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At Night by weasleylover23
Chapter 5 : It Hurts Me Too
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So I was having insane writers block and thinking ‘well, noone will care if I’m a few days late…’ then I got this review that really inspired me, so Daisiana, this chapter is dedicated (is that the right word? I think it is…) to you. Thanks so much for the review!



Disclaimer- still nothing



            Hermione woke up feeling refreshed. She automatically looked over to the seat she had dubbed ‘Freds chair’ and saw that he was missing. On the table next to her, she found the seltzer and the book Ron had left for her. On top of the book, she found a note. She picked took a sip of the seltzer and read:


            Dear Hermione,

  Madame Pomfrey kicked me out to go to class, which I suppose is fine anyway, seeing as I’m taking notes for you. Do you see what a sacrifice I made for you? I don’t even go to half my classes, and the ones that I do go to I sleep in! Now I actually have to pay attention and take NOTES for Merlin’s sake! Please don’t be mad if they’re rubbish though, I don’t remember ever taking notes in my life.

            Seeing as I plan to visit you at least once a day, I’ll be seeing you later. Please owl me if you want anything that Madame Pomfrey won’t give you, I’m almost positive if it’s not allowed, I already have it. Feel better sleepy head!



            When she finished reading, Hermione had a huge grin on her face. He knew she wouldn’t ask him for anything not allowed in school, she would probably confiscate it if he gave it to her.


            She looked down to see what was crossed out next to Fred’s name. She could make out an o and a v but couldn’t think of any words you sign a letter with except- no she scolded herself don’t think about it and get your hopes up. Fred could never love you. If he did write it, he probably meant it in a totally sister-brother way… but then why would he want to hide it from me? It just doesn’t make any-


            She didn’t get to finish that thought, because at that exact moment, Fred Weasley rushed into the room, looking like he’d just run a mile, carrying what looked like a pile of parchment thick as the dictionary with him. When he caught sight of her, he broke out into a huge grin.


            “I got here as fast as I could” he said, “Sprinted all the way from Divination. Here are your notes by the way.” He said, handing the pile of parchment to her.


            Hermione examined them carefully, her eyebrows rising higher and higher up her forehead as she read. When she was done, she had a shocked expression on her face. “Fred, these are amazing!” she said “You’re actually really smart”


            His grin got even bigger “Nah, it was nothin, I asked George to help too.”


            “Either way, these are truly-” Hermione grimaced


            “Whats wrong?” Fred asked, looking at Hermione worridly


            “Nothing, it’s just these bloody potions are making me extremely queasy” she tried to smile, but it quickly formed into a frown.


            “Well, we’ll just have to fix that, won’t we?” he said. He motioned to Madame Pomfrey across the room. She finished up with the person she was working with (Neville had gotten his foot stuck in the stairs to the dungeons again, and when they finally got it out the results were… well, not very nice) and hurried over to Hermione’s bed.


            “What’s wrong dear?” she asked, seeing Hermione pained expression and Fred’s worried one.


            “Hermione says her stomach hurts because of the potions, is there anything you could do to make her feel better?” he asked anxiously


            Madame Pomfrey frowned “I can’t give you something for pain, I don’t want anything to interfere with the work the other potions are doing. Sorry dear, there’s nothing I can do.” She stopped a moment, looking pensive “Funny though, I don’t distinctly remember giving you anything that would cause extreme stomach pain. Must be the ambidextrone, that can sometimes happen. It should pass in a little bit.” She walked back to Neville, who was crying into his hands.


            “Sorry ‘Mione” Fred said sadly “Just try to wait it out, yeah?”


            “Yeah, I’ll be fine” Hermione said. She sighed “So, anything good happen while I was gone?” she asked, attempting a smile.


             Fred laughed “Yeah, actually. Harry asked Ginny out! Well, actually he just kinda walked into the common room, stared at her for about a minute, and then grabbed her and snogged her senseless, but she got what he meant”


            Hermione laughed “Thank goodness, I was wondering when he was finally going to realize he liked her!”


            Fred looked shocked “You knew?” he asked incredulously


            She laughed again “I know a lot more things then I let on, Fred Weasley” she said slyly, then she gasped “Oh BUGGER that bloody hurts!”


            “I’m sorry that you feel that bad Hermione, can you think of anything that would help-” suddenly, he grinned “I just thought of something our mum used to do for us when we were kids! When our stomachs hurt, she would rub them for us, and it really worked. She said something about putting her love and energy into us or something” he blushed “So would you like me to, uh, rub your stomach?”


            She laughed “I would let Voldermort rub my stomach at this point, it hurts so bad”

            He laughed with her, then, tentatively, put his hand up her shirt and onto her stomach. Hermione shivered and tensed from the cold of his hands on her hot skin, then relaxed. After awhile Fred became lost in thought This is the happiest I’ve been in, well, ever Fred thought I’m holding the girl I love and I’m actually making her feel better. After a long period of silence, she yawned, fighting to keep her eyes open.


            “You’re right, that does help” she yawned again.


            “Hermione, if you’re tired, go to sleep”


            “But you only just got here-” she started complaining


            “I’ll stay, now go to bed” Fred said gently. She was out in 2 minutes.


            Fred fell asleep with his head next to her stomach. He woke around midnight, and deciding that she probably wouldn’t want him watching her while she was asleep, started walking away, only to realize that their hands were entwined. He started to pull away gently, but suddenly she tugged back.


            “Don’t leave me” she mumbled in her sleep



            “Never” he whispered back, settling back down in his chair.



            Hermione woke around 2 am, her stomach pain even worse than before. She turned to Fred, trying to shake him awake “Fred?” she whispered, but he was still fast asleep “Fred?” she said a little more loudly.


            Fred woke up with a jolt, hearing the slight hysteria in Hermione’s voice.  “What’s a matter love?” he asked


            Tears sprung in Hermione’s eye “It really hurts” she whispered, then started crying.


            Fred jumped from his seat and went to lay next to Hermione on the bed. He pulled her into his arms, her head burrowed into his chest, cradling her.


            “Shhh, its alright love, it’ll be all right. Go to bed, it’ll be better in the morning.” He kept whispering constantly into her ear until eventually, he felt her breathing even out, and knew she was asleep. He held her closer, and kissed the top of her head.



            “I hope you know” he said “that when you hurt, it hurts me too”


            “WHY DIDN’T IT WORK” someone yelled. A small boy fell on his knees in front of him, trembling. They seemed to be in the room of requirement, this time it had transformed into a room fully stocked with potions ingredients with a giant cauldron in the middle of the room.


            “I told you before it was even administered, sir, that if she loved another, it would not work, sir. It would only cause her immense pain.” The boy closed his eyes, as if waiting for an outburst “that seems to be the case here, sir”


            An aggravated scream was heard, then: “Who is this man she loves, then?”


            The boy looked away, frightened “Fred Weasley, sir”



            The man laughed “Good it wasn’t someone of worth, he wont come after her when we take her. Now, go make some more love potion. And this time MAKE… IT …WORK!”



            Who’s the man in the room?!?!?! What were they even talking about?!?!?!?!?! And why was she given love potion?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


            Oh wait, I know all these things… but you don’t! Guess your gonna have to wait and see ;p

p.s.- anyone who wants to have a go at guessing who the guy in the room of requirement and the boy with him is, please review, and everyone who gets it right, I'll dedicate the chapter when you find out who his is to you! 

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At Night: It Hurts Me Too


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