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Sirius and Harry by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 4 : The Weasleys
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Ginny had developed an attachment to Sirius, so when it was time to leave she pulled on Sirius’ pants leg and held up her hands.  Sirius picked her up and they were off.  When they reached the hospital Sirius walked in first holding Ginny with Bill and Charlie walking on either side.  Next was Molly holding on to Fred and George, then Arthur carrying Ron with Percy on the other side.

Sirius walked up to the desk and asked for Tomalas Weasley’s room.  When they had walked in every reporter had turned to look at them.  When they asked for the room everyone ignored them.  So they slipped through without a hitch.

When they made it to the third floor Arthur changed Sirius back and said, “We’ll leave you to it Sirius, we’ll be in the waiting area when you are ready to leave.”

“Actually,” Sirius said, “if it’s ok with the Healer I want you all there.  A few kids hanging around might be good for Harry.  Alone with a bunch of adults may scare him right now.”

Arthur nodded and they proceed towards Albus who smiled, “Before you see Harry there is someone who wants to see you.”  Albus opened a door and everyone trouped in. 

Sirius grinned and said, “Moony!” the two men hugged. 

Ginny, who was still in Sirius’ arms started to giggle and the two pulled apart and look at her and she said, “I’m a Ginny sandwich.”

Sirius laughed then turned to Remus, “You remember Arthur and Molly Weasley?  This is Ginny their youngest.  Next is Ron, the twins Fred and George, then Percy, Charlie and finally Bill.  Weasley’s this is Remus Lupin.”

“Sirius I should have known…” Remus said.

“No, I should have.” Sirius interrupted, “Peter kept trying to tell me you were the spy.  He pointed out things that you were doing and warped them into evil.  If I hadn’t listened to him we would never have hidden the secret keeper from you.  This is all my fault.”

“No,” Remus said, "it’s Peters.”

The group then move on down to the room Harry was in.  Healer O’Neal met them near the door smiling, “Harry is doing very well.” Sirius gave Ginny to Molly and sat down to listen.

Molly sat her between Fred and George, “Keep your sister close.”

Ginny sat as long as she could then she got up and started walking around looking in doors and under tables, Fred and George had followed her and asked, “What are you looking for Gin Gin?”

Ginny said, “Nofing, just looking.” She pushed on a door and it wouldn’t budge so Fred helped her push it and looked in, she said, “Deres a boy on dat bed.”

They walked over to the boy sitting up on his bed; he was looking at them with wide eyes.  The boy looked scared and Fred thought I’d be scared in this place all alone too.  Although he would never admit that out loud it made him feel bad for the boy, “Hi, my name is Fred, this is George and our sister Ginny.”

The boy replied in a very soft voice, ”Hi.”

Ginny climbed into the chair and said, “What’s your name?”

The boy only shrugged.

Just then Bill holding Ron’s hand came in, “You guys shouldn’t be in here, we’ll get in trouble.”

“He’s here alone and scared,” Fred said, “we just wanted to talk, but he won’t tell us his name.”

Bill looked at the papers hanging on the end of the bed, “It says his name is Harry. My name is Bill and this is Ron.”  Bill realized this was the boy they were here to see anyway so he decided to stay.  Ron climbed onto the chair behind Ginny.

Then Percy and Charlie came in the room, Percy said, “I thought you were just going to get them out of the room?”

“This is Harry,” Bill said, “this is who we came to see anyway it won’t matter.”

Harry looked at them and asked, “Are you related?”

“Yes,” Fred said, “we are all brothers and Ginny’s our sister.  The last two are Charlie and Percy.”  Each boy waved as his name was called so Harry new which was which.

They chatted and actually got Harry to laugh at a joke.

“You can sit on my bed if you want.“ Fred climbed onto the bed an pulled Ginny into his lap and George did the same with Ron.  Bill and Percy sat in two chairs on one side while Charlie sat in one on the other.

After about five minutes Molly realized it was too quiet.  Her children were nowhere in sight and she started to panic.  A group of Healers were looking in the window of Harry’s door smiling; one saw her panic and waved her over.  She peeked in and saw her children sitting on and around Harry’s bed.  He was sitting up talking to them.

“He hasn’t spoken to anyone since he woke up last night.” The healer said, “We were afraid he wouldn’t be able to but turns out he just needed someone he could relate too.”

Molly cracked the door open and heard Fred ask, “Did we scare you when we came in is that why you didn’t want to say your name?”

“I didn’t know what to say.” Harry said, “All my Aunt and Uncle call me is boy or freak.  I didn’t know I had another name.  And I didn’t want you to call me boy or freak.”

Molly let the door close and turned to look at the healers who all had the same shocked expression that she was sure was on her own face.  She was nearly in tears when Sirius and the rest came over.  Sirius looked in and grinned, but it slid off his face as he heard what was said next.

One of the Healers said, “We saw the red headed kids go into Harry’s room.  So we decided to see how it turned out.“  Healer O’Neal looked in and smiled, the girl continued, “Their Mum came over and wanted to hear what they were talking about so she pushed open the door a bit.  One of the twins asked if all of them coming in scared him and caused him to not want to tell them his name.  He said…”  She stopped over come.

“He said he didn’t know his name was Harry.” Molly continued for her.

“Amnesia?” Healer O’Neal asked.

“No,” Another Healer said, “he said his relatives only called him freak or boy he didn’t know he had another name.”

Sirius was shaking when he said, “Albus you had better stun me so I don’t do something that will send me back.”

Albus put a hand on Sirius’ shoulder and said, “I was afraid that we would hear some awful things.  I have asked Alastor to assign three Aurors to protect them until we can get them to trial.  Don’t do anything that will leave Harry alone, he needs you.”

The door opened and Bill leaned out, “Sirius I think Harry would like to meet you now.”

Sirius took a deep breath and walked in, “Hi Harry, I’m Sirius your godfather.”

Harry gave a quick smile and wave but said nothing.

“Siwius is a dog and a star.” Ginny said.

Harry looked at Ginny in confusion and Sirius laughed, “I am named after the dog star Sirius.  But I can also turn into a dog.”

Harry’s eyes went wide, “How can you do that?”

“Magic of course.” Sirius said.

“No.” Harry said and started looking around scared.

Sirius sat and thought for a moment, “Harry, did your uncle tell you there was no such thing as magic?  Harry nodded and Sirius continued, ”Did he punish you when weird things would happen.”  Again Harry nodded, “Harry what was the last weird thing that happened?”

Harry hardly even breathed and he didn’t move he just watched Sirius.  Fred said, “Listen Harry, Sirius won’t hurt you.  You won’t be punished for weird things happening around you.”

Harry looked at Fred and he explained but he was talking so soft it was hard for Sirius to hear, “My first day of school and the teacher was yelling at me for something Dudley did.  And her hair turned blue.”

“Brilliant,” Sirius smiled, “what happened next.”

Harry was shocked by Sirius, but he liked the reaction so he talked a little louder, “She freaked out and another teacher had to come in and take the class.  Parents had to come and get their kids because they cancelled school for the rest of the day.  Aunt Petunia was upset because she had to leave her knitting club early.  She was talking to the teacher who said that while the teacher was yelling at me her hair turned blue.  I tried to tell Uncle Vernon I had nothing to do with it but he was so mad.”

Sirius grimaced, “Is that when he threw you down the stairs?”  Harry started to say no but Sirius said, “I heard him threaten you, I know he threw you down the stairs.  You will not get in any trouble.  Harry what your Uncle did to you was very bad.  He is the bad person not you.  We’ll talk more when you feel better but for now you need to know magic is real, and you are one of the people who can use it.”

Harry looked like he was going to cry, “So I am a freak and I do freaky things.”

“Do these kids look like freaks to you?”  Harry shook his head and Sirius said, “They can do magic too and so can I.  Your Aunt and Uncle can’t and it scares them that you can.  They hurt you because they are scared of you.”

Harry thought for a moment then said, “Can I see some magic?”

“How do you feel about big dogs?” Sirius asked.

“I like dogs.” Harry said.

So Sirius transformed into his dog and trotted over to the bed.  He put his front paws on the bed and lay his head on them.  Harry reached over and scratched his ears and smiled.

From the door Remus smiled, “I always knew he was just a big kid.”

Albus laughed and clapped him on the back, “I think a big kid is what will do Harry the most good right now.”

Healer O’Neal stepped into the room, “Hello Harry, how are you today?”

Harry froze up and didn’t speak.  Sirius had moved back to a chair, transformed and said, “It’s ok Harry, he’s a healer.  He makes people better when they’re sick or hurt.  He’s already fixed your injuries.”

“Is a Healer like a doctor?” Harry whispered.

“Yes in many ways I’m like a doctor,” Healer O’Neal said, “only instead of needles and pills we use magic and potions.”

“You know about Muggle medicine?” Sirius asked.

“I’m Muggle born.” Healer O’Neal said.

“Harry’s Mum was Muggle born.” Sirius said.

Harry said rather loudly for him, “You knew my Mum?”

“Of course I did,” Sirius said, “she and your Dad were two of my best friends in the world.  They made me your Godfather.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “I thought you were like Cinderella’s godmother.”

Everyone but the Healer looked confused so the Healer said, “Muggle fairy tale.”

“I don’t know that story,” Sirius said, “can you tell me.”

“Well Cinderella’s Dad died.” Harry said, “And she was raised by her evil step mother that made her work like a servant.  But her Fairy Godmother used magic and changed her dress so she could go to the ball in a pumpkin and meet the prince.  The prince fell in love with her and had only a shoe to find her with.  But the evil stepsister broke the shoe before Cinderella could try it on.  But it was ok because she had the other one.  Then he took her to the palace to be a princess and saved her from her evil step mother and step sisters.”

The Healer was chuckling as everyone tried to follow Harry’s story.  The distraction worked well because he could run his diagnostic spells without scaring Harry.

“Well,” Sirius said, “it sounds like you and that girl have a lot in common.”

“Does that mean you’re going to save me from my Aunt and Uncle?” Harry asked.

“I’m going to try my best to do that.” Sirius said.

Harry grimaced, “I don’t have to dance at a ball do I?”

“No,” Sirius laughed, “I won’t make you dance at a ball.”

“I wanna dance at a ball.” Ginny said, “I like youw stowy.”

Harry smiled at Ginny, “I guess I could dance at a ball with you.  But nobody else.”

“Will dat make me a pwincess?” Ginny said.

“No,” Percy said, “princess’ are very pretty.”

“She’s prettier than the princess in the story book.” Harry said.

“So I can be a pwincess.”  She stuck her tongue out at Percy.

Healer O’Neal was trying hard not to laugh at the kids, “Harry there are four more adults that would like to see you.  Can I bring them in?”

Harry hesitated and Fred said, “It’s our Mum and Dad, Professor Dumbledore and Mr. Lupin, who is Sirius’ friend.”

“Can my friends stay too?” Harry asked.

The Healer said, “Yes, no problem.”


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