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Ariana Dumbledore - The Girl Who Was Murdered by SeverusSnape15
Chapter 1 : The Girl Who Was Murdered
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A/N: Hello all. I'm putting this at the beginning because I want to explain a few things. I've researched Ariana, and there's not very much on her. All we know is that she was petrified, and that she killed her mother on accident. She was killed when she was only 14, only a bit after her mother was killed. I tried hard to make Ariana real, but I don't know if I did so very well. Read on and see! :D


Ariana Dumbledore sat quietly on the couch, in the little house in Godric's Hollow. The only light in the house came from her eldest brother, Albus's wand. He seemed to have his head stuck in a thick book, his glasses slumping down his long nose.


Ariana whined, tugging her small knees to her chest. Her black hair was long against her thin shoulders, which were slumped down. She wondered where her mother was. She hadn't seen her mother since that night. Ariana didn't know, nor understand, that she had killed her mother, Kendra Dumbledore.


“Ari, come eat your supper,” Albus called to his younger sister. She gazed up at her brother through piercing blue eyes. Albus was beckoning for Ariana to sit at the table. “Come on! I don't have time for this!” Albus yelled, flipping a page in his large book.


Ariana whimpered as she stood to her feet, dragging herself over to her spot. “Aberforth,” she said as she sat down. The table shook a bit, for she couldn't control her powers.


“No, I'm not Aberforth. I'm Albus. He's at school,” Albus claimed, looking up from his book only for a moment to pat Ariana's back.


Ariana gazed at her soup, which Albus had bought instead of making. She wished that Aberforth was there, for he was much kinder to her than Albus. She didn't enjoy being with her eldest brother. He seemed to be more annoyed with her than anything else.


“Aberforth,” Ariana repeated, still staring down at her soup.


“No!” Albus yelled, slamming one of his hands against the table. Ariana took her spoon and began to take small bites of her soup, tears in her eyes. Albus didn't care about Ariana, she knew he didn't.


There was a loud knock at the door and Albus stood quickly, thrusting his book down onto the table, which shook in reply. He glanced around before going to the door. Silently, Ariana finished her soup. “More,” she called to Albus, whom was too busy with whomever was at the door to pay attention to her.


Ariana fumbled out of her chair to see what was taking her brother so long. The child's hair swayed along with her. She was quite beautiful. If she weren't traumatized, she'd have been in her fourth year at Hogwarts.


“Albus,” Ariana spoke, glancing around the corner. Flashes of light flew around outside. Ariana could make out only her brother by the color of his hair. She saw another boy, but knew not who he really was.


Frustrated by all of the magic, Ariana ran outside towards Albus and the other boy, whom were both battling. The girl whined, pushing at her brother's leg, irritation striking her. “No!” Ariana yelled. Albus ignored his younger sister, too concentrated on his battle.


Before Albus could make another move, Ariana jumped between the two boys, hoping to stop them from fighting. She screamed a few times before falling to the ground, hit by numerous spells shot by both Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. Another spell hit the girl, and then she was dead.


Ariana's lifeless body lay between Gellert and Albus. It was not known who shot the fatal spell to Ariana. She would never live to see the boy who lived, because she was Ariana Dumbledore, the girl who was murdered.

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Ariana Dumbledore - The Girl Who Was Murdered: The Girl Who Was Murdered


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