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Stealing Cinderella by demya_wings
Chapter 1 : Chapter one
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                I remember the day I learned to dance. I was in our living room with my family. My dad and my two brothers were with me. I was standing in the middle of the living room with my dad and our arms around each other. I was seven years old and I was daddy’s little girl. We would dance around the room with me on my dad’s old running shoes while laughing as my dad twirls around in circle.


                I smiled at the old memory of my father and me dancing. Ever since then I learned everything I could about every type of dancing I could get my greedy little hands on. My father bought me every dance book he could get his hands on just for me to learn from them. I learned every move and I could put it all together like it was nothing. My bother and I are twins well internal twins. I was born first though then it was my brother Luke. My other brother Jack was the oldest and already out of school. He works with dad as a Magical Law Enforcement Lawyer.


                Jack has black hair just like our father and chocolate brown eyes. He’s 6’7 ft tall and has a great built for his body. He keeps his black hair short and spiked up. Luke has light brown hair, hazel brown eyes and he’s 6’3 ft tall. I am 5’5 ft tall and I have hazel brown eyes with short blond hair that goes to my shoulders. Our father has black hair, blue eyes and he’s 6’8 ft tall.


                Our mother left us when we moved to London when Luke and I were just five years old. She didn’t want to leave her family in the USA. Mom never loved me anyways but she did love the boys more than me. That’s why I am daddy’s little Cinderella, his princess but he does love us all the same. I adore my brother and my father’s strengths to take care of all of us while balancing a demanding job.


                At the age of five a half I learned no body will clean the house or cook for the family. I took it upon my self to cook and clean. I would make sure everyone ate and had clean clothes to wear for the next day. Ever since then I kept the house clean and food on the table. I read every cook book in the house and learned to cook just by reading everything twice.


                My father was impressed the first time he came home to see food on the table and the house cleaned for the first time. Every box was empty and the house was actually livable. I had put everything in place in the house when dad was at work. I didn’t mind I wanted to look around the house and see how good of a job I did to make it actually livable. The best part of this whole thing is we lived next door to the Potter’s. We’re half bloods, mom’s muggle and dad’s a wizard. I didn’t care, blood was blood and we got along with the Potter’s.


                I didn’t like James Potter the eldest son of Harry Potter. He pushed me down in the mud after it rained when I was seven. Everyone laughed including my dimwitted brothers, that night I made my brother’s pay by not cooking dinner and they got mad. I explained it to dad and he agreed with me, he punished the boys for their actions on not protecting their sister.


                Well here we are at Kings Cross for the sixth time, we’re sixteen now and we’re saying goodbye to our dad when my brother Luke saw a raven hair boy with green eyes waving at him after calling out to Luke. I rolled my eyes and kissed my father’s cheek. “I’ll see you on Christmas, Daddy.” I spoke to him softly which he nodded.


                “I can’t wait to see you on Christmas, My Lil Cinderella.” He says to me and I just smiled more at my nickname my father calls me. I wrapped my arms around my father’s neck and hug him tightly. We new we’ll miss each other like crazy.


                “There are plenty of sandwich makings in the fridge for you to make yourself something to eat.” I told him softly and laughed when he grinned. I turned around and looked at the red train that just blew its whistle letting everyone know it was time to go. “We’ve got to go!” I said and grabbed my trunk yelling behind me. “Love you Daddy and Jack!” I jumped onto the train with my trunk and looked for an empty compartment. I didn’t find one, just my luck so I sat with my brother and his friends. Merlin has to hate me that bad to let me get stuck with them. It wasn’t my fault that I had no friends and no one wanted to befriend me.


                You see I use to have friends until I over heard my best friend Rose Weasley talking to a guy I actually liked at the time, telling him how much of a slag I was and I was shagging every guy in a broom closet. When the guy left her she was smiling at the thought of ruining my life until she turned around and saw me, crying no less. That smile left her face fast and I ran for it back to the common room. My brother and his friends were joking around when I had come back into the common room and jumped my brother. I heard the sobs coming from my lips and held me.


                Ever since then I trusted no girls and I just hung out with my brother and his friends when I got lonely. I explained to them what happened and my brother got pissed. In all my life I never seen him so pissed when it came to protecting me. Let’s just say when James Potter heard what happen he sent Mrs. Weasley a letter explaining what happen and Rose got a howler from her mother. I was happy that she got punished and I thanked James when summer started by baking him a triple stack of chocolate cake. After he ate it he came over and proposed to me which I laughed because I knew he just wanted more of my cakes.


                So now I am sitting there with a book in my hands, reading it but the next thing I know, Albus Potter took my book from my hands and looked me in the eyes. I can see that stupid grin on his lips and that mischief in his eyes. I knew then that he had something planned in that big head of his. Okay he doesn’t have a big head to say but the way he thinks you would as well.


                “What do you have planned in that big head of yours?” I asked him softly and reached for my book that’s in his hand.


                He pulled the book out of my reach and kept his eyes on mine. “Soph, you need a boyfriend big time.” He said and leaned back from me. I noticed everyone was looking at me with grins on their lips.


                I rolled my eyes and smacked Al in the face lightly which I snatched my book from him. “If I wanted a boyfriend I would have one.” I said and propped my legs over his lap, which he was sitting next to me.  I noticed his eyes moved down to my skirt which had moved up a few inches and I looked down, pulling my skirt down to cover up my legs a bit.


                “We think you do need one. You’re always too tense and always working hard. You need a break from life.” Al said and I looked back up at him. My name is Sophia Maria Bates. Luke and his friend’s call me Soph for short and they take care of me when I need it. I sighed as Al took my book from me again and looked me in the eyes deeply. I could see how concerned he was about my love life. The truth was all I wanted to do was to take care of my family. I wanted to just keep the house clean and cook for them. I wanted them to be happy because it made me happy. I am perfect when it comes to my grades at school, Hogwarts. The real truth to it is I am madly in love with Al Potter but everyone is blind to it because I keep my feelings from showing. I have been in love with him since first year when a bunch of girls decided to push me down outside my brother’s compartment and Al helped me up, dusting off the dust from my robes. I had hugged him for it because we new each other well.



AN: Please review and let me know what you think! I love hearing about what everyone thinks. Again. I own nothing of JKR but my own Char. and her family.

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Stealing Cinderella: Chapter one


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