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Behind Enemy Lines by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 9 : Chambers
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Disclaimer; Disclaimer; The characters not including Victoria Drew and fragments of this plot are property of J.K Rowling’s wonderful work and I am not trying to say otherwise. Thank you for reading.


Staring up at the celling, Victoria fought the tears back with all of her strength. She wasn’t usually the kind of girl who cried about anything that went even a little wrong in her life, she’d learnt at a young age that not everything was always going to go her way and the only way to make something better was to forgive and forget. But Regulus was bought up differently, he was a Black through and through- and Black’s always got what they wanted, another thing she’d learnt early on.


She figured some time that she’d have to go out and talk to Regulus, whether that meant spilling her soul or lying and saying sorry. She wasn’t quite sure which one. Blinking a couple of times, she listened out for the quiet footsteps that were heading towards her.


“Vic?” Regulus’ voice whispered, it was laced with worry that she could tell was true. “Are you awake?”


“Yes” Victoria replied, swinging her legs over to the side of the bed and opening the door for Regulus.


“I’m sorry for leaving again” He said, his grey eyes looking crestfallen. Victoria nodded and took his hands in her own. “I would have left a note or something but Dolohov just turned up and I didn’t have a chance to”


“How did Dolohov know where you were?” Victoria asked, dropping Regulus hands in order to turn away from him and look out the window instead. The view was nowhere near as lovely as the view from the cottage, and to her surprise she actually found herself missing the cottage.


“I told him I’d be with you” She spun back around to face him.


“You told Dolohov where I live?” Regulus gulped and tried to explain but was cut off by Victoria’s outraged voice. “You told a Death Eater where I live? You might have well just killed me while I was asleep!”


“I’m a Death Eater Vic, and I know where you live. What difference does Dolohov make?” He replied, raising his voice slightly.


“But you’re my boyfriend Regulus, you wouldn’t sell my soul to that bloody Dark Lord of yours without a second thought” At Regulus pained look, she added. “Or maybe you would, just so you didn’t join the list of the disowned Black children like your brother!”


“Don’t you dare mention that filth” Regulus screamed.


“Well it’s too late for that now isn’t it Reg?” She replied, throwing her arms up in all directions. “I bet your mother would be happy if you killed me, that way you wouldn’t be stuck with me as your filthy, muggle-loving, freak of a wife”


“You’re probably right” Regulus replied, his voice dropping slightly. Victoria glared at him fiercely. “But unfortunately for my mother, I don’t care if your parents love muggles or how much of a freak you are. I care that you make me smile and laugh and make me feel like absolute shit when I make you sad or angry, like you are now. I love you Victoria” Victoria rolled her eyes.


“Always the romantic Reg” She whispered, stepping closer to him and wrapping her arms around his warm body.


“Only for you Vic” He replied, kissing the top of her forehead. “I missed you so much” Victoria smiled into her boyfriend’s chest.


“I missed you too, but you know what you can do so next time?” He replied by shaking his head slightly. “Don’t leave at all” Regulus smiled into her hair.


“I won’t ever leave you Vic, I’ll always come back to you”





The next morning Victoria rolled out of bed early and quickly got ready for work. Before leaving, she planted a soft kiss on Regulus’ bare shoulder. Without even a seconds thought she found herself falling back into her daily routine as if nothing had ever happened, although she missed Lily’s wonderful cooking in the mornings.


At the coffee shop she ordered her regular cappuccino from Julie who made a comment about missing her for the days she’d been gone and questioned her about it. Victoria paled at her questions and mumbled a reply about having the flu.


“I’m glad you’re better now Victoria, Enjoy your day!” Julie called after her; Victoria smiled back and continued down the street.


As she entered the Ministry of Magic a few minutes later, she smiled at the people she passed in the main foyer and headed towards the elevators. Along with five other people dressed in their wizard cloaks, she waited for the elevator that was going to take her up to her Department.


“Good morning Victoria” One of the wizards smiled, Victoria knew him as Arthur Weasley though she never knew what department he worked in but she guessed he didn’t have a clue where she worked either.


“Morning Arthur” She replied, stepping into the elevator and waving a small goodbye to Arthur. The other wizard in the elevator selected the floor he wanted, Level Nine- the same as Victoria before the elevator fell into silence. On the next level, both exited and went their separates directions.


As she walked down the familiar plain corridor she found herself smiling. Pushing open the black door, she clearly stated the verbal request which was needed and the correct door opened for her. The office was completely empty and so Victoria set down at her desk looking at the piles upon piles of paperwork she’d obviously missed. Despite her hatred for paperwork she smiled anyway and began to sort through the pile, sorting out the important things from the not so important things.


She figured that she’d take the paperwork home with her and so she pulled out her clipboard and entered the Thought Chamber. Victoria could remember the first time she entered the chamber quite clearly; it had been a bit overwhelming. It was a long, rectangular chamber that was lit by lamps that hung low and in the middle of the room was a long tank filled with green solution that brains, or as Victoria had grown to call them- encephalon, swam through.


She smiled at her memory and began taking notes on the brains, noting down that some were more aggressive than she’d ever seen, before a voice interrupted her thoughts.


“Hello there Victoria, I didn’t know you were coming back today” The voice of Michael Croaker came from around the corner. Croaker had been working the Department for over twenty years and had worked with Victoria’s father for most of his career. Like most of the Unspeakables, he kept quiet about his private life.  


“Hey Michael, Yes I am. Do you know whether Pandora will be in today?” Victoria asked, her eyes looking away from her parchment and the brains.


“I believe so; she’s scheduled to be in the Time Chamber all day today” Michael replied, joining Victoria in the Thought Chamber. “Anything interesting happening today?”


“I’ve noticed some of the encephalon have become more aggressive” Victoria replied and they both fell into silence as they watched the encephalon swim around in the green liquid.


“Hm…That is odd” Michael jotted down a few of his own notes. “Bode’s been trying to get into the Love Chamber, tried to talk the Minister into it and everything but you know how long that room’s been locked for” Victoria rolled his eyes.


“He’ll never get in, my father never did and he was quite close to the Minister” Victoria replied casually. “I can’t blame him for trying though, I’d do anything to get into that room and just study what happens” Michael nodded in agreement.


“They say no one’s ever gotten in there but I reckon they’re lying, someone has to have been in there sometime.”


“Who knows?” Victoria replied as the Chamber fell back into silence apart from the sound of the encephalon swimming around.


Authors Note; so pretty much a pointless chapter for you guys there but it sets up quite a bit of information for future chapters. I put the information about the Department of Mysteries in as someone- I can’t quite remember who asked to hear more about it, so I searched the internet for anything that would give you a bit more insight. I’d like to mention according to HP wiki, On the ninth floor there is only the Department of Mysteries and therefore the other wizard in the elevator would pretty much be walking nowhere, so yeah pretend there’s something other Department up there for me?


I’m sorry about the lack of updates for this month, I’m currently doing Script Frenzy (which I’m about 16 pages behind in) which is taking up quite a bit of my time and my muse. Hopefully though I’ll get some more stuff up for you guys super soon!

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