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The Walking Dead by Riya Potter
Chapter 3 : Maithili
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Disclaimer: Maithili's story has been taken from an Indian TV show 'Pyar ki yeh ek kahani'.







“A what?” Harry almost shouted.



 “Calm down Harry,” Pia started cutting some vegetables with flick of wand. “I said Abhay’s a vegetarian vampire.”



 “Do you mean he eats food? Or does he drink vegetable stocks?”



 “Don’t be funny Harry,” Pia couldn’t control her laughter. “He’s not that type of vegetarian. I mean, he drinks blood alright, but not human blood. He hunts animals, just like his parents. And he is two hundred or more years old so he can now control himself quite well around humans.



 “And you see, sunlight has a special effect on vampire skin, sort of sparkling, but the vegetarian vampires can control their skin exposure well. That’s why Abhay always wears his black coat or jacket. And since he can also control his speed around humans, he doesn’t look suspicious.”



 “Err... Pia, you said he hunts animals like his parents...?”







 “From where did his parents come into the story?”



 “It’s like a clan Harry. But they consider it a family. Chand is more than five hundred years old but is frozen thirty plus, and Hasina is around I guess four hundred and she too is frozen thirty. So they make up as parents of a seventeen froze Abhay. You know, uncle and aunty have far more control over themselves than Abhay, but they don’t like to mingle among humans, of course they behave like humans among humans, but only as reserved people.”



 All the information was a bit hard and confusing for Harry, but yet he decided to discuss it with Hermione.



 “Pia, I understood that Abhay’s not dangerous, but what about others?”



 “Others?” Pia raised her brows.



 “You know, other vampires. He must be friends with other vampires, how will you save yourself if he’s with you and some non-vegetarian vampire comes by?”



 “Harry,” Pia sighed, “did you forget I’m a witch? Of course I can defend myself by magic.”






 “Enough Harry. Eat something and think later.” Pia set the sandwiches and tea on the table. She flicked her wand and set up chairs. “Harry, call ‘Mione till I butter up the bread.” Harry nodded and went into the sitting room.



 Hermione and Abhay were completing Pia’s files and Abhay had completed around fifteen files while Hermione was still with her third. “Hey Harry,” Abhay greeted without looking up from work. “I guess breakfast’s ready?”



 “Yes it is. But you’re not coming inside, are you?”



 “Of course I am. I want to discuss something with Pia, something I just remembered. But yeah, I’m not having breakfast with you.” Abhay smiled.



 “Abhay, you’re so fast!” Hermione kept away her file, “I’m just done with my third one!” She got up to join Harry. “I’m hungry.”



 The three of them went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Harry, Hermione and Pia served themselves with some salad and sandwiches and Abhay stared at Pia.



 “You wanted to talk something Abhay?” Harry interrupted the silence.



 “Yes. Pia, I wanted to tell you about Siddharth.”



 “Who Siddharth?” Pia asked, sipping tea.



 “Mount College’s new committee member.” Abhay said hotly.



 “What with him? I mean, I know that since he has come uncle is upset, but that’s because he’s young, about twenty-two and yet has right to take decisions, that’s what uncle told me. Why are you so heated up?”



 “Pia he... he’s my brother.”



 “He was in your clan? And mainly, he’s a vampire? He doesn’t seem one.” Pia forgot about the sandwich in her hand.



 “Pia, he was not just in our clan, or family, but he was my real brother... you know when I was still human.”



 “Really? Then were you, you know, turned together?”



 “Yes. Even he had reached there during the fire and, well, Dad converted me and Mom converted him.”



 “Then why doesn’t he live with you?”



 “It’s complicated,” Abhay’s face changed, he looked as if in pain, or anger, or something else. “Pia, I’ll come back later and I’ll tell you everything, I promise. But till then, stay away from Sid.” Abhay got up and within a second was out of Pia’s house.



 “Whoa! That was quite fast,” Ron entered, followed by Ginny who was rubbing her eyes. Both of them sat at the table and took up their shares.



 “Pia, who’s this Sid?” Ron asked.



 “Abhay had told me that he had a brother when he was human, but he didn’t like to talk much about his human life, perhaps except Maithili.” All four were listening to her intently so she sighed and continued, “Maithili was a princess about two hundred years ago and Abhay was son of a worker of the palace. He used to love her and later came to know that she loved him too. The kingdom was in Dehradoon and Abhay and Maithili would meet in this forest. One day the king came to know and his people wanted him to do justice. They were of the opinion that if others got punishment, so should Abhay. Abhay was sent into exile and Maithili was locked up; but she remained sincere with her decision and denied to marry any other prince, so frustrated and very proud king decided to...” Pia’s voice broke.



 Ginny and Hermione immediately got up to console Pia but Harry was eager to know the complete truth. “Decided to?” he prompted.



 “He decided to kill Maithili.” Pia continued. “Abhay tried to save her from the fire but couldn’t. She...” there was a lump in Pia’s throat but she continued, “she died and Abhay was seriously hurt. It was then that Chand converted Abhay, just to save him.” Pia got up. “Further story later. Mione, Ginny, will you help me clean up?”



 Both of them nodded and got up to help her. Harry whispered to Ron, “We must find out more.” Ron nodded an affirmative and both of them went to Harry’s room.



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The Walking Dead: Maithili


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