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Lost Prophecy by muggleborn_parselmouth
Chapter 2 : Suprising Visit
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Author's note.... I got the spacing issue on this chapter fixed.  I apologize for those who had tried to read it and gave up on it.


Chapter 2

Emily Smith was a single mother, who was well liked by her peers.  She lived in a very small and secluded community, with a beautiful house, and great job.  She loved what she did for a living, and being the principle of Illiopolis Junior High School in Illiopolis, IL, was a very responsible duty.  Kids behaving the way they do now days, it could be very hard for someone in that position, yet Emily did her job with respect to the kids and to the school.  The only issue that the community had with Emily was her 12 year old daughter Hailey.  Hailey Smith had been known as a trouble maker in this small community.  She would always cause trouble, and then not get punished for it, or at least not that much trouble.  Yet, in the scheme of things, Emily always came up with ways to let the community know, that Hailey was going through some changes in her life.


Hailey however, felt that the small community had it in for her.  Always complaining to her mother that Hailey did this, and something happened to this kid, who said Hailey had done it, even if she was there or not.  Hailey couldn’t explain why it is that things happen around her when she gets upset, but they usually do, and they usually end in someone else getting hurt. 


As long as she could remember, things like that had always happened around her.  Just the other day, during recess, Hailey was talking to her close friend Ashlee, when the stuck up and preppy Peyton Tisdale came up to Ashlee and called her something.  Hailey was not happy about this at one bit, and under her breath, wished Peyton’s hair would catch on fire!


Moments later, you could hear a scream come from the corner that Peyton Tisdale just went around, and smoke bellowing.  When everyone looked around, you could see Peyton on the ground, with a teacher getting the flames out of her hair.  Everyone started whispering to each other, except for Hailey who was laughing at her.  That is until Peyton told the teacher that she had to have something to do with it, pointing right at Hailey.



Emily sat at her desk, looking at her daughter across from it.  It was no surprise to her when Mrs. Wheeler came into her office holding her daughter, and explaining what was going on. 


“Mom,” Hailey said to Emily. “I didn’t do this.”


Emily wished it wasn’t true, but she knows it wasn’t.


“Hailey,” she said.  “Why is it, when something happens, you are always in the crosshairs?”


Emily actually knew why, but for now, she couldn’t explain it to her.  Not right now, anyways.


“Why is it, that you don’t believe me, when I say I didn’t do anything?” Hailey asked, almost sarcastically. “How could I catch Peyton Tisdale’s hair on fire, when I wasn’t even around her?”


“Well, according to Ashlee, she said something to you two, and walked off around the corner” said Emily to her daughter. “Did you think about doing something to her? Even doing something that you wouldn’t really do, but perhaps wished you could do?”


Hailey looked at her mom.  She knows something and isn’t telling her. Hailey shook her head, and denied it.  But her mom knew better.  She knows when Hailey is telling her a fib.


“Well, I’ll forgo the detention” she said to Hailey.  Hailey’s face lit up as if a pain was lifted off her chest. “However, you will be grounded for a week for lying to me.”


“WHAT!” said Hailey very loudly.  Emily jumped out of her seat knowing that the offices next to her heard that, if not the entire school.


“MOM!” she said to Emily.


“No, Hailey, this is for your own good” said Emily.  “You need to learn to control your anger issues.  “Now, as your principle, I am not going to discipline you here at school.  But as your mother, I have to put my foot down. Is that understood young lady?”


It was the way her mom talked, that intrigued Hailey.  Not her accent, but how she presented herself.   Hailey knew somehow that what happened to Peyton was mysterious, and moments before she did wish it.  However, she just wished her mother would tell her what was going on.


Little did she and Emily know, but that time was about to happen, just mere hour’s away.





Emily and Hailey’s house was just blocks away from the school, so during this time, walking was the only way to go.  Emily made Hailey wait until she was ready to leave her office, and they usually walked home together.  Sometimes, those walks would be good.  Other’s, like today’s walk, Emily knew that Hailey wouldn’t be willing to talk.


As they walk up to their house, Emily noticed a weird dressed individual at the door.  It looked like he was talking to someone, but when they got up to the door, he was talking to the doorbell.


“May I help you?” said Emily to the man.  As he turned around, her mouth dropped open.


“Oh sir, you surprised me” she said to the man.  Hailey looked at him and thought of him to be pretty odd looking.  He seemed very old, yet he had some life in him.  His long grey beard was groomed well to his stomach, and there seemed to be a gleem in his eyes, as they peered over the moon shaped glasses.


“Uh…Hailey, since your grounded, its straight to your room and do your homework” said Emily.  She looked at her daughter, with a kind of weird look on her face. Hailey just huffed and stomped upstairs, until there was a loud slam of a door.


“Sorry sir” said Emily.  “Please come in”




Hailey sat on her bed looking out at the window.  Why did she always get into trouble, when it wasn’t her fault?  Why is it that all these things happen?  Why is it… As soon as Hailey was about the think about that question, something really odd flew by her window.  Hailey shot straight up, and got off her bed.  She started to walk slowly over to her window, thinking that she imagined it.  She crept slowly and slowly when as soon as she got to the open window, a large brown owl landed on the sill.  Hailey jumped back a bit to her surprise.  But she wasn’t scared of it.  It looked as if it was happy to be there, and Hailey decided to see if she could pet it. 


Hailey reached for the bird, hoping it didn’t fly in and start pecking her eyes out.  She just watched “The Birds” last week with Ashlee, and couldn’t sleep for days.  This isn’t going to help her tonight, not that she was going to get much sleep anyways.  As she got closer and closer, it looked as if the bird was going to let her touch him.  She was mere inches away, when a loud knock came at her door, making Hailey jump, and the bird flying off!


“WHAT!” she yelled.


“Hailey” Emily’s voice came through the door. “Can I come in?”


“NO!” she said to her mother.  “I’m still mad at you!”


“Yeah, I know but” her mother started to say.


“But what?” asked Hailey. “You ground me for something I didn’t do, and you expect me to be ok with that?”


“We have a guest, who wants to meet you” said Emily very quietly.  It means a lot to me, and after that, we can talk about the grounding.”


Hailey could see through that.  That usually means that if Hailey does some chores and talks to her mom about things, her punishment will end, and she’ll get a free pass as usual.  As much as Hailey wanted this extra chores wasn’t what she wanted to do to get it.  However, the incident with the owl, she had to tell someone.


Hailey opened the door, and her mother stood there with very patiently.  On the way down, Hailey wanted to tell her mom about the owl, but was still upset with her.  As soon as she got to the end of the stairs, there stood that weird looking old man, and on his shoulder, the big brown owl.


“Hey, is that your owl” asked Hailey.


“Well, not really.  Honestly, he belongs to someone else” said the old man.  “Why do you ask?”


Hailey began to tell them of her encounter upstairs with the owl.


“Oh Horace is know to do that from time to time” said the man.  “He is always trying to find his owner.”


“May I pet him?”  Hailey asked.


“Well of course you can my dear” said the old man.  “He is after all, yours.”


Hailey had that look of confusion on her face, as she looked at the old man.  What did he mean the bird was hers?  She never had a owl before.  She looked at her mom, with the same look on her face.


“Perhaps we should go sit down Hailey” said Emily.  “We have a lot to talk about.”


Emily, Hailey and the old man walked into their living room, and sat on the chair and couch that was there.  Horace, the owl, flew of the man’s shoulder and perched himself on top of the fireplace mantle.


Emily stood up, and looked at Hailey.  Hailey could tell something was bothering her, and grabbed her mom’s hand for comfort.


“Hailey” Emily began. “For 12 years now, I have loved you as much as any mother could love a child.


Hailey couldn’t understand what her mother was talking about.  She knew her mom loved her, no matter how many times they fought with each other.


“I know that mom” she said.


“But all of this” she said, waving her arms around as if pointing to everything in the room.” All of this is a lie.”


Emily took a deep breath.  “I am not…” she tried to say as she started to cry. “I am not your real mother, Hailey.”


Hailey sat there in awe, with her arm still holding her mother’s. She let go and fell back into the chair, and Emily, with tears running down her face, got on her knees, and placed her hands on Hailey’s knees.


“I’ve been protecting you from a fate that should not have been yours” she said “for eleven years now.”


Emily tried to look Hailey in the face, but her head was lowered, and you could see that her eyes were welling up, as tears ran down her face.


“Your parents were great friends of mine.” She started to say.  “And because of their bravery and love, they were killed by an evil man days after I had brought you here.”


Hailey went to say something, but Emily had cut her off.


“There’s more sweetheart.” She said.  “Please understand that I love you, and no matter what anyone says, you are my daughter.  But there is more that I have to tell you, and you’re not going to understand.”


“You and I are not like normal people.” She said to Hailey. “These occurrences that you have had, hasn’t been on accident.”


“What do you mean occurrences?” asked Hailey, with tears still in her eyes.


“Like today” said Emily. “With that girl’s hair catching on fire. That was you, because you are and have always been a witch.”


“A what?” Hailey asked.


“You are a witch, and I was ordered to protect you.” Emily said.


“By whom?” asked Hailey. 


With expecting her mother to answer, the old man sitting in the chair across from her began to speak.


“By me, my dear” said the old man


Hailey stood up and looked at him.  The tears are gone, and anger ran across her face.  You could feel the house start to shake as she looked at the old man.


“WHO ARE YOU TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM MY REAL FAMILY. WHO ARE YOU TO KEEP ME FROM KNOWING WHO I REALLY AM?” she yelled at him.  As she started to calm down, the house stopped shaking.


The man looked at her.  He had noticed something in her that he did not notice before.  It puzzled him, and according to some, that’s a hard thing to do.  He got up from the chair, and went to her.  He placed his hands on her shoulders, and somehow, to Hailey it felt comforting.


“I promised your parents, that if anything would have happened to them, to keep you safe from harm. I assure them that you would be safe.  Before that could happen, there was an attack, and we had to get you to safety.” He said to her.


“Your mother and father loved you” he said.  “And because of that love, I did what I was asked by them, for you and your brother.”


“My brother?” Hailey asked. “ I have a brother?”


She looked at Emily.


“Did you know about this?” she asked. 


Emily nodded but looking confused.  She looked at the man.  “He is alive?”


“Yes.” Said the man.


Through all the confusion, Emily didn’t know who she was talking to.


“Sir…” she said. “What is my name, and what is your name?”


The man looked at her with a twinkle in his eye, and a smile on his face.


“My dear, your name is Hailey…Hailey Potter” he said. “And my name is Albus…Albus Dumbledor.”





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