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Daughter of voldemort by magicmuggle01
Chapter 5 : The troubled one
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Professor Trelawney wandered back to her room in the attic and sat down in the big armchair before the perfumed fire. She tried to make some kind of sense of the turmoil that was goiong on in her head. She put her head into the palms of her hands and started to rock backwards and forwards. Trelawney could make out fuzzy images that were going through her mind, images that came within her grasp, that were starting to become clear but retreated out of her reach just before clarity could be achieved. There was a knock at the door and Trelawney m,anaged to compose herself to say 'come in', and the door opened and in walked Madam Pomfrey.

'Hello dear' she said 'are you feeling alright?'

'Yes fine thank you' replied Trelawney.

'Are you sure? Potter and his friends were concerned for your health. You looked very confused and you were also mumbling alot of unintelligent words which no one could make out, which was not really suyrprising since we've just come through a major battle and alot of people are walking around in shock. So I told them that I would pop up and see you to make sure all was fine and ally peoples fears for you'.

'Yes I'm fine' Trelawney replied 'as you said, I've just been through a major battle and for the first time ever I had to kill people. So you can see how that would make some people feel very uncomfortable. All I need is time alone to come tto terms with what happened and accept what I had to do, so please leave me alone. I'll be alright' and seeing the worried look on Poppy's face she added 'I promise that if need be I'll come and see you if the need arises'. And satisfied with the answer Ppomfrey left the attic room and went back to tending the battle wounded.

Madam Pomfrey bumped into Harry and the others and said,

'I've checked up on Professor Trelawney and apart from a bit of shock she appears to be bearing up well despite everything that's happened today. I'll check in on her again later on tonight just to make sure that there are no problems. Rest easy you three, you did right to let me know about this so don't worry, she's in good hands now. Goodnight.

Meanwhile back in the attic room things were starting to happen. After Pomfrey had left, Trelawney had decided to try a meditation technique to try and relax her mind, and it appeared to be working because the images were coming back and this time they were not going out of focus like they were before. They were now starting to become crystal clear, then she realised that what she was seeing were memories. Memories of when she was a baby and she saw a face looking down at her and she realisede that it might be her mother. Now the face was young (couldn't have been more than fifteen) and she looked sad. Then she felt herself being carried away from the sad face and after a while she was put into the arms of another woman who fawned over her with happy smiles and laughter. Trelawney realised that one of these young women was her mother, but which one? One of them looked familiar, she was sure that she had seen the face before somewhere.

But Trelawney had no memory of any man, so was none the wiser as to whom her real father was.




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Daughter of voldemort: The troubled one


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