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Opposites attract by adluvshp
Chapter 22 : Ch 20: Unions and Revelations
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A/N: Okay I know it took me ages to update but I'm really sorry, there was just so much going on!! I'm sorry!! Anyway, lets not waste any more time, I hope you like the chp, do Read and Review!

Warning: This story was rated Mature for a reason. The following chp contains some "sex scenes" (though nothing too graphic; I've placed the sign: &#$ - where 'it' starts and ends. So those not interested in reading those parts can simply skip it over. =)


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 Ch-20: Unions and Revealations

“Draco…! Draco, wait…!” Hermione ran after him, ignoring the odd looks from the students around, as he made his way outside the Great Hall to the school grounds.

He kept walking at a fast pace and stopped when he reached under the big tree at the edge of the lake.

He closed his eyes and leaned against the tree trunk, images of his past and Lucius Malfoy haunting him. A soft hand on his cheek made him open his eyes. 

Hermione’s brown orbs met his and they simply looked at each other, as if words weren’t needed for him to tell her his feelings and for her to understand his emotions.

I am so sorry Draco…” Hermione finally whispered very slowly breaking the silence, her palm still caressing his cheek. He sighed before lowering his gaze to the grounds.

“You shouldn’t be sorry, Mi…I should be the one apologizing.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, confused. He sighed again before removing her palm from his cheek and taking both of her hands in his.

"I am so sorry Hermione…I don’t know what I was thinking. I shouldn’t have done this, I’ve let this go too far, for too long. It has reached to the point that I feel like I can’t survive without you, and this needs to stop.”

Although Hermione wasn’t understanding a word what he was saying, her gut feeling said it wasn’t good and her heart was hammering against her chest in fear.

“Dr-Draco…I don’t-” He silenced her by cutting her off.

"Mi…I…we…we shouldn’t be together be anymore…I’m sorry I let this go on for so long…but it’s not right…and just, we shouldn’t be together. I’m sorry…I don’t want to hurt you but this is what is right. We were never meant to be; you deserve someone much better than me, who can keep you happy and safe, who…who loves you and whose love wouldn’t endanger you.” His voice was very calm and composed as he said this and waited for her reaction. None came. 

Hermione merely stared at him soundlessly, her vision blurring slowly, and her eyes filling up with tears.

“Mi…please…please don’t…don’t cry…I…this is what is right…we shouldn’t-”

"DON’T YOU TELL ME WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG DRACO MALFOY…! How dare you?! How dare you even think that this is right?” She bellowed suddenly and he tried to talk but she cut him off. “No, you have done enough talking, and now you listen! We’re perfectly right with each other! There is nothing wrong in us being together and you better get this thought straight through your thick head!”

“But Mi-”

No! This is not some great film going on that you suddenly decide to be the hero and leave me, just because your lunatic of a father is on loose once again and you feel that I’m in danger! This is real life, my life, our life, and you’ve no right to take such decisions! Yes, I know why you said all that, just because Lucius Malfoy along with his army of maniacs are out of the prison doesn’t mean that he’s going to come after you for revenge, and if he does he’ll be inviting trouble for himself. And as far as I’m concerned, I am War-Heroine Hermione Granger. If the so called Dark Lord couldn’t stand in front of Harry, Ron and me, then these death eaters are nothing in front of all of us! This kind of crazy stuff suits Harry only and not you…! Do you get that?!”

“Yes Mi…but still, come on, we just don’t fit anyway. Both of our worlds are completely opposite, it’s not…acceptable…! I should’ve realized this sooner but-”

He stopped talking as Hermione took a few paces away from him, the tears clouding her eyes again. She stared at him, breathing heavily before she exploded completely.

Oh! So this is it, isn’t it?! You suddenly realized that we are so different that me, mudblood Granger, is obviously not good enough for pure blood Malfoy. Well, if that is the case that you just don’t feel for me anymore, don’t want me, then congratulations for getting over your silly infatuation Mr. Malfoy, wish you a very happy life ahead, Good Bye.” She spun on her heel, her tears finally over spilling and she made to run, but Draco caught her hand.

NO! Mi, it’s nothing like that. You’re, you’re perfect for me…we belong together Hermione…Please don’t say things like that…I…I love you Mi…I really do…Please…I’m sorry…how could I be so stupid. I just…I hate myself for saying all that and hurting you, but I just wanted you safe, I feel that you would be in danger now that Fa-…Lucius is out in England. Please forgive me Mi…I promise we’ll face whatever comes our way but…I…I don’t know what to say…I just…I love you…” He rambled on, his voice choking. She turned around to face him and saw his pained expression. She realized she hurt him just as much as he hurt her.

“I love you too, Draco…I love you so much…please don’t say stuff like that again…I can’t bear to part with you…and I’m sorry too…”

Draco looked up at her and wiped her tears, then cupped her face in his hands.

“And don’t you ever think that what I have for you is an infatuation. And better not call yourself a…mudblood again…please.” She nodded. “You forgive me right?” She nodded again. “You love me?” She gave him a look before crashing down her lips on his.

“This.” Kiss. “Is.” Kiss. “Your.” Kiss. “Answer.” Kiss. “You.” Kiss. “Stupid.” Kiss. “Ferret.” She murmured against his lips and he chuckled before taking over the kiss completely. He spun her around and backed her up against the tree trunk as his lips moved in sync with hers. They broke apart for a moment and he moved to her neck, from her collarbone to her shoulder, and his fingers running up and down her hands. She clutched his back and kissed back with as much passion. He pressed his body closer to hers, not getting enough of her. She moaned softly as he planted open-mouthed kisses on her collarbone and grabbed his face, making him look up. When he glanced at her questionably, his breathing heavy, she blushed under his longing gaze.

“I…we are in the Hogwarts grounds…students are…starting to come out… someone might see us…”

He groaned. “Damn them…no one can see us here…the tree is enough cover up.” He said gruffly and before she could reply, closed the gap between them once again with another mind-shattering kiss. She struggled hard to keep her sense and broke away.

“Uh, God, Mi…I…want…you….right now.” He muttered and she groaned at his words. If he kept saying stuff like that, it would be hard to regain control. She took a deep breath and kissed his cheek swiftly.

“Now, there, behave ferret-boy, you don’t wanna get in trouble.” As she said this, she buttoned up the buttons of his shirt which had somehow come undone. He groaned once again before pulling her hand and dragging her away inside the castle, once again ignoring the looks from his fellow school mates. She laughed.

“Oi Malfoy, what do you think you’re doing?!” Ron’s voice stopped them and Draco closed his eyes momentarily before turning around to face the red-head.

“We have some unfinished business to attend to Weasley, we need to hurry, could you care to excuse us?!” He said through gritted teeth and Ron’s face flashed red.

“Er…what he means Ron is that we have some incomplete head duties to take care of, and…er…we need to finish them off as soon as possible. I’ll talk to you later Ron…bye!” Hermione mumbled hurriedly before once again taking Draco’s hand subconsciously and walking away.

They reached the heads room in a moments and she had just climbed inside when he grabbed her by the waist.

“Head duties, huh?” He murmured sexily and she giggled childishly.  He laughed before he picked her up in his arms.

Draco! What are you doing?!”

“Saving my time!” He chortled before putting her down on their couch and attacking her lips. “Finally…! You don’t know how much I’ve missed kissing you like this…all these days you were ‘at rest’ and I couldn’t even kiss you properly…” He muttered.

“Now who’s doing the talking?” She mumbled and pulled him in for another kiss. He sighed against her lips before settling comfortably and kissing every inch of hers, where he could reach and which was considered ‘in limits.’

As their passionate embrace intensified, he wondered what it would be like to go further than this with her. He had done it with so many girls but what he couldn’t help but wonder how it would be like to do it with Hermione. She was afterall his true love…and…oh, only the thought got him so excited. When he kissed her slightly exposed cleavage (her top had come off a bit), her grip on his back tightened and she gasped in pleasure, her heartbeat erratic. At that moment, her mind couldn’t help but conjure thoughts like what it would be like to go further than this. She had done it only with Victor once before, and she couldn’t help but think of doing it with Draco, her love.

Merlin Mi…I want you…I want you so bad…I need you…” he murmured, kissing her hard.

“Oh Draco…” She sighed, her fingernails digging into his bare chest…it seemed that his shirt had somehow come off completely by now.

He went on kissing her…moving a bit lower than her cleavage…and kissed her chest over her top, although he longed to remove that piece of clothing.

His palm ran over her breasts followed by his lips, and she arched her body automatically, her eyes closed in pleasure.

“Oh God Mi…I love you…I love you so much…” He murmured, now his fingers moving up and down her thigh. She gasped in response and he enjoyed her reaction. He could feel his need growing more prominent and he wanted her so badly right then. ‘No, too soon, too soon, too soon…’ He chanted in his head. ‘This is Hermione, don’t do something that will ruin your relationship…don’t go so fast…this is Hermione…oh’ His train of thought got lost as Hermione pushed her body closer to his and ran her fingers up and down his bare torso. Her fingers moved over his abdomen and circled around his navel. They were just inches away from his waistband and he decided he had to get her to stop otherwise he might not be able to stop.

“Uh…Mi…sto-…oh merlin…yes…” He got distracted again as she arched upwards and kissed him full on the lips again, her hands clutching at his back.

“Merlin…Mi…stop!” He finally managed to gasp between kisses. She broke away breathing heavily.

“What?” Her voice was hoarse.

“I…we shouldn’t do something which we’re not ready for…If we don’t stop…we might…” He trailed off before getting up from the couch. “I…I’m going for a shower…” He mumbled fast before hurrying away, damn him.

Hermione blinked as if in a daze and tried to calm herself. She heard the opening of the faucet of the shower and running of water, and a thought entered her mind.

“No Mi…it’s too soon…” She reasoned with herself. “But I’ve had the experience with Victor whom I didn’t even love…and with Draco…” She questioned herself. “Am I ready?” “Yes I am.” She felt foolish talking to herself then came upon a decision. For the first time she was going to be so daring; but then she was a Gryffindor afterall.

And then who knew what would happen tomorrow? Death eaters were on the loose once again, it wouldn’t be long before chaos would take over. It was now or never.

She slowly went to her room, removed her clothes and wrapped herself in a towel. “It’s now or never Hermione, you don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Death Eaters are already on loose, there’s danger lurking around…and you love Draco. It’s now or never…” She braced herself before slowly walking up to the bathroom. She tried on the door knob, obviously it was locked. She muttered ‘Alohomora’ and pointed her wand at it and opened the door with a click. Draco didn’t hear it because of the water. She kept her wand down and stepped inside, locking the door behind her.

Draco stood in front of her, completely naked. His eyes were closed as he allowed the water to run down his body and soothe him. Hermione reddened deeply as she saw him in all his glory and turned around. ‘What do I do now?’ She thought of going out again quietly and forget that she ever did this, but then scolded herself. “Come on Mi…just go for it. It is not your first time, and you love him.” Taking another deep breath she walked forwards slowly, making sure her tower was wrapped properly before she stepped into the shower behind Draco stealthily. She slipped her hands over his closed eyes and he jumped immediately.

“What the-…who’s there?” He started, trying to remove her hands from his face. He nearly got a heart attack when he felt Hermione’s hands.

“M-Mi…?” He croaked and she bit her lip nervously before leaning forward and kissing his shoulder softly.

“Yes…it’s me…I love you Draco…and I’m here…for you…” She murmured against his shoulders before removing her hands. He instantly spun around and she blushed again, before lowering her gaze to the bathroom floor. When he didn’t do or say anything for another few seconds, she bit her lip nervously again. Oh, if he rejected her right now, it would be so humiliating. She would never be able to meet his gaze again. She bit her lip, gulped and looked up at him.

“Erm…er…” She didn’t know what to say so shut her mouth. Draco’s reaction was the funniest, he pinched himself!

“What-What are you doing Draco?”

“I…I…I thought I was imagining you…” She laughed at this, suddenly all her fears and nervousness flying away. He gazed at her intently before speaking up once again.

“So…someone is very naughty…” He whispered huskily leaning closer to her and eying her towel. She blushed, her laughter ending abruptly. “Merlin, I love it when you blush like that…”

“Are-Aren’t you ashamed or something…I mean you’re standing here in front of me…all…ahem…naked…” She stuttered and he chortled.

“I think it was you who fancied the idea of paying me a visit here in a towel…and as far as me being ashamed is concerned, well I don’t think I am. I am a Malfoy, I am handsome and I’m proud.” He replied back smirking and she looked down again, biting her lip.

Draco moved closer towards her and put one arm around her waist, making her heart beat louder. “You don’t have to feel awkward around me, Mi… and if you’re not ready, I understand.” He told her in a surprisingly calm voice as his insides were going all squirmy and he wanted nothing more than to remove the towel off her and shag her senseless. She looked up and smiled.

“Draco…you’re such a gentleman…” She giggled. “If it had been someone else, well they would have pounced on me by now…”

“That is what I would very much like to do…” He moved even closer and then surprised her by pulling her into a hug. They stayed in the embrace for a moment before she broke the silence.

“I’m ready Draco…I love you…” She murmured against him and her words seemed to have triggered something in him. He pulled away from the hug and looked in her eyes deeply. “Are you sure?” She nodded and then kissed him. She had meant to give him a sweet inviting kiss, but he had other thoughts in mind. He immediately grabbed her and deepened their kiss, continuing what they had left off in the common room…

&#$ -He kissed her like he never had under the water from the shower and slowly toyed with the knot of the towel. When neither of them could really take it, he removed it and picked her up in his arms with a groan.

“Draco…w-wait…” She murmured as he was about to step out of the shower area. He raised a brow at her and smirked sexily. “Turn off the water faucet…” She mumbled and he chuckled before doing so and attacking her lips.

He carried her into his room and placed her on his bed, not breaking their lip lock. Once they both were comfortable, he resumed kissing her body, exploring her. He kissed her bare flesh and she moaned as his lips did wonders on her body. His hands worked his way up her thighs and he ran his leg over hers. She gasped as he did things to her that she hadn’t experienced ever. He kissed her, sucked on her, nipped her and licked her; she moaned and groaned in pleasure, her body arching towards him and her lips kissing him feverishly. He murmured sweet nothings in her ears, punctuated with groans of his own. She could feel him growing more restless and switched their positions so she was on top.

“I love you so much…” She murmured before planting kisses all the way down his neck, torso, and abdomen. She ran her tounge over his navel and slowly drifted down. She straddled him and her hands moved even further down making him moan with desire. She rubbed her leg against his and attacked his lips once more, her breasts pressing against his torso. 

"I didn't -" He murmured against her lips, "-imagine you to be so....." His words got lost as Hermione's nipped the side of his neck.

Draco grabbed her and rolled them over again to their previous position. Their lips met again in a passionate and fiery kiss and both felt like they would explode with ecstasy.

Hermione clutched him tightly as he moved his hands on her chest and he rubbed against her. "Oh merlin... can't wait..." She gasped.

Draco felt around for his wand and finally found it on his bedside table.

“Hmm…what are you…doing?” Mi asked, opening her eyes to find him pointing his wand to her stomach. A blue glow appeared there and then he kept his wand back.

“Contraceptive charm…” he murmured in answer to her unasked question and she blushed a deeper shade of red than she already was. He kissed her again before placing himself over her and lost himself in pleasure.&#$ -

“Oh God Draco…!” She moaned as they moved together and he answered her with another earth-shattering kiss…their hearts intertwined the way their bodies were.

“Hey Harry…did you see Hermione or Draco anywhere?”

“Sorry Gin…didn’t see them…Mi isn’t supposed to attend her classes yet but Draco missed the first three classes of the day!”

“Oh really? Then they must be in the heads room…I’ll go and check…I hope Mi is fine…”

“Hey Ginny, wait I’ll also come with you…”

“No Harry its okay…you go visit Maddy…someone should see her as well.”

“Yups, you’re right. I’ll go check on Maddy and you find Mi…”

Ginny nodded and went off to the heads common room. She knocked on the portrait hole. Dora sighed impatiently.

“Uh, never mind, I know the password anyway. Opposites Attract.” She said out loud and Dora allowed her entrance.

Ginny found their common room empty so she went to check in on Hermione’s room. She knocked but no reply came so she opened the door and entered. Empty. “Ah…where is this girl now…Might be in Draco’s room.” She marched off to Draco’s room and knocked.

Hermione lay on bed beside Draco, wrapped up in his silk sheets and drawing circles on his bare chest.

“Hmm, you are a naughty little minx, you know that Mi?” Draco chuckled and she looked up at him.

“Ha, ha, look whose talking. If I’m naughty what are you?” Draco’s reply was lost as they heard a knocking on the door.

Fuck! Who’s it?” Draco shouted out loud.

“It’s me Ginny! Can I come in?”

“Oh no, it’s Ginny!” Hermione shrieked.

“Um…Wait a second, will you, I am…changing!” He called back and heard Ginny’s yes. He sighed with relief. “Mi…you stay in the bed, cover yourself up with the sheets properly and pretend to sleep okay?” He whispered and she nodded. He quickly scrambled out of bed and put on his pants and then opened the door.


“Hi Draco…just wanted to know if Hermione’s in here…”

“Er yeah, she is…she’s sleeping actually, wasn’t feeling all that well.”

Ginny furrowed her brows. “Oh okay…um…can I come in?”

“Um…I was just going out actually…” He mumbled.

“Ah, come on…” She pushed him aside and entered the room and sat on the couch near the bed. Hermione held her breath and tried to stay as still as possible.

“Hmm, looks like Mi’s in deep sleep.”


“Why didn’t you attend any classes today?”



 “No I mean I didn’t feel like…”

 “What have you been upto Mr. Malfoy?”


 Ginny raised her eyebrows once again before getting up. “I’ll get going I guess; you’re acting funny! See ya!”

Draco breathed a sigh of relief. “Bye!” She shook her head and started towards the door when she stopped short.

“Isn’t that Hermione’s towel?!” She pointed to the towel lying on the floor beside the bed.

“Erm…no that’s mine!”

Hermione shook her head under the sheets. ‘Idiot, he’s got us in trouble now. 

“Excuse me?? I stayed with Hermione for many weeks and I know it is hers! What is it doing here?”

“N-nothing, it must have come by mistake!” He wrung his hands nervously.

“Oh of course that’s entirely probable because the towel can fly about on its own will, isn’t it Draco?” Draco gave a feeble laugh and she narrowed her eyes.

“Come on tell me what’s going on or I’m going to Bat Bogey Hex you!”

“Uh…well…erm…you see…Hermione…Save me!” He whacked his hands on his forehead, wondering how for the first time his Malfoy mask had failed him.

Ginny turned around towards the bed and walked towards Hermione suspiciously. She sat down beside Hermione and pulled off the sheets suddenly.

Hey! Ginny!” She got up with a jerk and pulled the sheets back around her bare body while Ginny looked like she had received an electric shock.

“Oh. My. God. You guys didn’t…oh fuck!” Ginny kept staring at her best friend with her mouth slightly open. She looked at Draco then again she looked at her. This went on for quite some time before she gulped and shrieked suddenly, “Hermione Jane Granger, since when have you been fucking Draco?!”

Hermione turned a deep shade of red. She glared at Draco like it was all his fault. Regaining some control she replied,

“Please don’t say it like that Gin!! And today was the first time actually…” She muttered, blushing.

Draco! You asshole! You guys have been hiding your relationship from us since when?! Or wait, are you both sex buddies?” Ginny’s eyes widened at the thought and Draco glared at her.

“Hermione is my girlfriend since many weeks and please do not call us sex buddies! Today was the bloody first time, and you had to come and spoil it all…!”

“This is too much for me to take! Merlin’s pants, you both have to tell me everything! My mind is going to explode…I mean what the hell just happened?!” She pinched herself and then frowned. Hermione sighed.

“Gin…relax. Let me explain…” And so she recounted her ‘love story’ to her, with inputs from Draco, and finally reached ‘today’.

Ginny frowned, then gave a small smile, then shook her head and then started laughing. “Well I am so happy for you Mi…! See I knew something was going on between you two, and you pricks, didn’t even tell me! Imagine when I tell Harry or Ron!!!”

NO! Ginny, if you ever considered me your friend, no scratch that, if you consider Hermione your best friends then you’re telling no one about this, do you get that? No bloody one.”

“But why Draco? That’s unfair! They have every right to know…and they aren’t gonna eat you up!”

“Just, we’ll tell them, but not now. Promise that this just stays between the three of us?”

She looked at Hermione who shrugged.

“Aw come on, give me a valid reason at least!”

“Don’t look at me Gin, it is my great boyfriend’s idea to not tell a soul… as if he’s ashamed to let the world know he’s dating me…” She added sourly glancing up at him. He rushed by her side and put his arm around her.

“No, it’s nothing like that Mi…you know I love you…and I am proud of our relationship…how can I be ashamed of having a girlfriend like you?” He planted a kiss on her forehead and she sighed. Ginny coughed.

“Well if you’re done with your romance, you can tell me the reason now Draco…”

“There’s no such specific reason…I just don’t want them all to know yet… please… just promise me you won’t tell them?” He gave her such a look that she couldn’t refuse.

“Okay…Promise…now I’ll get going, you people enjoy!” She went out laughing and Draco closed the door behind her.

“I’m going to kill that girl someday!” Draco muttered as she left. Hermione smacked him on the arm.

“And I’m going to kill you if you even think of harming my best friend!”

He cocked a brow. “Oh, so you think you can live without me, huh?”

“Well…” She mock thought. “Of course I can… Life would be glorious without a certain blonde ferret.” She teased him.

“You think so Ms. Granger…well let me show you how much more glorious this certain blonde can make your life!” He smirked at her before tackling her down on the bed and started tickling her, making her laugh uncontrollably.

They both were in their own world then, their own world of love, happiness and joy…a world untouched by darkness of any kind…yet didn’t know what awaited them beyond those walls.

Linda sighed. She was growing tired of playing this game now. This acting goody-goody was boring her…and she longed for some action.

She looked down at the unconscious body of the young girl and shook her head; wishing things could be more exciting than just ‘taking care’ of her own victim.

Merlin must have been feeling really generous that moment as it was no more than a few minutes later when the seemingly blonde’s wish came true.

“Hey Linda! How’s she doing?” Harry asked as he entered the room.

Linda looked up from the latest edition of Witch Weekly which she had been reading to while her time away and smiled at him.

“She’s doing quite well…stirred a few times too. Won’t be long before she wakes up…” Again. She woke up once already when I altered her memory. Pity you weren’t here to witness that savior boy. She added in her mind in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Cool. Hope she wakes up soon then. It’s getting difficult to tackle Hermione. Don’t know how Malfoy has managed to distract her till now, but it won’t be long before she once again asks us about Maddy…” He sighed and sat down on the bed beside her unconscious figure, deep in thought.

“What are you thinking Harry?” Linda asked softly.

“Hmm...just wondering who’s behind all of this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, this stuff just can’t be happening of its own accord now, can it? There’s someone behind this, someone right here.” He looked up at her fiercely and shock flitted across her face.


“Yeah, I’ve got a strong feeling it is someone right here at Hogwarts.” Linda inwardly sighed with relief. She’d thought, by right here, he had meant in the hospital wing and had almost got a heart attack.

“Hey look! She’s coming to! Go call Madam Pomfrey, Lin, quick!” Harry exclaimed and she reluctantly got up and called for the matron who came rushing at once. Maddy was stirring and slowly opened her eyes, blinking rapidly and trying to focus. At that same moment, Ron, Ginny and Parvati burst in.

“Hey! Maddy’s woken up! Why didn’t anyone tell us?!” Ron barked.

“She just gained consciousness, mate. We were going to call for you.” Harry got up and Ron took his place on the bed. Maddy was still trying to focus.

“Maddy! How’re you feeling?” He took her hand in his.

She coughed but didn’t say anything. Her eyes were glued on Linda Johnson standing directly across her. For one wild moment, Linda wondered if something had gone wrong with the charm and she hadn’t lost those memories; she looked at her fearfully.

“Wh-What happened to me?” Maddy finally said out loud, her eyes drifting to Ron. “And where are Mi and Draco? Everyone is here except them…why?”

“I’ll go call them!” Parvati ran out of sight, forgetting suddenly that Mi didn’t have a clue about this.

“Ms. Marcus, please drink this. You need to rest now.” Madam Pomfrey made her drink a revolting red potion. She sat up slowly, her hand still in Ron’s.

“What in Merlin’s name is going on?” She muttered.

“That’s exactly what we all are wondering about. We were hoping you’d tell us what happened to you once you wake up…you seriously don’t remember anything?”

She shook her head and tried to think. “Hmm, I remember waiting for you people in the ravenclaw common room. I was…I had something in my hands.” She looked at her free hands, confused. “I was supposed to tell you guys something…something important…and then…I dropped off to sleep. And then…someone came…and the person…” She tried to remember hard and a vague blurry image came in her mind.

"Who? Who came Maddy? Please try to think!” Harry urged her.

“Um…I can’t remember…whoever it was, the person, I think, took me to somewhere…and tied me. Yes, bound me with ropes…and made me…drink something…”

What? What was that? Who tied you? Where did the person take you?! Think, Maddy, think!” Ginny barked.

Maddy put her head in her hands groaning.

“My head hurts…I can’t remember…oh why can’t I remember. All I can recall is the dreadful feel…oh it was horrible…” She moaned again and closer her eyes, looking so terrified and vulnerable.

“Please, please let her rest now. Enough interrogation done! Please!” Madam Pomfrey shouted at the lot. She patted Maddy.

“Don’t worry my dear, you’ll be fine, lie back down…yes that’s better, now close your eyes and relax…” She had just sighed with relief that there was some peace for her patient now when a shout broke the silence.

Maddy! Oh, Maddy! What happened?! Why didn’t anyone tell me?! I’m going to kill you all for hiding something so terrible from me!” Hermione entered the room, looking dangerous and worried at the same time. She rushed to Maddy, tears already streaming down her cheeks. Draco followed awkwardly behind her and entered the small gathering.

Oh, kids…!” Madam Pomfrey muttered crossly before scurrying off.

Hermione hugged Maddy and sobbed. Harry patted her on the back and she slowly regained control.

“What were you people thinking?! So much happens and you tell me now, when Maddy has escaped death so closely?! And who the hell did all this? How did it happen?! Will someone tell me what’s going on now at least?!” Ron slowly explained her of everything they knew and Mi closed her eyes momentarily, letting everything sink in and going over the details in her mind.

“So basically she doesn’t remember who did this, and what they did, except for making her drink some kind of potion…?”

“Yes…” Draco sighed unhappily.

“I’ll find out. Whoever did this is going to pay for it, badly. I’ll get to the bottom of this. I won’t let this matter go, never. The attacker will pay and I’ll see to that. The person’s not going to escape from me now, not this time. I’m so surely going to find out.” She looked so determined and so livid that at that moment even the dark assassin felt a shudder ripple through her body.

Linda shook off the feeling of fear that suddenly overcame her. Come on, she can’t be scared of Hermione mudblood Granger. She won’t be able to find out…no, she won’t, she assured herself.

“We’re there with you ‘Mione. As always!” Ron grinned at his best friend of seven years and she smiled, putting her head on his shoulder.

Draco narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. He suddenly had the urge to shout out – “She’s my girlfriend!”

“Jealous?” Ginny’s whisper broke through his furious thoughts. She was smirking. He raised his eyebrows.

“No chance…” He muttered under his breath.

“Yeah right. It’s clear on your face. Don’t worry Draco, they’re just great friends…she loves only you…” She murmured and walked away.

Draco shook his head as if to clear it.

“Hey! Madeline! I heard you had come to! How’re you doing now?!” Alicia Merrykins entered the hospital wing.

Maddy looked up and smiled. Alicia was one of her dorm-mates.

“I’m feeling better now, thanks Alicia. Though my head still sort of hurts… and it’s kind of hard to remember anything…” She replied, her voice still feeble.

Alicia came to her and kept her hand on Maddy’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” She then turned to Hermione. “And what about you? How’re you feeling?”

“I’m very much better now. Thanks a lot.”

“That’s good to hear. Seriously, your bunch has a lot going on! That duel, Hermione, now Maddy, seriously… stuff keeps happening!” She exclaimed and they all laughed.

“That’s true. I had thought that this year of Hogwarts would be normal for me… but well, I guess I was wrong.” Harry muttered, chuckling.

“Yups… no wonder you people need Calming Droughts!”

Draco laughed. “No Alicia, thankfully the situation hasn’t worsened so much that we would require those!”

“Really? Then why did Maddy need it?” She said it in a joking manner but everyone froze.

“Me? I never needed any Drought?!” Maddy said puzzled.

“Hmm, really… but then Linda got some Calming Drought for Maddy just before all this fiasco happened…”

“Huh, what?!” Ron, Hermione and Harry exclaimed all together.

"What?" She asked, puzzled.

"Alicia, can you please tell us what exactly happened?" Hermione asked the confused girl.

“Well, erm, Maddy was sleeping in the common room sofa, and then I found Linda in the dorm, and when I asked her what she was doing here, she told me she had to go give some Calming Drought to Maddy, and right some time after that, all this happened.” Alicia explained. “Right, Linda?” She turned around to look for her. “Where did Linda disappear so suddenly?” She mumbled, confused, missing the identical looks of shock and horror plastered on Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Maddy, Parvati, Draco and Blaise.

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