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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 3 : Crazy Dreams and Family
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Thanks to aim.moon@TDA for the amazing CI!

The forest was dark and eerily quiet. A girl with red hair was running, branches and twigs clawing at her skin. In the distance a wolf howled. Suddenly, the girl burst into a clearing. A group of men crowded round something on the ground. They broke away from each other and the girl saw it was a body, a boy lying pale and white on the cold earth. She turned to run, but behind her a noise sounded. The men turned round, there was a shout and a burst of bright green light came straight towards her…

I sat up in bed, shaking. I was covered in a cold sweat and my breathing was coming in huge gasps. I was aware that I had probably screamed in my sleep, though no footsteps sounded in the hall to comfort me. The people who lived here were used to it by now! Though it was typical, that I would have a nightmare at my last night at home!

I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. My hair was knotted and sticking out everywhere. My skin had patches of red where I’d been struggling in the covers, and despite walking up, my eyes were still wide with fear. I took a deep breath and turned to the clock. 5am it flashed up at me. Oh Merlin, that was about four hours to early for me!

But I wouldn’t get back to sleep now, my nightmare made sure of that! I thought back to my dream. I knew the girl had been me, but who was the boy- the dead one? He seemed vaguely familiar…

Oh well, it wasn’t important. What was important right now was the fact that my stomach was growling at me for some food. I carefully slipped into my slippers and made my way downstairs into the kitchen.

Though I had lived here for the least part of almost 11 years, it didn’t feel like home. Sasha and Craig Marks were lovely people, but their home looked like something out of a show house brochure.

All of the walls were white. In the living room a large flat screen TV dominated the room, surrounded by two square red armchairs and a large cream sofa. The kitchen was pristine. The walls were tiled with small black, white and grey rectangles and the work surfaces were made of a shiny black marble. If you didn’t know any better you’d think muggles lived here- and I suppose two did.

I walked into the kitchen and turned on the kettle, before plonking myself into one of the chairs at the table. I had always imaged my parents house to be the total opposite of this- a big kitchen always with some form of food cooking, in the living room a large fireplace and outside a huge garden filled with flowers and birds. Not a large flat in the centre of a huge city!

The kettle clicked off and I poured myself a mug of coffee and grabbed a few biscuits from the tin before heading back upstairs. I could here the shower going and knew that Craig would be getting ready for work- he wouldn’t be seeing me off today.

I flopped down on my bed and sipped my coffee, thinking about the holidays. I’d stayed with April for a week but that was all. Like the goody-two-shoes I was I had completed every scrap of homework and had even packed last night to save me any trouble this morning. Now I wished I hadn’t.

The boy from my dream’s lifeless body kept floating around in my mind. And the flash of light-the one that had woken my up- was that showing my death?

A door slamming in the hall brought me back to my senses. The dream had meant nothing, I’d just had to much chocolate last night and it had given my nightmares. I glanced at the clock. 6am. An hour had passed already. I quickly finished my coffee then wandered along to the bathroom- if I was awake I may as well get ready…


Three hours later I stood in front of the mirror staring at my reflection. My jeans were tight fitting and clung to my skin. My shirt-light blue and checked- was opened to reveal a skin toned vest underneath and a pair of old blue converse made my feet stick out. But, hay, I would be putting my uniform on, on the train anyway! I walked over to my desk and picked up the shiny new Head Girl badge and letter that had accompanied it. I kept reading it over and over, not wanting to believe that I Jenny Phoenix would be Head Girl! I skimmed over it again, my heart thumping with excitement as the word filled my head:

Dear Miss Phoenix,
I am delighted to inform you that you are this years Head Girl. I am sure you know what the duties include, but just in case I included a list of things you will be expected to do this year. As you know, there is a separate Head Dorm for the Head Boy and Girl. You will find out it’s location after the feast. Also, I would like to remind you that you and the Head Boy must be present at the prefect’s meeting on the Hogwarts Express to give out instructions for this year.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday,
Professor McGonagall (Head Mistress and Transfiguration Teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)

I grinned at myself stupidly in the mirror as I pinned the badge to my chest, the red and gold of it glinting beautifully in the morning sunlight that was streaming through the window.

Sure that I had everything, I picked up my wand and my jacket and began to levitate my trunk down the stairs. I made it half way before I heard a thump.

“Crap!” I murmured under my breath as I tried to see round my trunk to who I had hit. Finally I gave up, lowered my trunk at the bottom of the stairs and ran own after it.

And then I came face to face with Anna. Her cheeks were bright red and her brown eyes glinted with anger. “You Idiot!” she shouted at me, spit flying out of her mouth. I took a step back but she just shouted louder, “YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME,YOU FREAK! WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?! MY PARENTS DON’T WANT YOU, I DON’T WANT YOU SO WHY? ALL YOU ARE IS A WASTE OF SPACE ORPAHN THAT MY MUM TOOK PITY ON!”

She got louder at the last part and then stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind her. I felt tears burning at my eyes. Anna and me had never really gotten on, probably because I wasn’t her real family but I was still taking up some of her parents attention. Though since I had started Hogwarts (and Anna hadn’t) it felt like the family I had always lived with had grown so distant, it was like a wall had risen up between us. Today, Sasha would take me for the train and then not contact me again until she picked me up from the station nearly a year from now.

A moment passed before I heard footsteps on the stairs. I turned to see Sasha walking down them carefully, her tight skirt and high heels threatening to make her fall. “Has Anna gone out?” she asked innocently, like she hadn’t just heard what had gone down here!

“Yeh. When are we leaving?” She was taken aback, but suddenly I wanted nothing more than to get out of here.

“Erm, now if you want? I have an appointment in town anyway at 11,” she didn’t look at me as she said it and I knew why.

She wasn’t going to stay to see me on the train.

I simply nodded in response and she waltzed into the kitchen, acting like nothing had changed-like my worst thoughts hadn’t been confirmed, I wasn’t wanted in this family.

I knew I was taking this too far, but I couldn’t help it. This was the only family I had, the only people who were meant to understand me. Well, I guess not!

Sasha came back through to the hall and scooped up her bag, looking at me expectantly. She opened the door for me as I dragged my trunk down the flight of stairs that led out of the house. When we reached the car I climbed in without saying a word, leaving her to levitate the trunk into the back seat. Well, I could act like a grumpy teenager sometimes!

The ride to the station was a quite one. Neither of us spoke, myself annoyed at Sasha and Sasha annoyed at the fact she had had to put the trunk in the boot herself.

I noticed she was impatient, tapping her finger at the red lights and tutting at cyclists as they slowly crawled along in front of us. I wondered if it was me that was making her impatient.

When we finally made it to the station, I got my things together as quickly as I could desperate to get away from the woman who I was supposed to consider as a mother.

Without getting out of the car, she said a swift “Bye!” and drove off, leaving me alone on the pavement.

My hurt evaporated quickly. Remember, Jenny, she’s not your real mum! But it still stung a bit to think that after all of these years I wasn’t wanted.

I quickly pushed my way through the crowds standing at Kings Cross and made my way for the barrier I knew would take me onto Platform 9 and ¾. I spotted it almost at once and walked straight for it, picking up my pace. I screwed up my eyes, even after all this time, waiting for the contact with the wall. But it didn’t come.

I opened my eyes and looked around me. The bustling platform made me realise why I missed Hogwarts so much during the holidays. It was my home.

I knew everyone of these people. Maybe just by there looks, but everyone of them was part of our Hogwarts family.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked round to see a grinning April staring at me with sparkling eyes.

“How were your holidays?” she asked as we pushed our way towards the train, looking for an empty compartment. “Ok,” I answered and she stopped to look at me, sympathy on her face. “Its gotten worse hasn’t it?” she whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

I nodded, feeling the hurt I’d been holding back building up in me. Without another word she wrapped her warm, comforting arms around me. Her scent filled me up and made me feel better and then I realised. This is what family was…
A/N- Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the chapter! Please leave a review! x

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