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Lost Prophecy by muggleborn_parselmouth
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The dark, secluded room was far from livable. The walls were covered with grime and filth, and the floors creaked so much, that with one sudden move and you could fall right through.  

She wondered where they were at. They told her to wait, and that they would be right back.  She looked down at the baby girl in her hands, and wondered what she was doing there at this moment.  Why had she been chosen for this mission?  She didn’t want to do it.  She just wanted to be with him.

And explosion from the outside made her jump, and the baby started to cry.

“Shhh, little one” she said trying to comfort the baby.

Get out of this house, she thought to herself.  Those explosions were so close, if this building wasn’t protected, it would have definitely brought it down.  She darted up with the baby, and headed for the door of the room.  As soon as she got around the corner, something or someone grabbed her.  It surprised her, to where she went to swing her fist at it, when a man in a hooded garb grabbed her arm.  His face was not recognizable, but his voice was.

“We need to get you outside.” He said. “As soon as I open the door, I want you to Apparate to the little playground on the hill, then immediately head for the north east corner of the park.”

She looked confused.  He could tell, and grabbed her by her shoulders.

"Do you understand Emily?” he asked her.  She nodded, and the man went in and kissed her very passionately.  “I’ll be right behind you.”

He opened the door.  She knew that on the porch area, she would be safe, and then will disaparate when she takes steps down.  She could see the playground in the distance, and with one step, and a small pop, she was standing next to a set of swings.  She is trying to find her direction, and noticed two hooded individuals about 300 meters to her left.  Emily looked down at the house and noticed him appear from the doorway.

“What is he doing?” she said aloud.  What she didn’t realize is that he was distracting the death eaters, so she could get to safety.  She started to head to the individuals when a man grabbed her by the arm.  She turned, expecting him, but someone else had her.

“Hold it right there love” said the man.  “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I…err…well…um….” started to say things, but couldn’t get the words out. The man had a wand in his hand, and saw that she was carrying something.  He looked and noticed the baby. 

“That’s what I thought.” He said to her.  “Avada Ka…….”

A loud pop and a red flash jolted the man before he could conjure the killing curse, knocking him down to the ground. One of the cloaked individuals in the corner of the park apparated and disarmed the attacker.   The cloaked man looked at her, with his wand still pointed at the attacker.  

“Go”, he said. “I’ll take care of him.”

Emily nodded, and headed towards the other individual.  She turned to see the man say something, and a white light came out of the man’s wand, and the attacker looked as if he had gotten really stiff all of a sudden.

The cloaked man started following Emily, keeping look out behind him.  She came up to the other cloaked individual, who was waiting patiently.  Her rescuer immediately came up to her.

“We have little time” he said to her. “We have to say our goodbyes right now.”

“Where is he at?” she asked.  “He said he’d be right behind.  

“I’m sure he’ll be here.” said the other individual.  This time the voice was that of a woman. “You know him and time.”

Emily didn’t want to laugh, but it sort of came. Then there was a pop. The other man was at the top of the hill area. He looked down at the frozen attacker, who was starting to move a bit.  And without hesitation, he walked up to the man, as a red flash came out of his wand, and continued walking without looking back.

“Emily,” said the cloaked woman grabbing the little girl from her hands. “Don’t be afraid. You are going to be a great mother.”

She kissed the little girl on the forehead, and handed her to the other cloaked man, who did the same.  

“The port key is right here” said the woman.  She grabbed a mangy old boot, and placed it at her feet. “Remember, it won’t hurt.”

“But the ministry…” said Emily.  “Won’t they…”

“It has been taken care of” said the cloaked man, whose looking down at the baby. “We have a man on the inside, they don’t know about it.”

As soon as he handed the baby back to Emily, a loud explosion is heard towards the individual coming down the long hill.  Emily noticed the man, and yelled for him.  He was firing curses and spells back.  

“GO….said the man coming down the hill. “ I’ll be right behind you!” 

The cloaked man looked at Emily.  “You got to go.  BE SAFE!” 

“No, I’m not leaving without him.” She said.  

The woman grabbed her. “There’s no time. We’ll get him to you, I promise.”

Emily nodded, looked at the port key, and grabbed it.  With what seemed like a hook to her navel, she disappeared into the night sky.

The man at the top of the hill came closer to the two cloaked individuals.  His hood was still on, and he looked at the individuals.

“Is she gone?” he asked. “Is she safe?”

The cloaked man nodded to him.  

“Are you sure you want to do this pal?” he said.

“She is better off without me right now” said the other man.

The woman cloaked grabbed them both. 

“We need to go now” she said. “Dumbledore is waiting”  

With a flash and a pop, the two cloaked individuals were gone. The other man stood looking at where the port key was, and then looked up at the sky.

“I love you Emily” he said. “That is why I can’t go with you.”


And then, as quickly as he showed up, he disappeared.

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Lost Prophecy: Prologue


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