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In the Eyes of a Serpent by 802betty
Chapter 1 : The Transforming of a Child
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A/N: Hey you guys! This is my first EVER fanfiction so PLEASE don’t judge me too hard! Also, this is a Dramione and it is written by alternating different point of views. This story takes place at the beginning of the book, The Deathly Hallows, but does not follow the story line. 

Alswo I just want to give a huge shout out to my new beta EverMalfoy at the forums (EverDiggory @HPFF) who betad this chappie! Also HUGE thank you to rojia @TDA for the amazing new banner! So without further ado, please enjoy In the Eyes of a Serpent!

*Sadly I am not the mystical and magical J.K. Rowling and I do not own anything but the plot. :)*

*Two months earlier*

Narcissa- Malfoy Manor

My husband and I both cringed as our master, Lord Voldemort, let loose a high pitched cackle, “Now, here’s my punishment for yet another failure by your son, Lucius! Since the boy was unable to kill the wretched Dumbledore, you must hand him over to me.” My eyes widened at this punishment of our Lord, and I began to feel tears prick my eyes. I quickly averted my face to the floor and squeezed them shut; not letting the Dark Lord see my weakness, my everlasting love for my son, Draco.

Voldemort smirked at my struggles to hold in my grief and continued, “Now, the boy’s memory will be wiped and he will have no remembrance of anything of his current life. My plans for him are this; the boy shall drink a potion of my very own, creating out of him a hunter. He will be gifted with super human strength and speed, qualities hand-picked by me. He shall still have the powers of the young wizard he is now, and shall hunt down and destroy the victims I order him to track down.” Voldemort stopped for a moment and glared down at me with cold, merciless eyes. He spoke his next words with bitter coldness, “Failure to give up your son to me will result in the death of the both of you, and your son.”

I felt Lucius slip his hand around mine and give me a comforting squeeze. My stubborn tears were now threatening to fall down. How could my Lord expect me to do such a thing? To give up my son, my pride and joy to someone as corrupt as him; it was terribly unthinkable.

I took in a deep breath and finally looked back up to the red slits that were staring down at me. After a moment, I gave a slight nod and I heard Lucius speak to Voldemort, “As you wish my Lord, he shall be here before July.”
I watched Voldemort let an evil smile slither upon his pale face as he said goodbye to his followers “Until July,” he cackled and apparated out of the Malfoy Manor.

As soon as he left, I felt grief and sadness overwhelm me, and I collapsed into my husband’s arms as the sobs that I had held in finally let loose. Lucius kissed the top of my hair and rubbed my back soothingly. But we each had given our agreement for a sole purpose; Lucius for my life, and mine for the life of my son.

One last thought crossed through my mind before I finally gave up my conscious self to my sobs; it was already May 31st.

*The Present, July 1st*

Draco-His Room
My eyes slowly fluttered open and I looked at the floor ahead of me, the sun dancing across the marble floor. I let out a deep sigh, wanting so badly to just go right back to sleep. I turned over slowly onto my back and let out a low groan as the sunlight shone into my face. After laying there for a moment relaxing, I finally swung my legs out of my green silk covers and over the side of my bed. As soon as my pale feet hit the cool marble, I winced at how freezing it was to the touch. I hung my head and tried to remember my dream; it had been important, but I couldn’t recall a thing about it. However, I could remember one thing about the dream; one thing that would never leave my mind again, the terrible sobbing of a woman. That memory was indelible in my mind; if only because the woman sounded so familiar. I gave another sigh as I realized I couldn’t place my finger on who it was, and I ran a hand through my shockingly white, soft hair.

At that moment, my house elf Scribble popped into my room with a crack! “Sir, your mother wishes to see you as soon as you are done dressing.” I gave a curt nod, and Scribble gave a low bow before leaving once more. I slowly stood up and walked across the cool marble to my closet. After pulling on a formal, but black, outfit; I trotted over to my mirror, knowing my mother hated to wait. I stared at myself in my reflection, and a pair of stormy, grey orbs stared back at me. I grabbed a pure silver comb and brushed through my pale locks. Once I had parted it to the side as usual, I began my descent down the stairs toward the living room.

Once I had reached the spacious white, marbled living room, I found my parents sitting upon the couch waiting for me. My father had his pale white hair down and his arm around my mother. His expression was unreadable, but his eyes showed pain. I heard a soft sniffle, and I looked over to where my mother was. I felt my heart break at the sight of her. Leaning into my father for comfort, she was sobbing silently and her eyes showed she too was in great pain and sadness.
My heart sunk as I realized they were both dressed in black; we were going to Voldemort. “Hello Father and Mother,” I began as I walked over to them. As soon as my mother heard my voice, her head shot up and she started walking towards me. Once we met halfway, she quickly pulled me into a tight hug that was full of love. After a while, my mother broke the hug and placed her hands on either side of my head, forcing me to look her in the eyes.

“Draco, I love you so, so much sweetheart. Don’t ever forget that,” she whispered, then placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I nodded and placed a kiss on her soft cheek.

“But Mother, why must we go see the Dark Lord today?” I asked. I watched as an intense streak of pain flashed in her eyes.

She hung her head and whispered, “I think your father should be the one to tell you that.” Giving me one last tight hug, she stepped back and my father came towards me.

He put an arm around my mother and began, “Draco, the Dark Lord has placed a terrible ordeal on this family; we are being forced to give you up to him.” My eyes grew wide and my mouth shot open in horror. My mother had begun to wail loudly and even my father began to tear up.

“He’s wiping your memory and turning you into a superhuman wizard hunter of some sort. Only he would do something this cruel. Only he would separate me from my son...” his voice cracked at this point and I watched as a single tear slid down his face. I rushed forward and wrapped my arms around the two of them, and they did the same.

We stood there for who knows how long, holding each other in our embrace, savoring the company of one another. Once we had pulled out of our embrace my father gave me one more clap on the shoulder, and my mother a kiss on the cheek. After that my family and I apparated out of the Manor and to the Dark Lord.

As soon as we reached the location where Voldemort was staying, I immediately recognized it to be my Aunt Bellatrix’s home. We entered into the dark and gloomy house through a pair of tall, thick, oak doors. A small elf led us through the dark halls that only bore small candles, giving the house an eerie feel to it. Once we had reached a large and spacious room with a fire place blazing with bright flames, the elf bowed and disappeared. There was an armchair seated in front of the fireplace, and the figure sitting on it rose and turned towards us. It was Voldemort. He stared at me and a cruel grin spread across his sharp face. His red eyes seemed to blaze with madness, yet he spoke with an unsettling calm,

“Draco Malfoy, how good it is to see you. I presume your parents have informed you of why you are here?”

I gave a nod, “Yes my Lord.”

He smiled once more then continued, “Yes my dear boy, you are going to be my greatest weapon yet. Now say goodbye to your parents and follow me.”

One look in his eyes though and I knew I wouldn’t really get to say my goodbyes to my parents. I turned towards them once more and gave each a nod. But since Voldemort couldn’t see my face, I also gave them a smile and mouthed, “Goodbye.” For fear that we would be punished, they both remained emotionless, but their eyes showed they felt the same way as I did. My heart breaking, I turned back towards the cruel man and followed him down another dark hallway. We had reached a set of stairs that led to a door to a basement, and I followed the pale figure in front of me down the stairs. But right before I had reached the last step, I heard a heart breaking cry come out from behind me. I recognized it immediately as the sobbing woman from my dreams; I felt tears begin to prick my eyes as I realized who the woman was finally. It was my mother.

The room in which the door led to was a very dark room; even darker than the rest of the house. One single light fixture lay hanging in the center of the room, bathing that portion of the room in light. Underneath the light fixture stood a lone table with a cauldron bubbling a glowing, blue liquid.

Voldemort led me over to it, then spun around to face me. “First things first,” he murmured. Then grinning with madness he pointed his wand at me and shouted, “Deleo Memoria!” As the spell hit me, I immediately felt a darkness closing in around me; I began to lose sense of where I was. It felt as though someone was sucking out all of my thoughts and memories from within me; leaving no trace that they existed.

Who is that man before me again? It’s- it’s, oh yes! That’s Voldemort. Right? Or is it? Wait who’s Voldemort? What is he doing right now? Whatever it is, he sure looks happy about it! That’s a good thing. Right? Where am I? More importantly, who am I again?

The room grew darker around me and I began to lose consciousness. The last thing I could remember was watching myself reach out a hand to brace my fall. I had collapsed, and while I was passed out, I could hear that woman sobbing again in my head.

“Argh!” I groaned as I came to. I was woken immediately as I had received a sharp kick to the ribs. I grunted once more as pain flashed in my ribs, intermixing with the other pain of my body. I blearily opened my eyes, my vision unfocused. I saw an extremely pale man before me with red slits for eyes.

He sneered at me, “Get up boy.” He had a very raspy and almost tired sounding voice, but one that made an overwhelming sense of fear come over me. Once I stood, the man whipped around so that his back was to me and grabbed a vial from off of the table. Inside of the vial was a blue liquid that, and I kid you not, seemed to be glowing!

The man with the slits for eyes popped off the cork lid and handed the vial to me. “Drink it now.” I swallowed and looked down at the potion. There was a shimmering mist that was spewing forth from the liquid, making me somewhat apprehensive.

“Uh, sir.” I began, “What is this potion exactly?”

The man glared down at me, but finally spoke. “It is a potion of my very own. Once someone drinks it, it will give them super human strength and speed. Traits that you will bear soon, my boy.” The man began to pace in front of me, “You shall become, shall we say, a bounty hunter of mine. Tracking down different witches and wizards and destroying them.” The man rounded on me and strode quickly towards me. “Now drink up.” I nodded once, and slowly lifted the vial to my lips.

As soon as the potion had hit my lips, I had the most sensational experience! I felt as though hot magma was flowing over my pores, but not burning me. I could feel my muscles inside of me tense up and vibrate. I felt the magma leave to be replaced by the feeling of snow running over my body, cooling me down and leaving me refreshed. My muscles relaxed and were finally still. I opened my eyes and drew a deep breath.

The man who still stood before me smiled wickedly, “The process is not yet complete! It’s time for the most crucial part!” He took a few steps back, pulled out a wooden stick from his robes, and while pointing the stick at me he screamed, “Crucio!”

I screamed out loud as I felt immense pain filling my entire body. I crumpled to the ground and grasped at my robes still screaming. The pain never leaves, but continues to torture me, making me scream louder.

The man yelled at me, “Fight it Draco! Fight it! Show me how good of a hunter you’ll be! Fight it!” I groped through my mind, trying to find some sense of control through the pain. Once I had found it, I felt my muscles tense up, and it seemed as though my entire being came alive. My body pushed against the horrible curse, trying to shove it away. Very slowly I felt the pain to begin to lessen, and my cries stopped. With one final surge of energy, I pushed the curse off of me, ridding myself of the pain. I collapsed once more to the ground, panting. I squeezed my eyes shut, scarred by the horrible pain.

I heard the man before me cackle with glee, “Good, Draco, good!” He laughed once more, “Yes, you’ll make a fine bounty hunter. You’re the first to ever rid yourself of the Cruciatus Curse manually! Now, I have just given you the most strength possible from that potion. That is why it was crucial to curse you with that unforgivable right then.” He stopped laughing and approached my lying form. “Now get up boy.” And he kicked me once more in the ribs. Surprisingly though, it didn’t hurt this time. I slowly stood up from the floor, the effects of the curse still upon me.

He grabbed my face then and shoved open my eyes to see them. He smiled, “Yes, it’s done.” He grabbed a mirror off of the table and handed it to me, “See for yourself.” I gasped and dropped the mirror to the ground, causing it to shatter once I looked at my reflection. For when I looked into the mirror, a pair of glowing blue eyes blinked back at me.

A/N: Tada! Alright, so this was a pretty dark chapter I’ll tell you that! Jee whiz, it was so sad too! I made up the spell Deleo Memoria, which is Latin for erase memroy. So that's what that was about. Please review and tell me what you think though! I need some criticism so don’t be afraid to comment about it! I really hope to hear from you guys!

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