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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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Sweet CI by iPINK

Chapter 4-The Groomsmen

A/N: This chapter and chapter 5 are sort of fillers. They were written so you can be reacquainted with the characters of To Be A Malfoy. However little their parts may have been.

Once again, I was forced to go down to the stupid Muggle school because Al had to go to work early. I really do hate the Ministry. I don’t like going down there only to be criticized by the middle-aged snobby Muggles. Just because I’m the twenty one yearold mum of a Gothic looking six yearold. “Mummy, why do the older Muggles look at you and me funny?” Tamsin asked, as she clutched my jumper with her tiny black nailed hand.

“Because they think I’m too young to be a Mum, Peanut. That and your eccentric appearance,” I said, smiling at her.

“What’s a good age to be a mum?” she asked, looking up at me with her black-lined eyes.

“When you’re ready Peanut. Or as your Daddy says, when you’re old like Grandmum,” I said, making her laugh. I knew she didn’t really understand but, it was nice to hear her laugh so freely. I got the feeling that she wasn’t going to be laughing so much when she fully transitions into her Goth self. Oi…

“There’s Aludra! Later mum!” she said, letting go of my jumper and running off towards the darkest most tragic looking six yearold. Aludra’s hair was still that vividly bright turquoise. She really was beautiful.

“I’ll pick you up later Peanut! Don’t be late!” I said, I watched the disapproving looks the Muggles were giving my baby and Night’s baby. And once again, I wondered which of those Muggles unlucky kids would become a part of our world.

“Hey Alli, fancy meeting you here again,” Callum said, making me turn to face him. Today he was sporting a light blue v-neck tee and tan cargo pants. I spend one night with the bloke and now I’m seeing him every day.

“We were bound to run into each other again Callum. Aren’t you supposed to be in classes?” I asked, as his little brother ran off to the class as well.

“Oh well, I was caught drinking on campus so, I was expelled from it. I’m living in a flat with a few roommates in the same building as yours,” he said, smiling at me.

“Ah, sorry about that,” I said, looking up at him.

“No problem Alli. So I guess we’re neighbors now,” Callum said, pulling me into a one armed hug.

“Yeah but, I don’t know for how long. We’re not going to have a long engagement and when I marry Al, I’ll be moving into a house with him and our daughter,” I said, as we walked together, past the glares.

“I see, well how long is the engagement?” he asked, as we got to the gates.

“I don’t know, maybe in the spring. Or in October. I’ve always loved Autumn,” I say, as we stop in front of a midnight black ‘78 Trans Am Firebird.

“Need a ride?” he asked, as he unlocked the door.

“Sure, thanks Cal,” I said, not wanting to look suspicious. I really don’t like traveling the Muggle way. It’s too dangerous. But, what can you do?

“So, what’re your plans for the day, Lass?” he asked, as we drove together in slight awkwardness.

“Well, Al and I are going to go let the guys know what’s up. Basically, we’re getting our groomsmen together and then I’m picking Tamsin up from school,” I said, as he stopped in front of the building.

“Sounds like you’re not too excited about seeing the Groomsmen,” Callum said, as we walked into the building.

“No not really. One of the Groomsmen is a real conniving prat,” I said, as we rode the elevator together. Merlin, the Muggle way is so long and boring. I could have just Apparated here but no. Right now, I could be in the shower or even having a cup of tea. “I’m on the third floor,” I say, as he reaches to press the numbers on this strange thing. I never liked elevators. So slow.

“Same here! Well who woulda thunk it,” he said, smiling big. Oh boy. This is bad. I have a Muggle that I am acquainted with, living on the same floor. Next he’ll be telling me we live right across the hall from one another. “This is my place,” he said, stopping just down the hall from my flat. See? I’m not making this up.

Well, mine is just down the hall. See you around Cal, thanks for the ride,” I said, hugging him quickly before rushing down the hall. I just wanted to get away from him. As I entered my flat, I walked in not bothering to notice someone was already sitting on my food and Merlin knows what else stained couch. I have to remember to put my wand somewhere else so Tamsin won’t go looking for it in the middle of the night. Eversince she’s made friend with Aludra she’s been desperately trying to change her hair color.

“Hello Allisha,” said a voice. An all too familiar and very annoying, irritating, frustrating, and pimple inducing voice. I turned to look at the owner of said smooth voice and sighed. Erien Flint had not changed one bit since we’d said our goodbyes. His silky hair was slightly longer just brushing across the plain of his alabaster forehead. His sapphire-like eyes still cold and seductive. His straight and narrow nose, perfectly accompanied by full lips and perfect high cheek bones.

He was sporting a dark emerald cashmere button down and dark onyx slacks. This shirt captured the essence of his perfectly fit torso and the slacks hugged his tight and very muscular bottom. Merlin! He was such an Adonis. I need to stop. I’m an engaged mother and here I am once again drooling over the annoying bestfriend of my fiancé. “What are you doing here?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Just waiting for Al. He said he was going to get Blaine and the other blokes and to wait here. Besides, I wanted to congratulate you on not mucking up your relationship with Al again and actually saying yes,” he said, in that same smug tone. That tone that I will remember even on my death bed. Merlin, I hate him.

“Oh well then go ahead and wait right there. I’m going to make myself some tea,” I said, rudely. He just smirked his trademark Flint smirk and watched me as I skulked around making my tea. “What? What are you looking at?” I asked, turning to him with my freshly made cup of tea.

“It’s just unbelievable how much you want me Allisha,” he said, making me gape at him. I watched as he stood up and walked up to me. I put down the cup of tea and my hands found themselves on my hips.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only have eyes for Al,” I said, as I looked up into those cool sapphire eyes.

“What about that Scottish Muggle that spent the night in your bed, the night you almost ruined your relationship with Al again?” he said, his lips curving up into that twisted smile of his. The one that proves it. That proves he is definitely a Son of Salazar (in Slytherin House).

“Al told you?” I snapped, punching him in the throat. He gasped as he fell on the floor and I jumped on top of him. I started punching his chest because I didn’t want to ruin his pretty face, no matter how much I hated him. “You are such a dirty tosser!” I cried, as I continued to punch him.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and tossed me without a strain, onto the couch. “What the bloody Hell is your problem?” he croaked, as he rubbed his already bruising throat.

“You’re my problem! You and your Legilimens!” I screamed, as the doorbell rang. I stomped off to get the door and pulled it open. When I looked up, I was staring into the face of one of my very best bloke friends. “Come in Blaine,” I said, turning towards the other arsehole next to him. “You too Kiley,” I muttered, as they both walked in, looking slightly concerned.

“What’s going on? Why were you screaming?” Kiley asked, hugging me tightly.

“Nothing, just had a little problem, all taken care of,” I said, as I turned to hug Blaine.

“Al said, he’ll be here with James and Scorp in a few,” Blaine said, picking me up in a big bear hug. “So, why is Eri rubbing his throat like he’s in pain?” Blaine whispered, so the others wouldn’t hear.

“I punched him in the throat,” I whispered, making him chuckle. After he let me go, the door opened one more time and Eden, Nathan, and James’s five yearold daughter Jane ran in before Scorpius, Al, and James walked in. James was carrying his four yearold daughter Celia.

I ran into Al’s arms and he kissed me deeply before we had the kids play in Tamsin’s room. The Groomsmen were all sitting on the couch, Erien still rubbing his throat a little. “Well as you all now know, Alli has accepted my proposal and I want all of you to be Groomsmen. Except for James, who will be my Bestman. The wedding, we’ve decided will be held in October. That gives us two months of planning. I want this to be the perfect wedding. WE want this to be perfect. So, can I count on all of you to uphold your Groomsmen duties?” Al said, all businesslike.

“No problem mate,” Erien said, clearing his throat a little.

“You can count on me, little bro,” James said, standing up. He smiled as he pulled Al into another hug.

“What are bestmates for?” Scorpius said, wrapping an arm around me.

“Well, this is all fun and dandy but some of us have to get back to work before our boss wrings our necks.” Kiley said, standing again. “I’ll see you later this week Alli,” Kiley said, kissing my cheek before leaving.

“Later Peach. See you Al,” Blaine said, grabbing Erien by the collar of his shirt and Apparating to wherever they were on weekdays.

“Well, I have to go. I promised Shannon we’d be back before her break in the game was over,” James said, hugging us both and then going off to get his daughters. After that, we heard a pop and they were gone. Only Scorpius, Nathan, and Eden remained.

“I have to go, I have to finish some paperwork on a case I’m working this week,” Scorpius said, kissing my forehead and then hugging Al. Scorpius was a Law Wizard working his first case in Dad’s new firm. He just passed his Law Wizard exams last year.

“By Scorp, remember to check back with me tomorrow,” Al said, and he nodded as he went to fetch the kids. Rose did need a break now and then being just about nine months pregnant. Scorpius was working from home until she gave birth sometime soon. “Well, that was fun. Say Alli, do you mind explaining why Erien has a fist sized bruise on his neck with the imprint of an engagement ring?” Al asked, smirking at me.

“I don’t know. Perhaps an angry Engaged woman finally gave him what he deserved,” I said, innocently.

“He does sometimes deserve a good punch. But, let’s keep from putting him in St. Mungos at least until after we’re married,” Al said, chuckling.

“Oh alright,” I said, feigning despair. He kissed my lips and we fell on the couch, just happy to have the Groomsmen taken care of. Tomorrow: The Bridesmaids.

A/N: Okay, so I didn’t like the chapter so much but, I figured I had to end it here. Hopefully you liked the chappie and won’t feel too disappointed by it. Thanks again to those of you who continue to read and review. Much appreciated. As stated in the above author’s note, the next chapter will give you a little info on the Bridesmaids and what they have been up to since TBAM.

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