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Until my heart stops singing by magicpuffle
Chapter 1 : HELLO LONDON
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"ok Kitty Kat, you’re on in 5...4...3...2..."

I ran on to the stage. The screams from the crowd hit me knocking me back a few steps. The adrenalin was pulsing through my veins faster than ever before. I was in London- The O2 Arena!!!! This was my biggest live performance. I'm only 14, and I’m performing LIVE in front of around 5 million people in the audience and on TV. If you had asked me three years ago, that by posting a video of myself singing a song I had written during Astronomy, it would have made me an international super star... I would have told you to go and see a doctor.

The crowd were chanting my name at a steady beat.

"Kitty Kat! Kitty Kat! Kitty Kat!" To be honest I preferred my stage name a lot more than Melody. My Mum and Dad called me Melody because they're both musical too. Apparently I am their melody...Yet Melody sounds so... so... calm and smooth. I'm everything but calm and smooth. I mean, I stay up for hours past midnight performing, going to Oscars, red carpet and parties and that’s just my night life. During the day there are photo shoots, interviews, recording, song writing, a few performances and SCHOOL!

Yeah I go to school, just like every other child out there. Although unlike all the other kids, I’m a witch. Not the kind you see at Halloween, you know with the warts and everything; in fact I'm very lucky and have no spots- but I go to a school called Hogwarts where they teach us how to do magic. I bet your sitting at your computer now thinking I'm a complete freak but its true and I know things you could never dream of. No, I’m not high on drugs. No, I’m not drunk. My mum is far too strict on stuff like that. There’s kind of an alarm that goes of whenever I go near anything that could damage me.


"Kitty Kat! Kitty Kat!" The crowd continued.


"Hello, LONDON!" I shouted into my mic. An uproar went through the crowd. Smiling slightly at the pleasure and enjoyment I could give to so many people, I made my way to the centre of the stage.


"ARE YOU ALL ENJOYING YOURSELVES TONIGHT?" I asked, once again my ear drums rang with the screams.


"NOW, I WOULD LIKE TO DETICATE THIS FIRST SONG TO ALL THOSE BROKEN HEARTED GIRLS OUT THERE" I smiled, nodding to the drummer behind me. He hit the base and my song began. Mark, the keyboard player, played the notes I had once written down in the school Library perfectly. My lead guitarist, Steve, had spent a whole month teaching me guitar so I could write his music whilst at school. I had a few random backing singers that my manager Chris organises but I never have the same once, so I don’t usually have time to get to know them well enough! I have one main dancer, who has danced for me on both of my tours over the summer and at most of my concerts. Sam is actually AMAZING. He is kind of me best friend when I’m not at school. Even at school I write him regular letters, keeping him updated. He goes to school too and turned 15 three weeks ago, but he’s a muggle and can't know about Hogwarts.


That’s the issue with being a witch and a rock star. My magic friends can’t know I’m Kitty Kat and my fans can’t know I’m Melody. The only people who do know are my parents, Hogwarts’ head teacher- Dumbledore, my manager and Leona- my best friend. Oh and most probably the government because I doubt they have me down as two different people on their records.


“And if you ever, ever, ever. Think of doing it again. You know I’ll never....never... never. Be yours to..... CLAIIIIIIMMMMMMMM” I sang. My last note hitting high up in the third octave. Once again the crowd went crazy. I cheered along with them before quickly dashing backstage for my new outfit, water and makeup.


I saw Sam from the corner of my eye praising his fellow dancer partners before heading over to join me. He was so sweet.


“Well done Kit” he smirked wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “You did really well out there!”

“Thanks Sam, I loved your dance, have you added some extra steps into it?” I grinned back.

“You noticed????” he glanced at me in disbelief. Of course I noticed, I always notice him.

“Yeah, seeing as we have performed every week over the summer holidays- I would have noticed if you were three steps further to my right on the second chorus” I giggled as the corners of his lips began to curl up. Sam gave me a little hug before running back to the dancers. His floppy brown hair was quite long and feathered around his face. It wasn’t quite a beiber hair cut, however it was getting there. The thin black shirt he was wearing showed all of his muscles and SIX PACK that came from hours of training each day. Like always he was wearing dark jeans and black converses.



“Close your eyes Kit” ordered a woman who was reapplying my makeup. Joana always did my makeup and hair, and she always made a beautiful job out of it. Although you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her. Once, at the beginning of my career, a fan entered my tent while I was having my hair done and Joana ended up hitting him around the head with the hair dryer because he wouldn’t leave!

I quickly shimmied into another outfit and ran back on to stage for my next song. This continued for the whole evening. The last song I sang is the latest one on my album and currently my favourite. I called it “You are my Melody” It’s not like the rest of my songs about breakups and makeup, this one is something a motherly figure would sing to her child. Or something along those lines. I wrote it in the Easter when my hen had a few chicks. I fell in love with them instantly and became just like they’re mother.


“My world is in your eyes. What a beautiful world I see. My world is in my arms. Where you lay to rest. My world is in my song. You are my Melody” I sang with so much emotion in my voice as all of the other instruments apart from the keyboard faded out. Mark played the last C and once again the silent crowd burst into screams and cheers. I said my goodnights and headed backstage to get the car home.

“Hey Kit. Wait up, I’m staying at yours tonight” called Sam catching up with me. Oh yeah! How could I have forgotten??? Sam often slept over in the same hotel apartment as my Mum, Dad and me because his parents couldn’t always come with him.

“Sorry, completely out of it at the moment” I apologized

“I bet you are, tonight was immense! I can’t believe it’s over though until half term. Can’t your school give you time off” he whined. We were both going back to school in two days. This meant not seeing each other for five whole weeks and I had to keep the secret from my school mates about being Kitty Kat.

“I know” I moaned. I was really going to miss him and performing and EVERYTHING! Sam sensed my stroppy it’s not fair act and pulled me into a hug. He quickly let me go though when we reached the back doors of the stage that would lead us to the car outside. It was guaranteed that at least 10 paparazzi would be out there and the last thing I needed was my face plastered across the front page being hugged by her “Dancer”. I could see the headlines now.

Kitty is purring up to her play mate.

Kitty saying her last meow to her Summer romance.

Kittys new boy...

Kittys found an alley cat

What will Mummy Cat say to Kitty’s new friend?

And I could go on and on and on. Instead I decided to fling the door open and run to the car. Run for my life! Literally. Paparazzi are pretty scary. I didn’t bother to look behind to check Sam was close; we had done it so many times before. He knew the drill.

Hey everyone. What did you think??? Do you like Melody/ Kitty Kat? What do you think of Sam? Are any of you reading this, boys? xxx Please review because I HAVE CYBER COOKIEs and anything else cyber you crave. Possibly cyber oreos orrrrrrr Cyber chocolate. Cyber fizzy drinks.

Love magicpuffle

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