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How To Watch Your Soul Die (And Not Care) by slytherangoddess
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Losing your soul to possession is not something you take lightly. It crawls deep down inside you and plants the seed, growing at an ever-aching pace until there is nothing left of who you used to be. It all becomes about who you were.

Everyone remembers who you were.

They place that memory over the facade of what you’ve become, ignoring the cracks and breaks around the edges and lines, though visible to the naked eye. No one really knows what a person becomes after they are possessed. They don’t know what it’s like to have your very being ripped apart from all sides and crushing you like a two-ton weight at the same time.

I feel like an empty shell now. A hollow echo of the person I once was. I remember the things that have passed in my life but it’s no longer I who remembers them. He does. He guides me now. He makes my moves and speaks my words. And after five years, I don’t even notice the place where I end and he begins. He is there, slowly pushing me out of my own body, yet right now we are one. It’s comforting.

He came into my life when I was just a first year, young and naïve. Through a small, leather-bound book, he fell out of my cauldron and onto the dark sheets of my four-poster bed at Hogwarts. At first I thought it got there by mistake but in time I came to realize that it was no coincidence. He always meant to come to me. He chose me.

The changes were subtle at first, like getting sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor like my brothers before me. They were as surprised as I was, but I understood that the sorting hat knew what it was doing. After this, the signs started to lead me to understanding what was happening. The diary began to write back, telling me about the life of a young boy at Hogwarts. I stopped associating with my brothers and their friends and assimilated with members of my own house. Pansy, Blaise and Draco became my closest friends by the end of my first year, and over the next few, my friendship with Draco grew and we became closer than ever. We tormented my brother’s little girlfriend, hexing her constantly, and in turn, also torturing Ron and Harry as well.

It wasn’t until my sixth year at Hogwarts that things started to fall into place. Or fall apart, depending on how you looked at it. Students of the muggle-born origin turned up petrified all over the school grounds. Pipes around the castle burst with no warning. Hissing noises filled the bathroom on the second floor, causing its vacancy- not to mention Myrtle was always there, making it difficult to do your business.

But all this paled in comparison with the fact that I was the cause of all it and remembered all of it.

The chamber of secrets was open and the soul that resided with mine would be set free.

I wasn’t sorry. 

Author's Note: This is the prologue to my first chaptered fic here at HPFF. I'm really excited about it so please leave any constructive critisism or reviews! 

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