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Safehouse,Horses,Music by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 2 : Never rode before.
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When Hermione pulled into the driveway of her house Draco was asleep. She turned the car off and gently shook Draco’s shoulder. He jerked up and looked around. All he seen was trees, a barn and a big hill.

“Come on. We’re at my house.” Hermione said opening the door to the car and slamming it shut.

Draco followed Hermione and seen her getting his bag out of the back of the car. He walked over to her and went to reach for his bag. But Hermione’s hand pulled before he could get his hand near the bag.

“Don’t worry my dirty blood won’t ruin it. Just follow me.” She said sharply and started walking towards a house that made Draco miss the Malfoy Manor even more. He missed the dark cool rooms. He missed the sound of his mother’s heels clicking on the floor, not seeing his mother, he noted, would be the hardest thing about this safe house.

“Mom! Mom we’re back!” Hermione shouted once through the door of the huge house.

A woman dressed in a pink evening gown came down from the stairs and walked straight to Draco.

“Hello Draco. I’m Hermione’s mother, Jan. I hope you can get to be comfortable here.” She said in a warm voice and sticking out her to hand to greet him.

Draco smiled nodded and slowly took Hermione’s mom’s hand. Hermione in the middle of her mom coming down Draco guessed sat down on a tan couch.

“Mia dear will you show Draco to his room?” her mom asked while walking into another room.

Hermione stood up from the couch and started up the stairs. Draco grabbed his bag and followed her quietly. Hermione walked to the end and then turned left and was headed up more stairs.

“Granger, if you don’t’ mind me asking….” He started.

“If you don’t mind then don’t ask. You will be sharing the attic with me.” She said turning sharply around making Draco almost run into her.
Draco nodded and Hermione turned back and walked up to a door. While Draco was walking through the door up to the attic Hermione was turning on the lights and walking back over to him.

“That bed to the left is yours. When you get done or whenever you are ready come get me. I’ll show you around.” She said and went over and plopped down on her bed over in the right of the room.

She put her headphones in her ear and started humming. Draco pulled his bed over to the bed and threw it on it. He unzipped his bag and pulled his wand out first thing. He didn’t think it would be safe to keep his wand out in sight in front of muggles. He quickly done a spell to make all things go where they belong and next his wand was out of his hand. He turned around and seen Hermione standing by her bed with his and hers wand.

“No magic Draco. At all.” She said.

“Sorry didn’t know I couldn’t do magic. Next time how about you let me know a little more beforehand, Granger.” He said and slid his bag under the bed. Hermione traced back to her bed and hugged her knees up to her crest.

“Why are you even here Malfoy?” she asked after moments of silence.
Draco still standing where he was when she sat down looked at her. “They didn’t tell you why I came here?” he asked confused.

“If I knew you wouldn’t have been asked the question, now would

“I guess not. The reason I’m here is cause during the war I turned on the Death eaters. I done something I wasn’t supposed to do. They found out it was me who did it and now they have a price on my head leaded by my own father. My mother wanted me to stay with an Order member to stay safe.” He explained.

Hermione looked at him up and down. She stood up and grabbed Draco arm when she pasted him dragging him downstairs. He almost tripped half down the steps thanks to Hermione strong pull on his arm. She pulled him outside towards the barn.

“Let’s get this straight you will not cause any trouble here. My mom and dad has already when through enough thanks to your damn father.” She said coldly.

“Look here, Granger, it’s not my fault my father came after your family. If it was up to me none of that would have happened.” He said.

“Well since we are outside let me show you around. Let’s start with the barn. “She said heading over to the dark red barn, “The only thing we really have in here is the horses. There are six of them.”

The door closed squeakily behind Draco and he stood in front of three huge horses. Draco looked at Hermione who was putting saddles on two of the three in front of him.

“Um Granger?” he asked.

“Let me guess you want to know why I’m saddling up the horses?” she asked while Draco nodded, “Well to answer you it’s to show you around there’s a lot of land here that you need to know about. And if we go on feet it will take hours if not more than a day or two.”

Draco nodded. Hermione jumped up on the horse that was smoky black. Hermione smiled and jerked her head to the horse beside her. Draco walked over slowly.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared of a horse Malfoy.” Hermione joked.

“Well I never had to deal with them before.” He said honestly.
Hermione hopped down from the smoky colored horse and took the saddle of the second one. She laid it beside the many things of hay. Draco gave her a funny look, a confused look.

“You can ride with me.” She said after seeing his face.

Hermione hopped back on the horse and reached out her hand. Draco took ahold of it. Draco’s hand was cold, like ice, she noted. She pulled on his arm and he pulled his self-up on the horse. Hermione placed his hands on her waist and she could feel his tense up.

“This is going to be a very interesting ride.” Draco breathed.

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