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Sam Potter by Byuflutist
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Arguments
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AN: Here's another chapter I truly hope you are all enjoying my story. If you have any questions about what's going on, any issues with my grammar, or any thoughts I'd love to hear them. I can deal with critism. ENJOY Chapter 4!!!






Chapter 4

          “Crap!” was the first word out of Sam’s mouth. “I told you guys that I didn’t want a party.”

“Yeah, well…err…we wanted to throw you a surprise party,” Hermione answered.



          “I don’t care what you wanted to do, I said no,” Draco could tell that Sam was getting mad and wanting to support his friend tried to step in to save her.



          “Look, Harry,” Draco started, turning to his roommate’s brother, “I know it looks bad, but-“




          “Shut up, Malfoy!” Ron interjected.




          “I will NOT be told to shut up by a moron like you, Weasel King.” Ron’s ears turned scarlet.



          “Draco!” Sam said sharply. Draco met Sam’s hazel eyes and dropped his gaze to the ground, not saying another word.



          “Sam, I’m sorry, but what’s going on? Are you dating someone?”



          Sam actually laughed. “Hermione, for someone who’s supposed to be the smartest witch of our age, you can be really thick sometimes.”



          Ginny gasped the first sound she had made during the entire exchange. Everyone turned to look at her, but she was looking between Sam and Draco.



          “You’re living…’re here with….but he’s so…Sam-“



          “Spit it out, Gin,” Ron said rudely.



          “She’s living with the Ferret.”



          Sam thought Ron was actually going to faint, Harry’s eyes had turned a dark forest green that only happened when he was really upset. Sam hadn’t seen him this upset since Ron had left the group in the forest so long ago.



          “Is that true, Sam?” Hermione asked tentatively.



          “Yeah,” was all Sam said.



          Harry looked murderous. Sam instinctively reached into her pocket for her wand. Harry noticed.



          “I’m not going to hurt you- either of you. Ron, BREATHE!” Harry said angrily.



          Ron took a deep breath and turned his steely blue eyes to meet Sam’s.



          “You traitor,” was all he said as he pushed past Harry and stalked out the front door. The group inside the apartment heard a crash and a loud CRACK and then silence.



          “Harry let me explain…” Sam began, but she was cut off as he held up his hand, shaking his head.



          “I don’t want to hear it right now, alright. I’ll see you at the Burrow next week. C’mon Gin…Hermione.” He grabbed Ginny’s hand and followed Ron out of the doorway where Sam heard another resounding CRACK.



          Hermione looked confusedly back and forth between Draco, who was looking at the floor, and Sam who was staring at the open door her brother had just left through.



          “You should have told us,” was all she said as she too disapperated back to Grimmauld Place.



          Sam and Draco stood in silence for a moment, before Draco quietly cleared his throat, walked past Sam to close the open front door, then went back to stand in front of his friend.



          He couldn’t think of anything to say to make her feel better. They both knew that Harry’s last words were a warning that she shouldn’t go to the Burrow Brunch tomorrow. Draco watched as Sam stubbornly looked anywhere but at him. After a few moments, Draco put his finger under her chin and lifted her face so that she had no choice but to meet his gray eyes. Draco then noticed the tears…



          “Why are you crying?” he asked incredulously.



          “I’m not,” Sam said severely, moving her hand up to brush away the tears from her eyes, but Draco stopped her as he slowly, gently brushed his thumb across her cheek, clearing away the wetness.



          Sam stopped breathing.



          Draco looked into the deep pools of green and brown that had starred in his dreams for over two years now and found that he wanted nothing more in that moment but to make her smile again.



          “Draco?” his name was a question on her breath and he couldn’t help it, leaned in and kissed her.



          It wasn’t a deep kiss, it wasn’t a long kiss, but it was a soft, sweet kiss. Sam watched in stunned silence as he came closer and she immediately thought that she needed to escape, but couldn’t remember how to move her legs. Then, his mouth had covered hers and every thought Sam had in her head disappeared in a puff of smoke.



          Sam could think of nothing but the lips that covered hers and how sweet he tasted. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his wrapped around her small waist drawing her closer to his body.



          When Draco pulled back to look into Sam’s eyes he found that they were closed. He kissed each lid, and watched as her eyes fluttered open to focus on him.



          “Draco?” she said again.



          Her husky voice snapped him out of his bliss. He unwound his arms from her waist and gently but forcefully pushed Sam away from him.



          “I’m sorry, Sam. I shouldn’t have done that.” Draco said taking another step back.



          “No, Draco. It’s okay. I-“



          “No, it’s not. You were crying, and I…” Draco trailed off, not knowing what to say. “I’m going to go take a walk, I’ll be back later,” and he disappeared from in front of her.



          Sam stood there in shock for a few minutes before completely breaking down. She tore down the decorations her friends had put up, and threw them in a pile in the corner so that she wouldn’t have to look at them. Then she went into her room, grabbed a pillow holding it tightly to her chest as she moved her legs up against her chest and looked at the only picture she had of her lost love.



          “Happy birthday, to me,” then she was crying again.




           You kissed her! You IDIOT! How could you KISS her?! Draco thought angrily, as he stalked down the street towards the park.

          Draco had been wanting to kiss Sam for the past year but he shouldn’t have done it today, under the circumstances. He had seen that she was upset and he wanted her to be happy again and when she had said his name so softly, he had given in to his wants instead of thinking of her needs.



          He didn’t know how he was going to fix this. He was sure that Sam had enjoyed the kiss as well, but was too afraid to actually tell her that he had enjoyed it so much. Sam had given him a chance when no one else in the world was willing to.



          Draco had left to clear his head, but as thoughts of Sam and the memory of her lips on his and her arms around his neck, Draco was soon wanted to run. He didn’t know where he wanted to go so he walked behind a tree, transfigured his robes to a jogging suit, and his dress shoes for a pair of trainers and began running.



          Draco didn’t know what he was running from or where he was going, but he felt that he would know once he got there.



          He ran through London, and found himself at the visitors’ entrance to the Ministry of Magic. He disillusioned himself and went down the lift. As he walked into the Atrium he walked past the giant golden statue of Albus Dumbledore and walked to the lifts on the other side of the large hall.



          He rode the lifts up and then down and finally got off at the Department of Mysteries. He had never been down here. He had heard of Sam and her friends’ struggle against his father and some other Death Eaters that had battled and the resulting death of Sam’s godfather Sirius Black.



          Sam had told Draco the story and he had always wondered what the Department was truly like and for whatever reason he felt that now was the time to find out.



          He walked through the doorway into the circular room with so many doors to choose, but Draco remembered what Sam had said about how this room worked.



          “The Veil of Death room, please.” Draco said clearly, as he shut the door that lead to the lifts. He felt the room shudder and then the walls moved and Draco started to feel a bit nauseous. Just when he felt like he was about to throw up, the walls stopped and the door in front of him opened up.



          Cautiously, Draco walked forward into the room, He looked around but did not touch any of the items in the room. He looked at the large tank with the floating brains and nearly smiled at the thought of Ron being bound by the strange jellyfish-like brains.



          He walked to the end of the room and hesitated before opening the door.



          Draco took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and walked into the room. He stood there for a moment then made his way down the stairs to the veil that seemed to be fluttering slightly on the non-existent breeze.



          He climbed down the stairs to the dais and stood right in front of the arch.



          “You’re a right foul git, you know that?” said a voice directly behind Draco.




          Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were sitting in the kitchen of the Burrow each with a cup of tea. The foursome was completely silent each completely consumed by their own thoughts.



          “Why didn’t she tell us?” Ginny suddenly broke the overbearing silence.



          Ron looked over at his sister and shrugged his shoulders.




          Mrs. Weasely walked into the kitchen at that moment.



          “What’s with all the long faces? I thought you all were throwing a surprise party for Sam at her house?”



          “We were but we were surprised when we found out that Sam had a roommate…” Hermione answered, her student instincts kicking in.



          “You didn’t know that she was living with Draco?” Mrs. Weasely asked the group.



          “You did?!” Ron yelled standing up suddenly.



          “Well, of course I did. She came to your father and me when she decided to ask the boy. I told her to tell you all then, but it seems that she decided to wait for a more opportune time.”



          “Do you know why she didn’t tell us?” Ginny asked her mother the question that she had posed to her friends a few moments before.



          “I suppose she was afraid you all would react badly…which I’m assuming you did, since you’re here and not eating cake with her.”



          “It’s not our fault that she lied to us. She said that she was moving into a loft by herself, she never said anything about a roommate. And it’s not just any roommate, it’s Malfoy!” Ron said getting more annoyed with each passing second.



          Mrs. Weasely was silent for a moment while she mulled over her son’s words.



          “Did you ever think about what she was thinking when you all moved to Grimmauld Place?” She looked around at the four young people sitting in her kitchen. “She was mourning over…Fred. She was lonely, and you all were so involved in your own world and newfound love lives that she was left behind. She didn’t hold anything against any of you, but every time she saw you all it would break her heart all over again. Draco has helped her in ways that you four couldn’t fathom. She is your sister and best friend, she would never do anything to hurt any of you intentionally, but for the first time in her life I believe that she put her own wants in front of everyone else’s. I’m glad she made good with Draco, he’s a sweet boy who has changed a great deal since the end of the war and Sam saw that immediately. Maybe now you all can get past you issues with the boy and just be happy that Sam found a friend that makes her happy and smile again.”



          Mrs., Weasely made eye contact with each one of the people sitting around her table before turning around and walking out of the kitchen.



          “Oh, and Happy Birthday, Harry,” she called back over her shoulder from the stairs.



          “I never thought of all that…” Harry said after a moment.



          “Malfoy can’t be good; he should be in Azkaban, not walking around free, and especially teaching. How did he avoid prison again?” Ron asked, adamant in his hatred towards the boy who had made his school years so difficult.




          “Actually, that would be me and Sam,” Harry said.



          Ron and Hermione looked over at Harry, but Ginny continued to stare into her cup.



          “You weren’t up on that tower the night Dumbledore died. Malfoy was lowering his wand, and whenever I would see him through the connection with Voldemort…he was always crying or looked miserable.”



          “That’s because he’s an idiot who kept mucking everything up and being punished by You-know-who,” Ron answered heatedly.



          “No. I honestly think that he would have joined our side had those Death Eaters not barged onto the tower that night. And he was just following orders after that. I’m pretty sure he was more worried about his parents than he was about anything else after Dumbledore was killed.”



          “Why are you defending him? He made your life horrible for SIX years! He tried to kill you more than once, almost killed you a couple of times, and he’s the reason-“



          “He’s the reason I’m alive now, I used his wand to kill Voldemort, remember?” Harry returned. “Look, I’m not going to argue about whether Draco Malfoy is a good guy or not. I’m more worried about Sam. She didn’t trust us enough to tell us that she was living with him, which means that there’s some connection or something that has gone missing between us and her and I personally think that that needs to change. Now!”



          Harry then got up from the table and walked into the living room and flooed back to Grimmauld Place. He needed a few minutes to collect his thoughts before the others followed him.



          Ron, Hermione, and Ginny continued to sit around the table in silence until one by one they also headed home stopping only to say good bye to Mrs. Weasely.



          As the flames turned back to normal after Ron had flooed away, Mrs. Weasely walked to the front room where she left a note for her husband telling him where she would be and grabbed her traveling cloak.



          “Samantha Potter’s loft,” she said clearly before she was whisked away by the emerald green flames.




          Draco was as still as Neville Longbottom had been first year when Draco and his friends had tried the Leg-Locking Curse on him.



          “Well? You’re not going to scream or faint or anything? How disappointing.”



          Fred Weasely, or something that looked incredibly like Fred Weasely, was sitting on the bottom step of the room closest to where Draco stood.



          “You can see me?” Draco asked in a stunned voice.



          “Of course, I can, you git. It’s the bloody Department of Mysteries. Don’t you think they’d have some sort of charm to show them disillusioned people? Man, you’re thick.”



          “You know, I could do without the insults, thank you very much,” Draco said icily, finally able to trust himself not to throw up whenever he opened his mouth.



          “You deserve it though.” Fred answered easily, leaning back against the stone step behind him.



          Draco looked down trying to avoid Fred piercing gaze. Now, that the fear was gone, Draco could feel the guilt build up inside of his chest again.



          “What are you doing here?” he asked, quietly.



          “I’m not here to kill you, though I sort of wish I could. I’m here for Sam.”



          Draco looked up, but before he could speak Fred raised his hand for silence.



          “I’m not going to take over your body or anything. What I mean is that I’m here to help her.”



          “Help her do what?” Draco couldn’t help but ask,



          “Help her feel love again.” Draco could see the tears pool in Fred’s green eyes. “I loved her with such passion and fervor that I burnt her out for anyone else. When I…died…a part of her died as well. A bigger part than anyone could guess. Thankfully, she found you soon after she lost me, but you know as well as I do that she’s still hurting just as much today as she was a year ago.”



          “You kissing her today was a mistake. Not because it’s not supposed to happen between you two, but because it was too early for her. She’s not ready to fall again; she’s barely off the ground as it is.”



          Draco’s eyes were confused. What was Fred trying to tell him? That he was meant to fall in love with Sam Potter? That he was supposed to be more than just a friend to her?



          “I’m here to help you win Sam’s affections. You’ll never succeed without me, trust me,” a smile broke across Fred’s face at this point. “Sam is a special girl, and she deserves the best. Don’t you agree, Draco?”



          Draco nodded his head vigorously.



          “Well then, I suppose we should get to work. But not tonight. Go home, don’t bother her, my mum is taking care of her right now. Go to bed and come back here tomorrow. Don’t talk to her until I tell you to, she needs space and time to think.”



          Draco nodded again, and began to climb the stairs to leave the room.




         “You know, she still dreams about you every night. She’s still as in love with you today as she was a year ago. She misses you. She dreams of dancing with you. Her one regret was that she wasn’t able to kiss you at Bill and Fleur’s wedding. That’s why she hates her birthday now; it reminds her of the last real time that you two got to spend together dancing in the white tent… I just thought you’d like to know.”



          “Yeah, I know, but thanks mate,” Fred said, the tears falling freely from his eyes as he watched Draco walk through the doorway and he shimmered out of existence.

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