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Delilah's Black Book of Poems by Dark Whisper
Chapter 8 : A Slytherin New Year's Eve Party
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The Slytherin New Year’s Eve party was actually an Invitation Only event. Not all Slytherins were invited and there were actually several young adult alumni in attendance adorning their class rings with pride.

Hosting the party was none other than Draco’s best friend, Blaise Zabini, with co-host Theodore Nott. Blaise supplied the venue and with Nott having an older sister, he brought loads of experience at throwing parties.

Blaise’s three story gothic mansion was the perfect place for such a celebration. Not only was the living space enormous, but the back of the place was open to three floors.

The first was reserved for the dance floor, a substantial bar, and several cozy areas with comfy couches.

The second floor was overflowing with party food, another bar, and held pub tables and bar stools for chatting. It also held a great view of the dancers and couches below.

And for those wanting a quieter celebration, the third floor held two billiard tables, a closed off area for flame darts, several gaming tables for Wizards poker, and of course… the smallest of the three bars.

This year’s theme was Animal Instincts in which attendees were required to wear some sort of animal pattern or costume. Draco wore his signature jet black except for his neck tie… patterned after the skin of an eastern diamondback rattlesnake.

Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle showed up fashionably late, just in time to watch the crowd turn Blaise’s home into something that very much resembled an exclusive London night club… complete with the dance floor now full of people, a blaring variety of the best dance music, and a light show that was better than the best commercial clubs.

Zabini and Nott magically made it appear as though the actual musicians and rock stars were playing in concert for them, conjuring their images as 3-D holograms hovering above them. It was an amazing sight to see.

And of course to keep the night’s theme going, apparitions of animals would appear and run through the place like the ghosts of Hogwarts. Even the mirrors were enchanted so that when one looked into them, they saw some sort of beast standing or swimming behind them… things like sharks, snakes, jaguars, bison, apes… anything could pop up. This bit of fun magic had unsuspecting girls shrieking from time to time.

Draco had looked forward to the party, wanting to have some fun and hoping to take his mind off everything that was weighing on him.

For a few moments he actually enjoyed playing the role of observant crowd watcher, especially seeing all the girls get creative with the animalistic theme.  But he always inadvertently drew a crowd at parties.

As he made his way through the place with Crabbe and Goyle as his shadow, he nodded hellos, gave hugs to some giggling rambunctious girls, and then shook hands and made conversation with some alumni he hadn’t seen in awhile that had stepped up to greet him.

As soon as Blaise saw him, he whistled loudly above all the noise, a whistle Draco instantly recognized as his best friend’s.

He turned toward the sound to see Blaise motioning for him to join his small entourage at the couches.

When Draco finally made his way through he complimented, “This place is incredible.”

“Thanks. It turned out well. Here. For you,” Blaise offered pouring a drink from a private bottle.

“Thank you, friend,” Draco obliged, taking the glass and easing back into the couch. It didn’t take him long to down it and was quickly ready for another.

Within seconds of sitting, Draco had no less than two girls hovering over him at any given moment. They would cuddle up to him, hands on his chest, flirting, giving him shoulder messages, and running their long fingernails into his perfectly styled blond hair.

He thought it most peculiar… the behavior of most girls when taken outside of the school environment.

He wasn’t looking for a relationship with any of them, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy all the female attention. He knew they were shallow and quite eager to become his next girlfriend ever since rumor spread that he and Pansy were on some sort of break.

The rumor turned out to be true. Pansy got mad at him for something petty and thought she would upset him by calling for a break in their relationship. Much to her dismay, he didn’t go pining after her or apologize.

He simply said, “A break? Fine by me. I think it's an excellent idea."

When he didn’t seem upset at all, it sent her steaming, which was precisely his ‘checkmate’ move in the game she was trying to play.

So for New Year’s Eve, Draco was technically a free man. But he didn’t want to be free. He wanted to be bound to his secret obsession that was Granger, but since that wasn’t possible at the moment, he decided to play the eligible bachelor for the evening and found that it suited him quite well.

He just had to be very careful and watch out for diabolical schemes.

It didn’t take long for him to recognize the first one of the evening.

“Draco!” a girl cooed. “Welcome to the party!” she greeted, handing him a drink. “Here, drink this to get you started!”

But Draco and Blaise already talked about this sort of thing. They both would only drink from glasses they poured themselves or to each other. No exceptions. There were far too many love potions floating around to trust a drink from anyone.

Blaise shot him a knowing look.

He took the drink. “Thanks, love!” he smiled. But as soon as she turned from him, he gave it away.

“Goyle. Quick, drink this.”

“What is it?”

“Quite possibly that Christmas gift you’ve been wanting.”

Goyle wasn’t quite sure what that meant exactly, but he downed the drink anyway and after a few moments was smitten with the girl who had given the drink to Draco. He then began reciting nonsensical poetry about her black swan costume, which made Draco and Blaise laugh hysterically.

As two other girls were about to start a fight amongst themselves for his attention, Draco caught a glimpse of Astoria Greengrass staring at him from the second floor and she abruptly reminded him of his dream.

It had disturbed him that Astoria mentioned that he was the ‘love of her life’ which meant she most likely felt something for him while at Hogwarts. If there was any truth to it, well… he felt it very necessary to clear the air and point her in Blaise’s direction as soon as possible. Despite his best friend busying himself with two girls, Blaise only had eyes for Astoria.

Draco’s gut told him it was time to set a few things straight. It was, in fact, part of “Plan B” to personally intervene so that his dream would not come true.

“Give me a diamond ring as big as the moon and I’ll love you forever,” said the girl on the right.

“Darling, even I can’t afford a diamond that big,” he played along.

“Forget her,” cried the one on the left. “You are the most gorgeous wizard I’ve ever laid eyes on,” she flirted. “Pick me. We’ll have beautiful children together!”

“Looks do fade, dear. You will leave me when I’m old, fat, and bald and quite frankly, I just can’t take that kind of rejection,” he told the other. “Now if you two lovely ladies will excuse me…” he said peeling himself away from them.

A half a minute later, he was taking Astoria by the arm, pulling her into a room with privacy. It was a bit dark, but he could see her looking up at him with adorable, hopeful eyes, smiling. After all, the Draco Malfoy had just pulled her into an empty room to do ‘who knows what’ to her. How exciting!

Astoria’s young heart began to flutter and she was hoping she wouldn’t pass out.

“Greengrass,” he began, putting on a disgusted hateful smirk. “Stop looking at me like that!” he yelled at her. “Listen to me… Blaise Zabini really, really likes you and he’s getting on my last nerve with it. Personally I don’t see what he sees in you at all.”

He looked at her with disdain. “You’re a pathetic, immature, annoying drama queen and your older sister is much better looking.”

The insult hit its target, diving straight into her heart.

He saw her mouth fly open and her face twist into an immediate hurtful expression.

“You are a snake, aren’t you?” she yelled back.

“Yes! As a matter of fact, I am!” he spat. “And Blaise is a coward when it comes to real relationships. It could take years for him to actually spill his guts… so open your blind eyes and figure out the difference between someone who cares for you and someone who couldn’t care less.”

Astoria gasped, almost in tears. “People have feelings, you know.”

“Feelings? What the hell are those, Princess? Go have your fairytale life with Blaise, you stupid girl.”

“You are foul. I really hate you," his younger Slytherin sister remarked, abruptly leaving the room, returning to the party.

In little more than thirty seconds, Draco had attacked Astoria’s looks, her intelligence, her personality, and her ability to read people, not to mention he just cracked her heart. The dirty deed was done and he hoped she had paid attention enough to hear his underlying message… ‘Go after Blaise.’

Realizing that Astoria was, in fact, one of the few innocent Slytherin girls and a very good match for his best friend, he whispered under his breath, “I am a cruel bastard.”

After awhile, Draco wanted more to drink, but thought even if he poured it himself, the public alcohol in the place was just too vulnerable to tampering. He even worried about the very glass being laced with something. He began to think he was getting a bit paranoid, but still felt that it was better to be safe than sorry. So he decided to go downstairs, deep down into Blaise’s cellar to get some wine from the private stash.

While he was down there looking for wine with ‘a good year,’ he felt a presence in the room and was about to pull out his wand when a familiar female voice called out to him.

“Draco Malfoy. Turn around so that I can get a good look at you.”

He smiled to himself thinking about the sheer enjoyment that he was about to experience.

“Seborah Wolfe,” he acknowledged proudly as he turned to face her. “Wow! Is it possible that you are even more gorgeous than I remember?”

Gorgeous she was indeed, in a party dress whose color matched her tan flesh with sparkles that glistened throughout… and a snake-like patterned material that wrapped around her body giving the illusion that she was wearing nothing but a black snake… only hiding her important parts, of course.

“Ah… nature has been kind to me… but even kinder to you,” she replied in lustful delight. “Nott’s older sister said that you would be here tonight and I just had to come and see how you’ve grown. And I must say… I am not disappointed.”

The skilled temptress walked a slow circle around him, taking in his tall confident stature. “My student is all grown up into a deliciously handsome young man.”

“What are you doing here… really, Seborah? Should I warn the young ones that there’s a Wolfe in their midst; come to snatch their virginity from them when they’re not ready?”

“Oh, you aren’t still bitter about feeling too young, are you?” she winked. “It’s not my fault you were born a few years too late. And besides, you are not young anymore. What do you say to getting out of this kiddy party and going someplace a little more exotic? The British Virgin Islands are gorgeous this time of year.”

“You would pick the Virgin Islands, wouldn’t you?”

She laughed that wicked laugh of hers, the one that he so despised.

“If you escape with me tonight, I can show you what I know about a man’s body that would give you sensations that happily married men leave their wives for.”

Oh, how Draco wanted this from her; the grand proposition.  Words that she thought would make the strongest of men weak.

“Oh, Seborah,” he breathed, stepping closer, closing the gap between them and now only inches away. “You come to me on this wild New Year’s Eve looking like you are wearing nothing but diamonds and a snake. I have no doubt in my mind that I could now pleasure you… ‘til we saw the dawn,” Draco whispered hungrily into her ear.

He pulled her into a tight squeeze, brushing his lips lightly to hers… intentionally building her desire for him to the highest of heights… so that he could drop her like the bombshell she was.

“Are you sure you are ready for a new experience… with me?” Draco asked.

“Yes!” her voice begged.

“Then it will be my true pleasure… to be the only grown man… to ever turn you down. Such a shame you couldn’t have waited for me on this night. Instead you had to take me too early. Now you’ll never have the opportunity to experience the best of me as a man. Your loss, I’m afraid, Seborah, as I’ve already had the best of you.”

She stood before him in disbelief. No one had ever turned her down. “You don’t mean that. Come, Draco.  Let’s have a wild party of our own. We’ll go…”

“No, Seborah. We are not going anywhere, ever. And if I see you so much as talk to another underage at this party, I’ll have Aurors escort you out.”

“That won’t be necessary. I only came for you. Such a pity you turned me down,” she said with puckered pink lips.

“Don't feel bad, dearie.  The night is young and something tells me you won't be alone for long," Draco said sarcastically... just before she let out a huff of frustration, then apparated away.

He then grabbed two bottles of wine, returned to the noise of the party, and took his seat on a different couch, very proud of himself for being able to turn her away.

Other girls had started in on him as soon as he sat down. Leaches, he thought of them.

“I’m in love with you, Draco,” one of them said in her most flirty manner as she boldly sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Take me now and I’ll be yours forever.”

He let out a chuckle. “You’re not in love with me. You’re in lust with me. Know the difference, sweetheart,” he advised in a deep sultry voice, just before pecking her slow-like on the cheek as he shoved her off of him in one smooth motion.

A much smarter and cunning witch heard what he said and decided on a much more serious approach.

“Draco Malfoy, have you ever really been in love?”

“Have you?” he asked, knowing full well he was not answering that particular question.

“Yes. But it didn’t work out,” she answered in a fairly sad manor as Draco looked at her a little more seriously.

“How did you know that you were in love and not lust?” he asked.

“When I knew of all of his faults and flaws… and loved him anyway.” The girl smiled a little, as if reminiscing.

Draco thought about that for a moment. Is that really the test of knowing that you love someone… or that someone loves you?

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “I can tell that you are thinking of someone… and it’s not Pansy,” she stated as if she were wise. “A very lucky girl to be on your mind, but she must be incredibly stupid not to be by your side tonight.”

She waited patiently for his response and carefully watched.

Hermione’s face came to mind, but quickly left.

“You can believe what you want my Slytherin sister, but I only ever think of myself,” he said, giving her a sly smile. 

“You lie. But not to worry, I’ll keep your secret safe from Pansy, so long as you take me upstairs and show me what magical skills you put to use… in a bed,” she said with lustful eyes.

He let her words sink in and felt the blackmail was incredibly weak.

“Blackmail me for sex? Really, do you think Pansy will be too upset if I were merely thinking about someone else? You’re going to have to come up with something more solid than that.”

Draco hadn’t realized it, but he had let his guard down for a split second. The girl had Legilimency skills that rivaled his Occlumency and she had waited patiently to read his mind.

She leaned in close and whispered a single name in his ear, “Hermione Granger.” She pulled away and gave him a most wide sinister smile, believing that she had indeed just won an evening making love to Draco Malfoy. What a beautiful New Year’s Eve experience it was sure to be.

“Say goodnight to your friends as I plan on keeping you busy for a very long time,” she purred.

Draco remained calm and pondered his words carefully so that the witch beside him would fully understand the magnitude of the error she had just made. He took a huge swallow of his drink and kept hold of his glass, as if she hadn’t fazed him a bit.

“I’m afraid… you’re the one who is incredibly stupid,” he said slowly. “Blackmailing me for sex would be sex against my will… which I consider a form of rape. So if you want me to speak your language, we can go upstairs right now. I’ll curse you and you can have all the sex you want tonight… but it won’t be with me, as I’ll offer your limp body as a gift to no less than a dozen of my father’s Death Eater acquaintances. They’ll apparate upstairs and no one will ever know they were here.”

The girl tried her best to hide her terror, but Draco could feel it.

“If I summon them, they will be here in… two minutes.”

“You’re bluffing,” she said abruptly.

“Use your Legilimency. Am I bluffing?” he said roughly as he conjured images in his head of a host of black-hooded, silver-masked men with Dark Marks on their forearms.

She saw them… Images of evil doers. And her face fell then as terror ran through her veins.

“Okay!” she shouted looking away from him. “Just forget it, okay? I’m sorry. Just forget it.” She was breathing fast and she just wanted to run as fast as she could… away from Draco Malfoy.

But just before she ran off, he held her forcefully into her seat for one last memorable statement to make sure she never mentioned Granger to anyone. It was a simple demand, really…

“Don’t you EVER forget who I am!”

He could feel her begin to tremble just before letting her go. She was in such a hurry to get away that she almost fell, tripping over her own feet.

He wished he didn’t have to result to what he had just done, but blackmailing him for sex was a serious violation and certainly a punishable offense. But of course he never would’ve called for Death Eaters. He had the power to, but would never have done it.

The entire ordeal had him in a sour mood.

It only took a minute for another girl to approach. She sat down beside him, but at least she had enough sense to remain silent.

He was about to throw her from the couch when he saw the crowd move to let someone through. Once he saw who it was, he decided he didn’t need to throw the girl, as she would be leaving very soon.

Pansy Parkinson made her way to him a bit breathless and most certainly sweating.

“Get away from my man,” she rudely told the girl who ran off immediately.

Pansy wore a dress that was fluorescent hot pink with black zebra stripes throughout.  The color contrast actually made Draco's eyes hurt, it was so obnoxiously bright.

But he was never so happy to see her as she plopped down beside him.

“The break is off, we’re back on, and I forgive you,” she boldly announced to him and everyone else in earshot.

“What took you so long? I’ve had to practically beat the girls away from me!" he yelled at her. "I’ve been propositioned, blackmailed, almost drugged, and I’m pretty sure I got two marriage proposals in there somewhere. Who knows what will come after midnight!”

She laughed as if it were a joke.

“I had to make you suffer. Besides, I love dancing. Blaise always has the best music. I swear I could dance for hours. If he doesn’t open a night club after we graduate, it will be a crying shame,” she raved, fanning herself.

Draco looked at her through angry squinted eyes as he thought, ‘It’s fine for her to sweat on a dance floor with a hundred people, but not okay for her to break a sweat in bed! Incredible.’

He knew her game well. She had made her ‘we’re back on’ speech just before midnight, no doubt in time to get her New Year’s kiss from him and in full view of every Slytherin girl in the place.

That’s not going to happen. His mind decided. The only girl he wanted to kiss was his Granger. And since that wasn’t possible, then he wouldn’t be kissing anyone.

Just before the stroke of midnight, many paired up for New Year’s kisses, but not all.

Draco opted instead to say a few silent toasts and press his lips straight to a bottle of wine.

So at that final stroke of midnight, he glanced around the room to find Blaise tenderly kissing Astoria. Draco held up the bottle.

To missions accomplished.

And just before he downed the drink, he stopped as he thought of another toast.

“To my Granger, who HATES me, which is why I love her. Be safe tonight, my love… wherever you are.”

With that, he didn’t waste any more time as he gulped the liquid down like he was dying of thirst.

“Draco!” Pansy found him too late for the midnight kiss. “You missed the countdown.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Punishing me now, is that it?” she asked.

“No. I’m giving you what you wanted... a break. Do you really think you can call us ‘on and off’ with the snap of your fingers? You only think you have that much control over me.”

“Oh, relax. Of course, I don’t. This is supposed to be a party and here you are all pissed off. Come on back and have a few more drinks. I’ll stay off you and my presence will keep the sluts away. I know how you use me," she said knowingly, but not seeming to care. “And I use you for status.” She shrugged her shoulders. “So what?”

For the rest of the night, Draco thought it best to stay away from the crowd and spend his time on the third floor, playing Wizard Poker with his closest friends, letting Crabbe and Goyle win on occasion. 

But as he did this, Draco wished he was somewhere else... with someone else

He wondered what Hermione was doing on this New Year's Eve. Probably shagging the deplorable Weasley, he figured incorrectly.


Author's Note:

I don't know about you, but I want to go to the Slytherin party!  But what to wear?

All of these horrible women are pointing Draco in the right direction, as when he eventually comes across something genuine, he will recognize it.

Up next, Draco finally gets to be alone with Granger on the train back to Hogwarts.

Dark Whisper
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