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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Gorgeous CI by iPINK

Chapter Three

“Your Dad’s going to kill me Alli. Why can’t we just wait until the day of the Wedding?” Al said, as we walked through the gates of the Muggle school.

“Because, last time we didn’t tell my Dad something soon after it happened, he almost pressed charges on you” I said, as we passed a thirty something year old couple with a son that looked like he would grow up to be a complete arsehole. I hope Tamsin doesn’t make friends with him. Not that she would. Tam leans more towards the “Goth” side with Aludra. Al doesn’t like it but I’ve decided I’m going to let Tam be who she wants to be.

I looked down at her hands and realize that Aludra’s already painted Tam’s nails black. Wow. She’s even wearing mini combat boots and studded bracelets. My six yearold is a Goth in training. “I feel weird. We’re the youngest parents here. Not to mention, our child is mental like me” I whispered, as Al took hold of my hand.

“Alli, just because we’re not even in our mid-twenties, doesn’t mean we’re shittier parents then they are. We’re probably doing a better job than these muggles, they’ve probably already screwed up their kids” Al whispered, making me feel better. I guess that’s how I know we are meant for eachother.

“Come on Mum! Dad! We’re going to be late meeting with Aludra!” Tamsin whined, as she ran toward the building.

“Tamsin don’t run! Come back here!” I yelled. Al and I groaned and ran after her. She ended up colliding with someone’s back. “Oh! I’m so sorry, she’s quite clumsy at times” I apologized as Al picked her up and dusted off her skirt.

“Oh it’s alri-Alli? What are you doing here?” said, a familiar voice. I looked up to see Callum. I had just seen him this morning. What the Hell?

“Eh, I’m dropping my daughter off it’s her first day in the school. What are you doing here?” I asked, noticing the kid next to him. He was like a mini Callum.

“I didn’t know you had a daughter. Well I don’t really know anything about you. Well this is my little brother Gregor. Nice to meet you officially, my name is Callum Lennox” he said, extending his hand.

“Allisha Malfoy, nice to officially meet you” I said, shaking his hand. He looked at me strangely like Rebekah had.

“Albus Potter and this is Tamsin” Al said, then shaking his hand once more. I could tell Al really didn’t like Callum. That or, he just didn’t trust him. Callum also looked at him in a strange off putting way. What was with all of the weird looks?

“Tamsin Malfoy” Tamsin said, offering her hand to Callum’s handsome little brother.

“Gregory Lennox” he said, in a softer accent. He shook Tamsin’s hand and stared at her before finally letting it go. Oh crap, do six year olds get crushes? Great, Tamsin has her first crush, and it just so happens to be on Callum’s little brother.

“Well, come on Tam. You don’t want to be late” Al said, taking her by the hand and walking off. Arsehole, leaving me with Callum and Gregor.

“So, what teacher does your little Lass have?” Callum asked, making Gregor roll his honey brown eyes.

“Miss Collins” I said, making the boy’s eyes brighten in happiness. Fuck. Now they will become friends. I really don’t want my daughter who is a witch to be friends with a Muggle, until she can control her own power.

So after getting the kids to their class, Al and I said goodbye once again to Callum. Now we had to go face my Dad. “Eh why don’t we tell your parents first?” I suggested, making Al stop dead in his tracks.

“But we agreed to tell your Dad first” Al said, taking my hand in his.

“Oh fine. But maybe we should tell your’s because he’s an Auror” I said, looking up at him.

“Ok we should tell them together. Tonight at dinner. Ask your mum and dad to come to my parent’s house and we can tell them together” Al said, touching my cheek softly.

“We should Floo Scorpius too. He needs to know, and James and Lily” I said, kissing his cheek softly.

“You’re right. Let’s get them all together tonight. I’ll meet you there” Al said, kissing me before we went separate ways to Apparate.

I stood outside the doors to Malfoy Manor and sighed, now I have to convince dad to come to the Potter’s house for dinner tonight. I opened the door and heard a loud scream and the sound of shattering glass. “MASON THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR FOR A MALFOY!” Dad yelled, as a little brunette ran into my arms.

“Alli help!” Mason cried, clutching my waist tightly. He buried his face in my stomach and hugged my waist tighter. Dad walked in looking really red. He looked like a psychotic tomato.

“Allisha can’t help you Mason now let go of her and apologize to Drystan!” Dad said, sternly.

“NO! HE’S AN ARSEHOLE!” Mason yelled, in my stomach. My family really is mental.

“MASON DO NOT USE WORDS LIKE THAT! APOLOGIZE NOW! OR I WILL TAKE YOUR BROOM AWAY!” Dad yelled, making him let go of me and glare at him. “You are so lucky your mother isn’t here. She would have taken your broom away immediately. Now apologize to Drystan for pushing his plate to the floor” Dad said, sternly.

A little boy walked out from behind dad. There were unfallen tears threatening to spill from his ice blue eyes. He had straight chocolate brown hair that flopped just past his ears. “I’m sorry” Mason said, with ill grace. Dad sighed but said nothing. Mason was stubborn, just like him.

“It’s okay” Drystan said, turning away. He rubbed his eyes and looked up at my dad. “Thank you for having me for lunch Mr. Draco” he said, in the sweetest most polite voice. He looked very familiar.

“Allisha, this is Drystan Harker. He’s your friend Kiley’s second cousin. Roman’s son. He was here as a playmate for Mason” Dad said, as I stared down at the delicate and angelic face of Drystan.

“Hello Drystan. I’m Mason’s sister Alli” I said, smiling at him. He smiled and took my hand in his. He was so sweet and adorable.

“Nice to meet you, but I have to go now” Drystan said, in a small voice. After a moment, he took a portkey to his home. Mason was back upstairs in his room so I could talk to dad alone.

“Dad, where’s Mum?” I asked, as we settled on the soft chaise lounge in the sitting room.

“She’s having tea with Roxanne Morbid and Abby Taylor-Morbid. But I expect she’ll be back in a few moments” Dad said, looking at me. “Something the matter, Princess?” Dad asked, looking concerned. Frick, I have to learn to control my facial expressions when I’m around him.

“No Dad, Al just wanted to invite us to dinner at his parent’s house. Say yes because you know Mum will” I said, before Dad had a chance to say no. He merely rolled his eyes and we sat in silence before dad yelled for Mason to get on his best wizard’s robes. Great…Dad is such a snob.

“Alli! What a surprise!” Mum said, pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

“Get dressed Darling, Alli and her “Boyfriend” have invited us to dinner at the Potter’s” Dad said, a little bitterly.

“Oh how wonderful, I’ll put on my new violet robes” Mum said, rushing off to get ready.

“Al’s picking Tamsin up” I said, before Dad had a chance to ask. So I sat and waited for my parents to get ready and for Al to floo us. It was finally sundown when the fireplace glowed bright green and out popped my fiancée and our six yearold Goth in training.

“Grandma! Grandpa!” Tamsin squealed, hugging mum and dad. “Mason! You look funny” Tamsin said, as she hugged her six yearold uncle.

“So do you, in your Muggle clothes” he said, but I could tell he wanted to be able to wear Muggle clothes too. But dad wasn’t about to let that happen. But after a few minutes of arguing, mum, Dad, and Mason were all dressed in tasteful and expensive designer Muggle clothes.

“Ready to go?” Al said, as he took my hand. I nodded and we all flooed in threes to his parent’s home in Godric’s Hollow.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter were waiting for us in their sitting room. Scorpius and a very pregnant Rose were also there. “Allison, you look great!” Mrs. Potter said, as they hugged. Dad and Mr. Potter nodded shortly before they went off to get drinks. “Rose you look, lovely!” Al said, hugging his favorite cousin.

I hugged Scorpius who was holding their three yearold daughter Eden and their four yearold son Nathan hugged me quickly. Eden had Rose’s curls and Scorp’s blonde hair. Her eyes were innocent and brown, like Rose. Nathan was also blonde but unlike his sister, had straight hair and silver grey eyes like Scorpius. “Tamsin looks like she’s grown since the last time I saw her” Scorpius said, hugging her, before going off to find Mason and our parents.

Rose sat down and sighed contentedly. Al sat next to her and they began talking. I sat next to Al and Tamsin went off to find Mason again. Nathan had stayed behind and stared up at me with his “Malfoy” eyes. “What is it Nathan?” I asked, looking down at him. He was like a mini Scorpius except he had Rose’s nose.

“That’s a pretty ring you have Auntie Alli” Nathan said, in a quiet voice.

Rose looked at Al and then at my hand as comprehension dawned on her face. “Oh Al” she whispered, smiling at him and then at me. “Oh congratulations, I’m so happy” she whispered, hugging the two of us.

“Rosie be quiet,” Al said, as we sat back down together.

“Nathan don’t mention the ring to anyone okay?” Rose said, touching her son’s face.

“Okay Mum,” Nathan said, before running off to find Scorpius.

“He’s so handsome Rose,” I said, as Al got up to go set the table.

“Thank you Alli and Tamsin has grown into a beautiful little girl” Rose said, taking my hand in her’s. At least we get along great. She’s the best sister-in-law I could ever have gotten.

“Thanks” I said, smiling back at her.

“Not at all, I’m simply telling the truth. Alli can you help me up? I think dinner’s ready” Rose asked, looking at me all smiley. Great, I wonder if she can keep the subtlety up without her feelings informing everyone about this.

“Sure, up you go” I said, grabbing her hands and straining to pull her up. She really was tall as shite. Her kids will be really tall even in their young ages. “So when are you due?” I asked, as we walked together.

“Oh just another couple of weeks” Rose said, smiling brightly. Maybe she could pass her smilies as happiness that she is indeed about to pop out another Malfoy.

“That’s great, so is this the last one you two are having?” I asked, looking up at her. I mean, they were just about to have their third kid.

“I’m not sure, maybe. I don’t think Scorp is ready to give up just yet but, we will wait another few years before we think of another” Rose said, making me cringe inwardly. I didn’t even want more after Tamsin. I seriously hope Al doesn’t want another one. Even though I love Tamsin to death and in no way regret having her, that year alone was the worst year of my life and in some ways the best. Because, I had a beautiful daughter and got the love of my life back.

“I would have stopped at two. In fact, I don’t plan on having a second” I said, as we helped set the table.

“But don’t you want Tamsin to have a little brother or sister?” Rose asked, quietly. I was glad that she didn’t want the others to hear what she was saying.

“Maybe, I don’t really know. Her birth was too painful and Al and I already have our hands full with one six yearold. We don’t need to throw a baby into the mix. At least, not just yet” I say, as the older women come in with the plates of food.

“Thanks for setting the table girls” Mrs. Potter said, smiling brightly.

“No problem Mrs. Potter” I said, and she smiled at me.

“Better get the blokes for dinner” Rose said, walking out into the back yard.

“What’s wrong love?” Mum asked, as Tamsin ran back inside with Mason. She hugged my waist and Mason took mum’s hand. I breathed a sigh of relief when she was distracted by our two six year olds.

“Mummy, I’m famished” Tamsin whined, pulling on my shirt.

“You’ll eat in a minute Peanut” I said, making her pout a little.

“Let’s get you into your seats then, shall we?” Mum said, taking Tam and Mason’s hands. They both happily followed her while Rose and Scorpius sat their two toddlers in their seats.

Al and I sat next to eachother with Tamsin and Mr. and Mrs. Potter sat at the two heads of the tables. Mum sat next to Mrs. Potter and Dad sat on Scorp’s other side. We were onto desert when Al suddenly stood up. Oh shit. He’s going to tell everyone now. Rose smiled into her napkin as she had already figured everything out. “Everyone, Alli and I have something to tell you” Al said, looking at me expectantly. Great, he wants me to go stand with him. So, I go over to him and he takes my hand.

“Oh sweet Merlin’s pants Alli, don’t tell me you’re pregnant again” Dad said, making the kids laugh and the women frown.

“No Dad. I’m not pregnant again” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Well I proposed to Alli and she has agreed to marry me” Al said, smiling bright. Mum and Mrs. Potter screamed in joy and ran over to crush me in a hug and to see the ring. Dad was in utter shock. He was speechless and Scorpius was congratulating Al. Rose was hugging him and Mr. Potter clapped him on the back.

“Congratulations Allisha, and welcome to our family” Mr. Potter said, hugging me. I hugged him back and that’s when dad came back to life.

“Er…congratulations Albus. You two belong together” Dad said, awkwardly, shaking Al’s hand.

“Thanks Mr. Malfoy, I was so sure you were going to curse my bollocks off” Al said, making dad actually laugh. Wow, is he drunk?

“Well, I haven’t ruled that out just yet” he said, laughing good naturedly. Holy crap. Dad was actually joking with a Potter.

“Oh my baby is getting married” Mum said, crying a little. She hugged me and Al together, before Mrs. Potter enveloped me into a hug. James, Shannon and Lily, who had just gotten in from Merlin knows where, looked confused.

“James, Lily, come and congratulate your brother! He just got engaged!” Mrs. Potter said, excitedly.

“Oh my god! Congrats!” Lily cried happily. She hugged us both, nearly cutting off circulation before James and Shannon hugged us both and smiled. She hugged me tightly, being my former Quidditch Captain, she was always supportive.

“That’s great! My little bro is getting hitched!” James said, hugging him tightly.

Everything seemed to be going great. “Now you have to tell Blaine and Erien” Scorpius said, making me frown immediately. I was planning on telling Blaine tomorrow but, I had no intention whatsoever of letting Erien Flint know. I haven’t spoken to him in five years.

“Well, we were going to tell Blaine when we have lunch with him and his latest squeeze” Al said, as I was enveloped into a tight embrace. I looked up and smiled as Dad kissed my forehead.

“I really am happy for you Princess. Even if you are marrying a Potter” Dad said, kissing my forehead.

“Thanks Dad, I’m glad you’re taking this so well” I said, as he took me to the side.

“Well, love, I’m getting on in the years and Potter, Weasley and I have decided to let bygones be bygones. So, why not be happy that you’re marrying the father of your beautiful daughter” Dad said, making mum smile.

“Thank you Daddy” I said, hugging him tightly.

Well, after the congrats and all Al, Tam, and I were walking down the road. Al was carrying our sleeping girl and we were just happy to have come out of there alive. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t put up a fight. Tam was snoring softly over Al’s shoulder when a thought came to my head. When we get married, Erien is going to be in the wedding. Fuck. He’ll be one of the damn groomsmen. So will Blaine who is still the only one who can keep the manwhore in check.

“What are you thinking of?” Al said, as we turned onto the dirt path.

“Your groomsmen” I said, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Well of course you know James is Bestman because he’s my only brother. Scorp, Eri, Blaine, and Kiley are going to be groomsmen. I already discussed it with all of them” he said, looking at me. So, he’d already let them know before he asked me. Sneaky bloke, my boyfriend is.

“Okay then my Maid of Honor is going to be Night of course. And the Bridesmaids will be Rose, October, Shannon, and my cousin Laurel” I said, counting them down on my fingers. “Which means that I want Tam and Alu to be the Flower girls and Mason will be the ring bearer” I said, making him smile.

“Perfect. Now all we need to do is get all of the dresses and dress robes and the cake, the caterer, the venue, the entertainment, the guest invitations, and we’re all set” Al said, making me sigh heavily. Fuck, I forgot how much a wedding is going to take. Being a Malfoy sure does have its drawbacks.

“This is definitely going to be complicated” I said, as we apparated on the spot.

A/N: Thank you to everyone that has favorited/subscribed and actually read this fic. I’m not actually happy with this chapter. Not enough funny. Hopefully the next chapter will have some Alli madness in it.

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