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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Chapter Two

A/N: If you’re still reading this, you flatter me. This chapter is dedicated to roadpie for actually letting me use something he had said to me the other day. Thank you dear. Also the dude in this image is obviously Callum, the drunk dude.


“Oh fuck? You said “Oh fuck” when he proposed? Alli, you need to get a grip. You two have been dating for five years and you don’t even live together. What’s the matter with you?” Jaden asked, as we sat together in a Muggle café the day “it” happened. Jaden and Samson were still together and had actually had a Binding Ceremony last year.

So we always have lunch together on Mondays, in order to catch up on things. Jaden’s hair was still its brightish red except his ends were now a lighter tone. His brilliant eyes were no longer hidden by his square rimmed glasses as he finally decided to get his sight corrected by these Muggle things called “contact lenses”.

“Yeah, I said oh fuck. After that, he kinda just kissed Tamsin’s head and then left. She asked me why I didn’t say yes and I couldn’t answer her. I told her never to mention that again but, I ended up having to bribe her with another very large and chocolaty icecream mountain. I’m telling you she is learning from your cousins and I don’t like it. Tell James to corrupt his own kids, not mine” I muttered, staring down at my half eaten double bacon cheeseburger.

“Tell that to him yourself. I barely see the bloke since he’s been traded to the Falmouth Falcons. He’s their new captain” Jaden said, as he nibbled at his chicken salad sandwich.

“What makes you think I even really see him?” I said, shoving a handful of chips in my mouth.

“That’s attractive” Jaden said, rolling his eyes.

“Sod off J I’m depressed” I said, spitting a few chips at him.

“You’re gross Alli. Honestly, you’re twenty one and you still eat like you did six years ago. No wonder Al’s the only bloke interested. He eats like an even bigger pig” Jaden said, laughing.

“Arsehole” I muttered, as I took a large bite of my burger.

“Where is Tamsin anyway?” Jaden said, as he drank his raspberry iced tea.

“She’s spending the night at Night and Cam’s. I’m going to Floo Al and ask him to come over so we can talk about what happened earlier” I said, dreading the conversation.

“Ah, well I hope you two work this out. Need I remind you of the misery you went through six years ago?” Jaden said, crossing his legs. What a girl.

“How can I forget? So how’s Samson doing?” I asked, changing the subject. Jaden had to be a bitch and mention that.

“Oh he’s great. Just made Healer in St. Mungos” Jaden said, with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“That’s good. So how’s your job at the Prophet?” I asked, as I finished off the remains of my burger.

“Great, everyone’s really nice. Except for my boss, she’s a real hag” Jaden said, as he finished his sandwich. “So, I’ll see you next week?” he said, as he paid his half of the bill.

“Yep, tell Sam I said hi” I said, as he kissed my cheek.

“I will, bye lovey” he said, sashaying out of the restaurant. After sitting there for a few minutes, I stood up. What the crap am I going to do? I have to talk to Al. I don’t want to lose him again. Not like that Valentine’s Day six years ago…

I had just gotten out of the grocery store when I decided to just walk the rest of the way to my flat. I ended up having to cut through the park. It was dark and I was thankful that I hadn’t left my wand at home like that last time. I sat down on one of the benches, trying to think about what I would say. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t think. So, I sat and thought and thought and finally I was about to get up, when a bloke sat next to me. Well, he sort of stumbled against my chest before finally plopping down next to me. He looked like a University student. He was definitely a Muggle. He was seriously pissed as a fart. “Er…are you alright, mate?” I asked, tapping at his shoulder.

“Yeah…I’m fine…completely wasted but fine. What’s a little girl like you doing out this late near a University campus anyway?” he asked, in a slurred voice. Bollocks, he thinks I’m a little girl. I hate being short and practically flat chested.

“Eh, I’m twenty one” I said, uncomfortably. I didn’t want to sit here with a drunk, hormonal, and probably randy University student. But, I couldn’t leave him alone to endanger his own life. I studied his features for a moment and decided that he looks safe enough. He was quite fit too. He had a very light tan and his hair was a chestnut brown with lighter highlights, gelled into lazy spikes, much like Sean’s old hairstyle, and his eyes were the honey brown with little golden flecks.

“Really? Coulda fooled me…you look like you’re fifteen at least, and a bonnie lass at that” he said, in a thick Scottish brogue. Jeez, he could be related to the Wood’s. But alas, he looks nothing like them, at all. So, I was safe. “So what’s got your knickers in a twist?” he slurred, as he laid his arm around my shoulders. Shit.

“Well, my boyfriend of six years proposed earlier today and I said “oh fuck” So he ended up leaving and I’m supposed to meet him in my flat tonight to try to explain things” I said, miserably.

“So why’d you say that? Do you not love’im?” he asked, belching loudly. God damnit, I just want to go home now.

“I do love him. I’ve loved him for the better part of five years” I said, looking down at my shoes.

“Then what are you waiting for Lassie? Go and tell him yes. If you don’t, you’ll end up like me. A drunk and single University student” he said, throwing his bottle of whiskey across the grass.

“Uh thanks for the”

“Callum, and you are?” he asked, breathing on me. His breath was nothing but whiskey. If he blew into fire, it could have set fire to a whole town.

“Eh..Alli” I said, getting up. He stood up in front of me and I could see that he was tall as hell. I had to look up to see his face.

“Do you mind if I go home with you? I’m afraid, I’m too drunk to know where I am or where I live” he said, in a very horrible slur, I almost didn’t understand him.

I know I should say no but, he seemed perfectly harmless and he was drunk as shit. “Er…okay but just for the night and don’t try anything funny” I said, as I took him by the arm and led him to my flat which, thanks to mum and dad, was on the very nice side of town.

“Thanks Lass” he said, as he stumbled forward. Very. Very. Drunk. It was just about midnight when I finally got home. Al wasn’t there. I saw the remnants of a chicken and ham sandwich and a cold cup of half drunk tea. He was probably really mad now. How could I explain where I was and why I didn’t show up today? “Uh I picked up a drunk University bloke and took him home with me?” No, absolutely not.

“No problem” I said, and as soon as we got into my room he sort of just dropped on my bed. On Al’s side of my bed. “Hey! Callum, you can’t sleep he…oh forget it” I muttered. He was already snoring, shoes and all. So, I got into my Bulgaria jersey and pajama shorts. I got under the covers and turned away from the sleeping Scotsman. This is so wrong.

Just when I thought it wouldn’t get any more awkward, he draped his muscled arm around me and got closer. I could hear his light snores and steady breath. He was still asleep. I only hope he wasn’t a psycho killer or a thief and I would actually wake up tomorrow and find my stuff still here. After awhile, his breathing eased my thoughts and I fell into a peaceful sleep.

“ALLISHA MALFOY! WHAT THE HELL!?” yelled a surprised voice. Kiley. Crap. I forgot he has a key to my flat and today is Tuesday, which means I’m supposed to be helping him pick out an engagement ring for October today.

“Can you stop yelling Geoff, it’s still early” Callum mumbled, sleepily.

I pushed his arm off and hopped off of my bed. “Kiley shut up. It’s not at all what you think” I said, crossing my arms. He simply crossed his and stayed silent. For once, he was going to let me explain. Nice. “Callum is a University student and he gave me advice last night when he stumbled upon the bench I was sitting on in a drunken stupor. I mean he was pissed as a fart in space. So we talked for a while and he asked if he could come crash here since he was too drunk to know where he was or anything. As soon as we got here, he crashed. Nothing happened” I explained, and he just sighed.

“Damn it Alli, you are too nice for your own good. The bloke could have tried to rob or murder you” Kiley said, giving me a tight hug.

“Yeah but, I’m okay so how about you let me take a shower and then I can get this bloke on his way and we can go look for a ring” I said, smiling. Awkwardly.

“Alright, I’ll make some tea and toast for the drunk bloke” Kiley said, walking off.

So after showering and dressing, I walked into my room where Callum was still asleep. I heard the door open and small footsteps run into the livingroom. “Uncle Kiley!” Tamsin squealed. Fuck. That means Al must be with her.

“Hey Al, want some toast?” Kiley asked, as I looked through the small open space.

“No thanks mate. Just came by to get Tam’s knapsack for school. Plus, I need to talk to Alli for a minute” he said, looking tired.

“It’s in Alli’s room, I think” Kiley said, smirking. I’m going to murder him in the most painful way. Bloody Benedict Arnold.

So I jumped on top of Callum to try to wake him up but the bloke slept like a bloody rock. “Callum, wake up! You have to get out of here if you don’t want to die!” I hissed, as Al’s footsteps got closer. “Wake up! Damn you!” I hissed again, grabbing him by the hair and yanking hard.

“ARRRGGHHHHHH!! What in bloody arse are you doing?!!” he yelled in pain. At this moment, Al kicked the door open and the expressions on his face ranged from worried, to hurt, and then to anger.

“What the fuck is going on here! Who the fuck is that?!” Al yelled, as I stared up at him completely mortified.

“Eh… Callum. Callum, meet Al. My boyfriend” I said looking down at Callum who, I was still sitting on.

“You’re the bloke Alli was speakin of last night. Nice to meet you Laddie” he groaned, I’m pretty sure I was crushing some vital organs and I still had a fistful of his hair in my hand.

“Can’t say I feel the same” he said, bitterly.

“Al he needed help lastnight so I let him crash here. Nothing happened. I swear it! You’re the only bloke in my life I could ever love. I want to be with you and no one else” I said, getting off of Callum’s back and running into Al’s arms.

“Eh well, I don’t like that you took a drunk bloke home but, I trust you and I’m sorry I proposed to you at an icecream shop yesterday” he said, hugging me tightly.

“But that’s what I wanted to talk to you about Al. I love you so much! I do want to marry you!” I said, looking up into his green eyes.

“Well then let me do it right” he said, kneeling in front of me. “Will you marry me?” he asked, pulling the small box out of his pocket once more.

“Yes” I said, smiling as he slipped the ring on my finger.

“About bloody time” Kiley said, standing at the door next to our grinning daughter.

“Congrats Alli and Al. Well, I have to go. Classes start soon and I need to shower. Thanks for letting me stay. Sorry about sharing a bed with your Lass” Callum said, patting his shoulder.

“Eh thanks mate” Al said, awkwardly.

“Bye Callum, and be careful with the drinking next time” I said, as he shook Kiley’s hand and then left.

“I hope I never see that bloke again” Al said, turning back to me.

“He was nice though” I said, smiling at my fiancée.

“Still, he was pretty fit and seeing you on top of him almost put me in a state of murderous rage” Al said, smirking. Arse.

“Oh shush. You won’t be the only one feeling like that because now we have to tell my Dad that we’re engaged” I said, making his smirk disappear.


A/N: Here it is. Chapter two. Again, it did not come out like I wanted. Oh well. Hope you liked it. More Callum in later chapters.

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