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You Smiled Because You Knew by Wishes
Chapter 16 : Newt Exams
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A/N I hope you enjoy this next chapter. Please let me know what you think.

The next morning I wake up feeling pretty good, my bones don’t ache anymore thankfully. Madam Pomphrey comes over and examines me, giving me a clean bill of health. I am about to make my way to the tower, to get some clothes and a shower when Albus walks in the door.

“How are you my love?” he asks walking over giving me a kiss.

“Great, I really need a shower though, care to walk with me to the dorms?” I ask sharing another smile with him.

After cleaning up, we make our way down to breakfast, I receive pats on the back from my fellow Gryffindor’s for our win, no one knows about the my signing with the Harpies yet and I want to keep it that way. With only a week left until the NEWT exams, I would rather focus on them than celebrate before my place is assured.

Professor Longbottom approaches me just before we leave the table. “Miss Hardin, might I have a word please?” he asks.

“Certainly sir.” I smile back at him.

“Since you are not taking your sixth year exams, you will be excused from the last week of classes before the NEWTs to give you time to study. If you would like to attend the seventh year classes this week, you may, however this is not necessary.” He tells me.

This is a great relief to me, “Thank you sir, I could really use that time to prepare.”

He then grins at me; this look makes him seem like a little boy, “Harry told me about your job offer, congratulations.”

I beam back at him, “Thank you so much, sir.”

Monday morning at breakfast, I receive my contract from the Harpies. While the rest of the school goes off to their classes, Albus, who has a free period, and I head to the Room of Requirement to read over the contract. I am staggered by my salary, but Albus doesn’t seem so surprised. Once we deem the contract fair and in order. I sign it and we go to the owlery to send it with Laveau.

The rest of the week, I spend reviewing for my NEWTs. The work is slow and tedious, but it seems well worth it now. I study the few subjects Albus isn’t taking while he is in class, and study with him, Rose and Scorpius once classes have ended. By the time, Monday rolls around again, I feel as prepared as I could possibly be under the circumstance.

 Monday’s test is Transfiguration, the written portion goes all right, it wasn’t as easy as the OWL exams but I feel prepared enough for the test. After lunch, I wait outside the great hall with Albus for our practical exam. I have to leave first, as I enter the great hall. I see an older woman sitting at a table beckon me over. I do well with all of my transfigurations. With a smile, she sends me on my way. The rest of the week progresses much the same I take my Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and Defense exams. Friday Albus and I have the day off, since the exam for the day is Divination, which neither of us take. We swear off studying for the day and opt; rather to spend some much needed quality time in the Room of Requirement.

We lounge on pillows enjoying the closeness of each other. His lips on mine, send my mind reeling. Moments like this have been scarce this year, and I kick myself for missing moments like this all year. Albus begins to trail kisses down my neck inching lower and lower with each caress of his lips. I return the favor, and soon we are lost in the passion that is enveloping us. It is not until we are both in nothing but our underwear that I come to my senses.

“Albus, wait.” I manage to pant. Albus sits up, a slight look of annoyance on his face.

“What’s wrong, love?” he asks.

“I just think we should wait a bit longer. It just doesn’t seem right that our first time is here. Another two weeks and we will be out of Hogwarts and it won’t feel so… I don’t know like we are sneaking around because it is wrong. Do you know what I mean?” I ask, a little embarrassed.

“I guess, but here is also where it all began, you and me. It would also seem poetic that we express our love in that way here.” He says taking my hand in his.

“I’m just not ready, not yet Albus, but I will be soon. Hogwarts will always be a special place for me, so many great things started for me here, the greatest of which is you. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t feel right yet.” I tell him, trying not to let the tears I feel burning my eyes fall.

He takes me in his arms, relieving me of any hurt I was beginning to feel. “I know love, I’m sorry, no pressure. When the time is right it will happen. I love you, and you are worth waiting for.” He plants another passionate kiss on my lips, breaking away before we lose control once more. “Let’s get dressed and go for a walk then, okay love?”

We make our way around the grounds talking about how close the end of the term finally is. It felt like it would never get here and in two weeks time we should have our NEWT results and both of us hopefully will be graduating.

The rest of our NEWTs go well with Arithmancy, Potions, History of Magic, Astronomy, and Herbology. But the time the test are done, I am spent. Albus and I spend the weekend resting, occasionally going out, and flying with Rose and Scor. The next week we try not to think about our exam results, which we will receive in a private conference with our head of house on Friday. The Owl testing is still being conducted this week, so tension continues to run high in the common room. Albus and I spend most of our time out of door, flying and talking about the future. We have resolved we are going to have to continue house hunting, or looking for land in the month before I have to begin reporting for practice with the Harpies. We even begin discussing the type of wedding we want.

Thursday at dinner, Professor Longbottom approaches the seventh years and me about out appointed meeting times. Albus’ appointment is at three, mine isn’t until seven. This means I have almost four hours after Albus knows whether he will continue into the healer program and I find out if I will be able to graduate.

At a quarter to three, Albus leaves me in the Room of Requirement as he makes his way to the greenhouses to meet with Longbottom. I pace the room in anticipation for Albus’ return. Who knew that so much could ride on two little meetings. It seems like forever before Albus returns but it is truly only an hour. The door burst open and he appears with a huge smile plastered on his face.

“I did it love!” he yells sweeping me in his arms. He hands me a piece of parchment as soon as he sits down. Four Outstandings and three Exceeds Expectations. I’m in love. I’m really going to be a healer.” Again, I am in his arms being spun around the room.

“I knew you could do it! Albus, I am so proud of you!” I say giving him the longest most heartfelt kiss I can muster. He then explains all that Professor Longbottom told him in the meeting. At half past five, we head down to the great hall to eat. Albus forces me to eat a little bit, even though my insides are in knots with anticipation for the meeting. When it is time to make my way to Professor Longbottom’s office, I make Albus promise to meet me in the room of requirement.

I wait outside of Professor Longbottom’s office pacing as my nerves continue to build. Soon I see Rose Weasley step out of the office with a satisfied smile on her face. “Good luck” she whispers as she gives me an encouraging hug.

Professor Longbottom steps into the doorway and motions me to come in. I take a deep, calming breathe before stepping into the office. Longbottom gestures to the chair opposite him.

“Olivia, I must say I was worried when I first heard you wanted to take your NEWTs early. I know that you did excellent on your OWLs but as you can see the NEWTs are much more difficult.”

All I can do it nod, this speech is not making me feel confident.

“Now let’s take a look at the results. Herbology you did remarkable well, you achieved an Outstanding. I must say that I am very proud, although a little disappointed that you could do so well without attending my lessons.” He smiles at me. “You also received an O in Transfiguration and Charms. Let’s see now, Ancient Runes, another O, as well as in History of Magic and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Potions, you earned an Exceeds Expectations. You also earned an E in Astronomy. Care of Magical Creatures, you received an O. All in all wonderful grades. Congratulations, it seems that I should not have underestimated you. You will be graduating with the current seventh years. As you know, the ceremony is next on June 2nd. A formal invitation will be sent to your parents. This invitation will act as a portkey for them; instructions are included with it as well. Do you have any questions?”

My mind is reeling; I did it, I am graduating with seven Outstandings and two exceeds expectations. Finally, I find my voice, “No, no questions sir.”

Professor Longbottom comes around the desk and places his arm over his shoulder. “I am very proud of you Olivia. I’ve watched you work very hard for this. Just don’t forget me when it is time to send out those wedding invitations alright.”

“Of course. Thanks Professor.” I smile at him. Once released from our meeting I rush to the Room of Requirement to tell Albus. Relief washes over me as I run through the halls of the school. Before I know it, tears are streaming down my face and I am unable to stop the flow. By the time, I make it back to Albus I can hardly breathe from the run.

Albus takes one look at my face and rushes over to me. “Olivia, what happened? What’s wrong? Didn’t you pass?” He asks in a rush.

I can hardly answer him for a minute and I know he has to be thinking the worst. Finally, I am able to squeak out, “I did it.” As soon as the words pass my lips, Albus’ are crushing them. His kisses ease the tears and I am lost in the bliss that is my love. A moment later, I break away, and looking straight into my beloved’s eyes I say, “I did it, our future is now. We can buy a house, and get married and live our dreams together. We don’t have to wait anymore. Oh, Albus, I love you!”

Albus gently kisses my forehead, and then penetrates me with his emerald orbs. “There is nothing more I want in this world than to spend my future with you.”

It feels like we are miles apart and I need Albus closer, I close the inches between us with a passionate kiss. Everything feels right. His hands gently caressing every inch of my body. The feel of his lips igniting each spot that they touch. We let our love and passion lead us to territories as yet unexplored. Albus questions me with a look; I fumble for my wand, and cast the spell. “I love you, Albus.” I whisper. He places a gently kiss on my lips and we don’t look back. We speak our love with our minds, bodies, and souls. In perfect harmony, we join as one, and revel in each other. It is perfect; there is no shame or feeling of wrongness like I feared, but a feeling of completeness. The moment was spontaneous, but no amount of planning could have made it more perfect. Satisfied we lay, our bodies entwined, catching our breath.

“Are you okay?” Albus whispers, his cheek resting against my head.

“Splendid.” I say, a grin creeping onto my face.

“I just wanted to make sure…” he says trailing off.

I roll onto his chest so I can look him in his beautiful eyes. “You were right before. This was the perfect place for us to make love for the first time. I think I was scared before that something would happen and I would be stuck here next year without you. And if we… if I had to spend a whole year here without you, it would have made it worse knowing what I was missing. I love you Albus.”

He beams down at me, blushes his hand against my cheek, “I had faith in you that you would do it. I knew we would be together, next year and all the years to come. Can we sleep here tonight?”

“I would love nothing better, but perhaps we should at least tell Rose where we are, we don’t want anyone to worry.” At these words, a scroll of parchment, ink, quill and an owl appear on the floor beside us. We chuckle and Albus pens a letter to his cousin telling her not to worry about us tonight, we are celebrating our graduation in private. We cuddle in each other’s arms before the fire. Soon a bed appears, Albus carries me over to it, and in each other’s arms once more, we fall into a contented sleep.

The last few days of term rush by; we have no schoolwork, no other responsibilities. The day before graduation, I sit down and write a letter to Jenna. My letters this year have been fewer; I only manage to send them on Hogsmead weekends, so I can use an International owl. I reread the letter, making sure I have included everything.

Dear Jenna,

Well I did it; I am graduating tomorrow, of course by the time you read this I will have already graduated. I hate that we are so far apart, but everything else here is so fabulous; I can hardly complain I guess. Albus and I have been talking, how would you like to come to England during your break. We could set up and international portkey and you could spend the week with us. After all, if you are going to be a bridesmaid in our wedding (did I forget to mention that part? We both would love it if you would stand with us!) Albus needs to get to know you. If you want to spend longer that would be great too. I have a job now to, you are now best friends with the Holyhead Harpies (an all girl quidditch team) starting seeker. I can’t believe it. I can honestly say I never thought I would be playing professional Quidditch, but it just fell into place. Once I start playing, I will be able to set up an organization to do something good in this world. What that is I am still trying to figure out. So I will have practice most days, but the league games don’t start until September, so I will still have plenty of time to spend with you here, if you get to come. Albus starts healer training in a couple of weeks too, but trust me when I say there are plenty of people here who can keep you entertained. Maybe you can even go house hunting with us since we still don’t have a place to live; it is a great way to see the country. Anyway, let me know if you can make it. I miss talking to you; letter writing just isn’t the same. Love,


I seal the parchment and turn to Albus who has been reading. “Do you think Professor Longbottom would let us go send this letter?”

“Doesn’t hurt to ask, only one more day until we can do whatever we please.” He says with a smile, tucking a spare bit of parchment into his book.

We make our way to Longbottom’s office. He is clearly grading exams, and seems relieved to have a break when he sees us. “What can I do for you two today?” He asks with his patented friendly smile.

“Professor, do you think we could go into Hogsmead to mail this letter. It is an international post, and Laveau is already out and I don’t want to have to use a school owl.” I say holding up Jenna’s letter.

“I don’t see why not, I would need to accompany you of course, since it is not an official village weekend. And I must say, I need a break staring at this test papers.” He says getting up.

“Come on Neville, sorry Professor,” Albus says with a grin. “Just think tomorrow I won’t have to correct myself anymore.” He laughs.

We walk into the village alongside the professor. He and Albus are talking about James and when they think he will make it off the reserve for his team. I am just enjoying the sunny day and not being cooped up in school. At the Owl Post Office, I choose a large Eagle owl that promises next day delivery. I go ahead and pay for return post so he will stay or Jenna’s reply. As we make to leave, Neville offers to buy us a butterbeer before returning to the castle. We enter the Three Broomsticks to find Madam Rosemerta the only occupant. Longbottom pays for three drinks and joins us at a table.

“Any ideas of what you are going to do this summer?” he asks sipping his butterbeer.

“Well, I start practice with the Harpies next week, so I guess I don’t have much of a vacation.” I reply.

“Yeah, and I have healer training in a couple of weeks as well. Once we figure out our schedules, we will know better what kind of free time we will have.” Albus adds.

We talk more about the summer and plans we have until our drinks are gone, then make our way back to the castle. Before parting with us, Neville says, “Thanks for the much needed break; I really must finish those test papers though. I’ll see you at graduation then, I really am proud of both of you.”

The next morning, I am a bundle of excitement. The day is finally here when I will be leaving school for good. Since I am the only one in my dorm graduating, they give me full reign of the bathroom until I am ready. I turn to my graduation robes to put them on and can’t help but stare at them in mild disbelief. I really did do it. Our robes are black like our regular school robes, but they are of lighter, finer cotton. On the left shoulder sits a Gryffindor badge that will surely shimmer in the sun. I step out into our dorm room where the other girls are getting ready to leave.

“Wow, Liv, I can’t believe you won’t be here next year.” Josie says, “I know you haven’t been here the whole time but I’m going to miss you.”

Hugs are passed around the room. I put on my hat, it is black but mine has a scarlet band for Gryffindor, and I am ready to go. I descend the stairs, surprised to find Albus waiting for me; we had said we would meet in the great hall since I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get ready this morning.

“I couldn’t resist doing this one last time,” he says giving me a bashful grin.

“I’m glad you did.” I say making my way over to him, placing a sensual kiss on his lips. “I love you.”

His grin turns into a full-blown smile. “I love you too; now let’s go we only have half an hour before graduation starts.” We skip breakfast knowing there is bound to be a grand celebration afterwards between my family and his. Moments after sitting at the Gryffindor table Professor Longbottom is rounding all of the graduates up.

We make our way to the assembly area at the back of the school where he lines us up in order of our last names. I give Albus a kiss goodbye and take my place in line. We make our way down the aisle, I look for my family and find them sitting next to the Potters and some of the Weasley family. My mom has tears in her eyes. The ceremony is rather boring, with the McGonagall making a speech, followed but the Head Boy and Girl. I let the words wash over me as I think about what my own future holds. Soon it is time for the diplomas. McGonagall calls each of our names telling the crowd our plans for the near future.

“Olivia Juliet Hardin is graduating early and will be playing Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies beginning this season.” She says as I make my way across the stage. I hear a murmur in the crowd but ignore it as she hands me my diploma leaning in. “Congratulations Miss Hardin, who knew what you would do when you came to us two years ago. You are full of surprises.”

I give her a shy smile and quiet thanks before making my way back to my seat. I am just sitting down when I hear, “Albus Severus Potter, is entering St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies Healer training,” I see Albus lean in and whisper something in McGonagall’s ear, she straightens up again and continues, “and will be marrying Miss Olivia Hardin, I’m sure they will bring each other great happiness.”

I feel many eyes on me and I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks. Once everyone has received their diplomas the Headmistress says, “I am pleased to present to you the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry class of 2023. May you all go on to great things.” This is our cue as one; we throw our hats in the air. As the reach their apex the transform into confetti which rains down upon the crowd. I quickly find Albus and in the sea of bodies kiss him with all the passion I can muster. I vaguely register flashes of light, but ignore them focusing only on Albus.

As we break apart Albus smiles down at me and says, “Let’s go home my love.” We meander our way through the crowd trying to find our families. We finally find them standing in the distance under our tree.

“There they are!” my mom cheers to the others. Taking us each in her arms she says, “We are so proud of you both.”

We are passed around the group, given congratulations and hugs. Soon Mr. Potter announces, it is time to go so we follow him to the front gates. When we get there, he turns to the group. Arthur, if you would take Elise and Rosie, Molly take Wesley, I will take Olivia, and Ginny can take Albus. The others will be meeting us later.”

I don’t know why he wants to take Albus and me by side along. “Harry, Albus and I can apperate there ourselves.” I try to remind him.

“It’s easier this way, dear, we aren’t going to the Burrow today.” Is all he says before taking my hand and apperating away. As soon as the squeezing dissipates I find myself standing in an open field next to Mr. Potter, a second later Albus arrives with Mrs. Potter.

“Where are we I ask?” not recognizing the trees in the distance. “You’re home, turn around.” Albus and I turn and see our dream home standing in front of us. The house we haven’t seen in nearly six months. It stands before us, just as massive as before, just as perfect.

“But you never said…” is all I get out, tears forming in my eyes.

“Dad,” Albus begins, “I thought maybe it was too much, you never said anything else.”

“I know, Al, what can I say I wanted part of it to be a surprise. The renovations are complete; we have restored the rest of the rooms just like you requested. We have the place furnished for right now, mainly with things that either were from Grimmuald Place or found in the Black or Potter Vaults. If there is anything, you don’t like we can easily change it. How about we take a look around?” Harry says beaming all the while.

I turn to see my parents fit to burst behind me with Grandmum and Granddad Weasley. “Did you know about this?” I ask them.

My dad can’t contain himself any longer, “It was partly our idea to keep it secret, and we have been coming out most weekends and helping where we can. Of course, it was easier with the Potters, just a wave of their wands and things are set up the way we say.” He chuckles, “Well are we going to look around?”

Albus grabs my hand and pulls me to the house. Our families trail somewhat behind us. Each room has a homey feel to it and I want to luxuriate in the “ourness” of it. Each of the six bedrooms upstairs are made up as nicely as possible, clearly reserved as quest rooms in the meantime, even the room I thought of as the nursery. Albus and I enter the master bedroom, only to find Albus’ and my trunks sitting at the foot a large oak four-poster bed. Red silk curtains hang around the bed in a romantic inviting way. I turn to see our families beaming at us.

My mom speaks, “We thought you might want to spend as much time together, so we had your trunks sent straight here from the school.”

I am flabbergasted, “You mean, you want Albus and me to live together?” I gasp.

“Well only if you want to.” She says surprised by my reaction.

A smile breaks out on my face, “I want to but I thought I would have at least a small battle for that to happen.” I laugh.

My mom laughs too, “Oh, I have resigned myself to the fact you have grown up. Well, I think it is time the rest of us go and get the rest of the food for the party. Everyone will be back at four, we left a light lunch in the kitchen, so rest up, and we will be back.” Everyone hugs us and then departs, telling us not to worry about walking them out.

Once they are gone, I turn to Albus. “This is really our house.” I hop up on the large bed.” And this is OUR bed.” I smile shyly up at him.

“It really is isn’t it?” He steps forward taking my head in his hands, then leaning in placing a long gentle kiss on my lips. I pull him down so that he is lying on the bed with me. We continue to exchange kisses getting lost in our emotions. “Happy Birthday, Albus.” I whisper. Taking my wand out and casting my charm. “Let’s have our own private celebration.” I roll on top of him, bringing my lips crashing down on his. We christen our new bed with our love.

We lay side by side, wrapped in each other’s arms. “I do have another birthday present for you.” I wave my wand summoning his present for my trunk. “I just forgot to grab it this morning before I came downstairs.”

I hand Albus the present, it was hard coming up with something for this birthday, and especially something, I could get by Owl Order. Luckily, a solution came just in time. Albus unwraps the box and pulls out the dark green Holyhead Jersey; he turns it around and sees the name Hardin across the back. “Your jersey? When did they start making these?”

“Gwen sent it over last week, I know it is not much, but you have the first jersey with my name on it. They wanted my approval before they began manufacturing them for sale at the beginning of the season.” I say giving him a kiss.

“I think it’s brilliant. I will wear it to your first match. I want everyone to know that I am your man.” He says, just before his stomach growls. Let’s get dressed and go eat. Then we can really get ready for the party tonight.” I say starting to get up off the bed.

“Do we have to get dressed?” Albus says with an impish grin. I look at him in astonishment.

“Albus Severus Potter, we have guests coming over in a little over two hours, what would you think if your mom came in and saw you dining in the nude?” I try to maintain a stern visage but I crumble, and begin giggling.

“Okay that is a good point, throw me my robes would you?” He asks grinning again.

I do as he asks, and throw them right in his face. He pulls them off and continues to grin at me. “I love you.” He blurts.  

I am pulling on my own robes, “I love you too. Now let’s go and see what they left for us in the kitchen.”

After a lunch of cold sandwiches, we head up stairs and shower and get dressed for our graduation party. What we hope will be the first of many at our house. Once we are dressed again for the day we walk around the house taking in more of our families renovations. Most of the furniture they have chosen fits the house so well. Most of the pieces are clearly older, and they seem at home in our ancient manor. While the kitchen has been renovated with the newest Wizarding appliances, they look in place in the old world style kitchen. Instead of stainless steel, like is popular in most muggle homes, ours are cast iron, or faced in wood to look like old cabinetry. All the fire places our huge, and nothing sets apart the one connected to the floo in the main sitting area, besides the cast iron pot of floo powder on the mantle. We decide that we want to add pictures and the like, but so far, we like all that they have done with the place.   

At a quarter to four, the floo erupts in green flames and The Potters each step out escorting a member of my family. James is the only exception he walks out carrying a basket. “Foods here!” he calls to the room at large.

“Yes, thank you James, now if you could take it back to the kitchen and set it on the table. I will be in momentarily to arrange everything.” Mrs. Potter says briskly.

“Welcome!” Albus greets our first official houseguests. I can tell he is excited even though it has been only a few hours since they were here last. “So what is our floo stop called anyway, dad?”

“Well right now we are just calling in The Wickhamford house, but we thought you should have the honor of naming it, since it is your house. I left the papers at Grimauld Place, but we can fill them out whenever you like.” Harry tells us.

We decide to set the party up in the front garden near the lake (it seems too big to merely call a pond). Just as we are putting the finally touches on the food table, my parents and Rosie walk over to us.

“Would you like to see your graduation present from us?” My mom asks, “well and part of your birthday present too Albus.”

“Sure, where is it?” I say.

My family leads us to the other side of a grove of trees to the west of the house. I am beginning to wonder how much further we have to go when I see it. They have built, or more likely had someone build us a Quidditch pitch complete with raised stands on one side and a magical score board.

“How?” is all I can manage to say.

“It was Rosie’s idea, she said that it is something you would both enjoy and that you could use for years to come. Do you like it?” My dad replies.

“Rosie… I just… I love it!” I stammer.

“This is amazing. Thank you.” Albus says pulling my little sister into a hug.

Soon the house is alive with Weasleys. Hugo rushes over to Rosie and doesn’t leave her side the rest of the day. Food is enjoyed; presents are given for both Albus’ birthday and our graduation. Everyone is having a grand time. Finally I see James again as he is taking a second helping of cake (made by Grandmum in the shape of a lion).

“How have you been James?” I ask.

“Pretty good, I didn’t get much play, this last season, but Harper was injured in our last game, he may not come back next season. I may make it off the reserves. Not that you have to worry about that.” He says pointedly giving me a look.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I was in the right place at the right time, playing the right position and the right gender. If you just happened to be a girl seeker playing when Gwenog Jones just happened to scouting the other team’s seeker you might have made the Harpies too.” I laugh. “But hey, I really have you to thank, a whole year playing with the famous James Potter II as captain, taught me a lot.” I add with a smile.

“Yeah, and when Puddlemere squashes you, you remember that.” He taunts me.

“Please, James Sirius Potter, you know you would play for the Harpies if you could. You will be cheering for me when I catch that snitch and you know it.”

James laughs loudly, “Just don’t tell Oliver that, he would have my skin.”

Albus comes over and joins us. “What are you laughing at James?”

I wrap my arms around my handsome fiancé and tell him, “I was just telling James he will be over the moon when we beat Puddlemere United. Harpies fan through and through and all that.”

Just as the party is dissipating, a large owl swoops down and I retrieve the letter that is tied to his leg. I unroll it to see it is from Jenna.


Merlin of course I will be a bride’s made and I would love to come visit you this summer. School lets out on June 20th so I will be able to be there on the 21st, if you can arrange it. They said I just have to be back before term starts on September 8th. Would that be overstaying my welcome? I know you said a couple of weeks. Just let me know. I am just so excited to see you and meet Albus.

I turn to Albus and let him know about Jenna’s letter. We decide to go to the Ministry on Monday to secure an international portkey for her. We bid the rest of our guest farewell and head to bed for the night.

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