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Honest Intentions by girly1393
Chapter 2 : You Don't Want This
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Hey there.

While writing this chapter, I had a revelation: this story is supposed to be humorous and light-hearted. It's supposed to be simple and straightforward. I was working really hard to make it in-depth and long, but I realized it's not.

So the chapters will be quick and easy, probably about a thousand words each, maybe more, maybe less. It's (hopefully) comical relief, and the more I try to write of that in a chapter, the worse it gets.

Sorry for the long author's note. By the way, I don't own any of this.

Happy reading.

You Don't Want This

"Prongs, this is a bad idea," Peter whispered as they slipped into the Sixth Year girls' dormitory.

"How bad can it be?" James asked, glancing quickly around the room in attempt to locate Lily's bed.

"Uh, she could find out we were up here and slay us all in our sleep?" he suggested quietly, his beady eyes trying to find a hint of one of the girls in the room.

The other three boys stopped and considered this.

"I hadn't thought of that one, mate," Sirius said, checking in a drawer. "Wow, this can't be Evans'!"

"Put that back!" Remus commanded. "We're here to leave balloons, not take her knickers!"

"But why not the extra incentive to try this again?" Sirius asked, grinning charmingly.

"Because Lily Evans will murder James, and you don't want that, do you?"

Sirius was distracted by the label inside and exclaimed, "This is Evans'!" Remus snatched them out of his hands and forcibly shoved them into the drawer as he closed it.

"You run all my fun, Moony!" Sirius whined.

Remus ignored his ridiculous friend and said to James, "Put the balloons down so we can get out of here before Lily comes back."

"Uh…yeah," James said intelligently and set down the balloons on the night table with a huge stack of books. It had to be hers, right? He began to second guess his plan when he had completed the mission, however, and urgently told his friends, "We've got to get out of here."

"Thank Merlin you see sense," Peter grumbled, and was the first one out the door. He didn't look back as he scampered down the stairs. His three friends stared at him oddly as they watched him run away from them.

"That was weird," Sirius finally said, making the crazy motion with his finger.

"Peter is weird, Sirius," James corrected and then impulsively shoved his friend down the stairs. Sirius was the one who had cast the spell, and his fall released it. Remus and James slid down the new slide after him, laughing. They piled onto each other at the bottom, laughing harder every second.

When they sat up, they realized how lucky they were that no one was in the common room to have seen them come down the girls' stairs. When she got worked up, Lily could get the Whomping Willow to freeze just by listening to her; she'd have no problem getting the Gryffindors to tell her who had put the balloons in her room.

Lily could be pretty intimidating, and that was the reason the four Gryffindor Sixth Years quickly started up a game of Exploding Snap, in order to throw her off the trail.

When the rest of the House returned from lunch, James watched intently for his favorite redhead. She sent a quick, soft glance his direction as she left her bag in the armchair next to Peter, and James' heart began to do somersaults.

His breath lodged in his throat a few moments later, when he caught a glimpse of the rainbow of balloons he had left in her room. He pretended to be thoroughly involved in the game when she walked right up to him, her hands clasped tightly around the strings.

"Thank you," she said with a small smile. She hesitated a few more seconds before adding with the same smile, "Five points from Gryffindor each, for going up the girls' stairs."

"I told you!" Peter cried, pointing at Sirius accusingly. Lily turned to him, and James risked a glance at her butt. Her head twitched slightly, which caused him to quickly look back up to her hair. He wondered if she was psychic.

"Oh, so you're admitting it?" she teased, her voice surprisingly gentle.

"Uh…" Peter shrunk a little, but he daringly sat back up and defied Lily. "No, I'm not."

Lily gave each of them a knowingly smile before swinging her bag over her body and departing the common room, balloons still in tow.

"What was that, Pete! That was so impressive!" Sirius shouted. "I was about to grovel at her feet for forgiveness and you just stood up to her."

"She wasn't mad," Peter shrugged. "She took points on principle, but it was only twenty altogether."

Remus suddenly cried out in pain as a burst of flames and smoke erupted.

"Oops," James said in a small voice, causing Sirius to burst into uncontrollable laughter. Peter joined in, and it didn't take long for James to chuckle. Remus, after his face relaxed from the contorted expression the pain had caused, laughed a bit, too. Soon they were unable to breathe as it dawned on them what had happened.

They had escaped Lily's wrath and managed to deliver James' balloons.

James, trying to breathe, attempted to smile, his heart aglow with the look Lily had given him. Maybe he had a shot after all…

Please review, I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll try to get another one up soon. I've got a story cycle going, and as long as the queue stays down, it should be about ten days before the next one.

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