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honey. by ericajen
Chapter 3 : ron
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They aren’t expecting him, and that bothers him. Ron thinks they should have been waiting for him like he waited for this moment. But they are too confident in themselves; in their deceit. They think they are tricky and that they are getting away with it. But they should know that Ron would never let them go on like this. It is not in his character to sit back and watch as sin unfolds. He is the type to do something about it, and this is exactly what he intends to do. He intends to see justice.

When he sees them, he is overcome with a feeling of emptiness. His mind is blank and his body is numb, like he has been lying in ice. He knows there is only one option left. There is only one thing that can resuscitate him from this despairing land of the bleak and barren.

He is trembling, but he knows what he has to do. He lets the darkness devour him and when he opens his eyes, he is stunned by what he has done. His wand shakes in his hand until he can no longer hold it and it falls to the ground with a light snap that seems to Ron to be painfully loud and the echo reverberates around the dark room until it is silent once more.

They are staring at each other, in a slumber which knows no end. Ron thinks about how even when he was ending their lives, they looked at each other. Even when he was ending their lives, he was not important enough to earn a glance of recognition.

Anger boils inside him and he is struck by the realization that he can feel again. This rage has taken control of him and he knows what he has done is wrong in the eyes of most people but he doesn’t care because letting the resentment command him is what has brought him back to life. He has taken the lives of two others for the sake of his own, and it feels like a fair trade. They were not worthy of their lives and were not worthy of holding him back from living his own.

He smiles. He has taken their power for his own and used it against them. He has shown them that they were wrong to think he wouldn’t seek revenge and he has taught them to never overestimate themselves and to never underestimate their opponents. He hopes that they have learned their lessons.

Ron is satisfied. He has won over them. His patience has paid off and now he is triumphant. He knows he will not get away with this but it doesn’t matter. He has conquered them and taken their power. The power that they used to contain him is his own possession now and he will never let it go. They will never again hold that power over his head.

It ended so easily, or at least that’s what Ron thinks. He licks his lips and he can taste his victory. It tastes like honey.



A/N: Well, that's the end. I really enjoyed writing this story and I hope you enjoyed reading it. PS, reviews make me very happy. ;)

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