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Sugar Free Sweets by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 5 : Incredibly Talkative Portraits
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Disclaimer; Melissa and Lauren that is all that is mine. The rest is J.K’s, Thank you for reading.


An hour later both Lauren and the Marauders had grudgingly left to eat dinner and the Hospital Wing was quiet once again, with the occasional noise from the clatter of knives and forks. As Melissa swallowed a mouthful of mashed potato she stared over at Remus, “Hey” She smiled, and he replied with a slightly odd tone in his voice. “I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but I was wondering as to why you’re in here” Remus paled remarkably for a minute before he regained his composure.


“It’s fine Melissa besides it’s only fair since I know why you’re here. I was attacked by an animal the other night- They don’t know what kind, just that it had claws and sharp teeth. I think that’s pretty obvious though” Melissa knitted her eyebrows together in worry.


“You’re alright though?” Remus nodded. “I won’t tell Lauren if you don’t want her to know, I’ll make up some excuse for you”


“Do you mind?” Remus asked meekly, “I did the same thing for my friends. I figured you wouldn’t want the whole school knowing and let’s face it that’s what would happen if they knew” Both of them laughed although Melissa, a little more confused than Remus.


He hadn’t told his friends, the friends he told everything- or at least that’s what the whole of Hogwarts thought, He’d never told them about her diabetes. She looked over at him as he went back to finishing off his dinner. She really couldn’t believe it, as possible reasons as to why flashed through her brain she took another mouthful of potato. He’d stated the reason why hadn’t he, it was for her privacy but for some reason the little Lauren part of her brain was nagging her that there was something more. She tried to dismiss this thought but it stayed in the back of her brain for the rest of the night.



“Bet your excited to go back to your dormitory and sleep in your own bed, eh Melissa?” Remus asked as Melissa packed away her few belongings the next morning.


“I suppose so, I don’t really talk to any of the other girls in my dorm room- except Lauren that is, but I’ll be glad to spend some more time with her” Melissa chuckled, “What about you? When do you get out?”


“Tomorrow hopefully, although Madam Pomfrey isn’t sure the scars will heal for at least a couple of months” Melissa frowned.


“Oh well, it gives you character in a way, I think. Besides apparently scars get women” Remus smiled, “That’s what my grandfather used to tell me anyway, always said it was how he won my third grandmother over” Remus chuckled.


“You’ve had three grandmothers?” He said in slight disbelief.


“Oh no, that was when I was eight. I’ve had another five now” Melissa shrugged her shoulders. “Every time he has a different story as to how he won them over, I used to think they were cute but they’ve just gotten ridiculous. I except the next one will be about how he won her over with his lack of memory” Both teenagers laughed, as Melissa folded up her last t-shirt.


“I suppose I should be off, Madam Pomfrey had already dismissed me” Remus smiled. “I’ll come back and see you tomorrow maybe? If you’re not out that is”


“I’d like that” He grinned and Melissa threw the duffel bag Madam Pomfrey had given her, over her shoulder and began to walk towards the door. “Hope you can make it out there, it’s scary…Be warned!” Melissa laughed and opened the Hospital Wing door.


“Okay, well Bye Remus” She said, nervously shuffling her feet at the ground.


“See you Melissa” He replied as Melissa turned and stepped into the hallway. With a deep breath, she made her way down the corridor and towards the Hufflepuff Common Room. In her desperate need to slow down her trip, Melissa stopped by as many portraits as she could and started conversations about absolutely anything with them. Some loved having a real living person to talk to while others stared at Melissa and asked her why she was even bothering to talk to them; she supposed they thought she was a little mental. Eventually she pulled herself away from some incredibly talkative portrait that was determined on giving her, his entire life story.


Melissa walked towards a rotten old tapestry, from what she’d heard it was accidently placed there a few centuries back and they’d never thought to get rid of it. Melissa’s eyes set of the familiar set of two suits of armour, standing perfectly still beside each other in their shining silver. She paused in front of them, and said as clearly as she could.


“Spattergroit” The two knights sprung apart and a door materialised from behind them. Melissa smiled to herself; she’d always loved the entrance to the Common Room, no matter how bad her day was-she could always feel her heart beating when the door appeared in front of her. Stepping into the bustling Common Room, she headed up to her dormitory where she began to unpack her stuff.


“Liss Bliss, you’re back!”  Melissa laughed at her best friends nickname for her and hugged Lauren tightly. “I’m so glad you’re back, I swear I never noticed how much the girls in here are like vultures!”


“Oh, I’ve missed you Lauz”


Authors Note; EEEP! *ducks sharp quills that are being thrown at her* I’m sorry it’s so bad, and I can feel the glares aimed at me for the length and lack of plot in this chapter but I have a reason this time, a good one, I really do.


You see, my twin sister who is basically my real life Lauren is well…in China and took my muse with her, I know…evil, evil muse. But never fear, I’ve bought a leash for when it returns and it’ll soon be tied out back with my dog. Let’s just hope my dog doesn’t get hungry.


Anyway, I’m rambling and I’m not quite sure why so on that note I will try and update super speedy, on something…Oh and thoughts about the entrance to the Hufflepuff Common Room?

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Sugar Free Sweets: Incredibly Talkative Portraits


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