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The Golden Quartet by Kieruh
Chapter 3 : Hermione Granger.
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 DISCLAIMER- I do not own the Harry Potter series in any way. J.K. Rowling does. I only own the plot and a couple of characters.

A/N- Oh my gosh. I love you guys. Just three days ago I only had about 20 reads. Now I've got over 100. Only a few people have reviewed, but I appreciate every single review that I get. I've replied to them all too, and I plan to reply to every future review that I'm lucky enough to get.

For everyone who reviewed, thank you, SO MUCH. It means so much to me, with how bad of a writer I feel that I am. For everyone who has read but doesn't want to review, thank you for reading. I really hope you've liked the story so far, and I hope you all like this chapter. (Also, there's a AVPM reference in here. See if you can find it ;P )

Don't forget, a * indicates a flashback and the chapter is going to be in whoevers-name-is-the-title's point of view(in this case, Hermione.) On with the chapter!

    I don't know how much or how long I cried. But you know what? I have every fucking right. Excuse my language, I don't cuss unless I'm very, very upset. Like now. Who the hell does Ronald think he is, anyway? Cheating on me...with slutty Lavender. Yeah, she's much prettier than I am. But I thought Ronald didn't care about looks. Well, I was very obviously wrong.

    I still can't believe what I saw.

    *I sat upstairs in the dorm, talking to Ginny about random things. From love and relationships to boys to school work to annoying Slytherins. Aside from Kaili, of course. But mainly we talked about Ginny's feelings for Harry and my feelings for Ron. I don't know how long we talked about them for, but the more Ron's name was mentioned, the more I missed him. I just couldn't wait for Ron and Harry to come back from Hogsmeade. Ginny and I would have gone with them, but Ron had told us that they needed time alone. So, Ginny and I just sat up in the dorm and gossiped. I was missing Ron more every second, and so when I heard the portrait door, I hurried down the stairs. Ginny stayed up because she wanted to change her clothes before she saw Harry. 

    I got to the bottom step, and froze.  The huge smile I'd had slid off my face. Ron was making out with Lavender. Right there. In the middle of the Common Room. WHAT. THE. HELL. I couldn't process what I was seeing. Had I fallen asleep upstairs somehow? I really hoped so, but my hopes were demolished as I pinched myself, hard, and winced from the pain. I looked at Ron and Lavender again and the realization of what was going on hit me. I uttered a small gasp as my eyes filled with tears. Ronald hadn't heard me, but whoever had just come in the Common Room did.

    I looked at Kaili, the tears falling from my eyes. Kaili's eyes found mine and she snapped her jaw back up from the floor. We stared at each other for a moment, an unspoken message passing between us. So, when I saw her eyes light up with rage, I knew she would take care of Ron for me. I saw her pull out her wand and I turned and ran up the stairs. Halfway up, I heard a loud crash against the wall. When I reached the dorm door, I heard something that sounded like someone just got punched in the face and I heard Ron yelp. Good. I ran inside the dorm and shut the door. Ginny looked at me and saw my tear-stained face. "What's wrong??" 

    I stared at her for a few moments, then crumpled onto the floor, bawling, and told her what had just happened.*

    Now I sat on my bed, listening to Ginny yell at Ron. I couldn't tell what she was saying, just that she was screaming at him from the top of her lungs. Good. I hope he's scared out of his ever-loving mind.  

    How could he do this to me? I thought we were in love. I honestly thought we were going to get married and have kids. God....for the smartest witch of my age, I could really be a dumbass sometimes. I hadn't meant for us to go as far as we did that night. I hadn't even meant for any piece of clothing to fall off. I had just gone in to give him a goodnight kiss, but he had insisted on going to my room(because Harry was in there.), and then the next thing I knew we were making out on my bed and he was trying to take off my last piece of clothing. I told him no, but he refused to listen to me, so I had to kick him out.

    But so what? He was supposed to love me. Love is NOT based on sex. Well, now I know. And, by God, I'm going to get my revenge on his cheating ass. Just what to do....

    .....I've got it! I'm going to have a makeover. a full, complete makeover. I'll let Ginny do whatever she wants to my clothes, hair, and make-up. And I'm going to look HOT. Ronald will regret what he did so much when he sees me afterwards, and he'll want me back. But I'll say no. He'll realize what an idiot he is...and I'll get myself a hot boyfriend. Yes! It's perfect. 

    I smiled. I'm still sad, but I'm happy that I get to get my revenge. It's going to be amazing. I stood up and dried my tears. I didn't hear anymore yelling downstairs, so I assumed Ronald had left. I left the dorm and descended down the steps..only to freeze at the bottom one and back track out of sight. Ronald was still here, and Harry had just come in. "Tell me what?" I heard him say. I sat down and listened to the conversation.

    "Ronald here cheated on Hermione, Harry. With that STUPID slut, Lavender. Kaili and Hermione both walked in on them, and Hermione's bawling her eyes out upstairs. He CHEATED, Harry!" That was Ginny's voice. Ooh, and now Harry knows what Ron did. I hope he's on our side. 

    There was a short silence, and then I heard Harry's voice say, " could you?" I could hear the hate that came along with that statement. That means Harry's on my side! Just that will show Ron that he really screwed up this time.

    I wasn't prepared for Ronald's response. "Because, Harry. Hermione and I wouldn't of lasted, with her always making me feel stupid and looking ugly as ever. Why would I stay with her when I could have Lavender?" ....ugly? I knew I'm not exactly the prettiest thing ever, but isn't ugly a little harsh? My eyes filled with tears for the millionth time that night. I don't know who he is anymore!! There was a long silence, and then Harry spoke.

    "Get out, Ron. Take Lavender and go. Just get out. You're not welcome here anymore. I don't know who you are anymore." I'm glad Harry agrees with me. Ron's changed..I don't know why. "Didn't you hear me? GO!" I flinched at Harry's harsh tone. I heard a bit of shuffling around the room, and then the portrait door open. Just before it shut, I heard Ginny call to Ron, "I'm telling Mom." HAHA! Molly's grown to love me quite a bit and she's going to be rather mad that I won't be having her grandbabies.

    I stood, sighing, and walked downstairs, to three cries of "Hermione!" I smiled sadly at them. After the long mulitple askings if I'm okay, I informed them of my revenge plan. They all liked it, especially Ginny and Kaili. Ginny liked it because she was FINALLY getting to give me that makeover she's been dying to give. Kaili liked it because she got to help choose who my super hot boyfriend would be. Harry liked it because it would get back at Ron. After conversing about what to do, Ginny, Kaili, and I decided that next weekend we would go to Hogsmeade for a huge shopping trip that Harry insisted on paying for. What he doesn't know is one of these days I'm going to pay him back, whether he likes it or not. 

    After making our plans, we decided it was time to go to bed. It was as we stood up that I remembered something. "Harry, when did Ronald leave you at Hogsmeade?" 

    Harry looked confused. "What do you mean? I went by myself. Ron told me he didn't want to go because he had some 'important business to attend to.'" Ginny and I scowled. "Why?" Harry asked.

    "My dumbass of a brother told us he was going with you, and that you two had important guy stuff to do so we couldn't go. He knew we would just stay up in the dorm talking, but he didn't think that he'd be caught." Our group went completely silent, all silently cursing Ronald, when Kaili suddenly brightened up. "OHMYGOD. I know who your boyfriend is going to be!!!"

    I looked at her. She looked excited, but I could see the mischief in her eyes. "Who..?" I asked cautiously. She grinned.

    "Promise not to get mad and consider the possibility?" I nodded. "I mean, you have to think about how much that would make Ronald mad." I nodded again. "And you swear you'll consider it?" 

    "Who, Kaili?!" I asked exasperatedly. She smirked.

    "Draco Malfoy."

So? Whatcha think? What should I do for Hermione's makeover? Any ideas for the upcoming Dramione? Let me know! 

Random babbling time--I once again want to thank everyone who's read and reviewed so far. I've had a very, very horrible week and your reviews make me feel so much better. They really do. Thank you<3 I haven't been an author for very long at all and I already love all of you. Don't be afraid to critize it, I really do need it.

Thank you for reading! And, possibly, taking the time to review? I'll give you a cookie. :D


~~Kieruh <3


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The Golden Quartet: Hermione Granger.


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