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She can't be a Malfoy by StoryLover
Chapter 6 : Going Home
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Today I get to start my exams. Brilliant. At least today’s shouldn’t be too hard. I pull myself out of bed and get ready. After about fifteen minutes I leave my room and head to my first exam, but I don’t make it very far. Apparently Pansy Parkinson is up early this morning.

“Why hello, Catharine. What are you doing up this early? I mean you don’t have any classes or anything,” Pansy asks from the fireplace. Remind me to thank my brother next time I see him. I think a nice big hex would be a good thank you.

“Well, Pansy, I actually have some exams to take, so if you’ll excuse me,” I respond heading towards the door.

“Just be careful who you’re seen with,” Pansy sings as I walk out the entrance to the common room. Just what I need, someone else to pay attention to who I’m friends with. I eventually find my way to Professor Binns’ office, for my History of Magic exam, which is no problem at all. After briefly looking at my completed exam, Binns tells me that I may even give Granger a run for her money.

Next, off to Dumbledore’s office. Apparently he’s giving me my Defense exam. Fred said it’s because the last teacher turned out to be one of Voldemort’s followers, who broke out of Azkaban. I definitely feel safe at this school now.

After about 10 minutes I get to Dumbledore’s Gargoyle. “Cockroach Cluster,” I say. I then head up to Dumbledore’s office. I open door to find Dumbledore waiting for me.

“Kate, I hope you’ve been well?” welcomes Dumbledore, “I’ve noticed you’ve made a few friends already.” Dumbledore has a very, oh how to explain it, grandfathery smile on his face. I think I’m really gonna like this guy, though he does seem to ‘notice’ everything.

“Er, yeah, I have been enjoying my time here so far. I am definitely looking forward to next term. And, ah… I have made some pretty good friends, though I don’t think my father would like them as much as I do,” I admit.

“Yes, well we may just need to forget to mention them to your father.” Oh, I definitely like this guy. “Well, let’s begin, why don’t we? Do you happen to know anything about werewolves?” Dumbledore asks.

“A bit, yes,” I answer. He goes on to ask me a few questions about what they are and their symptoms. He also asks me about other creatures, for example Hinkypunks and Red Caps. Dumbledore asks me how a person would get rid of a boggart, and finishes by proposing a little practical exam.

“Alright, now I will start but note that I will not only be watching for the variety of defensive spells you use, but the offensive spells as well,” Dumbledore explains. He then clears an area of his office for the ‘duel.’ I can’t believe I’m dueling Albus Dumbledore. Of course, we bow and Dumbledore casts the first spell. I dodge and reply,”Confundo,” but he easily deflects the attack. Dumbledore attacks again. Why does he have to do his bloody spells nonverbally, that just makes it so much more difficult. I block that attack, “Protego.” This continues for another ten minutes when finally, Dumbledore disarms me with a simple flick of his wand.

“Very good, Kate. That was much better than expected. I’m am sure that you will do very well next term,” says Dumbledore, as he takes his seat behind his desk. “Please, take a seat, Kate.” He gestures for me to take the seat in front of his desk. “There is something else I would like to speak to you about before you go on to your next exam. As I said earlier I’ve noticed you’ve made a few friends. I was wondering, seeing as you can’t write to them unless you wish your father to know about them, if you would like to maybe see them sometime this summer.”

See them this summer? What is he thinking? Oh we can just meet at Diagon Alley sometime this summer and no one will notice. “Sir, I don’t see how that would be possible. I mean I would love to, but how? Most people know who my father is and if anyone would see me with any of the Weasleys, or even Harry Potter, my father would know in a matter of hours,” I answered.

“What if you could meet somewhere where, no one, save a few trusted people and some muggles, would see you?” Dumbledore suggested.

“That would be brilliant, but where would we find somewhere like that?” I ask, still very confused as to what Dumbledore’s suggesting.

“Well, the Weasleys will most likely be spending most of their summer at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. We have recently decided on where the headquarters will be, and I was wondering if you would like to visit, after Harry arrives of course. I trust you can keep a secret, and that the location and anything you may learn while at headquarters would be kept secret. I believe it would be good for all of them if they could spend some time with a friend that they weren’t living with, seeing as it will be august by the time harry gets there. So what do you think, Kate?” he asks.

My mind is spinning so fast I can hardly think. He did not just tell me that I should visit my friends, that my father would in no way approve of, at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, which my father fought against last time the Dark Lord was in power, over the summer, which is when my parents may or may not be paying attention to when I am home or not. “It all sounds brilliant, except for one thing. Where would I tell my parents I had gone if they were to ask?” I pointed out.

“You are very bright, Kate. I’m sure that you can figure that one out for yourself,” Dumbledore assures. “Now, what do you say? Will you come?” The hopeful look on his face made my decision.

“Of course,” I decide, “I’m sure that by then I’ll be dying to visit with someone other than those I am living with. But how am I to find this place?” I ask.

“Well, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix is at number twelve Grimmauld Place, London. Come when it is best for you, but not until August.” Dumbledore’s serious tone now changes to a light one as he says, “But until then, have a nice holiday. I don’t believe I will be seeing you again this term. Now I believe you have an Ancient Runes exam to take, I’m sure Professor Babbling is waiting for you.”

I quickly make my way out of Professor Dumbledore’s office and start towards Professor Babbling’s office for my Ancient Runes exam. I can’t wait for these exams to be done with. This is probably the only exam I may fail.

When I get to Babbling’s office, she was indeed waiting for me, but she didn’t bother me about being late, seeing as she knew I was with Dumbledore. Professor Babbling shows me to a desk and gives me the exam. I look at the translation. This may be harder than I expected. After spending an hour and a half on the translation I finish, or rather give up on large sections of it. I then hand my translation to Professor Babbling. She takes a few seconds to look over it. “This needs work. A lot of work,” she emphasized. “Here,” she begins as she grabs a quill and paper from her desk and starts sribbling down titles of textbooks, “read these over the holiday and you should be somewhat prepared when you return next term.”

“Alright, I look forward to your class next term,” I reply forcing a smile. Brilliant, now I have homework. And over holiday too. My holiday is going to be one exciting one, but at least I get to look forward to visiting the twins and everyone, as long as it works out. I leave Professors Babbling’s office and head towards the kitchens. It’s a good thing I don’t eat in the Great Hall seeing as it is now almost 2 and I’ve missed dinner.

“Kate! Wait up will you!” I turn around to see Fred and George rushing toward me. “So, how’d it go?” asks George.

“Well, they were excellent until Runes, which I practically failed. So guess who’s got homework over the holiday?” I complain.

“How’s that bad. That way you have an excuse to stay locked in your room all day and not have to deal with the prat of a brother you’ve got,” Fred points out. That really is a good point.

“Yeah, I suppose, but still who wants bloody homework over holiday. It’s just awful,” I continue complaining. “Well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m starving. I haven’t eaten since… last night. Bloody hell, I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. How could I forget breakfast? No wonder I’m starving!” I turn back towards the kitchen and start running. Fred and George quickly catch up to me and follow me to the kitchen. After a very filling lunch, I leave Fred and George and head back to the common room. I think I could use a few hours of sleep.

I find the common room to be empty, which is a relief. At least I don’t have to deal with Pansy and Draco. I crawl into bed and drift off to sleep almost immediately. A wake up a few hours later and begin looking over my textbooks to prepare for my exams tomorrow. I don’t even leave my room until the next morning.

I am woken up by an annoying knock on my door. I force myself up and when I open the door I find none other than Pansy herself. “What do you want?” I ask, I can sense a bit of loathing in my tone.

“Draco sent me. He says that he needs to talk to you before to leave to take your ‘exams’” she answers. I think she’s a bit jealous that I’ll be spending the entire summer in the same house as Draco. Maybe I should offer to trade places with her.

“And what is so important that it couldn’t wait? Oh, never mind. Tell him I’ll be out in a minute.” I say before slamming the door in Pansy’s face. I take my time getting ready, seeing as I don’t have my first exam for another hour. I regretfully leave my room and enter the common room, to find Draco sitting on one the of black leather sofas, his back to me.

I quietly walk up behind him and shout, “What,” then lowering my voice after he jumps off the sofa, “do you want, Draco?”

“Nothing really, just thought I’d make sure you were up. You wouldn’t want to be late now would you?” he answers, the usual smirk plastered on his face. I walk out of the common room muttering about how much of a prick he is.

After making a quick run to the kitchens, I knock on Professor McGonagall’s door. She looks almost as tired as I am. I whip through my Transfiguration exam without a problem. The same goes for my Charms exam with Flitwick. My final exam for the day though, may be a little more difficult. I return to the dungeon and Snape’s office for Potions.

“Alright, I would like you to make the Draught of Peace. You can get your ingredients out of that cupboard there. You have 2 hours.” With that Snape left his office, not to return until the two hours were up. From what Fred and George were saying this is a 5th year potion, which I shouldn’t be doing until next term. Luck for me, I’ve made it before. It was one of the last ones we made at Durmstrang.

When Snape returns two hours later, my potion is practically perfect. Snape is shocked. I take that to mean that I’ll be fine next term. After bottling up my potion and cleaning everything up, Snape stops me as I’m leaving. “Get back here, Kate. I would like a word.” I return to the seat in front of Snape’s desk. “How have your exams gone?”

“They were good….all except Ancient Runes. That I have a little work to do over the summer,” I answer.

“Hmm… nothing more than expected. What have you been up to these past few days?” he asks suspiciously.

“Er, nothing really. Just studying for these exams, really.”

“Good. Just stay clear of Potter and that lot. I don’t want you causing any issues,” I says, “you may go now.” After that I rush out and go straight back to the common room and without even looking out who was there, went straight back to my room.

The next day was the last day before Holdiay. I spent the morning packing my things up, and before the leaving feast I met with the twins. They wanted to show me some of the secret passageways. They forgot to mention that one of those passageways led to the dungeons. As we crawl out of one, Snape walks around the corner. Let’s just say we got back through that passageway faster than most could. The feast is that night, and Snape doesn’t seem to let me out of his sight. Snape drug me down to his office after the feast and basically tells me to stay away from the twins, but in a lot more words.

The next morning we all get on the train. I am one of the first few there so I take a seat in an empty compartment. And guess who decided to sit with me… None other than my brother and crew. I don’t pay much attention to them, but I do notice that Draco, and his two idiots leave for who know what reason, but the main reason I know they left is because when they came back they were so beat up and Crabbe had tentacles all over his face. It’s quite hilarious.

We pull into the station, and everyone unloads. My brother and I find our parents and quickly floo home. I come home and guess who I find living using my house as headquarters. This holiday is gonna be a lot longer than I ever expected it to be.

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