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Sirius and Harry by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 5 : The Magic
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Four adults walked into the room and sat behind the kids like Sirius had done.  Harry was looking very nervous so Sirius changed into his dog form again and jumped up on the bed behind Harry.  Harry relaxed some and leaned against Sirius.

“Hi, I’m Molly Weasley and this is my husband Arthur.  You’ve already met all our kids.”

“Very nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said quietly, Mr. Weasley nodded at him.

“This gentleman is Professor Dumbledore,” Molly said, “and that one is Remus Lupin.”

“Very nice to meet you sirs.”  Harry said, the two men nodded at him too.

Everyone was chatting comfortably when Harry cocked his head, “Professor Dumbledore?”

Albus looked at him, “Yes Harry.”

“What does professor mean?” Harry asked.

“A professor is someone who teaches students.” Albus said.

“What grade do you teach?” Harry grimaced, he hadn’t had good luck with teacher so far.

“I don’t teach a grade like at your school.” Albus said, “I actually run a school for wizards.  You’ll be able to go when you’re old enough.”

“A wizard school?  What would I have to learn?” Harry was confused.

“We teach you how to use your magic.” Albus smiled, “So you don’t use it on accident anymore, that’s what is happening when weird things happen around you.”

“Then I need to go now.” Harry said, “I have a lot of weird things that happen around me.”

“What kinds of things?” Albus asked.

Harry scratched his head, “My teachers hair turned blue.  Once when I was running from Dudley I ended up on the roof.  When my Aunt cuts my hair its always back to normal by the time I wake up.  And sometimes when my Uncle hits me the hurts are all gone over night.  When Dudley breaks a toy and gives it to me it sometimes gets repaired while it’s in my cupboard.”

Albus was struggling to hide a smile when he said, “Yes those are all instances of accidental magic.  This cupboard is that where you keep your toys?”

“Everything is in the cupboard, toys, clothes and bed.” Harry nodded.

“Oh so it’s your bedroom?” Albus sobered, “Well Harry I hate to leave such splendid company but I have some business to attend to.  I will come by and visit again alright?”

“Yes sir that would be nice.” Harry said, “I’ve enjoyed talking to you too.”

“Healer O’Neal,” Albus said, “I give my permission for Harry to go with Sirius when he is released.”

Sirius jumped off the bed and changed back to his human form, “Harry I’m just going to see the Professor out, I’ll be right back.”

Harry watched Sirius closely until he left, then he watched the door nervously. Remus asked, “Are you ok Harry?”

“He’ll be back right.” Harry said, “And he’s going to take me home with him and I won’t have to go back to my Aunt and Uncle right?”

“One of us will always be wherever you are.” Remus replied.

Harry relaxed some but kept staring anxiously at the door.

Sirius caught up with Albus outside the door, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to check his living arrangements and speak with his relatives.” Albus grimaced.

“I’m going to throw your own advice back at you.” Sirius said, “Harry’s going to need you to teach him, don’t do anything that will leave him without your help.”

“Thank you for reminding me of my obligations.” Albus sighed, “I will endeavor to be polite and I’ll be taking Alastor with me just in case.”

“Ok, I’m going back to Harry now.” Sirius chuckled, “We’ll see you soon.”Harry finally relaxed completely when Sirius returned.

“Can I talk to you four over here?” They moved out of earshot and the Healer said, ”I have a lot of evidence of abuse here.  I had to use skele-gro to get his arm to mend.  That means that spot on his arm has been broken several times and repaired magically.  I know Dumbledore is taking him away from his relatives but that won’t heal the mental abuse that went along with all the physical abuse.  I want him to see a mind healer.”

“I already noticed he’s going to have abandonment issues.” Remus said, “When Sirius left to talk to Albus, Harry was very tense.  He only relaxed when Sirius came back in.”

“Yes, he will be very clingy for a while.” Healer O’Neal said, “But the good news is he’s young enough that he can be healed.  Children have amazing recuperative powers.”

“How much longer does he need to stay here?” Sirius asked.

“Physically he’s nearly ready to leave.” The healer said, “I don’t want to keep him here too long.  The longer he’s here the more likely someone will try to sneak in.  Aurors are here watching but I want him safely out, for his mental health.  If a reporter was to come in and start asking question there is no telling how much damage they could do.  Now we just need to test his ability to walk and hold his balance and if he does well you can take him home.”

“I just got out yesterday.” Sirius said, “I don’t have a place to take him yet.”

“You both can come home with us until you find a place,” Arthur said, “and there is no hurry to find one.  Being with us might help him heal faster.  You’ll be there and if you have to leave the kids will keep him company.”

“Thanks Arthur,” Sirius smiled, “I can’t imagine a better place for us to both heal.”

“Ok let me do the tests and we’ll see how he’s doing.”  The Healer turned to Harry, “I need to do a few more tests Harry are you up for that?”

“What are they?” Harry asked timidly.

“You see this blue line on the floor?” He said, “I want you to walk on it.”

Sirius helped Harry out of the bed and over to the blue line.  He let go of him but stayed close.  Harry was a bit wobbly at first but in no time he was walking the line and back. 

“Now can you stand just on you right foot?” The healer said, “Good now just your left.  Good touch your nose with your right hand.  Good now your left.  Now bend over and touch your toes.  Excellent you are in good physical health.  You no longer need to stay at the Hospital.  You will be going home with Sirius as soon as you’re ready.”

“I’m ready.” Harry’s smile lit up the room.

“You want to get out of those hospital clothes?” Harry nodded and Sirius said, “ We haven’t been able to get any of your clothes yet but we have some of Ron’s old ones to get you by for a while.  You can go into the loo to change, do you want me to help you?”

“No, I can do it.  Thank you.”  Harry took the bag of clothes and went to change.  When he exited he said, “Wow, these are the nicest clothes I’ve ever had.  Dudley’s were never this nice.“

Sirius didn’t think he wanted to know what that comment meant, “Now Harry there is a very famous person here in the hospital recovering from some injuries.  There are a lot of photographers and reporters in the waiting area.  Mr. Weasley is going to change our hair to red so we can get by them.”

“Why do I have to change my hair?” Harry asked, “I’m not famous.”

“Well this famous person has black hair,” Sirius said, “and I don’t want them to mob us because we have black hair.”

“Ok, will it hurt?” Harry asked.

“Not a bit. Ready?”  Harry nodded and  Arthur changed Sirius’ and then Harry’s hair.

“Ok everyone lets go,” Molly said, “come here Ginny I’ll carry you.”

“But I want Siwius.” Ginny pouted.

“But Sirius is carrying Harry.” Molly said.

“I can walk.” Harry said, “I just showed the healer.”

“I know dear,” Molly said, “but it’s so crowded you could get lost.  And we don’t want to lose you.”

“Could you carry me so Sirius can carry Ginny?” Harry asked.

“Of course, come on.”  Arthur picked up Ron and Percy walked with him.  Molly had Harry, with Fred and George, and Sirius had Ginny, with Bill and Charlie.  They left the room and walked to the lift, then took it to the first floor and exited to the mad crush in the waiting area.  Remus had left first and was waiting for them outside.

When they got out Molly noticed Harry was shivering, “Are you ok dear?”

Harry said in a very small voice, “So many people.”

Arthur hailed the Knight Bus and they all climbed aboard, Sirius said, “The ride can be a bit rough just remember we won’t crash the magic won’t let us.”  And with a bang the Knight Bus took off. 

Harry was very scared but he tried not to show it.  Sirius had said it wouldn’t crash and he believed him.  Harry sat on Molly’s lap and watched the cars the bus was passing.  After several near misses Harry asked, “Sirius were my Mum and Dad magical?”

“Yes,” Sirius said, “they were very good.”

“Then how come the magic didn’t stop their crash?” Harry was confused.

“What do you mean Harry?” Sirius asked.

“Aunt Petunia said my parents died in a car crash.” Harry said, “Why didn’t their magic stop it?”

“They didn’t die in a car crash.” Sirius said, “They were hurt by a very bad man.”

“Oh.” Harry said, and he continued to watch the world fly by.  Soon the bus was stopping at the Burrow and they all climbed out.

“Now Harry this is a magical household.” Sirius said, “You’ll see a lot of magic in use so don’t be scared ok.”

Harry smiled and said, “Ok.”

They reached the house and Sirius showed Harry around.  Harry couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Dishes were washing themselves and food that Mrs. Weasley would server for dinner was stirring it’s self.  Sirius showed Harry the first floor but before they could head up the stairs the boys all ran outside to play quidditch.  Harry wanted to go outside too.

“Now Harry, Healer O’Neal said you’ll need to rest for a couple of days before you start playing outside with the other kids,” Sirius said, “we can go watch but no riding on a broom until the Healer says so.”

They watched the older boys play but Ron and Ginny sat with Harry.  An hour later they were called to dinner.  After dinner Sirius finished showing Harry the house.  They ended up in Bill’s room, “This is where we’ll be sleeping.”  It was late by that time so Sirius and Harry went to bed.  It had been a long couple of days. 

The next morning Sirius woke Harry up and helped him get ready for the day.  They were almost ready when Remus yelled from the kitchen, “Padfoot come on food.”

“What did he say?” Harry asked.

Sirius picked up Harry and started for the kitchen, “He said Padfoot come on food.”

“What’s a padfoot.” Harry asked.

“It’s my nickname.” Sirius chuckled, “Because I can turn into a dog.  Dogs have pads on their paws.”

“What’s taking so long?” Remus yelled again.

“Hold your horses Moony, we’re almost there.” Sirius yelled back, then quieter he said to Harry, “Moony or Remus as you know him, gets grumpy if he doesn’t get fed often enough.”

“I do not.” Remus said.

Harry laughed.  Sirius loved the sound of Harry’s laugh and vowed to make him laugh every day.  Of course it would probably be at Moony’s expense.  When they reached the kitchen Remus said, “Finally.  I thought you had gotten lost.  I was going to advise you to have Snuffles lead you.”

“Moony, who’s Snuffles?” Harry asked.

“It’s the name we gave Sirius’ dog form.” Remus smiled, “When we were at school he would sometimes walk around as a dog when other students were around.  To get his attention we didn’t want to yell Sirius or Padfoot, because everyone knew him with those names.  We chose Snuffles because of the sound his nose makes when he’s tracking and no one would link Sirius to Snuffles.”

Harry and Ginny had to share a chair, because all the other chairs were full, they were the smallest and would fit.  Once everyone was eating Arthur said, “Sirius, Albus reminded me that we need to get you to Gringotts.  He also said you should try to call your family house elf.” 

“I’ll do that later,” Sirius said, “I’m not ready to face that possibility during breakfast.”

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