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Her Black Stilettos by magicfantasy
Chapter 4 : Flashback
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My alarm clock went off and I withdrew a hand from my warm covers to silence it. I rolled over onto my back beneath my comforter. After a minute I heard my roommates starting to get up and move around. I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling. The morning sun was just beginning to lighten the sky and I could tell it was going to be a beautiful winter day.

I was temporarily blinded as a pillow smacked me in the face.

"Get up, lazy Lacey." Mina said. I reached up and pulled the pillow off of me to chuck it back at her, missing entirely. She just laughed.

"Mmm, shut up." I groaned. Mornings weren't my thing when I was tired. I brought my hands up to my face and applied slight pressure as I dragged them down, stretching my skin. I sighed as they slapped the bed, falling off my face. I threw off my covers and stood up to stretch, yawning as I did so.

"Your hair looks amazing" she said in sarcasm. I slouched over to the mirror, walking like an idiot to get her to laugh, which she did. I nearly jumped when I saw my reflection.

"Oh no...." I said as I furrowed by brows, my reflection mimicking me. I started picking through my hair, trying to get some of the rogue strands to lay flat again, but eventually gave up. Ariana and Mina walked out of the bathroom then.

"The bathroom's all yours" Francine said to Mina and me.

"I call the shower first!" we said at the same time. We looked at each other and dashed to the door.

"HA!" I exclaimed in victory as I shut and locked the door behind me. The loud thud she made as she hit the door made me laugh.

"Ugh, hurry up," she groaned in defeat. I grabbed my towels off the rack and undressed before hopping in the shower. The water was cool at first, the contrast of its temperature and my body that was still warm from being in bed was slightly shocking and succeeded in waking me up.

I loved the scent of my shampoo: white nectarine and pink coral flower. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back, letting the water rinse the rest of it out of my hair. I put on a quick shower facial mask and let it sit as I conditioned, and then rinsed off a final time before turning the water off. I wrapped my hair up in one of the towels and grabbed the other off the floor and wrapped it around my body.

I walked up to the mirror and surveyed the damage. I was developing bags under my eyes from going to bed so late and having to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready for class. Well, the bags weren't entirely my fault. If Draco hadn't been taking me on so many wonderful late night dates I would be able to get to bed on time. I smiled as I thought about the past month. After growing closer and closer, Draco and I had finally become a couple. I couldn't remember a time in my life that I'd been happier.

I picked up my toothbrush and squeezed some toothpaste onto the bristles. I brushed my teeth, making sure I completely removed every trace of morning breathe before rinsing with mouth wash. I checked my teeth in the mirror. Perfectly kissable, I thought. I let out a small excited squeak before opening the door to the bathroom.

"Oh good!" Mina said as she shoved past, closing the door sharply behind me.

"Where'd Ariana and Fran go?" I asked through the door.

"They said they'd meet us in the Grand Hall."

I strolled over to my dresser and pulled out my uniform. A few minutes later I was adjusting my slytherin tie when Mina came out into the room, completely ready.

"You done?" she asked.

"Just a sec" I replied, moving on to my makeup. I applied some eyeliner and mascara before turning to her and saying, "Ready!"

We were almost to the Grand Hall when we turned a corner and leaning against the wall was Draco. My heart must have skipped five beats when I saw him look up at me. He pushed himself off the wall and walked over to Mina and me. "See you in there" she said with a slight questioning tone to her voice, doubting whether or not she'd actually see me at breakfast.

"Don't worry, I'll be there. I'm extremely hungry." I said looking straight at Draco. He smirked at me as Mina disappeared around the corner.

I took a step towards him as he took two in my direction before wrapping his arms around my waist. I slung mine around his neck and leaned in.

Every time he kissed me it felt like we were both wired up to an electrical outlet. He was so good and he always left me wanting more, no matter how long our lips stayed connected.

His hands were never still for too long and soon enough they were roaming all over me; up and down my sides, across my back, down the side of my neck, over my arms. I had to stop him when my stomach rumbled loudly.

"I meant what I said when I told Mina she'd see me in there," I told him. It was so hard to stay determined to go eat with his icy blue eyes staring into mine. I had to look over his shoulder before I could finally manage to untwine myself from him and take his hand.

He led me into the Great Hall and to the Slytherin table. We sat in between Crab and Goyle who were stuffing their faces with ten of everything in sight. Draco's thumb was tracing patterns on the back of my hand as I ate. He was conversing with everyone around him as I talked to Blaise about our upcoming Quidditch match.

"There's not a chance that Gryffindor will beat us," he was saying. "And even on the off hand that they do, they'll have to beat us by at least 80 points if they want to take first for the Quidditch Cup." We were tied pretty evenly with Gryffinor right now for the Cup and Draco had been running the team dry with practices for the game. No way were we going to lose.

I soon lost track in what everyone else was saying. Draco was running his fingertips over my palm. He twiddled his fingers in the center of my hand, causing me to start giggling. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently they were talking about how some Slytherin kid had gone too close to the womping willow and broke his arm.

I closed my fist, catching Draco's fingers in my grasp. He didn't like that too much and instead laced our fingers together. I was staring off with a slight smile on my face as Draco and I played our games under the table so I didn't notice that Rachel was watching me with a questioning look on her face. She ducked down and looked under the table before saying, "You two should just go get a room! Save the rest of us the trouble of watching you two act all lovey-dovey in public."

"Actually we already have one and it gets used quite often thank you." Draco retorted. 

The guys let out "Ohhh!"s and the girls laughed. I let out a couple chuckles and playfully hit Draco in the arm. We'd never slept together.

Someone mentioned something about heading off to class and the rest of us took that as our cue. I sighed. I hated this part of the day; I had to go to my three most boring classes and I wouldn't see Draco until potions later in the day. We got up and he wound his arm around my waist as we walked to my class.

He kissed me at the door before turning and going off to his class. I bit my lip as I watched him go. Man that boy drove me crazy.

I let my stuff fall onto my table in potions. Care of Magical Creatures bored me to death. It wasn't so much that I hated Hagrid like the other Slytherins, I just found no excitement in that class at all. I spotted some of my friends and walked over to the desks they were gathered around and sat on the edge of the table as we talked.

I was talking to Blaise when he got this weird look on his face. No sooner had I noticed this change in expression when a pair of strong arms snaked around my waist.

"You have no idea how horrible life is without you." His whispered words tickled my ear. He planted kisses from my jaw line down my neck while I blushed wildly in front of the people around me.  Draco? No, I swear he thought we were the only two people on the planet.

"Oh Draco," I said a little embarrassed. I felt him smirk against my neck before he planted one last kiss. He swung a chair around beside me and slid me along the table top until I was seated in his lap. I rested my elbow on the edge of the desk as I listened to the conversation my friends were having. Draco's ever-restless hands were rubbing across my shoulders. He blew across my ear, making me twitch a little. I looked over my shoulder at him and he planted a quick kiss on my lips. I leaned in after he had pulled away, looking for more.

At that moment Snape came in and we all had to get to our assigned seats. He was giving a lecture on Wraiths all period and I frequently looked back at Draco. (I sat in the front while he sat four rows behind me and a little to my right.) We made faces at each other, laughing silently as they got more and more ridiculous until a tapping sound on my desk brought my attention back to the front of the room. Snape had been tapping his wand against my desk, telling me to turn around. Had I been anything but a Slytherin he would have stopped the entire lecture to give us a different speech on paying attention and a reward of detention. But instead, he didn't even pause in his sentence, just tapped my desk and walked away after I'd turned.

Once the period ended I was at Draco's desk in a flash. We walked side by side to the common room with me receiving envious glares from many of the Slytherin girls. Yep. I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world.

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