casually by his twin a few feet behind. Both hands twitched to their side pockets, where their wands were now constantly kept. 

He opened the door and a man, quiet tall entered without introduction. There was no need for they knew this man. They had seen him in the papers of all the wizarding news whether they supported Harry or not.

The man had brown slightly frizzy hair combed back into a pony tail. There was a distinguishable red streak in his hair that if he hadn’t been on the bad side would have made him seem cool in the twins’ eyes with his rebellious attire of a leather jacket and thin layers of jumpers with the plaid pants, the black studded boots and rough black boots. Against this his blue, grey eyes looked sharp and betrayed his characteristics. His name was Scabior, he was a snatcher. 

“You’re the Weasley twins are you?” he asked in a mocking tone as he swaggered into their home. “I expected merrier faces.” Chuckling a little at his own joke he turned around. “I’m here to ask a few routine questions,” he informed them as he took an uninvited seat in their living room.

The brothers looked at each other and sat opposite him ready to protect their family and friends if need be. 


They spent the next half an hour talking to him before he bid them a sarcastic farewell given with a bow before saying he might like to come back and visit their flat and shop. They both hoped he didn’t come round again.

Five minutes after Scabior left them and they were sure they weren’t being watched or he wasn’t coming back they apparated to the street outside the new transmitting station for Potterwatch and they knocked on the pain white door with a simple knocker on it. They were asked customary questions to check their identities and they were allowed in. 

They both went into the new lounge and sat on one of the three sofas in the room as they explained why they were late. The group floundered at the news that the twins were now, definitely, under surveillance. They knew that it was bound to happen but it still fell on all of them like a tone of heavy bricks. They had to be careful when they came over from now on.

As the others went up to get their dinner Fred felt a small hand on his arm. He turned to see Rachel’s unemotional face. He expected a worried face and that almost came through her expression but he followed her to what was her resting room. He turned around as she shut the door. Her face was pensive. 

“Fred,” she said still at the door holding onto the handle behind her. “We should stop seeing each other.”

The silence that followed her unexpected statement was confused for him. He wondered if he had just lost his hearing and had tried to lip read and did it wrong. But her face was serious and he had no doubt that she had said it. 

“Why?” he asked, almost desperate to eradicate the reason that she had said it.

“Knowing me is a bad thing for you and seeing me every few days is worse,” she answered him whilst looking up, not looking near him. “It makes sense that we stop seeing each other. We’re putting everyone and you in even more danger-“ 

“Oh and you’re allowed to go out and put yourself in danger-” answered Fred in sudden anger.

“I’m already in danger I don’t need put you through it as well!” she answered him in and equally angry tone. 

“-That doesn’t mean it still dangerous-”

“-It also means that I’m helping others this isn’t helping you-” 

“Rachel will you STOP putting yourself in danger!”




“RACHEL I LOVE YOU WILL YOU STOP ACTING SO STUPID!” he said finishing their argument. Silence filled the space between them as they realised what he said.

“I love you too but-” she started but his mouth covered hers after he heard what she had admitted. For her though he let go too quickly as well. 

“Will you please take care of yourself while you’re out doing these stunts if I promise I will be too when I come to see you?” he asked holding her head in his hands. She nodded and he smiled in response.

She smiled and when he asked what she was smiling about she asked him if he meant what he had said. He answered with a kiss that lasted with a type of bliss and when they broke apart she said that she took that as a yes. 

A knock came at the door and George asked if there had been a band of screaming banshees in their room. Fred answered no, chuckling, as Rachel looked indignant at the question. Then blushed as he pointed out they probably woke everyone in a three mile radius. They said goodbye and the twins walked out with George asking random questions that were occasionally suggestive to what exactly they were doing in there. Fred shoved his brother in response when he asked the suggestive ones and answered as much as he could at home.

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Intertwined: Word Fix Most Things


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