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Lucky Thirteen by Emily Potter
Chapter 13 : The Chase of Cops and Robbers
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We had fifteen minutes before the game started, where the boys discussed their tactics, and we discussed ours.

“We need an order to pass the Map around, and a code if someone needs help.” Anu said.

“I have an idea for the order.” I said, “Anu, Dom, Cam, Emma, Kris, Lily, May, Rose, Lucy, Roxy, Molly, Tara, Vic and me.” I said.

“Sounds good.”

“Now a code for help.” Vic said.

“Mum might be able to help us.” Rose said, looking at her mom and Ginny, who were standing close by and listening to our plans.

Her mom raised an eyebrow.

“DA coins?” Rose said.

Her mother smiled, and summoned some coins from her bag.

She gave them to all of us, “They turn hot if you change a number on it.” she said.

“But we won’t be holding it all the time. How will we feel when it turns hot?” Kris said.

“We’re in swimsuits, people. If we wear it like a necklace, and it will be resting against bare skin. When it turns warm, we’ll feel it.” Rose said.

“Wait, I can charm it to show the name of the person whose in trouble and an instant transfer to where they are too, if you give me a minute.” Tara said.

She waved her wand at the heap of coins, performing a complicated spell. The coins shined gold, and faded.

“Done.” She said.

We put the coins around our necks, and pulled on a skin tight, camouflage suit with a deep V- neck over our very much revealing swimsuits, so we could feel the coins turn warm.

Then we heard the faint voices of the boys, counting till fifty for us to hide.

“At least two people in one area. We have a whole forest and someone should be close to help.” I whispered, before the girls disappeared into the trees, leaving our tent under a Disillusionment charm behind.

Tara and I hid in the same area, at a clearing. We climbed up two trees, and waited.
Soon enough, two boys came into view. It was Aidan and Teddy. They better hope they make it out of here unharmed.

“We got this, bro.” Teddy said. “Keep the voice down. The girls might hear us.” Aidan said.

“Human revealing spell.” Teddy said.

I sucked in a breath, and took out my wand as Aidan and Teddy performed the spell. I glanced at Tara, who did the same.

“Someone’s here, Ted.” Aidan said.

“They’re probably in the trees.” Teddy said.

Wow, he caught on fast. Victoire had good taste. But then again, where else would we hide if not the trees? It’s not like we would hide behind the tree trunks; we’d be caught in seconds.

“We can’t check them all. They’ll escape by then.” Aidan said, frowning.

“Watch and learn, my friend.” Teddy said.

So with one flourish movement of his hand, Teddy removed all the trees of its leaves, leaving us behind.

“Now!” Tara said.

“Confringo!” We both said, and a ring of fire formed around the boys, trapping them in the dancing flames.

“Silencio!” Tara said once more, to slow them down from putting out the fire.

Then we ran, splitting up to make us less vulnerable.

Now that I was alone, I had to be more careful.

I crept from tree to tree, when I felt the coin around my neck turn warm.

Anu’s name flashed on the coin. I knew immediately someone would go to help her, probably Dom, who had to take the map next.

I touched the coin anyway, and got transported to where Anu was, who was duelling Albus and Scorpius at once. From the corner of my eye, I saw Dom slip into the trees, carrying a familiar piece of parchment with her and tucking it inside her suit.

“Expelliarmus!” I whispered at Albus, as he raised his wand. If flew out of his hand.
Scorpius and Al whirled around, and saw me standing there.

“Attack!” Scorpius hollered, and I flicked my wand again.

His wand soared through the air and landed next to Al’s wand.

“Anu, run!” I said, before disappearing myself.

Al grabbed his wand and took after me, while Scorpius did the same with Anu.

I turned for a fraction of a second, “Impedimenta!” I said.

His movements immediately slowed down and it looked like I was watching a movie in slow motion. I laughed and conjured a temporary blindfold, so he wouldn’t see which direction I was running in.

So for most of the time, I was running around, escaping the boys.

I also found the jail, deep into the boys’ side of the forest. I assumed Harry help them set it up, because it looked foolproof and inescapable.

Every now and then I would run into someone.

From May, who had taken the map from Lily, I learnt that Lily, Kris, Emma, Cam, and Roxy were captured by the boys, and Kris and Lily had successfully escaped, but the rest were still captured.

So that was our next challenge. We had to bring our numbers up again. We had to bust the girls out, and from what I had seen of the jail, it was going to be harder than a piece of cake.


Night fell, and both the boys and girls retired to their hideouts.

“Girls, we need a plan. The boys are going to try to ambush us, so we have to leave the tent tonight.” I said.

“Where do we go?” Lucy said.

“We’ll have to go to the territory which would be most dangerous to go in.” Anu said, realising my tactics.

“Okay, everyone, just keep your wands with you, and someone take the map.” Tara said.

In less than thirty seconds, the group of girls had assembled outside the tent, with wands out, and Rose holding the map.

We were going to first rescue Emma, Cam, Lily and Roxy.

“Anu, go check who’s guarding the jail. Kris, tell us the layout of the jail, any lose ends, other areas and stuff we can use to get in.” Tara said.

Kris pulled out her wand, and drew a 3D layout of the jail, showing us the entrance, where two boys were stationed, and one for each of the three other walls.

“Okay, we’re eleven people. We need two people on the entrance guards, and three others to handle to rest. We need two people to life the protective enchantments. Then we need to breach the roof and get them out. We’ll need two people if we want it done fast enough. The last two of us, will take the rear and make sure everyone gets back into our territory, before the boys catch us.” I said.

“Okay, who does what?” Rose said, and everyone looked at me.

I was the strategist. And I had to make do with nine people.
It was Anu, Dom, Kris, May, Rose, Lily, Lucy, Molly, Tara, Vic and me

“Anu, Kris, take the entrance guards. Lucy, Molly, and Lily, take the other three. May, Rose, break the protective charms. Vic and Dom breach the roof and make sure those three get out. Tara and I will take the rear.” I said.

They nodded.

“Come on, let’s go.” I said.

We changed our clothes to black, and silently moved from tree to tree, with Dom as our lookout up front.

We reached the jail, and saw Hugo and Fred at the entrance. I could vaguely make out Lorcan and Lysander’s figures on either sides of the front. But who was at the back, was a mystery for now.

“Okay, Anu, Kris, go for it. You have to silence them first. And Lucy, Molly, Lily, same applies for you guys. Now go!” I whispered.

The girls disappeared into the night, Anu and Kris up front, and the others creeping from their respective sides.

Anu and Kris successfully silenced Fred and Hugo, but they continued fighting with non verbal spells.

They managed to body bind them, and hauled them up against a tree, before giving us a thumbs up.

I got similar signals from Molly, Lucy and Lily.

“Rose, May, protective charms. Vic and Dom, follow them and breach the roof.” I instructed.

The first five came back, and the next four exited on my instruction.

May and Rose quickly performed some complicated charm work, and stood back forty seconds later.

Vic conjured a ladder, and climbed onto the low roof of the jail, and pulled Dom up with her.

Then she cast a Disillusionment Charm on the roof, and the prisoners looked up, seeing the roof had disappeared.

Dom signalled for them to clear the middle area.

“Confringo!” Dom said, drawing a circle of fire, wide enough for a person to fit.

“Reducto!” Vic said, and blasted the circle into a million pieces.

“Come on, quick!” Dom said, pulling Cam up.

Then an alarm went off.

“That’s the alarm if anyone escapes. We have to move fast.” Emma said, coming up as well.

“Come on Roxy! Quick!” Vic hissed, pulling her cousin up.

They quickly got off the roof and Vic lifted the Disillusionment charm.

“Guys run!” Dom said.

We could make out the figures of all the boys running out from their hideout.

“We can’t leave the boys here.” I said.

“We’ll take them captive.” Tara said.

“Okay, Anu, get Fred. Kris, take Hugo. Lily, take Lysander. Molly, get Lorcan. May, take Albus.” I said.

They levitated the unconscious bodies.

“Go! Tara and I have to make sure you get back!” I said.

The rest of the girls disappeared into the forest, and Tara and I followed, with the boys close on our heels.

We were expanding the gap between us, when I tripped on a branch.

“Artemis!” Tara said.

“Go! I can defend myself!” I said, trying to get up, but fell again.

I think I twisted my ankle.

“No, I’m not leaving without you. You’re our strategist. We need you. You know how badly we want to win.” Tara said.

“It’s a game. And you’re wasting time. It’s better if they catch one of us than two. And both of us know the game, well. No one else. Besides, its just a game.” I said.

But as I said it even I realised how badly we wanted to win against the boys.

Tara frowned, “We’re coming back to get you if you’re not out by morning.” She said.

“Go!” I said, as he heard the boys come closer.

She turned on her heel and ran into the forest, and I pulled myself behind a tree.

Then I heard voices. “They can’t have gone far. They were a big group.” Teddy’s voice said.

“But they pulled it off. I don’t see anyone.” Scorpius said.

“My sister must have planned it. She’s a good strategist.” Aidan said.

“You bet I am.” I muttered.

“I have a feeling we’re not the only ones here.” Cedric said.

James performed the Human-Revealing Spell, and a shiver went down my spine.

“Search the area! One of them is still here! And check the trees!” Teddy and Aidan said.

Teddy imitated what he had done earlier in the day, and all the leaves fell off the trees.
I pushed myself into the tree trunk as far as I could, and controlled my breathing.

But even that wasn’t enough to hide me from the boys.

“Well, looks like we found her.” Aidan said.

“Curse.” I muttered, and tried standing up, as the boys bound my hands behind my back.

I sank back to the floor.

“I think I broke my ankle or something.” I said.

Aidan smirked.

“Stop smirking. It’s not my fault I’m such a klutz.” I said.

“Where you got your sense of balance, I really wonder. Mom has perfect grace, and Dad never tripped unnecessarily.” Aidan said.

“Stop smirking, and help me with my ankle!” I demanded.

Aidan smirked again (to my irritation), and healed my ankle.

“Thank you very much.” I said, dusting myself.

“Now you’re going to have to come with us.” Cedric said.

“I don’t think I can do that.” I said, ripping my hands free.

Then I ran for it.

It took them a few seconds to realise what I had done.

“After her!” Teddy yelled.

I had a total of seven boys chasing after me. Two were accomplished aurors. One was an auror to be. So my chances weren’t very good.

“Impedimenta!” I shouted at the nearest person, who was Louis.

“Expelliarmus!” I yelled at Cedric, it flew into my hand.

I wasn’t going to give that back.

“Feisty one, isn’t she?” James said, running fast.

I looked back and glared, “Reducto!” I said.

He dodged, and I hit Arthur instead.

So I had four people, armed, who were tailing me.

Where is our tent?

I conjured several walls of rocks to stop them.

I heard them stop, and breathed a sigh of relief, continuing on my way.

I didn’t stop running, but I was relaxed that I defeated them. By the time they would remove all the walls, I would be far ahead.

I saw the tent, which was only visible to girls, when I heard a twig snap.

I turned sharply, and someone covered my mouth.

“Don’t even think about yelling.” He whispered.

James. Curse him. Looks like the wall didn’t stop him.

“Now it’s your turn for some jail time.” He said, and I blacked out.


A/N: So what do you think? Questions? Comments? Reviews?

XOX Emily

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