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Sweet as Sugar by smashed_crayon
Chapter 2 : Slaps, Snogs and NEWT Results
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CI by me =/  It's simple & it's Lysander



“Good evening, Beautiful.”

What was he doing here? WHAT was he doing here? What was he-

I took a deep breath, trying to convince myself that saying what in different tones wasn’t going to make him disappear.

Instead I turned my eyes steely and my lip stiff, and slowly turned around to face him. My dress followed a moment later, billowing around my feet in folds of gray.

He didn’t look much different. Same messy chocolate hair, same laughing brown eyes, same crooked grin. His hair was maybe longer, and his chin a little unshaven, but he was still the same boy I had hugged and kissed, dreamed of and laughed with. He was the same boy who had rubbed my shoulders when I was upset, Held my hair back after too many shots at a Quidditch party, and stood up for me when Bennett made fun of my backfired spell. He was also the same boy I had left standing outside Honeydukes, alone and wet, without turning back until it was too late and the rain had already washed his figure away.

I was speechless, breathless.

But just for a second.

I couldn’t trust myself to say anything. There was only one thing I knew I could get right:

His name.

“Lysander,” I stated, staring him down coldly. “I would say it’s good to see you, but you know how much I hate lies.”

There wasn’t a hint of camaraderie in my voice, and I was happy for it. I didn’t want him to think I cared. So what if I had been dreaming up how we would meet again ever since we stopped talking? He wasn’t going to know that.

And if you tell him, I will end our friendship and never talk to you again. I wouldn’t advise it.

“Well you look lovely,” Lysander said, stepping further into the room. I stiffened and prepared to back away. He still had quite a distance to cover before he was in front of me, but that didn’t stop me from being nervous. “And that’s me being more truthful,” He let the word roll over his tongue, softly, as if he was testing it to decide if it was his to his taste, “Than you just were.”

I frowned at his words. “What makes you say that?” I asked, carefully, cautiously. We were stepping on thin ice here, and the last thing I wanted was for it to crack and come crashing down, and find myself stuck in cold water with this prat.

“Well...” Lye took a few more, tentative steps towards me. I stepped back. “I know you missed me.”

I choked. A full, honest-to-Merlin, throat coughing, eye bulging choke. I couldn’t help it:

He had uttered those last five words with such calm and casualty that at first, I thought I had heard him wrong. And then I realised that I hadn’t, and I choked, with all the grace I didn’t posses.

Lye smiled wryly at my reaction. “See?” He said steadily. “I know you, Dom, and I know you want me.” His last two words were said in a low, husky voice, and with a few long strides, he was standing right in front of me.

“Don’t fool yourself, Scamander,” I said, trying to push past him. “I want the Giant Squid more than I want you.”

My efforts to walk past him failed miserably as he grabbed me deftly around the waist. His hand pulled up the soft fabric of my dress a little, gathering it around the small of my back, where his palm rested. I could feel the slight pressure of his fingertips through my dress, and it sent involuntary shivers up my spine.

“Don’t run, Weasley,” Lysander whispered, bringing his lips close to my ear. His hair brushed against my cheek, sending an intoxicating smell of lime and coconut to my already muddled brain.

Because yes, lime and coconut were the exact things occupying my mind as I was being rudely assaulted by me ex boyfriend. Deal with it.

My breath quickened as his lips brushed my earlobe, and memories of past lazy afternoons spent by the Lake drifted through my mind.

“What are you doing here?”  I managed to breathe out, closing my eyes tight and biting the inside of my cheek to stop myself from moaning at the feeling of his arm around my waist and his chest pressed up against mine.

I am over him, I swear. I don’t want anything to do with the accusatory look you’re sending me right. It’s unnecessary, stop it.

“I was invited,” Lye answered softly, his other arm snaking its way around my waist. I tried weakly to push him away, but the faint shove I sent him didn’t even make him stumble, so my hand rested, limply, on his chest. “I came up here to get away...but then I ran into you.”

I think I may have squeaked as he turned his face to mine, our noses nearly touching, every single glint of green in his brown eyes visible in the faint light of the moon. One side of his mouth quirked up into a smile, and I scowled.

“Admit it, Scamander, you followed me up,” I snarled, but it didn’t quiet have the effect I hoped because as I was saying this, he began to trace the edge of my jaw with his lips, so softly I could barely feel it. My fingers scrabbled against his chest feebly, but his hold around my waist only tightened.

“I told you you missed me,” He whispered, his lips getting closer and closer to the edge of my mouth, and then oh God, his lips reached mine, and brushed over them as his spoke, and it was teeth scraping lip, breath stopping, knee wobbling, eye fluttering dizziness. I closed my eyes, wondering where that girl who hated this boy had gone. I thought it would be nice if she came back soon, so I could get out of this situation and give Lye the slap he deserved. “It’s ok,” He murmured, “I missed you too.” And his hand inched a little lower, and his head came a little closer, and with one, big, GInormous bout of will power, I gave his chest a firm shove, and sent him stumbling backwards.

“I haven’t even seen let alone talked to you in three months, and you think you can just waltz in and try to seduce me?” I snarled, breathing heavily. My muddled senses where beginning to return to normale, and now I was bloody angry. Lye was standing stiffly, staring at me with darkened eyes. “I’m not a toy, Lye! You can’t just turn us on and off,” All my anger was gushing out in my heated speech, all my built up annoyance and buried regrets, and shame at having let him trouble me this much. “If you want something to play with, I suggest you go find Bennett.”

Lye’s eyes widened at this. “Dom, I-”

“You should go, Scamander,” I said, my voice softer now. I didn’t look at him as I said this. I knew that one glance at his dark eyes would make my heart melt and my resolve quiver.


That one word, said so softly, so casually, was enough to make my head explode.

Quite literally. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guests underneath window looked up to find little pieces of Nickie falling from the heavens.

‘Ooh, look!’ They would say. ‘It’s raining half veela failures who can’t even keep the promise they gave themselves one year ago.’

And then they would clap, and applaud, and take pictures, and this day would be recorded in history books as: The day a half veela failure who can’t even keep the promise she gave herself one year ago rained down from the sky.’

Oh dear.

See what he does to me? See what Lye does to me? He’s bad for me to be around, don’t you get it? He messes with my mental health!

‘No.’ He repeated, more firmly this time. I glared up at him, but he ignored me. At least he wasn’t running his hands all over me anymore. ‘I won’t leave, Dom, not until you hear what I have to say,’

Why does he call me Dom? He was the only human being to call me Dom. And he always has. It’s just weird.

Sure, I got the occasional ‘Dommy’ here and there, but I didn’t mind that. Dom, however, I did mind. Because it reminded me of him.

I was so busy being inwardly pissed off, that I forgot that The Git was standing right in front of me, rattling on about some nonsense I wasn’t even paying attention to, and that, hey! I could externalise this anger, and take it out on him.

So I took a deep, shaky breath, building up previously mentioned anger, and I clenched my fist, and I unclenched it, and I raised it...

And slapped him across the face. The slap echoed around the room with a satisfying SMACK.

Lysander was momentarily shocked into silence

“Did you just... bitch-slap me?” He finally chocked, holding his cheek and staring at me in incredulity.

Yeah, I did. Got a problem with that?

I was on a roll now. I felt strangely energized and even slightly ecstatic. I felt like doing daring things, like bungie jumping off a tall bridge, or going white water rafting, or swimming naked in a public pool.

I just get these urges sometimes, you know?

“Damn straight I did,” I said, crossing my arms, badass style. And then, deciding that bungie jumping wasn’t something very available to me right now, I did the next closest thing.

No, I didn’t jump out the window.

But I did pick up my wine glass, and emptied it on his head.

I didn’t even wait for him to react. I let the glass drop to the ground, feeling a slight pleasure as it shattered to a million pieces.

Then I did some full on super mafia/scary ninja type of pose, and said, in my most secret agent style voice.

“Call me Nickie. Nickie Weasley,”

And then I pranced out of the room, the broken glass crunching like shattered bones under me heel. 


“You poured wine on his head!?”

“Yep! And then, get this: I made my exit... James Bond style!”

“Oh, Nickie, where would I be without you?”

“Living a sad life, Rox. A sad life.”

My cousin grinned, her dark eyes lighting up with glee. “Are you ok, though?” She asked, her chuckles dying down, and a rather concerned expression replacing her amused one.

I shrugged in response. “That slap was strangely liberating, you know?” I said, and Roxanne nodded in understanding. Roxanne sure knew her slaps (and how to use them). Once, when there were three boys she was angry at, she lined them up in a row, and she slapped them all. In one go.

“I mean, last time I checked, you still weren’t over that guy,” Roxanne pressed on, and I plastered a broad smile on my face.

“I definitely am now,” I assured her, and get this; I even, nearly, believed it.




“Rox, get your fat arse off that couch now!”

“Al, be nice to the poor girl, she’s sleeping!”

“Shut it, Lils, that’s my Mr. Cuddlypoo she has there!”

Disbelieving snort. “Where?”

Right under her butt!

 I groaned and rolled over to my side, trying to block out my families morning bicker.

After a slightly loud thump that vibrated across the floor followed by a strangled yelp, I decided that ‘blocking out’ was no longer an option, and I reached an arm under my pillow, feeling for my wand. When I found it, I pulled it out, and, keeping my eyes closed and my head on my pillow, cast a tired Silencio in the general direction of my arguing cousins.

Oh, the joys of being seventeen.

I was just about to happily fall back to sleep, when something very hard and full of corners fell on my head, sending a sharp stab of pain all the way to my brain.

“We’re under attack!” I yelped, shooting up into a mid army crouch/mid sleepy teenager position and glancing around the room groggily.

My eyes didn’t fall on anything remotely dangerous, however. All I saw was a barely lit living room, a broken coffee table, and a couch, homing a snoring Roxanne, one of Mr. Cuddlypoo’s  stuffed arms reaching out from beneath her back in desperate attempt of freedom.

Further investigation showed a sleeping Molly, with a crazy birds nest on her head (or was that hair?), lying on a single armchair in a rather alarming position. One leg over the back of the chair, the other curled beneath her, her arm stuck underneath the sofa’s padding, her head hanging off a padded arm, mouth open to catch the flies.

Albus, another of my cousins, was standing next to the broken coffee table, in a pair of scungy looking pyjama pants, his dark hair sticking up in every direction imaginable. Yes, my friend: Meet this year’s winner of Witch Weekly’s most dashing smile award.

Lily was perched on the edge of Roxanne’s armchair, dressed in nothing more than her underwear, expression sour, features containing all the freshness of a sixteen year old girl on an early Sunday morning.

“Merlin, what time is it?” I mumbled, wiping the sleep from my eyes. The sun didn’t even look like it had risen yet. “And Lily, get some clothes on!”

When neither of my cousins answered me, and just continued to sit there eyeing me stonily, I remember one small detail:

The silencing charm. Yeah, that wouldn’t have made them too happy. I glanced down at my pillow, and noticed the weapon of choice that had been used to wake me up:

A book.

“Did you...?” I asked Lily, pointing at the dangerous thing. She nodded, eyes glinting mischievously.

“Oh, you are so getting it!” I yelled, and I leapt to my feet, throwing myself at the silently screaming Lily.

She leapt off the couch, deftly avoiding my rhino-styled charged, and scooted out of the living room, upending small tables and low bookshelves her way.

Scrambling to my feet, I followed her, cursing loudly.

The chase lasted no more than ten minutes, though it did manage to wake up the whole household in that small amount of time. I chased Lily into every room of the house, thundering up stairs, banging doors closed on our way, throwing aside anything and everything in our path.

We ended it, breathless, when we reached the kitchen.

“Well that’s one way to wake up,” I stated, clutching my chest and leaning on the kitchen bench, trying to get some air back into my protesting lungs. Lily just nodded, shaking with silent laughter.

I still hadn’t taken that spell off her.

We could hear the various grumblings and swearing going on in the rooms above, as everybody was dragged out of bed by our racket.

I glanced at the old fashioned clock above Lily’s head, and let my eyes bulge out of my head in surprise.

“It’s six thirty!?” I said, trying to remember if I had ever been awake at this time of day before. Lily nodded, smiling wryly. I shook my head in disbelief, mumbling darkly about her inhumanity.



Fifteen minutes later and we were all gathered around the kitchen table, Al and Lils now able to talk, the rest of us sluggish and bleary eyed.

“Good morniinngg!” Sang Aunt Ginny, waltzing into the kitchen. Al groaned and clutched his head.

Well. Someone had a hangover.

“Who wants pancakes?” Ginny continued, beginning to pull various food products out of the cupboards and fridge. “Or we have porridge, waffles, fruit, tea...” She rattled on as we all stared at the empty table sullenly, our tired brains taking longer than usual to digest the long stream of different breakfast foods she was  offering us.

“Ugh,” Roxanne groaned, placing her sleepy face in her hands. “I can’t eat; my stomach’s doing back flips.”

“Nervous about NEWTS?” Al said testily. He was still sour about the Mr. Cuddlypoo episode.

“Oh, grow up!” Growled Lily, who had thankfully put some clothes on, “You’re nineteen years old, Al, it’s just an insult to your own gender that you still own a teddy bear.”

Al pouted, and I sighed. My adrenaline rush from The Chase had died down, and my brain function had gone from all to none in two seconds flat.

“Cornflakes, crumpets, coffee, omelette...”

“Gin, I think the kids can take care of their own breakfast,” Said Harry, laying a soft hand on his wife’s shoulder.

“When will the owls come?” Roxanne asked the world in general, though the world decided to ignore her. I let out a massive yawn, sure I was going to dislocate my jaw as I stretched my arms above my head.

I was wearing one of the old T-shirts James had left here when he moved out, which reached about all the way down to my knees, because, unlike Lily and Roxanne, I wasn’t tall, slender and  graceful.

I was just average. Average everything.

You would think, being part veela and all, that I would be one of those willowy-like women, with flowing silver hair and delicate little movements, who always seem to smell of violets and roses. One of the women who make flowers bloom wherever they walk, and have woodland creatures sing and perform cabaret in their presence.

But no. I was just plain old Nickie.

Even my name, which was enough to make deer and rabbits dance all in itself, managed to turn average when used by me.

I mean, I go from beautiful, pretty, eloquent Dominique, to plain, simple, boring Hey. I’m Nickie. Call me Nick.

“You know, guys, just because you woke up five hours earlier than the average human being doesn’t mean the owls are going to come any sooner.” Harry pointed out.

Roxanne jumped about five feet into the air at the mention of owls. “Owls? Where!? Are they here?”

“Shut your trap, will you, Rox?” Olli growled, in true Olli manner. Roxanne shot her cousin a scowl, which Olli answered with a rather rude hand gesture, to which Ginny answered with:

“Bacon, eggs, toast...”

“Enough with the breakfast food!” Al said, shooting his mum a worried look. She had emptied half the pantry by now. She obviously didn’t handle early mornings too well. “Just get out the milk and a box of Lucky Charms, they’ll do.”

“You like the magic toy at the end of the packet, don’t you Al?” Lily teased from her seat on the bench top.

“No!” Her brother protested. “I like the way the cereal sparkles and changes colour!”

“Right. And that’s not any less worrying...”

“Kids! Shut it, will you?” Hissed Ginny, shooting us all annoyed glances.

This shushed us up immediately. Aunt Ginny had one hell of a temper.



Seventy one yawns (give or take), two bowls of lucky charms + five rows later, and we were leaning eagerly out of the kitchen window, staring in awe at the tiny smudges shadowed against the sky, which were getting bigger and bigger by the second.

There were three of them.


“Rox, you say ‘OMG’ one more time, and I’ll shove this apple down your throat.”

“But you’ve already eaten half of it!”


Roxanne didn’t say anything more after that.

The three owls seemed to be flying at an unbearably slow pace, as if deliberately prolonging the suspense.

Stupid birds. I bet they were laughing manically right now.

The three of us were leaning so far out the window that my elbows were grazing the geraniums in the flowerbed below, and Molly was all but toppling straight out the window sill. My earlier comment seemed to have calmed Rox down somewhat, because she was hanging back and eying me half eaten apple wearily.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the three tawny owls swooped right over our heads (Olli squealed), and landed one after the other on the kitchen table.

Grinning broadly, Lily slid off the bench, and deftly plucked all three of our letters from the owls waiting beaks.

Their work done, the birds flew back out the window, a couple of speckled feathers floating down into the sink as they passed.

“Hmm, let’s see...” Lily said slowly, jumping away from Roxanne’s outstretched arms and holding the three envelopes above her head. “This one is Molly Lucinda Weasley,” She read, tossing the letter into Olli’s waiting hands. “The next one goes toooo.....” Roxanne sucked in her breath, and I bit my lip, waiting nervously. “Roxanne Celia Weasley,”

Lily passed Roxy her letter, who held it in shaking hands, scrunching up her nose and muttering something under her breathe. Lily rolled her eyes in her direction, before sending me a smile. “And last but not least...Miss Dominique Gabrielle Weasley!”

I slowly reached for my letter, and stared at the red wax embossed with the Hogwarts crest for a few moments, wondering what lay inside this heavy envelope. I glanced up at my friends, and found Roxanne deep in concentration, her eyes flitting from side to side, expression blank. Olli was frowning slightly, chewing on her lip as she read.

I took a deep breath, and slid my finger under the seal, breaking the wax and letting it crumble into a pile of scarlet dust on my lap.






Pass Grades: Outstanding (O)                                                               Fail Grades: Poor (P)

Exceeds Expectations (E)                                                                      Dreadful (D)

Acceptable (A)                                                                                        Troll (T)





Astronomy:   A

Care of Magical Creatures:  P

Charms:  O

Defence Against the Dark Arts:  E

Ancient Runes:   O

Transfiguration:    E

Herbology:    O



As soon as I finished reading, I let out all my pent up breath in a whoosh. Only one fail grade – that was fine. I knew I hadn’t done too well in CMC anyway, seeing as during the exam my kneazle had bitten my examiners finger before running off into the Forbidden Forest, and I had somehow managed to set my salamanders tail on fire. But my A in Astronomy was a little disappointing. I thought I had nailed that star chart of mine. I guess I had been wrong.

“Seven NEWTS! Whoo!” Roxanne cheered, throwing her letter down onto the table. I gave her a high five, and we swapped our papers to have a look at eachothers. The only difference between ours was that Roxanne had taken Potions and Arithmancy, instead of CMC and Ancient Runes, and she had scored an ‘O’ for both. In fact, her lowest grade was an A.

“How did you go, Olli?” I asked my cousin, peering over her shoulder.  She didn’t answer me. She was staring at the parchment in her hand, a small frown awning her forehead. I looked down at her paper.

“Merlin, Ol, where have you been hiding those brains of yours?” I gasped, staring at her six O’s and one E. Molly didn’t answer, just continued staring at her results in shock.

“Give me a whoop whoop!” Roxanne said, cupping her hand around her mouth.

“Whoop whoop!” I answered dutifully, patting Molly on the back. “It’s over, man,” I said. “School’s out forever.”

Wow. What a thought.

I glanced over at Roxanne, who had started to do some sort of happy dance. I had the sudden, unexplainable urge to join her. Grabbing Molly’s hands, I led her over to Roxanne, and together, we managed a sort of half hug, half tribal celebration ritual.

“This calls for a toast,” Al said grandly, standing up on his chair and staring around at us all. He held up his marmalade covered bread for us all to see. “Of the breakfast kind,” He finished, and we all clapped and cheered, and then we hugged, and we screamed, and we ate toast, and we smiled and grinned and babbled on about being free for the first time...


As I glanced around at my smiling family, a strange feeling of moroseness suddenly pressed against my chest, and the glee that had filled my heart seconds before slowly faded, my grin sliding right off my face. I frowned, unsure as to why I had suddenly gone all melancholic, until I remembered;

Yeah, that epiphany of mine?

I didn’t get it.


A/N: Hey! How did you like chapter two?

I did notice, when I read through this, that that scene with Lye is terribly cliche (this was also reinforced by the fact that I was reading a worst story ever challenge at the time, and that said story was riddled with over-exaggerated cliches that just made mine look all the worst).

But other than that, I'm actually quite happy with this chapter. How about you?

Review and tell me what you think (:

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