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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 28 : Combinations
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   I woke up the next day with a splitting headache. Groaning, I slammed my head into the pillow. This only succeeded in making it hurt more. God, now I understand why Dad’s terminally evil. It’s hard not to be in this state. I’ve decided that I’m never getting drunk again. Not ever.

    “Wake up,” Halley opened my curtains allowing the sunlight to burn my eyes. “It’s eleven o’clock!” 

    “Idontcare.” I moaned.

    “Get up please, I’ll get Fred to give you a hangover potion. Apparently they have them stocked up or something…” She trailed off for a moment before snapping her head back up. “Anyways! You can’t just sleep the day away!"

    I really could, but I don’t think that Halley would take that well. She hasn't from past experiences to say the least. So I decided to just pull the covers over my head and pretend that I’d died or something else unfortunate. Hey, if it was anyone other than Halley it probably would have worked. But no, I got stuck with the happy go lucky bitch in the morning. Horray for me. 

    “KIERSTEN MCCABE!” Her voice was higher than I’d heard it in quite some time.  It made me cringe. “IF YOU DON’T GET OUT OF BED THIS INSTANT I SWEAR I’LL—”

    “What is it with people in this room screaming?” I shot up giving her a glare. It only succeeded in a smirk spreading across her face. “It’s not like there’s anything to do on Sundays anyways.”

    “You haven't done homework in three days, trust me, you’ve got a lot to do.” Halley retorted grabbing her bag as she talked. What an overachiever. I don't know why she still cares so much, all that really matters is our NEWT's at this point.

    I shook my head to Caitlin who rubbed her eyes in response. It seems that she was Halley’s last victim. My eyes drifted over to Dominique’s bed. Her curtains were still drawn. “Hey!” I shouted over to Halley who was reading our Potions Homework. She looked up all innocently. “Why does Dom get to sleep!?”

    Caitlin sniggered as she put on her bunny slippers. Halley’s cheeks turned red as she contemplated what to say. “Well—I don’t want to put myself in an awkward position.”

    “It’s not like she sleeps naked!” 

    “Not normally maybe…”

    “What are you getting at?” I curiously smiled, knowing that this was overly awkward for Halley to say. Good, payback for waking me the freak up.

    “Kiersten, I think you should go and get some of Fred’s potion. Apparently it works miracles.” She flipped a page with a loud whip.

    “What a horrible change of subject.” It was my turn to smirk.

    “Drew and Dom screwed last night. He’s still here.” Caitlin said as she shut the door to the bathroom. I chuckled a little getting up and following her to open the bathroom door again. 

    “Wow Halley,” I grabbed my toothbrush from the sink that Dom and I shared. “Is it that hard for you to talk about sex?”

    “No! I have no problem talking about—sex!” She shut the book with a snap. “I just don’t reference it in normal conversation the way you people do!”

    “Okay, sure.” 


    “And where were you last night?” Halley’s dangerous face turned to mine. “Last I recall you were leaving the main common room with Liam Hilburn.” I stared awkwardly at my reflection, suddenly very interested in rubbing make-up off of my face. “Kiersten…what did you do?”

    “Oh my god!” Caitlin looked towards me excitedly. “Did you do something with him?!”

    “No.” My voice turned hard. “He’s an ass.”

    “But just the other day you were saying—”

      “That’s before he hit on me.” I shrugged and left the bathroom. Suddenly I really didn’t feel like talking to either of them, but of course they didn’t get the whole leaving for a reason thing because they followed me out. 

    “What? He didn’t!” Halley was a little too excited for my liking.

    “Yes you’re right, I just like to make shit like that up Hall.” I rolled my eyes and pulled out an old sweatshirt. I was in no mood to be dressing nicely.

    “You’re so damn lucky.” Caitlin almost looked jealous. I snorted and shook my head. 

    “He’s a player. I have no interest in him, and he blew any chance he may have had anyways. I’m not into that whole one night thing.”

    “Right, you’re more into the ones who are bastards for the first six years you know them, right?” 

    I flashed a smile at her. “Precisely.”

    Caitlin and Halley shared a look before Halley began to speak. “So—er—you’re not fighting anymore?”

    I shrugged. “We weren’t ever really ‘fighting’. Just not talking.”

    “And now you are?”


    “What kind of an answer is maybe?” Cait asked me with a mixture of annoyance and curiosity. 

    “Dunno…” I pulled myself back up from tying my shoes before heading to the door. “I’m about to find out!” 

    When I got to the slide there was a long line of girls waiting to go down it. I just rolled my eyes, and leaned onto one side. Some girls are so long in the mornings. It’s ridiculous. “What’s going on?” I asked a fifth year named Corrine Barton.

    “It’s terrible! Christine Jamison’s stockings just got a run in them!” Corrine answered me like it was the end of the world.

    “What a tragedy.” I said sarcastically. I don’t think she caught on though because all she did was nod her head sympathetically surveying the scene. 

    By the time I finally got downstairs I really wanted to blow my brains out. It had taken Christine Jamison three minutes to recover from her ‘run’, and then another five for all the girls in front of me to get down the bloody slide. You’d think we were a soap opera or something. 

    “Hey,” I said making my way over to Fred and Alexia. I have no idea how she got into my common room—wait—I don’t want to know. Don’t ask Kiersten. Fred looked up to me and smiled tiredly. “Do you have anything I can take? I’ve got a huge headache.”

    “In the dorm I do, you can go up and look. They’re hidden in my boxspring.” He said.

    “Okay, thanks!” I smiled to the two of them and started to make my way up to the boys side of the tower. As I was about to reach the staircase I heard two girls whispering. One said, “That’s her! That’s Kristen McClewis!”

    “McClewis?” The other one said. “I thought it was McCabe.”

    “No,” Bitch number one said. “It’s definitely McClewis! But anyways, Maggie, she slept with that new guy last night!”

    “Get out!”

    “Yes! And she just dumped James Potter like two hours before the game! He was devastated, that’s why Gryffindor lost.” 

    I gritted my hands together and took a deep breath, praying that I would have the self-control to not turn around and rip their heads off of their necks. These sorts of kids are the reasons that rumors get started. I really didn't need any more rumors.

    “And guess what?!”


    “She’s heading up the boys staircase now! I bet she wants back with Potter!”

    “What a—”

    “Slut?” I finished for her angrily. The girl—Maggie—looked to her friend who turned beat red. “Or was it whore?”


    “Oh, I know! It was skank!” 

    “No, it was slut…” Bitch number one answered turning to me with a face full of fake confidence. I do have to give it to her, she’s definitely a Gryffindor. 

    “Well next time you decide to make shit up about someone, kid, I suggest that you get their name right? Oh, and possibly make sure they aren’t passing you while you’re talking?” My mouth spat to them. They nodded profusely. 

    “Terrorizing young children again McCabe?” Potter’s voice drifted over to mine. He seemed amused. This was not amusing. 

    “No! I was the one being terrorized!” I whined, pointing to where the third years were—they’d already ran off. So much for being Gryffindors. “They were lying about me!” 

    “So you’re pissed off because some first years are talking about you then?” He was still smirking.

    “They’re third years!” 

    He shook his head before responding. “Where you going?”

    “Your dorm,” I eased my way past him, desperate for that potion. He looked at me suggestively and I rolled my eyes. “You’re a prat.”

    “But I’m your prat.” 

    I couldn’t help but smile at his cheesy pick up line as I opened the door to their dorm, fully aware that he was following me. I decided to ignore him as I found my way through the mess to Fred’s bed. “How am I supposed to get the hangover potion?” I turned to Potter who was right behind me. “break the freaking box spring?”

    “That would be a little bit extreme, babe.” He whispered in my ear. Suddenly the potion didn’t seem as important. 

    “Then what do you suggest?” I leaned back into him as he supported all my weight, letting his hands rest on my hips. “Unzipping it?”

    “There doesn’t appear to be a zipper.” 

    “Really? Then we’re pretty much fucked.”

    “I guess we’ll just have to break the fucking box spring.”

    I couldn’t help it, I laughed. James pulled me around to face him and kissed me. I kissed him back as he slowly leaned me onto the bedpost. We stayed like this for a minute before I finally came to my late senses. “We’re on Fred’s bed.” My voice whispered into his ear. 

    “That’s gross.” 

    “Yes. Let’s relocate.”


    “I fucking hate March.” Dom ranted as the rain poured down on the library windows. “It’s so fucking dreary. It makes me want to go and kill a hippogriff.” 

    “A hippogriff?”

    “Yes! Do you have a problem with them now too! First it’s just the dog, but now it’s more animals. What are you? Some animal hater? Do you hate owls now too?! Do you?”

    I stared at her in shocked silence for a moment before responding. “You really need to take some of Fred’s hangover potion.”

    “I bloody know!” 

    “Like now.”

    She glared at me, going back to ferociously writing our Transfiguration essay in her large and loopy handwriting. Dom’s into that whole thing where if you take medicine (which apparently include hangover potion) you will die. It’s a new phase. Hopefully it’ll end sooner than the ‘that’s just banging!’ phase. I really preferred Dom sober.

    “Drew’s hair is annoying me.” She had officially broken her quill. 

    “That’s not good.” I responded casually.

    “No! It’s not!” 

    “I slept with Potter.” 

    “I hate it long. It makes him look like a hippogriff or some sort of winged—WHAT?!” 

    “Shut it!” I whispered to her as several heads turned our way. Even the ancient librarian seemed to hear. “I don’t want the whole bloody world knowing Dom!”

    “When?” She had brought her voice down to a normal octave, thank god.

    “This morning?”


    “What is this, twenty questions?” I sighed uncomfortably, well aware that there was still people listening in. 

    “No, it’s however many Dommy feels like fucking asking!”  

    She really is charming. 

    “In their dorm. It was—spontaneous.” I smiled a little bit, realizing for the first time what I had done. Holy Shit! I slept with Potter! 

    “Well no shit Sherlock.” Dom growled. “You regretting it yet?”

    “Surprisingly no.” I shrugged my shoulders, pretending to actually be interested in what I was writing. “That’s a good thing, right?”

    “Well I don’t know? Do I look like Jesus or Gandhi?” 

    “That’s it,” I grabbed her arm. “We’re going to get you some potion whether you like it or not.”

    “Aw, Keri please!”


    “I hate you.”

    “You love me.”

    “Just a little.”



   So I know that this chapter is random, it's a total filler! I promise you more good stuff will be coming! Now I'm going to bed before I'm officially declared insomniac (is that even how you spell it...?), thanks for reading all! Review please!


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