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CHANGELING SIX by HogwartsAngel1224
Chapter 5 : Memories
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I know...I know... Update sooner... Right? I'm so sorry, my darlings. I have been job hunting, and taking care of my Godsons, and there is a chance i might be pregnant with our first as well...Life has decided to get in my way. Forgive me, my precious readers. I also have been rewriting my chapters...So here it is...oh, by the way, HERE THERE BE LEMONS!!!!! If you are under 17, please skip to the line in the page...


When Airi returned she found Draco sitting on the floor staring intently at their opened box waiting for her.




“Hey, Captain, a penny for your thoughts?”




“I’m thinking that I love you very much, and I can’t believe that I am finally going to get the chance to share everything with you. I’ve spent 8 years knowing there was someone missing, protecting, someone I could confide in. Another half of myself that I could share my secrets, dreams, fears, wants and needs with. So I just kept going, and I told myself every time I found something beautiful, unique or some thing happened that made me happy that I would keep something to remind me so that I could tell you about it when I found you, again.”




“I don’t understand. I thought you all forgot about me.”




“No, Merlin, no. See, the spell Dumbledore cast suppressed YOUR memories, but it just blocked part of ours. It kept us from locating or knowing you for who you are, and it also kept us from remembering your face, smell, and things like that. We knew you existed, but we had no way of finding you. So I was able to hold on to the way I felt when I was with you, but I could not see your face or remember your voice. All I knew for certain was that your name was Airibella, who your parents were, that there was a possibility that you would be my mate, that you were my best friend, our likes and dislikes and that you were alive and safe.”




“Oh, it was like that for everyone, then?”




“Yeah, I think so.”




“So, everything in there is stuff from before I left, and stuff you wanted to show me or give to me?”




“Yes, I wanted to share my life with you, and I wanted you to have the things I dreamed of for you. I didn’t want you to not have a full past with me like Emily, Daemon and Blaise, and the best thing I could do was to collect things that I could fit in here. I wanted to tell you about my past and have you tell me about yours.”




“Well, I think we should eat and then you can show me what you’ve collected for me to see,” Airi said as she set the tray of food on the table and then sank into Draco’s arms as he reached to pull her into his lap.




“Alright, have I told you recently that you are my world, and that I love the way you feel in my arms,” Draco asked as he pushed the box to the side as RiRi reached for the tray and pulled it closer to them.




“I don’t know, but I like hearing it, and I love the fact that I can just sink into your arms like it’s the most natural thing in the world, like I’m coming home every time,” RiRi whispered into her Dragon’s ear.




“You are, Lady Malfoy, you belong right here, with me. This is home, Airi, as long as we have this, right here, (he wrapped his arms around her and tucked her head back into his shoulder) then we will always be home, no matter where we are or what happens”, Draco whispered in her ear as she snuggled in just a bit, and then leaned forward to pour them each a cup of earl grey tea with a hint of lemon in each.




Draco and Airibella ate in peaceful silence, with Airi quietly sitting in her Dragon’s lap eating her yogurt parfait while Draco dipped his various choices of fruits in his yogurt, foregoing the nuts because he wasn’t in the mood.




“This was a great idea, and it was delicious,” Draco said quietly.




Airibella was more than happy to agree, but her mouth was full with the last bite of her parfait. She took those few moments to roll some things around in her head- things she wanted to ask her family about when they saw them later.




“Yep, you’re right. I’m a genius. You wanna show me our box now,” Ri asked, pressing her cheek up against his.




“Yes,” Draco said as he waved his wand clearing the tray and food from the table before reaching for their box.




“Come On, lovely, let’s move to the couch. We can curl up there and be more comfortable.”








Draco lifted RiRi off his lap and climbed onto the couch, kicking his boots off as he went. Ri stood and was about to follow suit when Draco grabbed her hands and said,




“Oh, no, Princess, if those are coming off, I’ll be the one to do it.”




“Be my Guest, Captain, far be it for me to get in your way.”




Draco pulled her between his legs and ran his hands from her waist down over her perfectly formed backside, and then let each hand move their way down one leg at a time. Draco watched his Lady’s face, taking in her reactions as he touched her- he ran his hands down to the top of her boots (about 2 inches above her knee) until he reached the zipper of her boots and began to slowly run one hand over her leg as the other unzipped her boot. As the zipper reached its end, Draco moved his free hand to her waist, bracing her as she lifted her foot so he could pull it off.




“I thought we were going to look in the box.”




“Yeah, so did I, but I can’t let you go. I need to love you, Ri.”




“Do we have time?”




“Yes…No…I don’t know…we’ll make time…I want you.”




“I want you, too. I feel like I’m on fire, Dragon. I feel like I’m going to fall apart or get lost in this darkness.”




“Good, I want you to explode. I want you to burn like a phoenix, my mate. I want you to fall into this ecstasy. I want you to get so lost in our passion, that you loose your mind. I want to burn with you, my love. I want you to take us through this, Granger, burn us.”




By the time Draco had finished talking, he had managed to slowly and excruciatingly pull off her other boot. Airibella was shaking with need, and Draco wanted her so badly he didn’t think he could get inside her fast enough. Clothes flew as they undressed themselves; suddenly deciding that taking their time wasn’t worth it.




“Mine,” Draco growled.




“Mine,” RiRi growled.












“Do you think it’s safe for us to leave the house and go meet up with our family? I mean, Wow. I just… um…”




“Yeah, I think so. I mean, you and I are the two top ranked students at Hogwarts. We can exhibit some self control, and besides, I think as long as we stay within touching distance of each other we should be fine,” Draco said laying on the floor next to his mate.




Draco and Ri were lying on the floor near the couch recovering from their impromptu lovemaking enjoying the feel of their bodies touching each other. Draco sat up and scooted back against the couch and pulled Airi up to nestle between his legs.




“So, can I see the treasures you’ve collected for me now?”




“Sure, (Draco uses Wandless Magic to slowly summon the box to land in Airi’s lap) I enchanted it to hold as much as I want so there’s all kinds of stuff in there.”




Draco let his hands find a neutral position wrapped lightly around her stomach, and draped his chin over her shoulder pressing his cheek against hers.




“You go ahead and look through the box, and I’ll you something about each piece.”




“I remember all of these- the four-leaf clover we had my mum preserve for us the day I quit riding my broom by myself, remember?”




“Yep, you fell off because you got caught in a side wind from Emi’s broom, and you lost your balance. You fell off and scrapped your legs up. I remember healing them and telling you to get back on your broom. (He chuckled.) As I recall, the look you gave me was almost exactly the same as the one I’ve seen you give Potter and Weasley on a regular basis,” he said laughing.




“Huh, I guess I’m still me then a little.”




“What do you mean, Airibella,” Drake asked, catching the tone she was using and instantly becoming concerned.




“Nothing, just a side thought is all Drake. (He cocked an eyebrow, but decided to let it go for now) These are the letters we wrote to each other when we were 9, and our mum’s took Emily and I to that women’s Veela gathering. Merlin we were only gone like what 4 days, and we must have written like 20 letters total to each other, remember that? We sat through the entire women’s Veela gathering bored and miserable.”




“Sweetheart, do you know what I remember from that? I remember the Dads spending 4 days drinking, smoking and trying really hard to keep their cool. I also remember the three of us sitting at the window for four days straight waiting for those owls to come back.”




“Ha, you know I remember when we got home the parents disappeared, and the five of us went and stayed in that playhouse at Blaise and Emily’s manor. You three wouldn’t let us out of your sight for days.”




“Well, you girls were ours to keep. I asked the other two about it once during summer before 4th year, and they said that they had always felt the same way. Emily belonged to us- ours to protect and love. I asked about you- our missing 5th, and they agreed with me when I said you were ours, although I was thinking mine, no matter where you were or whom you were with. Honestly, now that we are all together again nothing will stand in our way. You know I Love You, right?”




“I Love You, Drake. Hey, look, it’s the ticket stubs from the World Cups we went to every year from the time we were 5. Merlin, we used to get so excited we’d jump up and down for days before.”




“Yep, they are. Can I ask you something,” Draco asked.




“Of Course.”




“Have you always liked Quidditch? Hermione Granger didn’t seem to care for it too much? Although, you seemed to at the World Cup.”




“Um, well, the truth is that I had always liked the sport, but when I started at Hogwarts, I was alone- no friends, no one to talk to. I didn’t become friends with Harry and Ron till Halloween, you know. Flying lessons were a bust, although now I wonder why, considering I didn’t have a problem with it before, at least not by myself. I honestly felt like I didn’t belong anywhere I was allowed to be. When we were sorted, the hat spoke to me. I knew I was different. My memories had always shown me as a happy child with friends, parents who adored me, and lots of family. Most everyone figured without being told that that was the way it was, but it wasn’t. The Grangers were good people, but they tended to ignore me- treat me like I didn’t quite belong, or even like they were afraid of me from time to time. I always just chalked it up to my accidental magic from when I was a kid or something, you know. Then I got to Hogwarts, and I felt like I had to prove myself, so I just threw myself into studying, busting my ass so that I could prove I belonged.”




“I remember you used to walk around clutching a book to your chest a lot, and you always looked a bit lost or confused. What did the Sorting Hat say to you?”




“It told me that he sensed greatness in me. He said that I was capable of amazing things- that I would find happiness and contentment with the Serpent, but that he could not place me there, that I was to willful to be a badger, too cunning to be a Rave, but not able to be with my true kind. He said that I would have to be a Lioness, but one day I will be a Chimera. I would be a Lion and a Serpent. I never was able to understand what that Hat meant until now, funny isn’t it.”




Draco held her tightly against his broad chest, and said breathing deeply,




“I’m sorry, my love, that you were Lost. I wish I could have been there to keep you from being alone. Instead, I caused you 6 years of pain- I tortured you, harassed you; I watched as my Aunt hurt you. Merlin, how can you forgive me for those things?”




“Because I really don’t think that it was you, but…well, I was going to wait till later to say something, but I guess I can say something now. I want to ask you some questions, and you promise to tell me the truth?”








“All right. How long did it take you to get back to normal after I was taken away?”




“We all were really messed up. Our parents were concerned about us, and there was talk about us taking first year and doing home study because we were still so messed up.”




“Did you really want to Harry’s friend?”




“Yeah, I wanted to be his friend. We all did, but my delivery sucked, and I was expected to treat Weasley like crap- I had to help maintain the idea that our Dad’s hate each other. They actually have a drink together once a week.”




“If you wanted to be friends, then why did you make everything so hard?”




“Our first night at Hogwarts, after we were sorted and sent to bed, the whole House was gathered into the Slytherin Common Room. They told us all that we were under no uncertain terms allowed to associate with any other House. Period. Gryffindors especially. They said that it was our goal to make things as bad for Potter as possible, and then they sent us to bed. I had heard others talking about how they treated the others, and so late that night, we all 5 gathered in the common room again and went to see your Father. He told us he had no idea that was going on- that we were being told from moment one to be as cruel as possible. He told us that for the time being we would have to do what it took to fit in because Pansy and Frederick Parkinson were watching, especially with our names being what they were. Unfortunately, the time being turned into 6+ years.”




“Why does everything always seem to come back to THEM?!”




“Do you know what? I wish I knew! Honestly though, I think it’s time we found out.”




“I agree, Dragon. (Airi took a deep breath.) About that day, with Bellatrix, (Draco tightens his grip) why…um…well…why didn’t you…”




Draco sighed heavily,




“Baby, I want you to understand something. I would have don anything to keep you from being hurt like that, whether I knew it was you or not- I had a crush on Granger from the word go, and I thought Potter and Weasley weren’t so bad either, although now I’d love to kick their ass’ for what they did to you. I went down to try to figure out a way to get you three out. I stepped into a side room so I could cast a concealment charm on myself, but my crazy bitch of an Aunt found me before I could do it. She dragged me out of the room, telling me all the while that I would just LOVE to see what she was going to do to you three. It took everything in me not to rip her to pieces, but if I would have we would all have been in trouble- the Dark Lord was on his way so it was a full house, so to speak. I did what I could; I just couldn’t stop her. I was too afraid that if I stepped in either her or the Dark Lord would have made me kill you. So I did the only thing I could to help you.”




Airibella looked at him like he had lost his mind.




“Believe it or not, I did.”




“Huh? How? You just stood there glaring at me!”




“Uh, no. I was doing Wandless magic. You see, Psychotic Psychizofrenic Aunt is known amongst Death Eaters for her ability to use torture curses. When she gets going about half of them are silent, and the others are said aloud. Dad said that was what happened to the Longbottoms. Bellatrix was able to use a Cruciatus curse as well as a striking curse simultaneously. It means that she can cast a Cruciatus Curse for either extended periods of time or in short bursts and cast a striking curse that essentially beats you up from the inside. The mind can’t take that much pain at once, so it shuts down. I was able to cast a protection spell of sorts and absorb the pain of the striking spells, but not the Cruciatus Curse.”




“So you were taking the striking spells for me. That’s what the dirty looks were- pain?”




“Yeah. If I could have done more, I would have.”




“Oh, My poor Dragon. I’m sorry I doubted you,” Ri whispered, turning to place a sweet kiss on his cheek and nuzzle his neck- knowing he liked when she did that and also silently asking him to forgive her for snapping at him.




“You’re not mad at me for asking a question like that?”




“Of Course not, I expected it actually,” Draco said nuzzling Ri’s neck and shoulders- letting her know without words that all was just fine.




“Do you love me because of who I used to be or because of who I really am? How can you even be sure that it’s not just the bond?”




“You don’t have the ‘insider’ knowledge the rest of us do, so let me explain it thus. Veelas are bound by more than physical attraction. Our bodies put off various pheromones, and the only way a bond or even an attraction can be there is if the Pheromones match. Otherwise, they will fight, for example, remember how you reacted when I mentioned Pansy? (Airibella growled.) See, there you go. Your body immediately dislikes her-its gut reaction, but Emily, or Blaise? They are partial matches to your body’s pheromones. Therefore, you treat them like family-like your brother. Partial Bonds between mates are possible, but the pheromones match just a bit more- those mates are usually made by way of families arranging marriges. The marks are very different as well. Theo Nott and Pansy Parkinson- a few weeks ago we were in Greece to celebrate their marriage, and we decided to go swimming so I got a look at both of their marks because of the swim suits. Their’s are very different from ours (Begins to run his fingers over her mark) because we are perfect for each other. We are meant to be, and no one else will ever be able to tear us apart.”




“I know. I can feel it. Hey can I ask you something?”




“Of Coarse.”




“What is your favorite thing to do on a Lazy Sunday?”




“What’s the weather like?”




Airibella smirked and said, “Rainy.”




“Well, if I’m by myself, I sleep in, find a secluded spot to read or draw in and drink hot chocolate or scotch if I’m in the mood, but since I have you know I’m thinking I should add making love for most of the morning, watching movies and cuddling all day.




“Wow. You really mean that,” Riri turned to look him in the eye. Draco cocked an eyebrow and smirked at him as if to say, ‘you know I’m not lying.’




“We are going to fine, aren’t we,” she looked at him smiling.




“Abso-bloody-lutly, Lady Malfoy,” Draco said, “No one for me but you, beautiful.”




“And you, me,” Airibella said sweetly.




Draco pressed his nose into her hair and said, “Feel better?” (Airibella nodded her head once.) I answered well enough? (She nodded again.) Good, and oh, by the way, I still get excited about the Tournament, and I KNOW you are too. Hey, betcha, don’t remember these?”




“Oh, wow, Dragon! These are the rings we won at that carnival the summer we turned 10. I think that was just a few weeks before we were separated, wasn’t it? Merlin, look how tiny our fingers were?”




“I can’t believe how long ago it was, or that those serpents are even still moving a bit,” Draco said.




“What’s this,” Airibella asked as she pulled out a small bundle containing a jewelry gift box and a few pictures.




“These are some pictures that were taken right before the four of us left for school, and I bought the jewelry for you because we were headed for school. I knew I couldn’t give it to you, but I still wanted you to be able to have it. Dae helped me design the set, although, it’s not what I would want you to wear now. It’s too…well…average, I guess the word would be, and you’re a Gryffindor, too.”




“You don’t know?”




“Know what,” Draco asked.




“Harry, Ron and I officially dropped out when we left. We have to be ReSorted in order to return.”




“So you could end up in Slytherin?”




“Possibly. Hopefully,” she said, “Do I still get to see my jewelry?” She kissed him soundly.




“Be my guest,” he said.




Airi opened the box to find a silver serpent necklace and earrings shaped like serpents.




“I love it, Dragon. The set is perfect, and it’s not even close to average, look. I’ll show you. (She put her jewelry on and posed for him, batting her eyes wildly at him.) See?”




“You’re right. It’s prefect for you, and I think you should wear it all the time; especially when we go back to school,” Draco said chuckling and breathing in his mate’s scent.




“Okay, then. I will,” Hermione replied- pecking him on the lips quickly and then turning back to their treasure box.




 “Hey, what’s this,” Airibella asked as she pulled out an emerald green hair ribbon.




“Um… ok, well, you know how you and I practically memorized Hogwarts, A History by the time we were 10,” Draco asked.




“Yeah, we used to sit and read together all the time. I remember the ribbon, too. I think I wore it at your birthday party. You said it was perfect on me. The five of us spent the night in your room and I lost it. How did you find it,” Airibella asked.




“Your brother gave me a fake copy of Hogwarts, A History, remember? You could turn to the page about the Room of Requirement, and it would open up a hiding place. You put it in there because you didn’t want to lose it, and I guess we forgot about it. I pushed it under my bed and there it stayed till we were messing around at my house right before we started 2nd year. I found it, and I put it in here so I could have it with me. I would tie it to my wrist, tuck it in my pocket, around my hand or under my glove every time I practiced or had a game. I remembered that you wore it whenever we went to a game or played at home, so I liked to keep it with me. I carried it around with me, daily, all through 5th and 6th years.”




“Oh, Dragon, I’m glad you were able to have it with you. Why do you have a picture of me coming down the stairs before the Yule Ball?”




“Believe it or not, you were the talk of the night. On the arm of the great Viktor Krum, your dress was spectacular, and I kept the picture because I couldn’t get it out of my head and because I wanted to remember to ask you what you wore, funnily enough.”




Airibella continued to dig, and Draco continued to tell her whatever she wanted to know. He told her about the seashells he had picked up off the beach at Lake Como the previous May, the pearls he had bought for her for her 16th birthday, the pearl tiara for her 17th, the singing clover from the World Cup right before 4th year started, and the dried roses from every dance he had been to since she had been gone.




Draco sighed as he pulled a red feather out of the box and said,




“I found this 2 months ago. I was at Emi and Blaise’s house waiting for them in the Aviary, and I had a daydream about you- I remembered your voice for the first time. I cried because I honestly, until that moment, didn’t realize that I had forgotten it. When we were little, your voice was the most important sound in the world to me- it still is, and I …”




“What did you remember?”




“Our Good Bye. After you left, we cried till we were sick. I cried everyday for you, and I tore me apart because I couldn’t remember your voice my parents took me home, and I was so sick, they weren’t sure I would be healthy enough to go to school. I cried everyday for you, and it tore me apart because I couldn’t remember your voice, your face or your eyes. The others cried, too, especially your brother. We have all been so lost, especially me, for so long, and that afternoon, when I remembered your voice, I felt like I was finally able to get my head back on straight. I was beginning to remember my best friend”




“I wish I had been able to make it better I had the same problem. I remember I woke up in the Granger’s House, and I was so sick I couldn’t move, Dragon. I didn’t remember why I was so sick, and I knew that the Granger’s weren’t the one’s I wanted. I missed someone, but I didn’t know who it was. I had memories of being their daughter, but I knew deep down, that I didn’t belong there. The Granger’s didn’t miss treat me, but they never really acted like my parents, you know. They always made me feel like I was a stranger somehow. I feel horrible about what happened to them though.”




“So do I, but you know what? We never have to be without each other again. I have something for you.”




Draco pulled out a silver box that was really a glorified necklace box and opened it, revealing a series of rings for both of them.




“My parents gave me the family signet rings a few months ago when I turned 17, but I also had these custom made. (Points to a set of cufflinks, a women’s ring with an emerald and diamond rose on top, and a set of matching wedding bands) It’s tradition for a Veela male to prepare for his mate. It’s why I bought the houses in Italy and Spain. I didn’t know you were my mate till this morning, but I can’t think of anyone else who could be my match.”




Draco said this as he slid first her Malfoy family signet ring onto her right middle finger, and then her diamond and emerald engagement ring on her left ring finger. It was very unique as the diamonds were actually set to look like she had a small rose sitting atop her finger attached to a delicate platinum band. Airi loved it, and couldn’t help the kiss she joyfully pressed to Draco’s cheek. Draco slipped his own signet ring on his finger, and then removed the cufflinks from the box before placing everything back into the box.




“It’s 11 o’clock, and we have to get cleaned up and ready to go, unfortunately.”




“You know, I seem to remember that it was your fault that we ended up naked on the floor to begin with.”




“It’s that gorgeous bum of yours. I can’t stay away from it- I see it and I have to touch it.”




“You are such a guy.”




“Merlin, I hope so.”












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