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Hair Brained Schemes by Owlpost68
Chapter 3 : Just Laugh
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A/N: First, I'd like to thank all of my readers and reviewers for reading this story. This has a bit of a reference to my novel What Means Most and my short story With Sirius Black, please check them out if you're interested :) Here's the last chapter. And like the title of it says, Just laugh. I really hope you do. Enjoy! and please Review :)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize. Quotes belong to The Killers, and Simple Plan.


George's POV

“George! Just the one I'm looking for. I'm sorry I can't chat long, but I want to ask you something.”

I whip my head around nearly getting whip-lash. “Andromeda? What?” Boy, am I articulate today.

“I didn't think I'd have to ask you, but would you and your friend there please look after Teddy today? Everyone else is busy.”

“Well, I dunno...”

“Of coarse we don't mind. But where is everyone?” Is this girl mad? Sure I'm funny, and might be then good with kids, but that was before... well, it's been a while.

“Wait, Angelina...”

Andromeda didn't seem to be paying attention to me though. “Oh, Arthur's watching Sirius James while Harry's friend Cora Black went with Ginny and Molly. Harry was supposed to watch him but he just got called in to help Kingsley deal with the Gringotts matter and floo'd he couldn't make it. Bill and Fleur can't watch him because they're all away on Honeymoon in France since, they didn't really get one last year. Percy's working, Charlie's back in Romania, and Ron and Hermione are in Australia. I'd tell you more, but I really am in a hurry.”

“Is Teddy coming here? Or would you like us over there?” I asked. I know defeat when I see it.

“Oh, you're such dears. It would be best if you could pop over here since all you need for him is over here already.”

“We'll be over in a minute then."

“Thank you lovelies!” With a whoosh of fire she was gone.

“Oh, Merlin, I don't know about this.”

“George, we'll be fine. Plus, who else was she going to go to? You do know where she lives right? Do we need to bring anything do you think?”

“No, she said everything we needed was there. Come on, lets go outside, I'll apparate us from there.” I'm dragging my feet as we go. I know I've been pretty careless at school, but that was because I didn't have to take care of anyone besides me. This is totally different here.

“George come on, don't worry, I wouldn't have agreed for both of us to go if I didn't know something about taking care of a kid. I have a really little cousin. I've babysat him loads of times ok?”

I breathed a sigh of relief. Whew, I thought this kid was going to be stuck with a guy who didn't even know how to hold him. Mum never let me hold Ginny when she was a baby because she'd swear that we'd drop her.

“How do you know what I'm thinking all the time?”

“I may have known Fred better than I know you George, but I still know you.” With that she grabbed my hand and looked at me expectantly. I blink at her blunt delivery, but spun us around and apparated to Andromeda's.

Andromeda was already outside to meet us with Teddy in his trolley. “I usually walk him around the park that's just around the corner around now so, I thought I'd get him ready for you two to do it. It's just lovely you're doing this. Some friends of mine are just coming back from hiding. They were a bit injured and couldn't return straight away. It will be so good to see them again. We'll be going out to a nice place to eat to catch up. Sunset Wood is the place in case you need me.” She gave us both pecks on the cheeks, turned back to Teddy to lean down to kiss him, “Thank you loves!” With a pop she was gone.

“Waaaaaaaaaa!” Cries Teddy. My first reaction? Cover ears. Angelina's reaction? Rush towards noise.

“Ohhh, what's wrong little boy? You're so adorable. Do you want to go for a walk around the park? Ok lets go.”

Incredibly he stopped crying, and started making what I suppose would be happy gurgle-y noises. Hmm, who would have thought? I stared in wonder...

“Are you coming?”

“Oh, right yeah.” I walked on the other side of the trolley and looked over at him. He was holding a little stuffed wolf... If you count sucking on its nose holding. He's looking up at me, then to Angelina.

“BURP” his hair turned red, and his eyes went brown.

That, and the look he has while sucking on his toy got me laughing harder than I had in ages.

Angelina stopped walking, and stared at me. I kept laughing. The look on her face was priceless. Then she starts laughing too. Oh, it feels so good to do again. That's when I remember the song playing on the wireless earlier today.

"I'll try to think about the last time, I had a good time."
Come to think of it, I don't think I do. I remember good times, but I don't know which was the last one. I'm glad I have this time though. The good time I wasn't expecting to have. We're finally calming down, and I notice that we're in the park and people are staring. That keeps the smile on my face. It feels normal again. I always had people staring for some reason or other.

“Oh Merlin, I haven't laughed like that in so long. I can't even remember” She said.

“I know. It's been way too long. Fred would never forgive me.”

“Do you think you've finally snapped out of it then?” She asked, as she starts walking again.

“I doubt completely, but enough to start laughing again. If I stick with this little guy I'm bound to have a few more laughs.” I said smiling.

“Well, I just might too then. You're laugh is pretty contagious.” I looked over at her, surprised to hear how sweet that sounded. It's not like I haven't gotten a compliment before, but I wasn't expecting it now that's for sure. She had a soft smile on her face.

“What are you smiling about?”

“What? Oh, I guess I'm just happy that you got to laugh so hard from someone as little as Teddy. You've been so down lately, I wasn't sure when you'd ever laugh. I'm glad I was here for the first laugh you've had in a while.”

That made me grin. I think the laughing snapped me out of it enough that I'm not confused by all her efforts to help me anymore. She's simply being there for a friend.

“Thanks Angelina. I'm sorry I didn't say it before, but I was still reeling and confused I guess. I wasn't expecting you to want to help. But thank you. You're right, I really need this.” I threw my arm around her shoulder for a hug as we walked. She leaned in to me and returned it by putting her arm around my waist.

“I think I need this as much as you do you know. Whether you know it or not, you're helping me by just being yourself.”

“Really? Being myself lately hasn't exactly been cheery.”

“No, but you're still someone who will listens when you need to. You're even someone who can help to take my mind off things. Maybe not completely... Not like I forget about things, but I feel more comfortable thinking them with you. I know you think about them too. You understand what I talk about more than other people.”

I thought about that, and we fall into a comfortable silence... Until Teddy woke up from his nap he was having while we talked. It's not silent anymore... Not until Angelina took her arm from around my waist did I realize that we had been walking like that the whole time. I feel my face getting red... Damn Weasley blush. That's not manly. Luckily Angelina is busying herself with Teddy...

“George, can you hold him for a sec? I need to get his bottle, I think he's hungry.”

“Um, I don't think that's a good idea. Why don't you just tell me where his bottle is.”

“Alright, but don't think you're getting off this easy. When we're back at Mrs. Tonks house I'm going to teach you how to hold him. His bottle is in the pouch on the left.”

I grabbed it, wanting him to stop crying. He sure has a set of pipes on him.

We walked back to the house since it was getting late. Teddy had fallen asleep again on the way back, but now he was up and crying harder than ever.


“Why does he have to be so loud?! I mean, we're right here!” I yelled over the noise.

“I expect he needs a changing. Hand me his nappies please? It looks like they're over on the shelf there.”

I waved my wand, handed them to her and said, “Here, I'm going to wait out in the living room, no way am I being around for this.”

I hear her laugh lightly as I leave. It's a pretty sound. Plus, her eyes seem to twinkle when she...


This isn't right. This is Freds girl. What the bloody hell am I thinking?! I put my face in my hands as I sit on the couch.

“George? Are you alright?”

“What? Oh, sure, just tired I guess.”

“Well so is Teddy luckily. He must have been busy before we got here to be this tired. Here, since you're on the couch, you hold him while I get us some tea. 'Kay? Then we can talk or something.”


“George, you're holding him. What are you going to do when you have your own?”

That had me floundering. I'd never thought about it. It never seemed like something I'd do.

“Here, hold your arms like mine. Good.”

She put him right where he'd fit. I was now amazed that it didn't even seem awkward. I'm still not getting up with him that's for sure.

“Alright, I'll go get the tea.”

Looking down at him, I started thinking all kinds of things. It was almost like fireworks the way all the thoughts came to me. They all started with me and Angelina. Then there were a couple kids in the picture. I was stunned. Everything that happened today was like my own fireworks display. Could I maybe have another destiny having a family? I didn't expect anything to turn out the way I thought they were going to today. Just as I didn't know how running from Hogwarts was going to end up. Fred did. He was always more confident. When I asked him if he thought we were doing the right thing; he always quoted his favorite line from his favorite song and said, “Destiny is calling.” I'd always counter, what about the part “It's just the price I pay”? That would always make him quiet. I'm starting to figure it all out for myself though I guess.

“Here you go. I'll put Teddy in the crib.”

I give the him an extra light hug, so he wouldn't wake up, and let Angelina take him. “G'night buddy.” I said softly.

Angelina's POV

A soft smile came to my face. He really is great with Teddy. I knew he would be, I couldn't let him go on thinking he couldn't be. I took him from George, and put him to bed.

I think I could get used to this. Being kinda mothering to this little guy... MOTHER! Merlin, my mother must be worried by now.

A patronus should do it. I tell her I could be out all night, and don't know when Mrs. Tonks is getting back. Alright. Crisis averted. Whew.

When I walk back in the room, George is looking happier than I've seen him in ages.

“Well, I think that Mrs. Tonks Flooing had to be the best thing for you today.”

“It wouldn't have been if you weren't around. I never would have agreed otherwise.” He said yawning. He laid back on the couch, and looks up at me from there.

"You look really tired too, why don't you sit down and relax a little?" He patted the seat next to him.

I yawned next. Now that I think of it, I'm exhausted. "I think this yawning is contagious." I sit down, and notice he absently puts his arm behind me.

Little fireworks go off in my head. Other people have warning bells, I have fireworks. I think it's from how many times I see them and have significant events tied to them. Although, this particular event isn't at all the same. I don't even have the energy to figure out what I'm feeling right now. I'm comfortable, and relaxed.


Some time later I hear rustling, and open my eyes. I sit up, and look around. The lights are out, and so is George, who I apparently was using as a pillow.

Being very quiet, I get up and try not to wake up George.


I rush into Teddy's room to make sure he's ok. When I got there though, Mrs. Tonks already had a bottle for him.

"Well that would explain why the lights were out. I can't believe we didn't hear you come in."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I got back quite late. I would have been surprised if you two hadn't fallen asleep."

"Yes, but I didn't mean to leave the tea out, and..."

"It was no trouble. I took care of it. You should stay the night as well. Would you like the spare room or would you like the couch better?" She asked with a mischeivous twinkle in her eye.

"Oh, we're just mates Mrs. Tonks. We'd never..."

"I know dear."

"But I think I will just go back to the couch" I said blushing. "Not because he's there, but 'cause I'm too tired to find where the spare room is."

"Of course. Well, if you two have work tomorrow I suggest you get to sleep. When do you have to be there?"

"Oh, the store is closed Sundays. We don't have to be anywhere. But if you have somewhere to be with Teddy, feel free to boot us out whenever."

"Now how could I do that when you took such good care of Teddy while I was gone, and on such short notice? No, you go back to sleep love. Good night."

"Good night Mrs. Tonks."

Smiling, I quietly sit back on the couch with George.Subconsciously, he hugged me closer to him. I guess I didn't have to worry about waking him up if he slept through Teddy's crying.

I can't help but think of how I felt earlier when he put his arm around me. How the fireworks went off. Ok, what is that about? Usually whenever I think about fireworks something important happens. It makes me think of Destiny, and that line that Fred gave that won't leave my head.

Destiny. That's what it felt like.

I shake my head. No way, it's way too soon for that kind of thought. But then again, destiny isn't something that waits for anyone or anything. That's part of the price you pay...

Although. I've never felt this content before in my life probably.

I guess we'll see what happens soon enough. Not tonight though. I'm too comfy.

A/N: The End... maybe... their story will continue in What Means Most. Please Review, I'd love to know you're thoughts. Thank you so much for reading! This was so much fun! And special thanks to all my Challenge Hosts. I loved doing this, so much fun!

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