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Against the Waves by Bella
Chapter 4 : Electric Snogs and Unwanted Advances
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Al promptly erupted into a coughing fit, right then and there.

"Well, go on!" precious little Polly encouraged.

I looked at Scorpius, who looked back at me and smirked. I grinned, shrugged my shoulders and leaned forward ever so slightly. He met me halfway in the middle of the circle, and we paused for about a microsecond before he gently placed his lips on mine.

I swear I felt something buzz against my mouth. Did he just give me a statoelectric shock?

We pulled away very quickly, and I saw that he was as stunned as I felt. He briefly touched his fingers to his mouth, and I realized that he must have felt the electric current that zapped both of our lips.

Nobody else noticed any of this though, of course.

The game continued on and I barely payed attention. I just remembered that Al had to kiss Lucinda a couple more times, but nobody kissed me or Scorpius again. Amidst my spacing out, I felt someone poke me, waking me from whatever reverie I was currently experiencing. I looked up at Al to see that the party had mostly died down, and whoever had been playing Spin-the-Bottle with us before had either gone to bed or were snogging in a corner somewhere. Scorpius still sat across from me, and I realized he had been staring at me with his familiar soft gaze that never ceased to melt me, even though my feelings for him had changed long ago.

"You okay?" Al asked me.

"Yeah, just sleepy. What time is it?" I looked around to see that even Rose was nowhere to be found.

"About two in the morning. We should go to bed." Al looked up at Scorpius and narrowed his eyes at him ever so slightly. Scorpius finally looked away from me and stood up suddenly.

As he was walking towards the dorm staircase, he called out, "Good night." Though it seemed to be a general farewell to the practically empty Common Room, I knew it was directed towards me.

As he walked up the stairs, Rose ran down the girls' ones.

"Hel," she called out upon seeing me sitting on the floor with Al. She looked a little perturbed.

"Hmm?" I suddenly realized just how tired I was, so this was all the response I could muster.

"Um, I'm not sure if you want to sleep in our room tonight. Louis decided to sleep over."


Bloody hell, I had forgotten all about the stupid git.

"I'll sleep down here with you tonight if you want." She looked dead tired, and the Common Room wasn't always the most comfortable place.

"No, it's fine. You sleep upstairs. I'll just..."

"You can sleep in my room with me and Charlie," Al offered hastily.

I smiled at him. "Thank you."

When we reached the boys' dorm upstairs, we found Charlie already looking comfortable in his bed.

"What're you doing here?" he asked me, eyeing me warily.

"Erm, Louis has invaded my room and I'd much rather not deal with him right now," I responded in a whisper since the other roommates were already asleep. "Can I sleep in your bed with you?"

"No!" he exclaimed a bit too loudly. "You kick like a madwoman and steal all the covers!"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Gee, thanks, you're such a good brother." I was tired but I still managed to make my voice icy. I sighed. "I guess I'll just sleep on the floor."

"No, here, you take my bed. I'll sleep on the floor," Al offered, making my heart swell.

"Al, you have tryouts tomorrow, you need a good night's sleep. You won't get one on the hard floor."

He smiled at me. "I don't mind."

"How about we both sleep in your bed?" He raised an eyebrow at me skeptically. "Oh, come on, we're comfortable enough. I promise I will not kick you or steal any of the covers," I assured with an angelic grin.

He shook his head at me but smiled wider. "Yeah, alright."

After I made my poor excuse for a twin give me an oversized shirt to wear, I climbed into bed with Al and snuggled up against him for warmth.

"Hey now, we didn't make spooning a part of the agreement," he joked.

I giggled and turned to him. "You exert a lot of body heat is all."

He gave me a very soft smile and just looked at me for a little while. "Good night, Helena," he finally said as he gave me a small peck on the forehead.

"Good night, Albus."

I drifted off to sleep almost immediately.


Around four in the morning, I woke up. My internal alarm clock woke me up around this time almost everyday.

He couldn't possibly be awake too, could he? After all the craziness of the evening?

My curiosity got the best of me, and I quietly climbed out of Al's bed and tiptoed downstairs. When I reached the Common Room, I looked around and...

I didn't see a soul.

I guess it was a bit stupid of me to expect him to come down this particular night, especially after the weirdness of earlier. I had rather wanted to discuss it but... oh well.

I would just have to wait until morning to see Scorpius.


The next morning, I awoke to see that all of the covers were on myself, and Al was quietly shivering in his sleep next to me. Oops.

I quickly threw them over him and sat up to stretch. I always woke up earlier than everyone, which was peculiar due to my late night escapades. My body didn't really need much sleep apparently.

I laid back down and started nudging the sleeping boy next to me. "Allllllll," I muttered. "Wake uppppppp."

"Hmmm," he uttered sleepily. He turned to me and opened his eyes just a crack to look at me. "You crazy, it's Saturday. Go back to sleep."

"Aren't the Quidditch tryouts today?"

This certainly jolted him awake.

"Bollocks, you're right!" he exclaimed as he jumped out of bed in his suddenly wide awake manner. He was so loud that the other boys were awoken and each groaned in anger.

"Shut it, it's way too early!" Paul Thomas called from his bed.

"What're you griping about anyways?" Charlie said groggily.

"The Quidditch tryouts are today!" The others just groaned again upon hearing this.

"I had way too much to drink last night to be dealing with this at the moment," said their other roommate Liam McLaggen. He had some sort of little crush on me apparently, but I always found him to be a rather tool.

Al was franctically looking around the room muttering something about 'clean pants,' and I couldn't help but giggle at him.

"Albus, darling, you know the tryouts aren't until after lunch. You have plenty of time," I coaxed him.

"I know, but I'm so not prepared!" he responded worriedly. He was so nervous for his first day as Captain. It was pretty darn cute.

Charlie groaned for a third time. "Mate, you've been preparing since you found out you got the spot over the summer. You're going be brilliant. Besides, it's only tryouts."

Al sighed and plopped down on the bed. "Yeah, I know."

"Look, do you wanna just go down and get some breakfast for now?" I asked him.

He nodded, and we both got up. "Coming, Charlie?" I asked.

He made a scoffing noise. "I guess I have no other choice. Yeah, just give me a few minutes. I'll meet you down there."

"I'll come with you guys," came Liam's voice, who had apparently changed and combed his hair with lightning speed during the small conversation between Al, Charlie and me.

"Oh, um." He admittedly frightened me a little bit. "Okay. I just need to go change really quickly."

When I reached my room after leaving the two boys in the Common Room, I cautiously opened the door. Luckily, Louis was long gone and apparently so was Rebekah the newfound slag.

I was happy, however, to find Rose standing there already dressed and groomed for the day along with our other roommate, Mina Qusaar.

"Hey, how was it last night?" I asked them warily.

"Ugh," Rose answered with a look of disgust. "Luckily the little adulterers finished shagging by the time we came up here and were only sleeping, but it was still a horrid sight to behold. I was too exhausted to deal with it last night, but I totally doused them with ice water this morning, so they bolted. That slag is getting the cold shoulder from me for the rest of the year. How dare she go for your ex when you're her roommate and he broke your heart into a million pieces?"

I smiled at my friend. "It was only a hundred pieces, don't worry."

We all trooped down to the Great Hall to eat, and I saw no sign of Scorpius when I walked in. Whatever. I wasn't sure why I cared so much anyways. After he didn't come down to the Common Room, I had decided that I really didn't want to talk about the kiss after all. There was no point whatsoever.

I found myself sitting next to Liam, who was trying to have a conversation with me whilst flirting very obviously.

"So you're coming to watch tryouts of course, right?" he asked me as I tried to eat my cinnamon sugar toast.

"Yes," I replied politely.

"Well, be sure to root for me, yeah? I'm going for Keeper since James isn't here anymore and they need a new one. I figure I'm the best choice for it."

"Ah, ok. Got it."

Take the hint, boy-who-is-far-too-in-love-with-himself, and leave me to eat my delicious toast in peace without your advances!

I am far too polite for my own good.

Luckily, I was saved by one of his neanderthal buddies who called him over from the far end of the table.

"I'll being seeing you then," he half-whispered to me in what he probably thought was a seductive tone. He then touched my arm and left his hand there for a bit too long and walked away.

I breathed out in relief and dug into my now cold toast.

"Uh oh, McLaggen giving you grief again?" Rose asked me.

I nodded. Al suddenly looked up and seemed to be paying close attention to our conversation.

"He's such a git," she continued. She hated him ever since fourth year when he told her that they should 'pick up where their parents left off.' She of course hexed him on the spot. He probably figured I was just an easier catch then her, especially considering that I didn't give him death threats every time he came near me.

"Hmm," Al muttered.

"What was that, Al?" I asked him.

"Oh, nothing. I, uh, gotta go get prepared for tryouts. See you lot later on." And he rushed out of the Hall without another word. That boy was acting so strange lately.

"What was that about?" I questioned Rose

She shrugged. "Just Al being Al, I suppose."

"He's probably just nervous about today I bet."

"Yeah. Probably."

We finished our meal and made our way out of the Great Hall together. I made one last sweep of the room with my eyes before I left. I frowned.

Scorpius hadn't shown up at all.



A/N: So what did you think? Did you like the kiss? Did you like the moments between Helena and Al? What did you think of Liam? What did you think of it in general? Am I competely wasting my time here?? While I am very grateful to my faithful Reviewer who has given me wonderful reviews so far, I desperately crave more. Please? It would make my life. Oh, and keep reading because things get very interesting very soon :) Thanks!

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