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What Even is a Squib? by music_love_fred
Chapter 4 : The First Kiss
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The second day of school is supposed to be easier and better than the first, right? Wrong. So definately, freaking wrong. When I got to school today, Kiki left a note in my locker saying she was "sick". That's ridiculous! How'd she even get the note there? I was pissed.

Well, anyway, I sat in French and pitied myself. I thought a lot during that class. My anger turned into fear. She left me alone. I have made no other friends. Who the hell am I supposed to sit with during lunch?

In science the girl behind me, Patricia, talked to me a little bit. She was sweet and made nice conversation. I even forgot about my lunch ordeal for a few seconds. That was probably only because I was staring at her huge spot. It was right on her nose, and about to pop.

And now, in history, I'm lost in my thoughts, of course. Mrs. Shortbottom has been yammering away about something that happened 800 years ago. I could care less right now. I'm just trying to make the clock go by slower. I don't know who to sit with. Kiki invited me to her table, but I don't think I'm welcome there without her. All of Kiki's friends just stared at me like the perfect little bitches they are.

When the bell rings for lunch, I pick up my stuff and walk as slow as I can to avoid lunch. When I reach the door, I see that... Drake's waiting for me?

"What are you waiting for?" I ask him.

"You, of course. I didn't want you to eat lunch alone," he says. It sounded like he was trying to be sweet. Boys never act sweet around me.

I don't really know what to say. "Thanks." Thanks? Oh, he's totally just in like awe because of my amazing choice of wording.

"So, I saw your friend isn't here today."

"Yeah she's 'sick.'" I make quotations with my hands when I say that terrible excuse.

"You don't think she is?" he asks.

"No. She's probabally with that guy," I reply.

"I've also seen him. He graduated last year. Kiki's really blown away by him," Drake tells me. He says this as we enter the cafeteria. We get our lunch and sit down at an empty table. Some other boys and another girl, thank God anothe girl, join us throughout the lunch. Drake introduced them as they sat down. They were: John, Peter, Gordon and his girlfriend, Penny, and this kid from like France or Spain or something like that. His name's Jacob.

I eat my lunch quietly while they carry on a conversation. They talk about playing sports this year. Truly intellectual.

When I finish, Penny notices and says, "Lily, come with me to throw away my trash?"

I nod my head and pick up my tray. I follow her. "So, I hear you've been homeschooled," Penny says as I put my tray away.

"Yeah," I reply. "All my life." I smile a little.

"Sweet. So, do you like Drake? I can totally tell he has a thing for you!" She smiles really big. I can't help but stare at her chipped tooth among all perfect white others.

"Um, I don't know," I say.

"Oh, come on! I can totally tell that you do." God, do these girl's only care about guys? I mean, they do have nice arses and smell good, but there's other things in the world to worry about. Like, say, world hunger or some shit.

She continues talking, "listen, my boyfriend, Gordon, is having a party this Friday night. You should totally come. I know Drake will be there. Kiki told me you two are gonna come," she says this as we sit back down at the table.

"You telling her about my party?" asks Gordon. Penny nods. "Good. There's gonna be drinks! Spread the word," he says to me. Then, he pulls Penny up close to him and kisses her full on the mouth.

Drake looks at me and laughs. Probably because I was making a disgusted face and aiming it right at the close couple. He stands up and puts up his tray. When he comes back, he whispers into my ear, "Let's get out of here before this gets too graphic." Goosebumps form on my arms at the feel of his hot breath on my ear and neck. I nod and follow him.

He leads me out into a gorgeous courtyard where other students are eating lunch. He checks his watch. "We've got about five minutes until the bell rings," he tells me. Drake sits down on the ground next to a tree. I follow his lead. We lean on the tree and stare up at the sky.

The bell rings too soon. He stands up first and offers me his hand. I grab it and he helps me up. I walk away to my locker.

After I go switch books, I walk slowly to the English classroom. I think English is okay. The teacher, Mr. Peak, smiles as I take my seat. I avoid all looks. Yesterday, I had taken a seat towards the back.

OMG. So the scoop is that there's this girl in here, and she had like this baby last year. When she was only 14. I heard that her baby daddy was like 17 or something. How gross is that? Why do people that young need to even need to do stuff like that? Just, ew.

When I leave that classroom, I practically skip to the music classroom. That's the class I have with Drake. All that class is, is just singing and more singing. I would call it choir, but we don't do competitions or put on programmes.

I drop my book bag off at the back of the room. I see Drake come in. He waves and takes a seat. I walk over. "Can I sit here?" I ask him. He nods his head. I take the seat and smooth out my skirt and uniform. More people flood the classroom. The teacher, Mrs. Bough, said that we have the biggest class she teaches. I get squished up against Drake.

Our teacher hands out a piece of music. It's some old song from the 1600s or whatever. Drake and I share a copy. Mrs. Bough starts telling us the background of the song. Then she demonstrates the different pitches we sing on her piano. She starts playing and we start singing. After a while, she has us stand. My shoulder brushes Drake's more than once.

I wonder if I could sneak a grab at his arse. No, that'd be pretty noticeable. Well, there are like thirty peopl in here. Screw it, I'm gonna do it. Mrs. Bough looks directly at me. She winks and hide my hands behind my back.

We sing for the rest of the hour. And when we finish, I wave goodbye to Drake, and find my way to gym. I change quickly in the locker room. When finished I follow the other girls outside. Our teacher, Coach Sally, has us play basketball. She gives us little smocks. That way we can tell who's on what team. I don't really want to play. I stare off at this group boys playing football. There's a few good one's out there playing. This one guy, takes the ball and like does this really cool trick thing.

Suddenly, something hard hits me on the head. I move to put my hand up to the spot, but before it reaches there, a huge hard thing hits my body. My hands make an attempt at catching me, but it's no use. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" I hear a girl say. I'm on my knees and I feel pain in them, my hands, and head. I stand up all shaky.

"It's okay," I assure the girl.

"Look at your knees!," says Coach. "And your hands!" I bend over and look at first my left, then my right knee. Bright red blood fell from each. It was faster on the right, and almost to my white socks. I take a peek at my hands. There's rocks stuck in them.

"You. Help her to the nurse," Coach tells a girl with unnaturally blonde hair.

The girl walks into the school and I follow her. She leads me up a flight of stairs. She takes a sharp right and stops quickly. She knocks on the door. It opens and a tall woman looks at her. "Oh, hello. What can I do for you, Sylvia?"

"Actually, Lily fell during gym and needs to be cleaned up. I'm sure you can handle this now. I'll go back to class." She whispers this part, "It's pretty bad." Sylvia walks away. I hope I can remember my way back.

"So, you're Lily?" asks the nurse. No, my name is George. The other bleeding girl is Lily. Dumbarse.

I just nod. I move slowly into her small office. I feel numb. "Well, show me your legs," she says. I sit down and put my left leg out first. The nurse starts cleaning it up. I feel kind of weird on account of the fact that I haven't shaved in a few days. When she's finished with that one, I lift of my right leg. I notice a few drops of blood on the floor. I feel stupid for that.

The nurse puts a big band-aid on each. "You're all good to go!" she says.

I lift up my hands. "Oh, I'm sorry." She has me wash them in a sink before picking out the small pebbles. She leaves them bare.

"I'm Nurse Perry. If you need anything, just come on up. I'm always open."

I turn left and go down the same stairs as before. When I reach the court, Coach tells me to just sit down and watch. I sit down and feel the throbbing come back to my head. I feel it with my hand and it's like a heartbeat. I feel faint. When she tells us to go change, I do so quickly.

The bell rings and I stagger inside. I change fast so I can finally leave. I lean against a fence and wait for my mum.

"Hey, gorgeous," Drake says. I blush as he walks up. What the hell do you say to gorgeous? "Woah. What happened to your legs?"

"Oh nothing," I reply.

"Doesn't look like nothing," he insists. I shrug. "So, you're coming to Gordon's party Friday night?" I nod. "Well, that's good. I'll be there. We can hang."

I smile at this. I'd love to hang with him. I look back out and see my mom's car. "I need to go. I'll see you later," I say.



It's Friday. Oh, glorious frickin' Friday. The last school day of the frickin' weekend. Kiki returned to school on Wednesday and she hasn't missed anymore days. She still uses that lame sick excuse. Nobody belived it.

Yesterday, Kiki told me that she swore she saw this guy checking me out. I just laughed at her. No guys ever check me out.

Also, today, she told me I was really pretty. That was before she did my make up right before French. Kiki had pulled me into the girl's bathroom and covered my eyes and lips and cheeks with a large ammount of make up. The only other time I've ever worn make up was when my mum used to put it on me when I was little. She stopped when I hit puberty. I dunno why, though.

"Hey." I look up. It's Drake. Oh, Lord. I get up from my lunch table. He leads me out.

"Hi," I say when we're out in the hall. The bell had just rung a few seconds ago.

"So, are you excited for tonight?" he asks.

I have to think for a millisecond. I had almost forgotten that tonight is Gordon's party. I nod. "Of course I am. I've been looking forward to it all week!"

"You have?" I have?

I nod. "Uh huh!" Jeez, where did I get these lines from? My mum's diary?

I see that we're at my next class. "Bye."



"Lily, wait up!" I stop where I am and turn. Drake's walking towards me.

"Drake. Hey. Wassup?" Wassup? Am I black?

"Just about ready to leave. You, the same, right?" I nod. Today in music class, I did it! I grabbed Drake's arse. Oh, and it was nice.

"Oh, there's my mum. I gotta go. See you tonight!" I hurriedly turn away. Drake takes my hand. He pulls me to him.

I'm about to ask him what the hell he's doing, but I don't even get one word out. For his lips are upon mine. I feel as though something has been lifted out of me. Probably just my lip virginity.

I could stay in this moment forever. Ahaha, no jk jk. That'd be awkward.

He pulls away too soon. "I couldn't go another day before seeing what that would be like." He winks.

I've just had my first kiss, and I feel like I'm walking on water. Probably because I'm standing in a puddle of rain water...

"Um. Okay, bye." I walk to my car.

"So who was that?" asks mum when I sit down.

"Oh, just some boy." I stare dreamily out the window on the way home. When we arrive, I retreat to my room. I spend a little bit of time on my homework. I pretty much just think about Drake. Wow, I'm obsessive.

When mum calls me in for dinner, I almost trip getting out the door.

She serves me some potatoes and a piece of chicken. She uses her wand to do it. Both mum and dad have started doing more magic around me.

"So, how was your day, honey?" asks dad.

"It was fine," I say, while taking a bite of the meat.

I'm about to say how I did on my first French test, when mum butts in: "Today, our Lily has become a Potter." She said this very proudly.

"What do you mean? She's always been a Potter," my dad says, quizzically.

"She's had her first kiss!" mum practically yells. Right in dad's face. I hope you enjoyed that, dad. That's who you married.

"Mum!" I complain, wanting to die.

"Ahhh," Dad says. "I remember my first kiss. Was it Cho or that Patil girl? I guess I actually don't remember." He laughs.

Mum adds: "Mine was also memerable. Michael Corner. That was fine." I crawl into a small ball and ignore my parents' talk about romatic rendezvous. They talk about secret meetings behind tapestries and some Room of Requirement.

I leave them after a while and call Kiki. It's time to party.







AN: I just rewrote this chapter and I am pretty please with the way it turned out. I tried to make it more enjoyable to read and I think I did. Please tell me what you think and leave reviews! I love reading them, even if they are good or bad. The next chapter I'm rewriting in the one after this. It's going to be a lot better than it originally was. Well, that's all I got. Too-da-loo!




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