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Raven Black and the Temple of the Night by Christine_Nighting
Chapter 2 : Regret
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I'm pulled out of my thoughts as the Fire-Eaters surround the mob of witches and wizards. They gape at Vanessa and I.

I close my eyes before opening them again. I know what’s coming next, and so does Vanessa. Her eyes are shining. I don’t want to see the bloodbath and the lifeless faces, but it seems to be my duty at the moment.

The groups stand and stare at each other challengingly. I wonder who will make the first shot, but at the same time a woman in a black cloak casts a spell and one of the mob members falls dead. I close my eyes.

The shouts and screams break out almost immediately. Shouts of killing curses from the Fire-Eaters, and screams from the frightened mingle. I want it to stop; please make it stop. I’ve been a Fire-Eater for so long, and it’s never bothered me before, but why am I so upset by it now? I fight the tears that threaten to streak down my face, and keep my expression calm and defiant.

In less than a few minutes, the entire mob lies dead at my feet. I wish I could bring them all back to life, I wish it didn’t have to be this way.

The Fire-Eaters begin to raid the houses and burn them. Vanessa suddenly dashes away, in pursuit of something. I am alone, just like I always am.

My breath catches in my throat as I stare at the glassed-over eyes. “I am sorry, I am so sorry.” I whisper it quiet enough to only be heard by me.

I stare up at the cloudy sky. I wish I could run away and leave the Fire-Eaters, but that can’t happen. Where would I go? Who would want me?

The Fire-Eaters were currently lead by my aunt, Auxilry Black, and notorious werewolf Fenrir Greyback. I was only the icon and could be killed and replaced in the blink of an eye. Even if I was the First Fire-Eater, Auxilry wouldn't hesitate to replace me with Vanessa should I betray them.

If I ran away, Auxilry would hunt me down, and kill everything I love. I have nothing out there, absolutely nothing, and what would leaving gain me? Death?

I wish I had a reason to fight, but I don’t. So here I stand, watching Death, leading Death, like the bloody coward that I am.

“I need a miracle right now,” I whisper to the clouds.

“You will get a miracle, Raven. I know you will.” I jump to the sound of Nydia’s voice. Nydia is the only human alive who knows my feelings. In fact, she’s in the Fire-Eaters out of loyalty to me.

If loyalty had a name, it would be Nydia, who has stayed with me since the day it all began. She trusts in me, she believes in me. What good has it done? We’re both in the Fire-Eaters and I’m not going to leave and take her with me. I will not be the death of Nydia.

“How do you know?” I ask her.

“We all have destinies, Raven, and yours is the brightest of all.” Nydia smiled. I know she’s only making it up; she’s not a Seer. But she knows I lack confidence in myself.

“Why are we here, Nydia? Why don’t we just leave?” My voice trembles. Shouting and screaming comes from behind us as the village goes up in flames.

“We can’t. What good would we do dead?” Nydia smiles at me, attempting to reassure me.

“What good do we do at all? Oh, that’s right, none.” Sarcasm fills my voice. Nydia flinches and I immediately regret it.

“At least you have a desire for good. Vanessa only sides with who is stronger.” I do not reply to this. It’s true; Vanessa did only side with the strongest, and therefore that is why she’s with the Fire-Eaters. Doubtless, Vanessa is a loyal friend and we love her, but her heart lies in the wrong places.

A voice interrupts us from behind. “General Black, Bendamore Village is clear. Return to the Temple?” A man in a black cloak asks.

I nod my approval, and the man Apparates. I watch the Fire-Eaters Apparate out, and Nydia takes my arm, Apparating us.

We appear in a large room, which happens to be the front of the temple. To the back of the spacious room is an arch leading to the courtyard. The room is filled with fourteen statues. Around the sides of the room are eleven statues, representing eleven of the original Fire-Eaters. Each statue looks just like them; however, that is not the main attraction. In the very center of the room are three statues. Two of the statues are standing side-by-side, and they are marvelous statues of the creators of the Fire-Eaters: Auxilry and Fenrir Greyback. In the very center, between them, is a statue of me, in perfect detail, even including the three scars down my cheek which were inflicted by the werewolf who attacked me.

I personally hate that statue. I am very self-conscious of my face. I think I’m ugly. I mean, wouldn’t you think that too if you had three dark scars running down your left cheek?

I stare at the statue for a moment before my thoughts are interrupted.

“General Black, we have a special prisoner who has been commissioned to be executed. Sergeant Vanessa Greyback has proposed that you be the one who performs it.” A man in a dark cloak is holding a clipboard and a piece of paper. His eyes are dark and cruel. Almost every person here calls Vanessa by her full name. There would be massive confusion between her and her uncle, Fenrir Greyback, if this was not done.

I feel myself get a bit angry at Vanessa’s request, and I have to tell myself that she doesn’t know how I feel.

“I accept.” I say through clenched teeth.

The man smiles wickedly. “Follow me, please, if you will.”

I make my resistant feet follow him around the statues and through the arch. We begin to head towards North Tower, a place where my sleeping quarters are located. Since I’m currently in charge, I get the leisure of executing prisoners in private incase I decide to torture them for information. Of course I wouldn’t, but they don’t know that. I have become very good at lying.

We reach the room in North Tower. The man leaves me promptly and I open the door. The room is very dusty, and there’s long-since dried blood splattered on the wall. I’ve been in here before, so it doesn’t bother me.

The man is chained to the wall, his arms raised above his head to the sides. His face is covered with a burlap sack and his shirt has cuts through it, as though he had been beaten with a whip.

I pulled the sack off his head. He looks at me.

“So what are you going to do, torture me?” His eyes are blue. I don’t really like guys with blue eyes, they remind me too much of someone I used to know.

“No,” I replied to the man. “I’m going to kill you as fast as I can and let you out of your misery.”

“Oh,” the man lowers his eyes. “That’s more humane than I expected.”

I breathe out, trying not to think about the situation, not paying attention to any details.

Avada Kadavra,” I say, and I watch the green light fill the room.


A/N: Sorry this chapter is more depressing! Please tell me what you think :D Sorry for the shortness, too! At the time, I was pressed to push it out, so I made it more short. I also wasn't sure where to end it. Don't worry, there shouldn't (hopefully) be a chapter this short.

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Raven Black and the Temple of the Night: Regret


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