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The Human Factor by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 5 : The One Where The Plan Is Put Into Action
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. If I did, I’d be chilling in my pool as I demolish haribo and ice cream. I do own Pippa though, but she's a bit of a mess so it makes no sense that anyone would want her.

Authors Note: Hello! How are you all? I hope you’re all okay. And here we are with chapter five! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story so far. It’s so enjoyable to write, I know Pippa and co are not the nicest people, but there is so much room to grow. It’s going to be a bumpy ride and I hope you will stick with me. This chapter took a while to write because I’ve been rather busy but I’m on holidays from college which is the best. I have nothing to do and this makes me happy. Other than that bundle of college work but I can ignore that.

Thanks for all the support I’m getting so far! It means a lot to me.

Please review and tell me what you think. They are Pippa’s brain juice. Plus, I love to hear what you think of Emilie! Actually, I’d love to hear what you think of all the characters. I know there are a lot of characters being introduced but I just need to set up everything so the story can begin properly.  I’m excited for the next chapter, it’s when we meet him. He is a big part of Pippa’s past. Things you think will happen in future chapters are always fun to read. Albus also isn’t in this chapter, again, oups. He is in the next one though. Hopefully the next update should go out soon.

Thanks so much for
StEpH_M for being my beta. 




Chapter Five-
The One Where The Plan Is Put Into Action


Amazing chapter image by Draco_Luva

“And I want a lock of his hair, so I can attempt to clone him.” Lily Potter

“Cassie.” I called her as I drew a picture of a squid on a piece of paper.  Cassie and I were relaxing in the common room. Well, I was relaxing; she was glaring at her pile of homework. I had offered to throw her homework in the fire for her but she declined. Well, if asking ‘Are you on drugs Pippa?’ is classed as declining of course. I don’t even know what ‘drugs’ are. Stupid Cassie and huge crappy knowledge of all Muggle things. “Hello! Earth to Cassie!” I waved my hands in front of her face to try to get her attention.

She turned to me blankly clearly uninterested. “What do you want?” She asked a little snappily as she chewed her nails. I wish she wouldn’t. She has germs on her hand and thus is ingesting all these germs, everyday.  So, in all reality, I’m just hanging around with one big fat germ, full of diseases that are lying low until the perfect moment to attack me and kill me. I have tried to explain this to Cassie, but she just told me that I needed to get a grip on life. I then sprayed her with sanitising spray and she put me in a headlock that I swear almost broke my neck. It was bad times.

“You know the Quidditch try outs?” My appetite for destruction needed feeding. I felt both proud and disgusted with myself.  The emotions sat side by side. The scales kept tipping and I could no longer decide which one was stronger. It changed every second and Cassie’s eyes were hard to look into.  I wasn’t sure why.

Cassie rolled her eyes. “Of course, I am on the team you know.” She shook her head like I was an idiot.

I decided to ignore her grumpiness. I mean, it was only homework, she needed to chill out. “When are they?” I blinked innocently.

Cassie eyed me suspiciously. “They are in two and half weeks.” Cassie’s eyes narrowed as she stared me down. My stomach flipped. “Why do you want to know? You’re not planning anything are you?”

I shrugged casually like I wasn’t an evil genius mastermind. I couldn’t tell her about my plan, she wouldn’t understand. “No, nothing like that it’s just I’m thinking about taking up Quidditch.” I gave her my best sweet smile.

Cassie raised her eyebrows. “You playing quidditch?” She snorted at the mental image. “That is something I’d like to see. You’d be on your broom chilling, then a speck of dirt would hit you and you’d have a nervous breakdown.” I couldn’t deny it. It was true but I did my best to look deeply offended. “But whatever, this new development has me interested so it’s best not to question it.” She grinned at me.

“I’m so grateful for your support.” I huffed as I folded my arms across my chest. “You don’t believe in my dreams!” I cried out dramatically. A bit too loudly because people looked at me like I was weird. I hissed at them like I was a rabid animal.  People rolled their eyes and turned away from us. That’s right, people, just pretend you’re not scared, I know that deep down inside, you’re all quivering wrecks. You just hide it so well…I’ll hex them while they sleep later. Or I’ll set my unicorn on them. After my dad actually finds one, that is. I asked him for a unicorn at the age of four and twelve years later, I still have no unicorn. I wanted to feed it grapes and brush it’s hair.

Cassie snorted. “Okay, sweetie.” She breathed in heavily, trying to prepare herself to be a supportive friend. “I’m so excited for you for try out for the team!” She squealed. A fake squeal but a squeal never the less. “We’ll have so much fun! Running laps together! We can talk and catch up.”  She paused for a moment. “It’s not like we do that every day anyway because I tell you everything.” I cringed inwardly but there was a smile on my face. “What position do you want to play? We have a space for a keeper and a chaser, I think. Unless anyone else has quit on us.” She pondered the thought. “It has happened before because Potter is pretty hard on us. He only became Captain last year and the power has driven him crazy.” Cassie laughed at something but I didn’t understand what it was. Perhaps I would find out when I got a place on the team. If I ever did.

“I want to play Seeker.” I announced.

“Seeker? We already have a seeker.” She told me as she pondered her thoughts. “I can’t think of what position you would be good at.” She snapped her fingers. “I know! You’re good at being that person sitting in the stalls!”

“I do make a good audience member.” I said proudly.

“Except you won’t hold any banners telling me I’m amazing.  In fact no one would really know that you were a Slytherin except for the little sneer you’ve got going on and the fact that you are angry towards the world.” She jabbed me in the forehead. “You have no sense of house loyalty.”

“Of course I don’t.” I mocked. “I’m not a Gryffindor.”

Cassie laughed. “Thank merlin for that.”

“Anyway, I want to be a seeker!”

“Then start making miracles because Emmett isn’t shifting off the team.  He loves the game. I mean, he’s the sort of boy who practices when we're not around.”

“He needs a hobby.”

“Quidditch is a hobby.” Cassie smirked. “He needs a girlfriend.”

I thought about it for a moment. It made perfect sense, I mean, a girlfriend was an excellent distraction and love makes fools out of us all. If this said girlfriend asked him to give up quidditch, he would, if he loved her of course. “What’s this Emmett like?”

“He’s a forth year who is sort of cute, I guess. A little bit goofy once he starts talking, he once shared my drink, after I told him I was perfectly healthy of course.” Cassie shrugged. “But like I said, he just needs a few more things to focus his attention on.”

The ideas flooded my brain. I may have just thought of the perfect girl for him. Or at least a girl I could convince to go on a date with him or at least distract him for half an hour so I could show my amazing skills. That I need to fine tune, I have yet to get on a broom. “I think I have a plan.” I told her. “I’ll be back later.” I stared to walk away.

“Pippa, where are you going?” She called after me but I didn’t turn around. “Pippa, get your ass back here before I’ll hunt you down.” She threatened. “Don’t ignore me! Pippa!”

I ran up the stairs into the dormitory. It wasn’t empty like I thought it would be. She was here.

Emilie Zabini was sitting legs crossed writing a letter. I could feel the breath hitch in my throat and my palms felt sweaty.

She was a girl with a complicated past, an insane family and a taste that was expensive. Her grandmother was a serious murderess, but you’re not allowed to say that out loud as it has never been proven. It’s just a rumour that’s true. Arrogance flowed through her veins and came across in everything she did. Apparently it was inherited as her father had this quality. I had gathered this from the stories my father told me to soothe me to sleep. Emile was physically beautiful but her personality made her ugly to me.  What she doesn’t realize is that beauty is only skin deep, it’s ugliness that goes right to the bone.

Emilie was once my best friend, along with Cassie.  It was us three. Until we each saw each other as the people we really were. It was bliss until everything was shattered and the shards couldn’t be attempted put back together. Too sharp, too dangerous, too much blood was spilled.  Before everything, we were three simple girls, now look at us. We were a little too fragile and a little too weak. We were surviving though and that was a skill in itself.  Maybe we were even happier.

For the first year of our estrangement, I missed her.  For the second year of our estrangement, I hated her. Now, it was the third year of our estrangement and I didn’t feel anything towards her. She would always own a small part of my heart but I was okay with that. While she was my friend, she was a good one. So I felt like she deserved that part of my heart. It wasn’t like the part she owned was active. It was the dead, wasteland part. It was a no go area, proceed with caution.

I wanted to say many things to her, but the words that were worth saying frightened me.  Perhaps if I had said the words that were on the tip of my tongue then we maybe, we probably wouldn’t be in this situation, careless words instead of heavy silence. I took in a deep breath.

This girl told me she cared, that it would be us three forever, she would never leave and I could always rely on her. It turns out she was a liar and a pretty damn good one at that.  She fooled me. She even fooled Cassie and she has issues with trusting people. People thought she trusted them but she didn’t but more often than not, her judgement was spot on, but Emilie deceived us all.  In my story, she was the evil, manipulative witch who broke something in us but in hers, I was the sadistic, crazy witch who destroyed us. It’s amazing how two people could take the same story and make them completely different. If I closed my eyes, I can replay that moment we broke like yesterday.

I should have never trusted the pretty girl with the ugliest secret.

Emilie didn’t even look at me. I shrugged. If that is how she wanted to play it then I was game.  She carried on writing her letter in her neat cursive handwriting. My own handwriting was scatty and messy. It was another thing she was better at.

Not that anyone was keeping count.

I went to my corner and grabbed a pink sparkly bag that Cassie brought me for a joke. I always found my things easy because I organized everything. Then I organized it again. It had its perks and its disadvantages. An advantage was that I knew where everything was and if someone had touched my stuff or taken anything. Disadvantage was that I got obsessed and I couldn’t decide what order was best. So many ways to organize things and not enough time to try them all.  I gave Emilie one last look. She was still writing. My presence meant nothing to her.

I shot her a weak glare as I straightened my sheets slightly until they looked perfect. I then quietly slipped out of the dormitory. I ran through the common room, I winked at Cassie who was talking to Scorpius.

“What is she doing?” Scorpius asked, as he looked at me strangely.  He was eating a bag of crisps. I hope he doesn’t complain that they have scratched his throat like last time.

“She’s doing something stupid of course.” Cassie responded.  "It is Pippa were talking about here."

"That's very true." Scorpius nodded. "Pippa’s an idiot."

I swore at them as I ran out of the common room. I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers to show how annoying they could be. If mom saw me swearing in such a Muggle manner she’d laugh, tell me not do it again and remind me how I was pureblood and above the rest. Sometimes I worry that my parents will develop a problem of me being friends with a Muggleborn.  My parents have never showed it outwardly but sometimes, I know they're thinking something wrong. Old habits die hard.

I walked quickly towards the kitchens. I was searching for the Hufflepuff common room. Yes, I was searching for the one and only Lily Potter. She was the girl who didn’t have an ounce of sanity, a naïve way of looking at things and she had crimson shoulder length hair. It was dyed to get the brighter colour but she had carried the look for so long that everyone had forgotten that it wasn’t entirely natural. I had only had a few interactions with her, all of them involving Damien in some way. She wanted to know what he was like when he was little; a little bit of an idiot, what he was like when we were growing up; a bigger idiot and what he was like now; a complete huge and utter idiot.

I was hovering outside the kitchens. I look like a weird stalker. 

“Oi you!” I yelled soon as I spotted a person from Hufflepuff. The girl just raised her eyebrow at me. Alright, maybe I was a little rude. I should always use my manners that were drummed into me since I was little but I still managed to forget them most of the time. It was like that time I burped in James Potter’s face when he came around ours for dinner. I got scolded for being unladylike but James found it hilarious and said it smelt like banana milkshake. “Hello!” I introduced myself to the random girl. “I’m Pippa Nott. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I almost wanted to vomit about the fact that I was being charming. See? I could totally be nice. “I just wanted to know if you could find Lily Potter for me and bring here to see me?” The girl eyed me. “Don’t worry; I don’t want to eat her or anything weird like that.” I gave her my uncomfortable smile. “Pretty please?” She would have to do this for me, she was in Hufflepuff. Being nice was their thing.

She eyed me up and down. “Okay…I guess.” I grin wickedly at her. Things were falling to place. “On one condition though.”

I shrugged, “Name it?”

“You never speak to me again.” She stared at me with a look that was a mixture of fear and annoyance.

“Deal! You seem boring anyway.” She glared at me but walked off.  I wasn’t sure what I had done to offend her.

So, I waited there for at least five minutes until Lily appeared. No name girl had actually done what I asked. I would now pretend that I had never met her just like she asked. Unless of course, I ever needed her again.

Lily grinned happily at me. “Pippa! It’s strange to hear from you! I mean you hardly talk to me ever so I’m really surprised but it’s lovely! I thought you didn’t like me considering I stalk your brother and everything. He’s just so fit.” Lily sighed dreamily before she hugged me. Lily was hugging me. She was squishing my ribs. I didn’t hug her back; my arms just lay there by my side limply. She let go and her caramel coloured eyes stared at me with childish glee.  I would have to take a long bath later, Lily may look physically healthy but you never know. “What can I help you with my future sister in law?” She grinned and I managed to keep the shocked expression off my face.

“Let’s walk.” I said as I started to stroll. Lily followed me. “I need you to help me out, a favour of some sort.” Lily nodded. She was so naïve, I almost felt bad for a single moment. But who knows, maybe she’d fall in love with Emmett and they were supposed to spend forever together. It could be true love! I snorted, as if that actually existed. Love only existed to hurt. Or at least the people who I had ever loved used it that way. “I really want to play Quidditch.”  Lily blinked at me weirdly so I thought it was time to start lying. I didn’t like it but it needed to be done. “I feel quite distant from Damien at the moment and Damien loves quidditch. I thought I’d take it up so Damien could teach me and we could spend time together. You know, become as close as we used to be.”

“That’s completely understandable Pippa.” I think so too Lily. “Where do I come into this?” She chewed on her bubble gum. She blew a bubble and it exploded on her face. She picked if off ungracefully and stuffed it all back in her mouth. I was in the presence of a proper lady.

“Well…the position I want to play is seeker and there is already a seeker on our team. I was just wondering whether you’d go on a date with Emmett from our team and make him miss the try outs. The try outs are in two and a half weeks.  I think it would make my brother happy if I was able to get on the team.” Lily scrunched up her face. “I think you’d really like him.” I’ve never met the boy. “Of course, I don’t expect you to do this for free.” Lily perked up as I held up my pink sparkly bag. “I have a bunch of Damien things I have stolen over the years in this bag. You can help yourself if you go on one date with this boy. One date.”

“Okay, I’ll do it for you, my future sister in law.” Lily grinned happily as I passed the bag to her. “I mean, Damien takes what you say very seriously so I want you to like me.” Lily had just shown me how much she knows Damien; he doesn’t take anything I say to heart. His gift is ignoring all the advice I offer. Lily hummed happily to herself. “Just one date? I can do that and arrange that they clash with the try outs, I can do that too. But won’t Emmett be sad that he’ll miss the quidditch try outs?”

“Nah, I heard him talking about how he wants to give it up and find love or something like that.” I told her. I had never heard him speak. I didn’t actually know who Emmett was.

“Okay then. I’ll find him and I’ll ask him out.”  Lily was rummaging through the bag.

“I can also rob some items of clothing for you and maybe I could snip a lock of his hair off or something.” Lily’s eyes lit up. “I mean, whatever you want.”

“Well, I’ll take this piece of paper.” She took it from the bag, it was a picture of a smiley llama that Damien had drew me when I was eight years old and I was sick. “And I want a lock of his hair, so I can attempt to clone him.” Lily had the dreamy look in her eyes again.

“Okay!” I told her. I wasn’t sure what ‘cloning’ was but it sounded psycho.  “If I get my try out, you get a piece of his hair.” That means I’ll have to break into the Gryffindor dormitory again. It was hell first time and it’s not exactly easy.

Lily checked her dainty watch. It didn’t give me the same watch envy that Albus’ did. “It is dinner time, do you want to walk together?”


That’s how I ended up strolling with Lily. I could see that we were getting weird looks. A Hufflepuff and a Slytherin, walking together like we were friends. And the fact that she was Lily Potter and everything she did got scrutinized. Now she was hanging out with a person with Death Eater connections. Lily gets more like her brother everyday. Haha.

We entered the great hall. I looked around, Cassie wasn’t here yet and neither was Scorpius but Damien was.  I was going to ask him to teach me how to play quidditch. He was currently talking to James and Fred.

“See you later Lily.”

“Bye Pippa.” She strolled to her own table and was suddenly surrounded by a lot people. Oh, to be young and popular!

“Hi.” I sat down on the Gryffindor table. I was spending so much time at this table that I should basically make this my new home. 

“I didn’t know you were friends with my sister.” James commented.

I shrugged. “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” I winked James shook his head laughing. “Damien I need you to help me.” I don’t mess around.

Damien stared at me like I was the devils incarnate. “You’re asking for help?” I nodded. “What do you want?”

“I need you to teach me how to play quidditch!”

“Sorry, I’m busy with my own team.” He shot me down immediately.


“I’m quidditch captain, I don’t have time to teach you quidditch. You suck at quidditch anyway. I didn’t even know that you even liked quidditch.”

“Well, I do and I need someone to teach me game!”


“Damn you fool!” I yelled at him. I eyed James. “James, will you teach me?”

“Pippa.” He breathed. “I may just be the worst player in the whole history of quidditch. You don’t want tips from me. I tried getting on a broom yesterday and I fell off. Plus, I’m not really a fan.”

“That’s because you’re bad at it.” Fred smirked.

“True.” James laughed.

“Pippa, I’ll teach you quidditch.” Fred offered. “Meet me at the pitch tomorrow morning at eight.”

The plan was in action. I felt giddy, scared and excited. All at once. I think I’m going to throw up.

Breathe Pippa.

Just breathe.




Next Time On The Human Factor

I was a fool; I think I was in love.

I often thought I was in a different world when I was with him; the world was brighter and better. The birds sang and nothing was impossible. But I was stupid, I was blinded. The world didn’t change it was just the same old bitter world who enjoyed messing with me. I was a different person with him, I was a fake and I wasn’t me. He would never have loved the real me. I thought that maybe he could, but when I revealed the disappointment that is me, he said good bye.

He told me I was his reason for living. He lied because he’s surviving without me. He said he was happy to have me in his life then he proceeded to kick me out of it. He said he’d never break my heart, but stamped on it until it stopped.  He said he would always be here for me, but where is he now? He told me always and forever and I believed him. He didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean anything he said.

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