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How Far Would You Go? by Pepper Finn
Chapter 4 : Hiding the truth
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I flooed into my study at home, stepping out of the marble fireplace onto the cream rug and I started shouting for our House-Elf immediately.

"Twinkle! Twinkle! Twinkle come here at once!"

In a moment our kindly House Elf was standing next to me. I had never shouted like that before and she looked frightened as she twisted the hem of her white pillowcase.

"You is callings, Master Draco?" She asked.

"Twinkle, I need you to leave here, right now and not come back." I requested.

Twinkles eyes went wide and she threw herself at my feet, crying her eyes out and pleading. "Please Master Draco! Don't be's setting me free! I is a good elf! Don't's makes me leave!"

"Shhh. Twinkle. I am not setting you free." I soothed her.

Twinkle was even more confused if possible and stared up at me with her large green eyes. She wiped up her tears and sat huddled on the floor.

"If Master is not settings me's free, then whys is I havings to goes away?" She asked.

"Because it is not safe here. Very bad people want to come here and hurt all of us. If you go away to Hogwarts you will be safe. I will give you a letter to take to the headmistress to explain things to her. Do not mention anything to do with our family, our names, who you worked for, the house, our friends, anything. That is an order, Twinkle." I explained.

"Mistress Hermione ands baby Scorpius is in dangers?" She asked, scared.

"You too, Twinkle. I will hide everyone, make sure they are safe. But I need you to go now, Twinkle. Here is your letter, and make sure you mention nothing about your old family." I said, handing her a piece of parchment.

"Will I's ever see anys of you's again?" She asked.

"I hope so, Twinkle. I hope so." I sighed.

And with a crack, she was gone. I sighed to myself, the realisation of what I was about to do becoming so real to me for the first time. I ran upstairs to the bedroom Hermione and I shared, my eyes lingering over the dark wooden furniture, the gold framed pictures of us, the little knick knacks on the dresser and bedside table, all the little pieces of our life together as if trying to burn this memory into my mind.

Pull yourself togther, Draco. There is no time for sentimentality.

Grabbing my travelling satchel, I quickly cast an undetectable extension charm on it and started to pack robes, shoes, underwear, blankets and pillows into it. I then rummaged through the wardrobe until I found the folding tent I had used at the world cup all those years ago.

I was about to leave the room when my eyes fell on my favourite picture of Hermione. She was sitting on the window seat of our room, a book on her lap. Sometimes she was reading the book, lost in her own little world, other times staring out the window in a thoughtful way, her gentle smile palying across her lips. I carefully slid it out of its frame and tucked it into the bags front pocket.

Next stop was the study before the kitchens. I had remembered all the times of Hermione telling me of her time on the run with Harry and Ron, how you needed to be always prepared and how the boredom, lack of food and loneliness can get to you.

Once in the study I took as many sheets of parchment, bottles of ink and quills that I could find as well as books that I found useful and ones that I treasured. As I read some of the covers I thought about how much my tastes had changed. I had many a muggle book mixed with wizarding titles and spellbooks. I also took the dark detectors I had: My sneakascope, foe glass and one of my own invetion as well as my "Hand of Glory".

In the kitchens I loaded up as much food as I could into a smaller bag before putting it into the satchel along with saucpans, frying pans, a chopping board, knives, plates, cups, cuttlery and my potions kit. Tapping a secret stone, a wooden panel opened up revealing a hidden stash of potions. Taking two bottles of Polyjuice potion, I slipped them into a seperate bag and finally went to see my son.

Scorpius was resting peacefully in his mahogany crib, so sweet, so innocent, so clueless. I carefully bustled around the room, collecting some of Scorpius's things and putting them into the bag that held the polyjuice potion. Confident that I had packed everything, I carefully lifted Scorpius out of his bed and carried him gently down to the study.

Careful not to disturb Scorpius, I took a pinch of powder and threw it into the flames, whispered my destination and was away with my son in my arms. Soon afterwards I arrived at the kitchen of Harry and Ginny Potter.

I had no sooner stepped out of the flames when little James toddled over to me and sat at my feet, starring at me with his big brown eyes. I carefully set down my satchel and scooped him up in my free arm.

"Now then James, where is your mum?" I asked

James simply gurgled and drooled onto his little romper suit, not surprising as he was only 14 months old. I paused and listened carefully and I could hear Ginny singing somewhere upstairs. Following the sound of her voice, I was soon in Albus's room.

Albus's room was all light blues with motifs of trains and other toys moving across the walls and filled with white wooden furniture. Ginny was just laying Albus down and had her back to me, still singing a lullaby to her son.

"Ginny." I said quietly.

"Malfoy! You startled me!" She exclaimed.

"Can we go downstairs and talk?" I asked.

"In a minute. First I have to put you to bed, don't I?" She said, now addressing James.

Lifting him out of my arms, she snuggled him against her shoulder and turned to leave the room. As she reached the doorway, she turned and spoke to me.

"Wait for me in the kitchen, Malfoy. And put the kettle on while your down there."

"Bossy little..." I started murmuring under my breath.

"I can hear you." She called out.

Carrying Scorpius with me, I headed to the kitchen and put the kettle on the stove, lighting the fire with a getle prod of my wand. I opened the cupboard to find some mugs, teabags, sugar, lemons and teaspoons. I then got the milk and started making the tea.

Milk and two sugars for Ginny and one sugar, a squeeze of lemon and a dash of milk for me.

I magiced a bassenet for Scorpius as I sat at the kitchen table, slowly stirring my tea. My mind turning the stiuation over and over again. At long last Ginny entered the room and sat across from me, slowly sipping the tea I offered to her. Her eyes cautious, searching, unsure.

"Alright, Malfoy. Why are you here? It can't be for business and from the way you are acting it isn't for the pleasure of my company." She asked after sitting in silence with me for a few minutes.

"No, you are quite right. I have a question to ask you, a favour really." I started.

"A favour? From me? What can I possibly give you Malfoy?" She questioned sceptically.

"Peace of mind. And protection." I answered, simply.

"What am I protecting you from?" She enquired, half amused, half frightend.

"Not me. Scorpius."

"Malfoy, you aren't making any sense." Ginny said, a bite of impatience in her voice.

"I'm sorry Ginny." I sighed and took a large gulp of tea. "It is hard to explain and the less you know the better. The important things you need to know are that there are people after my family. Me, Hermione and Scorpius. These people will not rest until they find us and they will do anything to find us." I finished grimmly.

"So what does this have to do with me?" Ginny whispered.

"I need a safe place to hide Scorpius, a place no-one would notice." I explained.

"I think people will notice a blonde baby with me." She noted.

"Not if he looks like Albus." I said as I carefully placed the two bottles of Polyjuice Potion on the table. "No-one will notice Ginny Weasley buying baby food, taking her children out for morning and afternoon walks or nappies in your garbage. In fact, they expect it."

"Malfoy...." Ginny gasped.

"Please, Ginny. There is no-one else in the whole world I can trust with this." I pleaded.

"But I don't understand. Why can't he be with you and Hermione?" She asked, confused.

"Because it would give those people a chance to find us, something to track us with. It would make us too easy to catch if we are all together. Here with you is the safest place. No-one would think to look for him here, and if they do then he is safely disguised." I tried to reassure myself more than her. "You are his Godmother and I know no-one else besides Hermione and me that loves him more. You are the perfect person to protect him."

After a long pause Ginny finally spoke. "You're right. Scorpius wouldn't be safe with you. I will do everything in my power to protect him."

"Will you swear to it? You can tell no-one he is here. Not even Harry. Harry will have to believe that he is Albus as well." Ginny said nothing but simply nodded.

After a long pause she asked "What about you and Hermione?"

"If we are together then I would only put her in more danger. I have to go on alone." I confided.

"But Malf..." She started.

"Don't try and change my mind or tell me I'm being stupid, Ginny. I need to keep them safe, I have to keep them safe. If anything happens to them .... ." I cut her off before changing tact. "Ginny, you love Harry and the boys more than anything else in than world, right?"

"Of course."

"And you'd do anything to keep them from danger, anything to save the ones you love, even if it hurts you?"

"I would. I understand what you are doing, Draco. It's stupid, crazy, down right dangerous and ... exactly the same thing I would do."

I rose and went to her side of the table. She stood and embraced me, kissing me tenderly on the cheek.

"Thank you for understanding, Ginny."

"Come back safe and sound to the both of them or you'll have more than those other people to worry about, Malfoy."

"I know."

With that last comment, I silently picked up my satchel and kissed Scorpius on the head.

"I will see you again." I whispered to him before I disappeared outside and towards adventure.

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