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Safehouse,Horses,Music by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 1 : Safehouse:Next Stop
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**I do NOT own anything in this story. Unless noted. All characters are owned by J.K. Rowling .**

Safe House
Of all houses he could go to he had to get sent to her’s. The one person he couldn’t stand with every fiber in his body. The one girl that could drive him up a wall. Hermione Granger had to be the one. The one that gave him a safe house from Death eaters. After that war the remaining Death eaters that weren’t caught were on a hunt for Draco. Seeing how he turned on the Dark Lord at the last minute. He had saved the few people that were locked up by the Death eaters. He was caught and ever since had a price on his head from his own father. His mother begged and begged him to go to a safe house. After two months he finally agreed and talked to an Order member. Who in the end placed him with Hermione Granger.

“Mother, please don’t make me go to Granger’s house.” He had begged his mother for the last week of him being in his own house.

“Draco sweetie, remember why we are doing this for you. To keep you safe from others.” She said in her sweet beautiful motherly voice. “Now remember the Grangers will meet you at the train station. You are to behave yourself Draco. No causing trouble please. These people were kind enough to let you stay at their house.”

“Yes mother. As long as you will promise me that you will keep yourself safe also. Lucius will come after you to get to me.”

“Draco you know very well I do not fear your father.” She simply said, “Now you go ahead. Go catch your train. Be very careful my dear. I’ll try and come by.”
Draco nodded grabbed his bags and took off quickly but quietly out the door and disappeared.

After the long train ride to meet his new house mates Draco could seem to find them anywhere on the platform. He walked over to the big clock by the stairs and looked up. His train was on time. Not neither late nor early. He looked around lost. He had never been in the muggle world before. He turned around and bumped into a girl standing close by. He jumped back and got a good look at her. Slim body figure great curves. The girl wore a black shirt with skinny jeans and a pair of high highs. He looked up at the girl’s face and seen Hermione Granger smiling at him.

“Why hello there Draco.” She said.

“Granger, my how you changed.” Draco smirked.

“Wow no insults from the great Draco Malfoy.” She said taking his bag.
Draco followed her over to a black car with tinted windows. He got in after Hermione.

“Put your seatbelt on.” She said.
Draco gave her a dumbfounded look and she sighed heavily. She reached over him and pulled his seatbelt down and buckled it. Draco smiled a thanks and Hermione just rolled her eyes.

“This is going to be a long visit.” She muttered under her breath while pulling out.

**This is a short chapter I know chapter two will be longer. **

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Safehouse,Horses,Music: Safehouse:Next Stop


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