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Twelve Step Program for Romance: Weasley Style by Lucy Weasley
Chapter 9 : Step 9: The Distant One and Vulnerable Love
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Chapter image by the amazing belltrixx @ TDA
Disclaimers: I only own Meg.

And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now


"Al?" Albus Potter jerked awake; he'd always been a light sleeper, and the soft voice at his window was enough to wake him.

"Meg? S'at you?" He groped for his wand and muttered, "Lumos." The spell lit up the pale face and reddish hair of Meg Finnigan. He stepped closer to the window.

"What're you doing here? It's..." he glanced at the clock, "1:07 in the morning." She shrugged, her usual smile dim on her face.

"Well come in," Al said, always polite, even if his guest happened to be perched on a branch outside his bedroom window. Meg swung one leg over the windowsill and then the other, making Al's heart race a bit; one reason was because of the shorts she was wearing, and the other was that he was scared she was going to fall. She walked past him to his bed and slid in. Al, after some deliberation, followed, climbing on the other side and taking her hand.

"Something tells me this isn't a social visit." She rolled over so she was facing away from him. Al slid over behind her and put his arm around her.

"Come on.. I know you," He murmured into her hair, "what's wrong?"

"They're fighting again. Gran came to visit; you know how that sets Mum off.. Anyway, Mum and Gran got into it over supper, and even after we all went to bed, I could hear Mum and Dad going at it. Erica's asleep and the boys managed to get themselves out of the house all night, so I was the only one that heard them." Meg, normally a very cheerful girl, sounded like her heart was broken.

"Meg, you know they don't mean it! They love each other. Hell, when they're not fighting you complain they can't keep their hands off each other."

"I know! But it's awful to hear." Al found her hand and squeezed.

"I know. Do you want to talk about it?" Meg was silent for a moment and then spoke so quietly that Al barely heard her.

"I'm afraid.. that we'll end up like them." She rolled over so she could face him. "I'm afraid we'll get to be hateful to each other all the time."

"We won't," Al told her gently. Meg shook her head at him.

"How do you know? We might; my grandparents were like this, now my parents. I don't want to be like this. I don't want to hurt a child that way."

"Well, I think you're getting ahead of yourself; we don't have children, and I doubt we will have any in the near future. And your grandmother didn't tell your grandfather that she was a witch until after they were married; I think that might have caused some friction."

"What about my parents? How are you going to 'explain' that away? They are both magical."

"Well, like I said, when they aren't fighting you say they can't keep their hands off each other." Meg smiled a little.

"So, you're saying our best hope is that our relationship bounces from one extreme to the other?" Al grinned.

"Rose and Scorpius seem very happy with that situation. But I don't think we'll be like that. I'm smart enough not to fight with you, and you don't try to fight with me. I think we're okay." Meg sighed and snuggled closer to him.

"I hope so." They lay there, just looking at each other. "Well I suppose I should leave. It doesn't seem right, leaving Erica to deal alone." She started to get out of the bed, but Al stopped her by grabbing her arm.

"You said she's asleep; if I remember right, nothing wakes her up. I know you don't want to leave, but just stay here-at least for a little while."


"Margaret Finnigan, I know when your lying face, and you're making it right now. You don't want to leave! Admit it." Meg's smile got wider, and she climbed back in.

"Fine. But only because you asked so nicely."

"Sarcasm is not a good look for you." She snorted and curled up next to him. "Love you, Meg."

"Love you too, Al. And thanks."

A/N: Song-Iris-The GooGoo Dolls


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