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Kill Me Now by OfficialBarbie
Chapter 4 : Dirty pants, sex fantasies and desired kisses.
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Their dares were really out there. I’m talking really, really out there. I’m talking, almost scared for your life out there.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too far but what can I say? I’m melodramatic.

That’s a big word.                             

Childish moment over.

Oh yeah, the game!

“I dare you... to wear a pair of Louis’ dirty pants on your head for two minutes!” Chase said.

“You’re disgusting, Chase!” Rose giggled.

“Do it, Daisy! Do it, do it, do it!” Chase was calling. Everyone else started joining in and giggling.

Daisy, with a sigh, stood up from where she was sitting on the floor – cuddling with Louis. They looked adorable together!

She went up the boys’ staircase towards the seventh years’ room. We dissolved into another round of laughter as she actually came back with them on her head. By the time she had taken them off, her cheeks were blazing red. She sat back down and playfully smacked Louis’ arm, who whispered something even her ear that made her go redder.

I was sitting on one of the armchairs, in Jordan’s lap, though I can’t remember how I ended up here.

“I choose Louis!” Daisy sang.

Louis laughed at her, kissing her on the forehead before saying, “Dare.”

Aw, they’re so cute!

Seriously, they're sickeningly cute. It makes you want to fake zomit and take photos and "aw" continuously at them.

Except the photos, that'd be kind of creepy.


While I’d been thinking about how much of a creeper I was, it seems Daisy had chosen Louis’ dare.

I leaned towards Jordan and whispered to him, “What dare did she chose for him? I wasn’t listening.”

He rolled his eyes at me. “He has to go into the sixth year girls’ dorm, and say to ‘Damn, these crabs really itch! Does aind scratching them for me?’”

I laughed.

Louis was about to do his dare when something got in the way. He couldn’t go up the stairs.

“Oh, of course,” Amber said. “Boys aren’t trusted to go up there!”

A few groans travelled round the group before Matt said, “I guess he’ll have to go up the boys then!”

Everyone laughed and Louis looked surly. “Fine,” he said bitterly.

Abigail and Daisy had gone with him, to make sure he did it.

A minute or so later, we heard someone shout, “Dude, you're sick!”

I chuckled along with most people.

When they came back downstairs, Louis turned to Matt, “Thanks for helping Daisy choose that dare, mate. Guess who I choose?”

With a groan, he sat up. “Truth,” he said. He was the first person to chose truth, and I leant forward, interested in the question.

Louis looked ecstatic, “The last time you thought about having sex, who was with you in that fantasy?”

Matt actually blushed a little as he croaked out, “Amber.”

Amber, who was sitting a few feet away from him, winked at him.

Well, she's certainly not shy, eh?

“I choose James!” Matt said quickly to change the subject.

“Dare, mate,” he grinned.

“Damnit, I had a good question!” Matt sulked.

“You always have good questions – that’s why I chose dare!”

“Fine,” he smirked. “I’ll give you a choice, Jamesie boy. You either have to kiss the girl you desire most in this room. Or eat all the sauces in the kitchen!”

Fred laughed, “Desire, Matt? Really?”

“Sod off,” he chuckled.

“Definitely the sauces!” James said. “Or I’d never live it down!”

Oh, I was kind of curious to see who it’d be!

“I’ll go get a house elf to make it,” Abigail said, “Come on, James! You can watch.”

Everyone laughed as Abigail and James left. I did not like that girl. She was too fake! She had an almost permanent smile on her face. That just wasn’t natural. Plus, she was too pretty. Almond shaped eyes and black hair. She definitely had a thing for James. Black hair and black hair don’t go! They’d look too perfect together.

Not that I care.

Because I really don’t.

Seriously, I just like making fun of him.

I know you think I care for other reasons.

But I don’t!

“Want a drink, Rom?” Al asked me, while handing one to Rose.

I shook my head, “A little too soon to show my true colours. I’m out of control when I’m drunk, no kidding.”

Riley – who had been listening – laughed. “I’m guessing you’re a lightweight?”

I considered, “Not really. But when I get drunk, I’m really drunk. But it takes me ages for the alcohol to take effect.”

Through Jordan’s laughter, I remembered he was under me. Not like that, you dirty-minded person!

“You’re really comfy, Jordan,” I muttered.

“Thanks,” he laughed again.

A minute later and James was back with Abigail. The stupidly too nice, too pretty Head Girl.

The cup was passed around. So everyone could see the disgusting mushy colour that it was. I had to choke back vomit when Jordan grabbed the cup and we looked in it. If someone asked me at random what it was, I would say it's a puke/poo/mud smoothie with a little blood mixed in. And Potter has to drink it.

Sucks to be him.

“Every single sauce from the kitchens is in there!” Abigail said gleefully. “And James has to drink it all.”

He ran his hand through his hair – making it even messier than it was. It was now sticking up in fifty directions, making him look like a mad scientist.

An adorable mad scientist.

He was grinning, though, as he took the cup from Chase, who had it last.

“Go, go, go!” Chase screamed, jumping up and down. I swear that dude is a little kid at heart.

I like him.

James looked inside the cup, “That’s the most repulsive thing I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen Al naked!”

Everyone laughed while Al shouted, “I look better than you!”

James grinned in return and brought the cup to his lips. Pinching the brim of his nose, he took a big gulp from the top – but kept drinking. And drinking. I would’ve puked by now, it had smelt gross too. But James only pulled the cup away from his mouth when it was empty; he showed it to everyone with a smirk on his face, “Success!”

The cup was indeed empty.

He put it on the table, and downed it with some Fire whiskey.

“I chose... Malfoy,” he said when he was done, smirking at me.

I glowered in return. Oh crap, oh crap.

“You have my other dare,” he smirked. “Snog the person you desire most.”

Fred burst out laughing, Jordan wolf-whistled.

James had stopped smirking, but his eyes were dancing.

What a git.

He wants me to pick him. He knows that I think he’s attractive.

I smirked back at him and stood up. Jordan made a mock cry from behind me, “I guess I’m out of it then.”

Well, Jordan is gorgeous. But I don’t really go for the blonde guys.

I walked straight over to him and kissed him on the mouth for a good few seconds. For a moment, he was still with shock then he responded immediately – pulling me closer and parting my lips with his tongue. My hands wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling him down a little. He was quite a bit taller than me. One of his hands rested on my waist, his fist balling around the fabric at the back of my top.

It wasn’t that special. No passion, no electricity. It was just... nice.

I pulled back after a minute or so of this, to see everyone was staring at us.

I grinned, “I’m not that bad a kisser, am I, Albus?”

im sorry its short :3

next time it'll be longer, promise! 

please review! :)

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