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The Wedding Night of Her Dreams by Dark Whisper
Chapter 1 : The Worst Story Ever - The Wedding Night of Her Dreams
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The Wedding Night of Her Dreams

It took her seven long years to convince him that she was the love of his life.

And he was indeed in love with the woman in white robes standing across from him with a look that spoke of love and adoration, as they said their magical wedding vows.

Draco Malfoy had never been happier in all of his life than at that moment… taking Hermione Granger as is ‘awful’ wedded wife, as he liked to tease her.

A second before their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, he whispered to her so that only she could hear. “I will love you until the day I die.”

As they kissed, they heard the applause of the congregation and they swore they heard a few in the crowd say, “Finally.”

Their story was far, far away from a quick fairytale romance. By contrast, their love took years to grow… a wild journey to love and hate and back again.

Friends had long given up on them… “Either get married or break up… just pick one and stick with it, already!” Harry and Blaise would say with exhausted irritable frustration.

To be sure, Draco measured the depth of his love by asking himself one simple question. “Would you die for her?” The answer was a quick ‘yes’ and that night he had made his decision to stop procrastinating and ask her… or rather… demand her to marry him.

The marriage ‘proposal’ came during a fight that started over the dilemma of what to have for dinner… chicken soup or beef stew.

“Either one… they taste the same… too salty and too peppery.” He playfully insulted.

“I hate you.” She said to him, as she threw an empty pot toward his head, which he caught easily, of course.

“That’s why I love you.” He replied with a smirk from the opposite side of the large granite kitchen island.

“Marry me, Granger.” He demanded… as if it were not a question to be ‘popped.’

“I will not marry you!” She yelled.

“Yes, you will.” He grinned just as he ran around the granite kitchen island toward her. But she was quick and ran from him.

They were in a full blown childish chase, running about the house, knocking into things.

“Marry me, now!” He demanded again… a lounge chair now between them, as if it were her shield.

“Not until you say, ‘Mudbloods Rule!’”

“I will not!” His face playfully cringed.

“Then I will not!” She giggled as she raced off.

But he was fast and had caught her up into his arms, pulling her into a loving embrace, slightly growling as he gave her his best kiss. And as they were kissing… he managed to mumble it on her lips… “Mdblds Rule.”

“Oh, alright. I guess. I’ll… love, honor, and cherish… but I ‘WILL NOT OBEY’!” She yelled at him as her finger poked hard at his chest three times at the last three words.

“Yes!” He said, as he threw his fists in the air… as if he’d won some victory over her.

They loved and hated each other more than any couple in recent magical history.

When they came together it was like thunder and lightning in a most beautiful storm… one for the ‘mature’ storybooks.

Draco knew in his heart he had made the best decision of his life. She was the only woman he had ever fully opened his heart to. He was amazed at how understanding and forgiving she was with everything.

He figured that all she really wanted from him was love and acceptance and he would give it to her… that and everything she could possibly want. He was determined to spoil her with every indulgence available.

On their wedding night, Draco held his pretty wife, while silently, harshly criticizing himself for not marrying her sooner. There was just something about making her a Malfoy… making her his… the depth… the ocean of meaning behind it that touched his core. It made him want to apologize for the rest of his life for waiting so long.

Hermione on the other hand, lay in his arms pondering the trials and tribulations that they went through to get to this place… their wedding bed.

She thought of everything she went through as her mind began to rewind… the wedding… the proposal… the parties… working together… the funerals… the war… Hogwarts… the hurt he caused… the name calling… ‘filthy little Mudblood’… her mind heard him say… just before…

Just before she killed him.

She did it the Muggle way, of course, because of all that Muggle blood running through her veins that he was so quick to remind her of… all those agonizing years of emotional torture he needlessly put her through.

“Die… Die… Die…” She said as she stabbed him in the heart repeatedly with a brand new kitchen knife… a lovely wedding gift.

Just then Hermione jolted from her sleep.

She was horrified!

Not because of the dream… but because she had dozed off in the library and was now late for the DADA mid-term exam!

Run, Hermione! Run!

“Hermione killed me on my wedding night!  What kind of crappy storyline is this?” Draco asked with a horrified look on his face, reading Dark Whisper's story on the Archive.

“I told you I didn’t think you’d like it…. And don’t forget it was for the 'Worst Story Ever' Challenge.” She reminded him. "Well... her killing you as you happily married her was the 'worst' Dramione story I could think of."

“Well it is very, very bad… stabbing me in the heart like that... 'the Muggle way'... Good grief. Hermione is going to think this is hilarious.”  He said... rubbing his chest where the wound would've been.

“You still love me don’t you?” Dark Whisper teased.

“Of course I do. And as a dear friend… I just want to make sure that you never get that depressed again… hear me?” He said as he hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

“Yes… I hear you.”

“I have to admit…” Draco said… “Of all the stories on this site…. I like Dramione the best… even if she kills me in the end.” He smirked.

Their eyes held for a couple of seconds as they smiled at each other. It was a smile of respect, reverence, deep understanding... and a strange love that only a HP Canon character and a silly fanfic author could share.

As she watched him leave... she thought again… of what it would be like if she could no longer write or read stories about him... and got a bit teary-eyed.

And so Dark Whisper got out her quill and some parchment and began writing once again... now that all was right in her beloved imaginary world.


Author's Note:
Well... It's gotta be a bad story if the author puts herself in it, right? And clichés are present... The Wedding Night stabbing was "all just a dream"... I know that it is not at all what anyone expected... 'no plot' or wild 'ships or anything... I just wanted to participate... The other entries are wonderfully bad and absolutely hysterical and I love them all!  I know this story doesn't really qualify... as I didn't follow the example given.  Sorry...  but I was certainly inspired!

On Another Note:
Dark Whisper humbly thanks you ALL.... JKR... All Staff... All Writers... All Readers... All at TDA... All on the Forums... and especially the Site Owner for creating something so wonderful for us ALL.... You know who you are…

Your hard work is so much appreciated... what would we do without this wonderful place?

Long Live Harry Potter Fan Fiction!

With all the love that is in me for this site... Thank you!

Dark Whisper


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