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Defenition of Love by ginny_weasley_54
Chapter 1 : Rose
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Rose had been told to stay away from Scorpius Malfoy from the day she first saw him when she was eleven and she had listened. That is until she was in her sixth year at Hogwarts when he suddenly took an interest in her.

Rose was the good girl, the bookworm who took after her mother but something about Scorpius made her lose her senses and throw caution to the wind. He made her blood boil. He made her want to laugh and cry at the same time. He made her feel like there was more to life than books and school. He made her life interesting.

It was a game, a game and nothing more. He chased her and she would let him get close enough to almost catch her before slipping through his fingers at the last possible moment and he did the same to her.

That night in late December was no different. Scorpius had dragged her away from her potions homework in the library and into a corridor on the third floor that was rarely used. His hands were on either side of her head trapping Rose between him and the wall. She stared straight into his eyes challenging him. He smirked down at her accepting her challenge and rested his head against her forehead. Rose’s eyes never blinked. She held his steady gaze with her own. She refused to let him win their game. He pressed his body against hers and gently brushed her lips with his. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart raced. Scorpius smirked in triumph.

“Why don’t you just give up, Rosie?” he asked. He ran his fingers through her wild mass of fiery red hair.

“I’m not going to let you win,” she whispered back to him once she found her breath again.

“You can’t beat me,” he replied. Rose could see his eyes sparkling in amusement like a thousand cold diamonds glittering in the sunlight.

It was Rose’s turn to smirk up at him. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him as close to her as possible. “You wanna bet?” she taunted.

“You won’t win, Rosie,” he warned her.

She kissed his neck softly. “You know what they say about playing with fire, Scorpius.” She muttered against his skin.

Rose smirked and kissed his neck again when it took him several minutes to find his voice and reply.

“I’m not the one who’s going to get burned,” he breathed in her ear like a dangerous secret. He buried his face in her hair. “You going to fall in love with me, Rose, I know you will even if you don’t believe me,” he whispered so softly that Rose wasn’t sure if she had heard him right.

Before she could ask him what he was talking about. His lips crashed against hers and before Rose could even respond he had pulled away and was strutting away from her. She leaned against the wall breathing heavily and watching him walk away with her eyebrows crinkled together in confusion. Right before he rounded the corner, Scorpius looked over his shoulder at Rose. He had never looked back before, never. Rose’s jaw almost dropped in surprise. Her heart skipped a beat at the unreadable emotions swirling in his diamond eyes. He flashed a sad sort of smile her way before disappearing into the night leaving Rose alone and confused.

Not once in the three months that they had been playing their game had either of them mentioned anything about love, even if they didn’t mean it. Love was off limits, it was impossible. Although their parents like to think that they had changed, the old prejudices still remained. Love between them would be suicide, they both knew that. So why was Scorpius talking about love when they had silently agreed never to mention it?

Rose sank to the floor. This was getting way too complicated for her. It was never supposed to go this far. She wasn’t supposed to want to be near Scorpius, a Malfoy. Her heart wasn’t supposed to beat out of control every time he kissed her. Her stomach wasn’t supposed to flip whenever their eyes met. Her skin wasn’t supposed to burn where he touched her.

She pulled her knees to her chest and buried her head in them. What was she doing? Why was she playing this game with him? It wasn’t like her to do something so dangerous and exciting. She knew she should stop it, she shouldn’t have even let it start, but she couldn’t. He was her drug. He was intoxicating and she couldn’t give him up, not for anything.

She groaned and bit her lip to keep herself from screaming. She had been perfectly happy playing their little game and ignoring her racing heart, burning skin, and butterflies in her stomach but then he had to ruin it all by bringing up love.

Rose sighed and decided not to think about it until she had to. Maybe she was overreacting. Maybe they were just words that didn’t mean anything but even she couldn’t convince herself of that lie.


Rose could feel Al’s eyes on her all during transfiguration but she ignored him. She knew that he knew that something was wrong because she wasn’t taking notes; Rose Weasley always took notes. He nudged her arm and she was finally forced to look over at him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her concerned.

She smiled. “Nothing. I’m fine.”

Al saw right through her lie and fake smile but dropped the subject. He knew Rose well enough to know that she wouldn’t tell him until she was ready.

Rose was the first one out the door when class ended. Al ran to catch up to her and grabbed her arm to keep her from running away from him.

“Please, Rose.” He begged. “What is going on?” he asked. Rose wouldn’t look him in the eye and that is how he knew that something was seriously wrong.

Over Al’s shoulder Rose caught sight of Scorpius staring intently at her with his piercing diamond eyes. He jerked his head almost imperceptively away from the crowd rushing to get to their next class.

Rose reached forward and hugged Al. “I’ll talk to you later, okay?” she said and without waiting for a reply rushed off in the direction she had just seen Scorpius disappear in.

She knew where he was going so she let her feet lead her to the familiar place that had become their spot in the castle. He was leaning up against the wall waiting for her when she got there. She dropped her bag on the floor beside his as he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. He pressed his lips to her nose and laughed softly when she stopped breathing for a moment.

“You’re infuriating,” she muttered.

“And you’re too stubborn to admit the truth.” He replied with a small smirk and a kiss on her jaw.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she squeaked.

Scorpius laughed because he knew she was lying through her teeth. She knew exactly what he was talking about; she knew him better than anybody. She could read him like an open book just as he could read her. It made it impossible to lie to each other. He ran his hand up her back making chills erupt down her spine.

“You’re a coward,” he whispered into her ear. Her whole body tensed. She hated being called a coward and he knew it. “You can’t even admit what you’re feeling. What kind of Gryffindor are you?”

Her nails dug into his skin and she was shaking in anger. He knew exactly what buttons to press to make her angry.

“Why do I have to say it if you already know?” she asked tensely as she tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he just pulled her closer.

“I want to hear it in your voice,” he replied seriously.

Rose stopped struggling and stared into his eyes. There was a seriousness in his voice that she rarely heard.

“I,” she paused and took a deep breath to calm her butterflies, “I quite possibly, might be, maybe in love with you,” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear with a seriousness that matched his.

A small grin spread across his face. “Was that so hard, Rosie?” he asked and then kissed her. It was a soft gentle kiss and Rose grinned against his lips.

That kiss said everything she needed to hear. He loved her back and suddenly their game didn’t matter anymore or their parents. It was just them and they were just two teenagers experiencing love for the first time.

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